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MERTHYR AND NEIGHBOURHOOD. EXTRAORDINARY CASK OF FORGERY AT MKRTIIYR-TYDVIL.— During the week the inhabitants of this populous town and neighbourhood have been thrown into a state of some consider- able excitement by the discovery that the sum of £240 had been raised from the Brecon Old Bank by means of a forged cheque, and that the person charged with having committed the offence (a female) had been taken into custody, On Wednesday morning, on proceeding by the station-house and the Angel Inn, where the magistrates hold their meetings, we found immense crowds of men, women, and children assembled, who were watching for the appearance of the supposed offender, as it was understood she W.1S to ùe taken for examination before the ma- gistrates. However, in this the crowd was disappointed, as the party charged with the offence was declared by a medical gen- tleman to be too ill to undergo examination that morning. Our curiosity having been roused by witnessing the excitement of the people, we made enquiries as to the nature of the offence, &c. &e., and were ultimately successful in gleaning from various sources the following particulars, which we believe are, upon the whole, correct: -h:JUt five weeks ago a young man, appa- rently in extreme ill-health, called at the Arms public-house. Merthyr-Tydvil, kept by Mr. Richard Williams, to enquire where Mr. Harman (a highly-respectable inhabitant) resided. The servant who answered the young man" gave the required information, but immediately added to her fellow-servant, Dear me, did you ever see anv body !l0 like Mary Williams, the 1/iss of as this young manl" The fellow-servant, who was thus appealed to, said, He is the very image of hev." The young man, however, proeeedeod to the residence of ;\1: Harman, but, npon bearing that he was not at home, desired to see Mrs. Harman, who shortly afterwards made her appearance and as the young man" seemed very un Wl'1\ -was tolerably well dressed, and in appearance some- thing like a Minister of the Gospel, Mrs. Harman asked him in. Ile enlereJ the house-sat down-anù then stated, that having come to Merthyr for change of air, he had been desired by Mr. Morgan Thomas, of Vnisgoy, to procure from the Brecon Old Bank the sum of £2!O, He had been to the Bank, he said, but th" cierk had refused to let him have the money as there was something irregular in the cheque, or written authority, which he had with him, and therefore it was necessary that he should be accompanied by some respectable person who knew him, and who was also known at the Bank. In this dilemma, the "young who was also known at tht) Hank. In this dilemma, the "young man" said he suddenly recollected that he had often heard Mr. Morgan Thomas say that Mr. Harman was his particular friend; I and, therefore, as the money was required instantly, he (the I "young man") had taken the liberty of calling to ask Mr. Il.1rman if he would accompany him to the Bank. it is saitl that upon hearing the "young man's" story, Mrs. Harman was quite I indignant that the money had not been instantly paid by the derk at the Bank, and (actuated by that generous feeling whieh impels women to render assistance to any person in distress) instantly determined to accompany the young man" herself. She did SJ. Upon arriving at the Bauk she was told by Mr. Richards, (the clerk), that the authority produced by the interesting young fellow from Mr. Thomas was not quite regular but that if Mrs Harman would, on her husband s behalf, sign the cheque, the amount should be forthwith paid to the person whom she had accompanied to the Rlllk. Mr. Evans, the manager of the Bank, entered at this particular juncture, and having heard the decision of Mr. I{ichar,ls, entirely concurred in it. Mrs. Hannan signed the cheque as required, and the "young man'" (whose illness at this time became distressing!) received the £2.1.0, and placed it safely in his trousers' pocket. He did not seem to like notes much, and therefore a considerable portion of the amount was paid in gold. And now," 8;J.id Mr. Evans, "as [ have never had the pleasure of seeing you here before, Mrs. Harman, do step in and bring your young friend with you." The party proceeded to the parlour, and partook of refreshments but the young man" (poor tellow !) could only take half a glass of wine, and expressed a desire to return home. Accjrdingly, M-s. lIar- man left with him in a few moments but as he appeared so delicate, very kindly took him home and made him a nice com- fortable cup of tea, of which he partook but sparingly. How- ever, to gin and water after tea he paid more attention, declaring that it done him good" [Poor }'oung man !] lie then de- clared it was time to go to the railway station; hut as he was so delicate*' he yieMed to Mrs. Harmm's hospitable solicita- tions, anil took "one