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Great Gwendraeth Vale and…


Great Gwendraeth Vale and Welsh JMeTSM MMM. CAPITAL £ 1,000,000, in 50,000 SHARES of £ 20 each. DEPOSIT E2 2s. PER SHARE. PROVISIONAL COMMITTEE. John Addis, Esq., Rotherithe, Surrey, director of the Licensed Victuallers' and General Fire and Life Assurance Company, and of the Central Terminus Railway J. R. W. Atkinson, Esq., Elmwood House, Leeds Admiral J. Ayscough, Southampton J. M. Barnard, Esq., London Joseph G. Barratt, Esq., Ross, Herefordshire, director of the Rbondda Valley Railway John Blackburn, Esq., Coroner for Leeds, director of the West Midland Railway George Biocklebank, Esq., Crooms-hill, Greenwich John Dudin Brown, Esq., Sydenham, Kent, director of the Central Terminus Railway Jamea Burness, Esq., Stratford Grove, Essex lobe Carter, Esq., F.R. \.S., Park Lodge, Stockwell, director of the Grand Trunk Railway Wm. Chadwick, Esq., chairman of the Richmond Rail. way, and director of the Oxford, Southampton, Gosport, and Portsmouth Railway Edward Chapman, Esq., Strand, London, director of the Richmond Railway Robert Charles, Esq., 23, Endsleigh-street, Tavistock- square, one of the provisional committee of the Man- chester and Rugby Direct Railway Andrew Clark, Esq., Bank deputy chairman of the Licensed Victualler*' Fire and Life Office Edward Hyde Clarke, Esq., Hyde Hall, Cheshire, and Tick ford Park, Beds. James Clift, Esq., Bloomsbory-square, director of the P<r!a & Strasburgh & Metropolitan Junction Railways G. Colquhoun, Esq,, director of the Worcester and South Wales Railway Dunbar John Cother, Esq., of Harcourt Buildings, London, director of the Brecon and Merthyr-Tydvil Railway Edward Creed, Etq. E. M. Davies, Esq., Penalt, Carmarthen Jonathan D. Dow, Esq., Cornbill, and Streatham, Surrey Lieut.-Col. G. M. Eden, William-street, Lowndes-square Thomas Eldrid, Esq., Fore-street, London, director of the Petersfiold and Southampton Railway Philip Evans, Esq., of Brynhir, in the county of Gla- morgan Thomas Farncomb, Esq., Alderman, Griffin's Wharf, Tooley-street, chairman of the London and Westminster Bank Thomas Fenton, Esq., of Kilgerran, in the county of Pembroke, one ot the provisional committee of the North and South Wales Railway Hugh P. Fuller, Esq., King William-street, director of the Mitcham and South Western Railway Company William Gatnbier, Esq., Sacombe Park, Herts Joseph Gillhain, Esq., Hargreaves House, Oldham, di- rector of the Staffordshire Potteries, and Birkenhead and Holyhead Junction Railways Rev. F. H. Hall, D.D., Rector of Fulbourne, Cam- bridgshire J. G. Hammack, Esq., Essex-house, Mile End-road, director of the Licensed Victuallers' and General Fire and Life Office, and one of the committee of the Direct Western Railway Gilbert Harries, Esq., of Coalbrook, in the county of Carmarthen, and of Llananwas, in the county of Pem- broke David Lloyd Harries, of Llandingat-House, in the county of Carmarthen Edward Hickson, Esq., director of the City and Camden Town Railway J. K. Hooper, Esq., Alderman, and director of the Direct Manchester Railway Richard Win. Johnson, Esq., Hnlloway, director of Remington's Direct London and Manchester Railway John King, Esq., College-bill, London, director of the Great Grimsby, Louth, Horncastle, Lincoln, and Mid- land Junction and Thames Valley Railways J. Kinloch, Esq., Gloucester Road, Hyde Park, director of the North Wales Railway Valentine Knight, Esq., Cornwall-terrace, Regent's-park, director of the Dendre Valley Railway William Knott, Esq., 4, Adelaide-place, director of the Richmond Railway Edwin Leaf, Esq., of Wood-street, and of Cumberland. street. Portman-sqnare John Dawson Lowden, Esq., Doughty-street, director of