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MERTHYR AND NEIGHBOURHOOD. FATAL ACClDBNT.-The vicinity of Penydarran was thrown into a state of great excitement and consternation on Wednesday, the 29th ult., in consequence of a report that a woman named Jane Lewis, aged 60, had been killed by a tram wheel passing over her. It appears that whilst she endeavoured to get on the tram (a very im- prudent act in a person of her age), her foot slipped- she feU—and the wheels passed over her. At an inquest, held before IV. Davies, Esq., on view of her remains, a verdict of Accidental Death" was returned. ANOTHER FATAL ACCIDENT.-Oll Saturday, William Rosser, a married man, was killed at Rhydycai pit, Cyfarthfa Iron Works, by a fall of mine and rubbish, when following his occupation at the said pit. An inquest was held, on view of his body, at the Angel Inn, before W. Davies, gsq., on Monday, when a verdict of "Acci- dental Death" was returned. BODY OF A CIULD Fou N D. -Information was given at the police station, on Sunday morning, that a child had been found at the grating of the feeder of Plymouth Iron Works. That active and most excellent officer, Sergeant Hume, immediately hastened to the spot, and found the body ot a male child in an advanced state of decompo- sition. On Monday an inquest was held on the body, at the Angel Inn, before W. Davies, Esq., coroneri and a respectable jury, and a verdict of Found in the feeder" was returned. As yet no clue has been had which can lead to the discovery of the cruel mother, although the police have been indefatigable in their exertions. Acci DFNT.-Waltc-r Wells, carpenter, of Cyfarthfa, fell down from the scaffolding of the new mill, a height of 15 feet, and was considerably bruised. Under the skil- ful treatment of Edward Davies, Esq., surgeon of the works, he seems to be in a fair way of recovery. FtRE.—CAtnwf TO OIL-BURNERS.—A portion of the shop of Mr. Edward Jones, grocer, Penydarran road, took fire on Thursday evening week, in consequence of the soldering of the tin, in which the oil was, burning. This should serve as a warningto those who buy cheap (?) articles of itinerant tinmen. MERTHYR PETTY SESSIONS. Wednesday, Oct. 29th, 1845. Before T. W. Hill, W. Thomas, and G. R. Morgan, Esqra. David Harries, shoemaker, was charged by Susan Morgan, on behalf of her husband, with illegally remov- ing his household goods, in order to evade payment of rent due to complainants. -Susan Morgan sworn, said- "Defendant rented a house of us at 7s. a month-fiecu- fiied it for five or six months, and paid regularly, until the ast one. He now owes 7s., which sum was due about five weeks ago. We gave him a month's notice, because we did not like him to continue there any longer. In a fortnight after the month expired we were informed by a neighbour that they had gone away in the night, and removed all their goods, except the curtain, which they left on the window to deceive us. I had repeatedly asked him for the money, but he refused to pay.' In answer to questions from the magistrates, Mrs. Morgan enumerated the articles of furniture she had seen in the house, with their value, which in all amounted to f4 17s. 6d.—De- fendant denied that he owed anything, and read an account by which he endeavoured to prove that shoes had been given instead of rent. However thg. magistrates did not think it entitled to any belief. He was ordered to pay the rent due, 7s., and lis. costs, immediately, or pay double the amount of the goods so removed, £9 15s., within a week; and in the event of his not doing so, that a dis- tress be levied on his goods, which if not enough to pay the amount, it was ordered that he be imprisoned in ^Cardiff House of Correction for six months. W'John Lewis, landlord of the 4 Tbree Salmons' beer house, Dowlais, was charged on the information of Mr. Superintendent Hemer, with keeping his house open for the sale of beer on the 19th ultimo, at the time the beer-houses in Dowlais are closed. The charge was clearly proved, and also that be had been previously convicted for a similar offence in January last. Defendant expressed his contrition, and said that persons were re- turning from a funeral in a caravan, and requested him to draw a quart of beer, which he did. Being his second offence he was fined 40s., including expenses. Jolin