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LLANDAFF CHURCH BUILDING SOCIETY. AN adjourned meeting of the committee of this society took place at the Free-school, Cardiff, on Tuesday, the 4th instant. There were present the Venerable the Archdeacons of Llandaff and Monmouth, Mr. Chancellor Traherne, W. A. Williams, Esq.,Llangibby, Iltvd Nicholl, Esq., J. Bruce Pryce, Esq., T. W. Booker, Esq., E. P. Richards, Esq.; the Revs. R. Prichard, J. C. CampbeH, R. T. Tyler, H. L. Blosse, T. Stacey, W. Bruce, H. Williams, L. A. Nicholls, G. Thomas, D. P. Thomas, W. Leigh, E. Jenkins, J. W. Morgan. W. A. Williams, Esq., of Llangibby, was voted to the chair. After the resolutions of the former meeting at Newport had been read by the secretary, the following statement of the accounts was submitted to the meeting :— RECEIPTS. Amount of donations and subscriptions for the year 1845 JE174 7 6 DISBURSEMENTS. „ Printing, &c. f8 19 0 Salary to resident architect. 25 0 0 Grants made at the last meeting. 40 0 0 Balance in hand 100 8 6 £ 174 7 6 The following applications were then received by the committee, aud grants made to the several parishes requiring aid 1. Proposed new Church at Morthyr. It being ex- plained that the lowest tender for the erection of this Church exceeded the architect's estimate by £532, the sum of L30 was voted. 2. For restoration and repairs of the Parish Church of Saint Bride's-super-Ely, E7. 3. TowaIJs the rebuilding of Llanfabon Church, £ 15. 4. Towards reseating, &c., of Lisvane Church, £ 10. 5. Towards St. Martin's Chapel, Caerphilly. It being explained that there was no repairing fund for the main- tenance of this chapel, a vote of X7. 6. Towards the building a new Church in the recently formed and endowed ecclesiastical district of Skewen, in the parish of Cadoxton-juxta-Neath, £ 15. 7. Towards the general testoration of Coychurch, f5. 8. Towards the enlargement, by rebuilding of the parish Church of Trevethin, £20. 9. The repair and enlargement-of the parish Church of Tintern Parva, LIO. 10. The repair and enlargement of the parish Church of Caetwent, E7. 11. The restoration of the parish Church of Llanfi- hangel-juxta-Uske, JE7. 12. The reseating with increased accommodation of the parish Church of Penrose. JE7. 13. The reseating, with increased accommodation, of the parish Church of Tregare, 97. 14. The improvement and repair of the west end of Wouastow Church, £5. 15. The improvement and repair of the west end of the parish Church of Oldeastle, C5. 16. Towards a new window in the parish Church of Tredunnock, E2. 17. The im; rovement and repair of the Tower of the parish Church of Wolnes Newton, E5. 18. The improvement of the Porch of the parish Church of Raglan, 1;3. Total amount of the grants made at the present meeting, ft67, thus anticipating the income of 1846, by the sum off 66 lis. 6d., exclusive of a donation ofE5 presented at the meeting by the Rev. George Thomas. On a comparison of the treasurer's statement of the funds of the society, made at the last meeting at Newport, with the one before us, we are happy to announce an increase of £ 36; and in the confidence of a continually extending measure of support, the committee has ven- tured to forestal the income of the following year to the extent above mentioned. They have been induced to take this step in the full persuasion that the aim and object of this society are of such a nature, that when the result of their operations is fairly before the public, they cannot fail to obtain such a large increase of means, as may justify a greatly increased expenditure.




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