the Richmond Railway Captain J. H. Leckie, Richmond, Surrey, one of the pro- visional committee of tbe Manchester and Rugby Direct Railway Nicholas McCann, Esq., 50, Parliament-street, director of the Manchester and Rugby Direct Railway John M'Rte, Esq., Wood-street, and Page Green House, Tottenham, deputy-chairman of the Thames Plate Glass Company Sir William Magnay, Bart., Alderman, chairman of the Great Grimsby, Lincoln, Louth, Horncastle, and Mid- land Junction, and director of the Great Luxembourg Railways Robert Main, Esq., Ravensbourne Park, Kent, director of the Licensed Victuallers' and General Fire and Life Assurance Company George Man, Esq., Woodlawn, Dalwich, Surrey William Margetson, Esq., Strettham Hill, Buxton, one of the provisional committee of the London, Stains, Ascot, and Reading Junction Railway Edward Moore, Esq., M.D., Thurlow House, Hackney- Road EvanW. Morris, Esq., Pembury, Kent, director of the North and South Wales Railway Henry Moss, Esq., proprietor of the Great Gwendraeth Vale and Welsh Junction Railway George Murray, Esq., Chichester, magistrate for the county Rev. J. A. Nash, Westbourtie Terrace, Hyde Park Major General Parlby, C.B., director of the Worcester and South wales Railway Thomas Paul, Esq., 1.0, Mansion House Street, director of the Direct London and Exeter, and of the Liverpool and Derby Direct Railways George R. Paul. Esq., Strand, and Worthing, Sussex Apslay Pallet, Esq., director of the Staines and Richmond Railway W. W. Peel, Esq., Ul.'esthorpe, Leicestershire George Pell, Esq., Welford, Northamptonshire George R. Peppercorne, Bexhill, Sussex, director of the Chatham and Portsmouth Railway Sir John Pirie, Bart., Alderman, director of the Peninsn- lar and Oriental Steam Packet Company, one of the provisional committee of the Manchester and Rugby Direct Railway Alderman Porter, Southampton, director of the South Midland Railway W. S. Potter, Esq., provisional director of the Oxford, Gosport, aud Southampton, and the Oxford and Chel- tenham Railways Rev. Thomas friço. Rector of Llaarothel, Herefordshire John Rand, Esq., Guildford, Surrey James Rannie, Esq., of Bp.lcrave-streef. Belsjr^ve-^rj'iare, director of the Erewash Valley Extension Railway L ne James Reeves, Esq., Leighton, Essex, director of the Great Manchester, Rugby, and Southampton, and of the South Midland Junction Railways Admiral Sir George Sartorius, director of the Dover and Bristol Railway William Shadboit, Esq., Chairman of the Greenwich Railway, and Director of the London Joint Stock BRnk Henry Silverloek, Esq., of Woolwich, Kent, and Doctors' Commons, member ot the Steam Ship-owner's Associa- tion, and director of the Waterman's, and City Steam- Boat Companies T. Bridge Simpson, Esq., deputy-chairman of the Rich- mond Railway William Slark, Esq., of Cheapside, and of The Lodge, Cricklewood, director of the West Midlands Railway Major William Snow, Old Cavendish-street, Cavendish- square, director of the Chatham and Portsmouth Railway William E. Snow, Esq., Tredegar-square, director of the Cornwall and Central Devon, and Exeter and Yeovil Railways John Soane, Esq., Waltham Hall, Waftham Abbey, Essex James Steadinau, Esq., Guildford, director of the Reading and Reigate Railway Martin Stutely, Esq., of Cambri<)ge*terrace, Regent's- Park, provisional director of the Graqd Trunk and Direct Western, Leeds and Carlisle Railways Wm. Tanner, Ellq., of 84, Great Surrey-street, Black- friar's-road, provisional director of the Direct Western and the Leeds and Caiitsie Railway Robert Watkins, Esq.,Augusta-HouiV Worthing, director of the Reading and Reigate, inddepoty chairman of the Rugby and Manchester Railways Sir Henry Webb, Bart., Pall Mall John Webster, Esq., of