glass of gin and water more," Mrs, Ibr- man then placed his £.UO in a si'k handkerchief safely—accom- panied him to the station house—and when he (the "young man ') expressed a wish to go into a second-class carriage, she (Mrs. Harman) declared emphatically he should do nothing of the kind, it would be enough to give him his death, &c., &c., and insisted upon his going into a first-class carriage, at the same time charging the guard to be attentive to him. To this charge a bystander added respecting the object of Mrs. Har- Iman's amiable solicitude: .t Mae e'n cdrych yn dost iawn, druan. Bydd e ddim yn hir." He was booked for Pentyrch, near Cardiff, but upon the arrival of the train at Troedyrhiw, only three miles from Merthyr, he tapped the window of the carriage and desired the guard to open the door as he was too ill to proceed. The guard heard him, opened the door, and the young rnan stepped out, and (as John Bunyan says) went on his way rejoicing." "Blow me," exclaimed the brakesman if that ere fellow haven't got a voice like a 'ooman." I tell you what it is, said the guard there's something very queer about him. Three miles back he came in scarcely able to move, assisted by women as if he was not going to live five minutes, and now look how he walks-there's a pace for you." Some weeks after the young man had so strongly excited the sympathies of certain kind-hearted folks at Merthyr, Mr. Mor- gan Thomas went to Merthyr from Vnisgoy, proceeded to the bank, and having transacted his business was asked by the clerk. if they had not better put that JE240 straight." What £ 240 ?" said Mr. Thomas. "Why," replied the clerk; "the £2-10 we paid to a sickly young man who appeared like a preacher, and who was accompanied by Mrs. Harman." Of course this produced an explanation; Mr. Thomas declared he had never authorized any "'preacher to draw money for him and instantly proceeded to the residence of Mrs. Harman. A variety of circumstances induced Mr. Thomas to suspect that one Mary Williams, a married woman, but who had transferred her affections from her liege lord to a. dignitary of the Order of Odd Fellowship, was the party who had personified the delicate, interesting, and amiable young man; and in this suspicion he was cOIlQrmed when he was informed that the party referred to had deposited at a bank in Merthyr the sum of £ 120 in the notes of the Brecon Olù Bank, She was accordingly taken up and lodged in the station-house, where she now remains. She is. we are infor- med, the owner of several houses, and has, at one timo, moved in a respectable sphere. At the police court on Wednesday, Mr. Smith, clerk to Mr. Wm. Davies, solicitor, applied for a \V.1rrant to search the house and premises of Mr. Marsden, as it was supposed that the coat which the prisoner wore when at the bank would be found there. The magistrates did not grant the warrant, but requested Superintendent Herner to call at Mr. Marsden's, and to ask him to allow the coat, or any coat which might be pointed out, to be produced, in order to further the ends of justice. Superintendent Hemer went to Mr. Marsden's house—saw Mrs. Marsden—delivered to her the message with which he was charged; but Mrs. Marsden said that no coat had been taken out of their house in any irregular manner, and positively refused to allow Mr. Hemer to see or take any coat with him. Tbe party (Mary Williams) who is suspected of having forged Mr. Thomas's name will be brought up for exami- nation on Saturday. Our next number will contain the fullest particulars of the evidence taken. We shall also be most happy to correct any inaccuracies which this hastily written and im- perfect sketch may be found to contain, which, as we before stated, contabs only accounts gathered by UI in conversa- tion with different parties. MERTHYR POLICE, WEDNESDAY. —Sarah Hudson, was charged with having assaulted Sarah Webber. After a natieut investigation, the magistrates, Mr. Hill and Mr. I homis, dismissed the case, as the" assault" seemed to have been a regular mill between the parties, who however were pretty tit )c rustics, and ought to be ashamed of conducting themselves so very improperly as to cuff, punch, and scratch eacii other before all the workmen in Cyfarthfa Mill.—— Gcorye Evans, master butcher, was adjudged to be the father of Anne Lynden's illegitimate child, and to pay the sum of Is. 6d. per week towards its maintenance until it shouid either attain the age of 13 years, die, or until the mother should get married. John Burnett was charged with being the father of Mary Williams's illegitimate child. The mother swore positively enough but as it was proved that she kept company, as it was termed, with two others, the magistr«t«s dismissed the case, as they saw no reason why poor Jo n Burnett should be taxed with the infant's suppo.'t any more than Mary's other companions,as he (Hurnett)by iheevi cnce, was only seen walftingjtiih her; and two others were a so seen walking with her as well. MERTHYR MARKET, Nov, S.