Thomas, landlord of the Coachman's Arms, was charged with having committed a similar offence on the 19th ult., at one o'clock on Sunday morning. Being the first offence, he was fined 10s. and costs. Edmund Hnckett and George Hayes were charged by Mr. David Roberts, agent of the Dowlais Iron Company, with leaving their work without previously giving a month's notice. Mr. Roberts said that detendants gave a notice to leave, in a month, on a Saturday, and went away on the Monday following. One ol the defendants had given a month's notice some time ago, and continued in employ till it expired, therefore could not be ignorant of the rule of the works. Committed to Cardiff House ol Correction for 1 month's imprisonment with hard labour. Morgan Jenkins was charged by Thomas Griffiths, with non-payment of wages amounting to ^8. Com- plainant could not substantiate his claim, and the case was, therefore, dismissed. SATUltDAY. Nov. 1st.—(Before T. W. Hill, Rsq.) COWARDLY ASSAULT.—Thomat Williams, collier, was charged by David Edwards, an overlooker of colliers, with assaulting him on the 28tb nit. Complainant said he was in Plymouth Road about 10 o clock on the 28th ult., when detieodant came on and. knocked him on his head with a stone, till be fell down insensible. A witness also proved that VVilliams gave him several kicks on the ground. Edwards requested his worship to allow them to settle out of court, but he most properly refused to com- ply with the request in such a case.^ Fined £ 5, or in default of payment, two month#' imprisonment. P^id. THE COWAKOLY PitAcncE OF KICKING."—Thomas Richards was charged by Thomas Phillips, with an as- sault on the 20ih ult. Complainant said that defendant came to him about 10 o'clock, A.M., and said "You have been very busy last night' rummaging' my furnace and before he had time to reply, he knocked him on the lace till he was down, and then kicked him a few inches near his eye. He was not intoxicated. Fined E5, or in default of payment, two months' imprisonment. Paid. Mary Morris was charged by Jane Wosley with as- saulting her. Fined 6d. and discharged. Hannah Mainwariny, who, it seems, is a quarrelsome woman, was charged by Elizabeth Davies with assaulting her. Complainant said that defendant and her husband commenced assaulting her on a certain day, and the form r it seems dealt out very profusely epithets of the most abusive kind, and said she would put her head in the pond, split her with a knife, and other expressions of a like kind, which quite exasperated complainant; and she, in return, began heaping upon defendant, all the bad names she could think of. They were bound over in their hnsbauds' recognizances of jElO each, to keep the peace for twelve months towards all her Majesty's liege subjects but especially towards each other. ° Isaac Jones and John Morgan, puddlers, were charged by Elias James, agent of the Penydarran Iron Company, with destroying a quantity of iron, by leaving it above its proper time in the furnace, and absenting themselves from their work. In consequence of an informality in the summons, the former was discharged, till a fresh summons be obtained; and no proof of contract having been made with the latter, he was also discharged. ° William Williams, of Rhymney, was charged by John Moore with non-payment of wages. Adjourned. John Thomas was charged by John Jones, both of Dow- lais, with non-payment of wages, amounting to 14s. 2d. Jones stated that be had worked eight days for defendant, at 2s. 4d. a day he had paid only 4s. 6d., and left 14s. 2d. remaining. Being asked when he was employed he said on the 18th of October, and worked till the 25th, which made only seven days, and, consequently, only lIs. lOd. was unpaid. In a short time after he said he had worked only six days; he seemed quite perplexed and confused. However, defendant said that he owed him 14s. 2d., and would have paid him sooner had he got the money from the office. He then paid. He w highly commended by his worship for his upright and honest con- duct, and was allowed to go away withoat paying the expenses. A person was brought up charged with being drunk at one o'clock on that morning, and demciashing 12 panes of glass in the police-station. Mr. Superintendent I Hemer said that the man had been brought in by one of the men 011 duty, in a state of inioxicatiau and wishing to be put in a cell, he was allowed tc go there. In a short time he broke 12 panes of glass in tiw window, and his behaviour was exceedingly violent. r. Hill said he did not at all approve of the construction of the station- it was not to be wondered at that persons were uneasy, where no bed could be put to lie upon, and said he would bring the matter for consideration at the next Quarter Sessions. However, no fault could be attributed to the Superintendent or the men under his command.