Aldermanbury, and of Micklen- burgh-square, Merchant, director of the Dartmouth, Torbay, and Exeter Railway W. Lechmere Whitmore, Esq., director of the Worcester and South Wales Railway William Williams, Esq., of the Abbey, Kidwelly, Car- marthenshire, one of the provisional committee of the North and South Wales Railway Wm. Walters, Esq., Dymnant Colliery, Llanon, Carmar- thenshire PROVISIONAL DiRECTOBs.Sir William Magnay, Bart., Alderman, Chairman. J. G. Hammack, Esq., Deputy- Chairman. George Brockelbank, Esq. I John Carter, Esq. William Chadwick, Esq. f J. D. Brown, Esq. Captain Leckie I' William Tanner, Esq. J. Addis, Esq. Valentine Knight, Esq. Robert Charles, Esq. I John King, Esq. Sir John Pirie, Alderman Robert Watkins, Esq. SonciTORs.—Messrs. Wire and Child, 9, St. Swithin's Lane, London. Messrs. Vaughan and Bevan, Brecon. LOCAL AGESTS.-Edward D. Grove, Esq., Llanelly; Daniel Price, Esq., Talley, Carmarthenshire; J. L. Popkin, Esq Llandilo; R. W. Beor, Esq., Swansea. CONSULTING ENGINEER.—J. U. Rastrick, Esq. ENGINEER.—Thomas Hay, Esq. BANKERS.—The Commercial Bank of London. Messrs. Wilkins, and Co., Carmarthen and Llanelly. SECRETARY pro tem.— Mr. H. W. Sewell. rT>HIS Railway is proposed to be made with a view to I its forming a Junction in the most important part of South Wales with three other projected Lines, viz., the South Wales, the Welsh Midland, and the North and South Wales, whereby communication will be formed with North Wales and Ireland, London, Bristol, Glou- cester, Worcester, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, and the whole of the Northern Manufacturing Districts, and also with the Coasts of Devon and Cornwall, and will accommodate the following Towns in the vicinity of the Line, Carmarthen, Llandilo, Llangadock, Llan. dovery, Trecastle, Brecon, Hay, Ctickhowel, Aber- gavenny, Merthyr Tydvil, Swansea, Neath, Lloughor, Llanelly, Kidwelly, Laugharne, St. Clears, Narberth, Haverfordwest, Milford, Cardigan, Newcastle Emlyn, Pembroke, H. M. Dockyard at Pater and the fashionable Watering Places of Aberyatwith, Tenby, Lanstephan, and the Ferry side. Commencing at Burryport, Pembrey, Carmarthen- shire, a harbour of recent formation, but unequalled in point of situation, depth of water, and safe anchorage for Ships by any other Tidal Harbour on the whole of the Welsh Coast; the Line will be carried close to the Village of Pembrey, in a westward direction about one mile and a half, where it is intended to cross the South Wales Railway, from here, taking a course to the North, it will proceed through the Gwendraeth Vale, passing the Villages of Pontyates, Ponthenry, Llangemleirne, Pontyberem, Porthyrhyd,' Llanddarog to Llanarthney, near to which place it is intended to intersect the Line of the Welsh Midland at a point about six miles from Llandilo and nine from Carmarthen, and on from this point up the Vale of Cothi, passing the Villages of Llanegwad, Brechfa, Abergorlech, Edwinsford, aud Llansawel to Lampeter, where it will form a Junction with the North and South Wales Railway, and com- pleting a distance, including branches, of about fifty- four miles. It is intended to connect the Line with the coal, marble, and mineral districts. The Line presents no engineering difficulties, and the country through which it passes abounds with the materials necessary for its construction. Should it become necessary, arrangements will be made for the continuation of the Line from near Edwins- ford to Rhayader, and to form a junction with other projected Railways. This Railway will proceed for the first 20 miles through a most important mineral district abounding with bituminous anthracite and steam-coals, iron, fire-clay, limestone, black