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Great Eastern and Western…

Worcester and Leominster Railway,…

Great Gwentlraeth Vale and…


Stripping Eutciiigriirr. t…


Stripping Eutciiigriirr. t i BUTE DOCKS -^r«rcdr,l,e Hoj^UWn, Glamorgan' slure Canal, hght .Speculator, James, Newry. pitwood.1. Kate, Wescott, ^l,no,„h ballast. Henry, Tanu.lyn, Bare J, M'asr. ,aff MHchrll, Bristol..Swift, Tawton, Bristol ..Best, Moule, Uphill.. Gannett, Score. Bridewafer lhrbt Beaver, Ward, Kinsale, ballast.. William, Collins Newp^t iron and stones.. Otter, White. Glower, light.Thomas^ and ,v*V1' ,l rt"-TWh,lck' Board. Wes.on, pitwond ..Ono Williams, Helford, ballast..Sir J. Newport, Nicholls, Waterford, lime8io«ies.Eble„a> Rowlands. Waterford, balUst ..Pheasant, Lucas, I-owey, iron ore.. Etneline. f rick Watei- ford, ballast. S.r Abraham McKeo/ie, Davies. Waterford, f month h i?' p™ £ owe> ore.. Ann, Peake, Plv- mo ith, ballast..Ceres Keen, Padstow, tallow.Trio W il- liams, Swansea, iron ore.Spy, Campbell, Glamorganshire Canal, light.Countess Fortescne, Chapman, St. Ives, ballast liams, Swansea, iron ore. Spy, Campbell, GLtmorgdnsh ire Canal, light.Countess Fortescne, Chapman, St. Ives, ballast ..Rapid Day, Waterproof, ballast. Hannonv, Chaddock, London, ballast. JiM Crow, Roach, Bristol, l.^ht' f)r,■on fs ) Evans, Bristol Channel iight.Newponse, Warn, Fowey, iron 'I ore ..Lavinia George, Falmouth.Rose of M.croon.. Bow, Waterford..Enterprise, Williams. Ross.Mary Jones C'ii- chester Fox, Duggon, Waterford.. Diana, Martin, Wat'erford .Vigilant, Saule, Portsmouth. liKht Industry, Shapland, Bideford, tallow. Harmony, Carrol, Waterford, limestones.. Prince of Wales (s.), Jones, Bristol. light. Lady Charlotte (s.), Jefferys, Bristol, light. Sailed, the Clifton, Partridge, Oporto, iron.So-r,eisetOiire ivanton, Biistol.Mcrton, Havls, Truro.. Luviu*, C >x Cork Best, Moule, Bristol.. Actfve, Anthony, St. Ives Roebuck Hoard, Weston, coal.. Hopewell, Owen, Dublin, iron.. Provi- dence, Phillips, Gioster.Success. Sims. Gloster. Jane, Nurse. Gioster. Cleveland, Bomcher, Waterford David Walter Read, Waterford William and J,ne. Hockina, Jideford.. hndeavour, Hawkins, Newport Taff Mitchell Bristol. Swift, 'rawton, Bristol.^Peper, Ewrv, Waterford nV°'iaoeS', D,'t)h"I,ul«!>«#ent, Piniger, liris-ol.. Cro- codile, McCarthy, Kinsale Elephant, Siivest, Nantes. Ormd, Oakley, Gioster Mary Pester, Gurnett. Fowev Hnends Goodwill Couch, Fowey..John, Povnt■=, You-hal.. Kchpse Jennings, Cork.Friends. Lynch, Oungarv,.n.iillen, Ormd, Oakley, Gioster Mary Pester, Gurnett. Fowev Hnends Goodwill Couch, Fowey..John, Povnt■=, You-hal.. Kchpse Jennings, Cork.Friends. Lynch, Oungarv,.n.iillen, ■een, I'almooth.. Mary Ann Mitchell, Murray. Waterford. '"nee of Wales (,.), Jones, Bristol, general cargo. Lady Charlotte (..). J,.tr.