—Fined 5s. for drunkenness. A coloured man, from Calcutta, came forward and said that a female with whom he cohabited had run away, taking with her f,2, which he had given her. His wor- ship said he could do nothing in the matter, as no charge of robbery had been made against her. PYLE.—A man named Daniel Evana was dreadfully burnt on the 28th ult., at Margam Colliery, near Pyle, by an explosion of fire-damp. We are informed that the accident is to be attributed, principally, to carelessness on his part, as he went to a quarter of the works which had been idle" for some time and in which a fall of coal had taken place. A covetous desire on his part to obtain this coal induced him to visit the spot. He then placed his candle at a little distance-went up to the coal in the dark-threw some lumps towards the candle in order to be removed by him, but by doing so forced a portion of the foul air into contact with the candle, and thereby caused the explosion which proved nearly fatal to himself. He is now progressing favourably towards recovery. SWANSEA SAVINGS' BANK.—November 1st, 1845.— Deposits received, JEHt 8s. 6d; paid, £2:>3 Is. 5d, notices to withdraw, JE214 8s. 5d. Manager, Mr. A. Dalton. SWANSEA TOWN COUNCIL.—On Saturday last, the fol- lowing gentlemen were elected into the Town Council. For the Upper Ward-Mr. T. B. Essery, of Gloucester- Place, merchant; C. H. Smith, of Dderwenfawr, Esq. and Mr. J. J. Strick, of Clydach, merchant. For the Lower Ward-To Edward Thomas, of Glanmdr, Esq.; Mr. Sampson Dawe, chemist; and Mr. John Ruxton, shipowner. AT SWANSEA (a correspondent writes) the inhabitants appear so taken up with the contemplation of their ex- pected Floating Docks that they seem to pay vN-y little attention to any other public business. The Municipal Elections on Saturday last, went off with a great deal of apathy; yet, probably, the electors could not have selected six gentlemen better fitted to fill the office of Town Councillor. There is no authentic report current as to who is to be the Mayor for the ensuing year: several suppose that the office will be filled either by T. Edward Thomas, Esq., or by C. H. Smith, Esq., both gentlemen well qualified, but most especially the former, who has been for many years the active promoter of every useful and benevolent institution in the neighbourhood, and who is universally esteemed and respected by persons of all classes. A typographical error of a curious character occurred in one of the London papers of last week. In the adver- tisement of the Swansea, Hull, and Birmingham Railway the letter E was substituted for the letter U in Hull. The prospectus went on to state, that as the passenger traffic from Swansea to that locality, was so extensive, no doubt could be entertained that the line would prove most remunerative." COPPER ORES SOLD AT SWANSEA, NOVEMBER 5th, 1845. ■ Mines. 21 Cwts. Purchasers. Price. E. e. d. Cuba 100 Vivian and Sons 10 5 0 Do 95 English Copper Co. 9 16 6 Do 90 Williams, Foster, & Co 1 0 Do. 74 Sims.Willyams. Nevill,Druse, and Co. IT 0 6 Do 93 Williams, Foster, & Co. 16 5 6 Do 72 Freeman & Co 10 3 6 Do. I01 Vivian and Sons 17 19 0 Do. 100 Paseoe, Grenfell, & Sot;s 118 6 Do 90 Do 10 16 6 Do 66 Do., Vivian & Sons, & Wil- liams, Foster, &Ct 10 15 0 Do. 43 Vivian and Sons 18 14 0 Chili 74 Williams, Foster, & C; 21 2 6 Do 70 Do. 21 1 0 Do 69 English Copper Co. 20 16 6 Do 5l Pascoe, Grenfell, and Sons ..39 0 0 Do. • 404 Sims, W illjams, Nevill, Druce, and Co. 39 11 6 Do. 35 rascoe. Grenfell, and Sons 40 6 6 Pensylvania 100 Viviall and Sons 14 3 0 Do 76 Do 13 11 0 Knockmahon.. 100 Williams, Foster, & Co. 9 17 6 Connorree 31 English Copper Co. 4 12 6 Do. 7 Do. 20 5 0 Mo Hand 5 Williams, Foster, & Co. 9 16 0 J!



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