marble, slate, flagstone, copper, and lead ores, and the remainder of the distance across an agricultural country, thus connecting these several districts with the sea and with each other. It is quite obvious that great benefit must also result to the Landowners by the construction of this Railway, in insuring the cheap delivery of Coal and Lime, both essential to the welfare of the Farmer. Thousands of acres of convertible land are now lying barren for want of the means of procuring lime as manure at a moderate cost, which is scarcely to be ob- tained from the heavy charge for transit, in common carts, over bad roads. The traffic in coals, lime, slate, copper and lead ore, timber, cattle, and every description of live stock and agricultural produce, which already exists to a large extent, must receive great impulse from the convenience and economy of this line of Railway. The great interchange of commodities between the manufacturing, the mining, and the agricultural districts, will ensure a large revenue, independently of passenger traffic, which must necessarily be of great extent, the line forming a connecting link between many main lines, communicating with every part of the United Kingdom. It is estimated that even the present traffic of the Gwendrapth Vale alone in coal and lime is of itself sufficient to pay a fair percentage on the capital required for this Railway, leaving out all the other sources of profit. The value of the Land generally required for the Line is within the average cost. Until an Act of Parliament shall be obtaiued, the affairs of this Company shall be under the control of the Committee of Management, to whom power is given to allot the Shares, and to apply the funds of the Company in payment of the expenses incurred in its formation and. in the preparation of the Plans and Sections to be sub- mitted to Parliament. Preference will be given in the allotment of Shares to the Landed Proprietors and others locally interested in the Line. Power will be applied for in the Act—and in the meantime is hereby given to the Committee of Manage- ment—to raise an additional capital; to abandon any part of the Line, to make Branch Lines, or enter into arrangements with any other Company or Companies; and also to nominate the first Directors of the Company. The Deeds will provide that no Call shall be made on the Shareholders beyond the Deposit until the Act of Parliament is obtained, and power will be taken in the Act to allow 4 per Cent. interest on all Calls. The Parliamentary contract and subscribers' agreement will be ready for signature on payment of the deposits. Applications for prospectuses and shares may be made to the solicitors, and to the following stock and share brokers:—Messrs. James, William, and Charles Pepper- corne, 2, Old Broad-street; Messrs. Hill, Fawcett, and Hill, Threadneedle-street; Messrs. Smith, Knowles, and Cook, Leeds; Messrs. Wreford, Nicholls, and Wreford, Bristol; Messrs. Fletcher and Sharp, Liverpool; Mr. Wakefield, Nottingham; Messsrs. H. Monro and Co., Edingburgh W. H. Collis, Esq., Birmingham Messrs. Duncan and Hutchinson, Glasgow; Mr. Frederick Wheatcroft, broker, Derby; Mr. 1. M. Balme, Glouces- ter. FORM OF APPLICATION. To the Provisional Committee of the Gwendraeth Vale and Welsh Junction Railway Company. I request you will allot to me Shares of L20 each, in the Capital of the above-named Railway, and I will accept the same or any less number,^ on terms of the Prospectus, and pay the deposit of t -s. per Share, and sign the Parliamentary Contract ana &ut»- scribers'Agreement when required. Dated the day of 1S45- Name in full place of Butiiness Residence Profession IWerfiOt in fuU

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