>rys. Bristol, gener'al cargo. GLAMOItGANSHtRK C A N A L.InW. fhe Flv, Rowle< Bu low Pill..Sisters, Knapp, ditto.. VI ary, Evans," Bristol, all wi'h iron ore.. Akkeboon, Polzer, Supper mi-er. Kxoeriment, Perniam, Exeter..Sophie Catherine. Freiricks, Bremen IJucks, Probcrt. Bristol.. De Hoop, Kathiaar, Grouin-'en Manner Matthews, Brixham.. Providence. Baker, ifristol. iza, Blarney, Falmouth-Lady Selitia, Hughes, Bristol r lower of Severn, Mills, do. Ann, Kennels, Brixham Mountain Maid, Davies, Watertord Zorg Uliet, Berlins, {otterdam, all in ballast..Trelissick, Andraw, Hav!e..Moue, Davies, Porthcawl..Sarah, Arr, do.. Minerva, Knight, Glou- cester.. Active. Cope, do.. Ceres, Wediake, Watchet.. Hope, BiMing, Bridgwater Union, Prewell, Newport Cardiff trader, Rowles, G loticester. Car rnai-tlieii Packet. Kvans, Cir- inartlien. Comet, Griffiths, Cardigan.. Hndeavour, Greening GtoucMter.ewnham. Smith. Lydney..William, Smith, do. ..William. Hill, do..Trader. Evans. Milford.. Robert, Men- dus, Po'thcawl. Friends, fivaus, Bristol..Jason, WiUon, Am?tv°P* '7' Barry. Dav.es, Bristol.. WVlia'v* T',n' d"V<J,alU0r?an' London..Celeritv. R^ in P ?y\B;01ther8' Brva»t, Bridgwater. I.uius.rv, m is P ,i' i' \vTCe- HuUi,le' "tester..Nautilus, Tho-- mas Pouhcwl.. William, AyUnd, Chepstow..George. Mab- ley, Gloucester..Commerce Leonard, Newpo.t.. Oak, Simkins Dartmouth..Newport I rader. Jackson, Gloucester. Bee, Ityiner, Chepstow, ail with sundries. Sailed, the New Hops, Davies, Liverpool.. Hop-, Billing Bridgwater. Elizabeth, Wright, do De Hoop, Kathlaa"r, A msterdam.. (.leaner,Thomas, Newport. Ann, Past, Roches- ter..Tribune, Emett, Newcastle.I.ark, Davies, Aberystwith .Robert, Mendiis, Newport.. Carmarthen Packet, fivans, Carmarthen.. hlizabeth, Bowden, Gainsborough.. Zorg Uliet, T Berghms, Rotterdam Nautilus, 'Thomas, Penarth Roads. Friends, Evans, Bristol.Spy, Campbell, Wexford.Ann, Westcott, Kochester Eliza, Barney. Opoi to.. !• | v, Kowles Penarth Roads, all with iron Jane, James. Cork John' Penarth Roads, all with iron Jane, James. Cdrk.Jo)m George, Guiliford. Bridgwater.. Ceres, Wediake, Watchett.. Mary A nn, Watkins. Bristol.. Merthyr Packet, Thomas, do. Lnion, 1 rewett, do. Augnste, Barban, Nantes.. Esperance a let, Mantes. tsters, Hart, Bristol.. Flower of Severn,' ,1.11s do Lady >elma, Hughes, do..Mary, Evans, Bristol.. ;)ew Parliament, Brabyn, Waterford.Ann, Thomas, Bristol William, Ayland,, Gloucester.. Brotners, Bryant, Bridgwater Alliance, Ltddle, Gloucester. Bucks, Probert, Bristol. Minerva, Knight, Glouccster.Ernilie, Lemerle, Nantes Fly, Rowles, Gloucester, all with coal. HopewelJ, Owens, Bute Dock.. Active, Cope, Bullow Pill..Sisters, Knapp, do.. William, Hill, Lydney..Wiiiiam, Smith. Glollcester.. Newn- ham. Smith, do.. Edeavour, Greening, do..George, Madlev, ( Chepstow Hope, Davies, Newport..Olive Branch, Bowen, Bury, light.. I redejar, Crockford, Porthcawl. timber