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GLAMORGANSHIRE General Agricultural Society. AT the Annual General Meeting, lield at the Bear Inn, COWB1UDGE, on Tuesday, the 11th day of No- vember, 184), CHARLES MORGAN, EsQ., M.P., PRESIDENT, IS THE CHAIR; RESOLVED,—That Hugh Entwisle, Etq., Mr. W. Powell, David Thomas, Esq., and Robert Savours, Esq., be appointed of the Committee for the ensuing year, in the room of the four first of the preseat Committee, who go out by rotation; and C. C. Wi:liams, Kill" in the room of Mr. W, J. Watson, deceased. PREMIUMS AWARDED FOR CROrS AND TIIF. UtPROVEMBNT OF LAND. To Mr, W. A. Bradley, of Cardiff, for 8 acres of £ s. d Turnips 5 0 0 To Mr. Boughton, of the Splott, for 5 acres of Mangel Wurzel 3 0 0 To Mr, Powell, Hghvysnynyd, tenant to C. U. M. Talbot, Esq., M.l' for effectually draining not less 0 than 3 acres of Land 3 0 0 FOR LABOURERS AND SERVANTS. To Evan John, of Margam, having had and brought up 8 children, the youngest being more than 7 years old. without parish relief 4 0 0 To Mr. Williams, of Flemingstone, having had 10 children, and brought up 7 3 0 0 To Thos. Arnott, Lantwit, having had 8 children, and brought up 7 2 0 0 To David Thomas, Cowbridge, having had and brought 0 0 up 7 children 10 0 Evan John. Margam, 46 years'service uninterruptedly performed on the Eglwysnynnyd Farm 4 0 0 To John Jenkins, Lantwit. for 33 years' service on the Farm of the Rev. Robert Carne, Dimlands 3 0 0 To Thomas Arnott, Lantwit, for 23 years' service on the Great House Farm, Lantwit 200 To Mr. llopkin, for 24 years' service on the Treguff Farm 1 0 0 TURNIP HOERS. To David Reos, St. Hilary, having hoed '27 acres of turnips in a workmanlike manner 0 0 To Thomas Punter, Lantwit, having hoed 21 acres of turnips on Boverton Farm I 0 0 To John Morgan and Thomas Miles, having hoed 23 acres of turnips on the Brigam Farm. 0 10 0 SHEPHERDS. To Henry lIay, Shepherd to Rowland Fothergill, Esq., having reared 2o0 lambs from 178 ewes put to the ram 3 0 0 To Jenkin Hees, Shepherd to Mr. John Spickets, Sully, having reared 220 lambs from 160 ewes. 2 0 0 CHARLES MORGAN, President. The President having quitted the chair, Resolved,-That the thanks of this meeting be given to him for his assiduous attention and active support to the society, and for his conduct in the chair. EDWARD BBADfcEY, Secretary,









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