-Mutton, 5!ci, to 6d. Beef, 4d. t07d.; Pork, 6d.; Vul, 5d. to 7d. Butter, salt, Is.; fresh. 18, 3d.-per lb,; Potatoes, ouly 10 lbs. for 6d. Turnips, 2 lbs. for id.; Geese, 7d. to 8d. per lb. Fowls. 2s. 4d. to 2s. 6d.; aud Oucks, 3s. 6d. per couple Eggs, 3 for } 2d j Apples, 8d, to 3s. per hnndred Nuta, Is. per cjturvcr. j Mr. Alderman Thompson, one of the proprietors of Pen-y- darran iron works, arrived at Pen-y-darran Houso, on Thurs- day week, and appeared in excellent health and spirits. Owing to the advanced price of provisions, a deputation from the colliers and miners made an application to him, for an advance of wages. The worthy alderman received them most courteously, and informed them that they should have an answer in the course of the week. INQUEST.—An inquest was held on the 5th inst., at the Angel Inn, Alerthyr, before Wm. Davies, Esq.,coroner, and a respectable jury, on view of the body of .Iohn, aged 4 years. the son of John Francis, High-stieet, who died Oil the 9th inst., from injuries he received from his cloihes having ignited. Verdict, "Accidental Death." IQ[J1'ANTRISSENT PETTY SESSIONS.—Held 7th NOVEMBER, ur i- Before R" F* Rickards. Esq., Colonel Smi h, K M. tliams, and John Hewitt, Esqrs. — Daniel Israel, of the parish of Lantwitvardre,~was charged by Thomas Williams, of the same parish, with an assault. Defendant proved gui'tv, p ?!' ed to Pay fine of 21s 6d. and costs. Paid.—WO*. Hockley and others, were charged by Edward Francis with a trespass. Defendants proved guilty, and ordered to pay damages 7s., and costs. Paid — Edward Edwards was charged by Michael Sullivan with an assault, at Lantwitvardre. Settled out of court—costs paid by defendant.—Hopkin Davies and others were charged by George Merryman, ot the parish of Lautvvitvardre, with having assaulted him. Settled out of court.—Several of the inhabitants of this place, appeared by virtue of a summons issued against chcm for refusing to pay Poor-rates. Some were ordered to pav; and others, who were too poor, were liberated.—Margaret Phillips, of Lantwit- vardre, applied for a summons against Thomas Thomas, of Gwaelod-y-Garth, in the parish of Pentyr-h, whom -<he al- lowed to be the putative father of her illegitimate child. Granted. Case to be heard the 2lst inst. — Rhys Thomas, agent to Mr. David Lewis, of Lantwitvardre, applied for a warrant of ejectment against Henry Roberts, for refusing to deliver up possession of a house at Lantwitvardre after one months* notice. Proved by evidence to be an annual taking, and not monthly. Case dismissed.—Mr. Benjamin Francis, of Dyhewid Colliery, agent to Thomas Powell Esq., aflp/ieoi for warrants to apprehend twelve men, who Ilnlawfnllv Jeft their work whilst under the employment of the said Tiiomas Powell, Ksq., without giving due notice thereof, according to agreement. KKNFIG.—In the garden of Mr. Thomas Morgan, Angel Inn, Kenfig, may he seen a fine crop of gooseberries—the second which the trees havy yielded since May last. NBATH—An inquest was held at the King's Head Public House, in this town on Friday last, before Alexander Cuthbcrt- son. Esq., Coroner, on view of the body of Sarah, the wife of William Broomfield, whose body was found floating in the canal on that day. Verdict—Found Drowned. The deceased was in her 58th year. On the 10th instant, another inquest was held before the same coroner, on the body of Philip, the infant son of Mr. H. A. Brain, artist, who was found dead in the Neath Canal the same day. Verdict-Found Drowned. The* scarief lever is very prevalent in this town and neighbourhood, several cases having proved fatal amongst children. SWANSEA BOROUGH.—On Monday morning last, at a meeting of the Town Council, Charles Henry Smith, Esq., was proposed by Mr. 0, G. Williams, seconded by Mr. R. Walker, and unani mously elected Mayor in honour of which event the bells of St. Mary's rang merrily during the remaining part of the day. SWANSEA SAVINGS' BANK.—Saturday, 8th November, 18,1").- Deposits received. JEI79 0s. 51.; paid. £7.. 0. 7d.: notices to withdraw, £16,) 0, lOd. Manager, Mr. Sampson D ACCIDENT. —On Friday last. while D ivid Davies. one of Mr. Rolls drayman, was returning from Neath, he turned into the house of one of his employer's customers, iu Lmsamlet. On remounting his dray, the horse started off so suddenly that he fell under the wheels, which passed over him. He is'now pro- gressing favourably, but is not yet able to resume his employ- ment. MURDER on THE HIGH SF.\S._This day (Fridav) a per- son is to be examined before the magistrates at Swansea, charged with having shot a mm on the Hig'i Seas. We will endeavour to present our readers with a full report of the evidence tat. en.



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