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THE EISTEDDFODD. We had prepared a full and elaborate report of the pro- ceedings at this interesting and truly national gathering; but having been obliged by the crowded state of our advertizing columns to suppress it last week, we find that by this time the affair has grown so stale as to render the insertion of any lengthened account a matter of bad judgment: we shall there- fore merely give the following statement respecting the DISTRIBUTION OF PRIZES. To the best set of singers in parts, five guineas the gift of John Rolls, Esq., of the Hendre. Awarded to Mr. John i]hpmas and his choir, for the execution of Captain Morgan's March. They had no competitors. To the second best ditto, ditto, four guineas, the gift of the Right Hon. J. Hicholl, Merthyr Mawr. Awarded to John Taylor, David Jones, Edward Morgan, and Letitia Morgan, who sang The Old Man of the Wood," in splendid style. To the best performer on the triple harp, of the Welsh air called Y Bardd yn ei Awen," with four last variations, a I prize of five guineas, the gift of Owen Esq., of Newtown. Awarded to Mr. Thomas Griffiths, the celebrated blind harper. For the best poem on Bees, a prize of three guineas, the gift of Lady Granville Somerset, was divided between the j only two competitors. Two guineas, in a purse, for the four best enelvnion for the backs of four easy chairs. Awarded to the Rel/j, ™ne9 Five guineas for the best lyric ode in praise of the bridge over the TafF, and of the contiguous tunnel; the gift of Davies, Esq.. of Glangafenni. Awarded to Mr. Willie Kvans, of Dowlais. One guinea, in a purse, given by a lady, for the best englyn to a atone seat under an oak tree. Awarded to Hen Offydd. Jfuee competitors. Two guineas, given by Gwenynen Gwent, for the best Wc »h song on the leek, adapted to any liv#ly Welsh air. A Three guineas, given by Mrs. Twyning, pf Pont-y-Pandy, for the two best performers of a duet on triple harps, of the air of Uwyn On," with variations. Awarded to Mr. and Mrs. Griffiths. One guinea, in a ptirse, for tbe best englyn on Fynnon Ovor. Awarded to the Rev. J. Jones. Nine competitors. Five pounds, the gift of R. R. Coxwell, Esq., of Ablington, Gloucestershire, for the best Essay on the Heraldic Poetry of Wales. Awarded to Mr. Thomas Stephens, chemist, of Merthyr Tydfil. A copy of Miss Jane Williams's collection of the Airs of Gwent and Morganwg, the gift of Miss Williams, of Aber- pergwm, awarded to a lad named Walter Watkins, who sang the two first verses in Welsh, of the air called Calon Serchus," in a masterly manner. Two guineas, in a purse, the gift of the Misses Williams, of Rhvmney, for the best account of the changes that have taken "place during the last 30 years in Merthyr and the neighbourhood. Awarded to John Rees, weigher, Peny- darran. Ten guineas, the gift of Lord Ebrington and Sir Benjamin Hall M.P.. for the best tract on cottage economy adapted for general circulation amongst the labouring classes of Wales, and the best means of improving their sanatory con- dition. Awarded to Joseph Thomas, Ivor-street, Dowlais. A new Triple Harp, value ten guineas, and a copy of Parry's Welsh Harper, the gift of Sir Charles Morgan, for the best female performance on the triple h..ro, open to Gwent and Morganwg only. There were four competitors for this prize, which was awarded to Miss Goodall. The next prize was by Summers Harford, Esq.—To the best female singer under twenty years of age, a prize of £ 2 2s., which was carried by Dryw Fach," the only competitor. The next two were for musical compositions. By Miss Madocks, of Tregitnter.-For the three best new variations of Ar hyd y Nos," a prize of £ 3 3s. medal of £ 1 Is. and a premium of £ 2 2s.— By Miss M- J. Williams, of Aberpergwm. -For the best new Welsh air, consisting of three parts, in the key of B flat, for the harp, by a resident, of Gwent and Mor- ganwg, a prize of X2 2s. in a purse. Awarded to Mr. Gratian, of Merthyr, and Alltud, respectively. The next, by Mrs. Morgan ofRuperra—For the best coloured Welsh woollen whittle, in the national stiipes or checks, a prize of X3 3s. in a purse was awarded to Mr. Jones, of Machen. The next prize, by Mrs. De Winton, of Maesllwch-For the best specimen of Welsb woollen for a dress, in the national stripes or checks, a prize of 95 medal Li and a premium of X4, were also awarded to Mr. Jones. The next, by leuan ap Hywell-For the best piece of Welsh woollen for a dress, a prize of je,5 was awarded to Twm Shon Catty," Mr. Harris, flannel manufacturer, of Llanover. By Mrs. Williams, of Scybor Fawr-To the best Welsh female singer with the triple harp, after the manner of Gwent and Morganwg, a prize of 92 21.; medal, £1 Is.; premium, jEt Is.—Competed for by Mrs. Griffiths, of Tredegar, and Eos Fach," and awarded to the latter. By the Misses Williams, of Rhymney—To the second best female singer with the triple harp, a prize of L I Is. in a purse —Awarded to Mrs. Griffiths. By Mrs. Madocks, of Tregunter—For the best specimen of blue cloth for a cloak of Welsh manufacture, a prize of £3 3s.; medal, £1 Is.; and a premium of .E*! 2s.-Awarded to Mr Jones, of Machen. By Mr. W. Watkins, Mr. W. Baber, and Mr. J. James, of Abergavenny—For the best specimen of Welsh woollen, a prize of C4 4s. in a purse.—Awarded to Mr. Rees Thomas, of Swansea. By Charles Morgan, Esq., of Ruperra, M.P.—To the best performer on the triple harp, open to Gwent and Morganwg only, a new triple harp value JEIO tOs —This prize was com- peted for by Mr. Griffiths, and two juvenile harpers William Evans and Walter Watkins, and awarded to Mr. Griffiths. By Miss Webb-To the second best performer on the triple harp, open to Gwent and Morganwg only, a new triple harp value £10 10s.-Awarded to William Evans. By Mr. Rees and Mr. J. Davies, of Abergavenny—For the best woollen waistcoat-piece, in the national stripes or checks, a prize of £ 2 2s. in a purse.—Awarded to Mr. Jones, Machen. By Miss de Winton, A. H-Wall, Esq., and Walter Maybery, Esq.-For the best specimen of colours in Welsh yarn, dyed in Gwent or Morganwg, or any other part of South Wales, a prize of £ 3.—Awarded to Mr. Charles Price, dyer, of Aberga.. venny. By a Lady-For the best pair of women's knitted woollen stockings in undyed black wool, a prize of jEl Is. in a purse.— Awarded to Mrs. Griffiths, of Tredegar. By John de Winton, Esq., Brecon, and a Lady—For the best lady's beaver hat, manufactured in Brecon, Crickhowell, or Abergavenny, a prize of £3 3s.; and by a Lady, for the second best ditto under the above restrictions, a prize of £225. in a parse.— Awarded by Mr. Charles Daniel, draper, of Abergavenny, to Mr. David Davies, who had sent in two bats, and was the only competitor. By Miss Williams, of A berpergwm-To the best performer on the triple harp of the air of Triban Gwyr Morganwg." The competitors not to be above the age of twenty, a prize of £ 3 3s.; medal, £ 1 Is.; and a premium of £ 2 2s.—Two names had been given in for this prize, viz., Rheinon," Miss Price, of Llanover, and Mis.Bevan, but the former young lady hav- ing won a harp on the previous day, very generously declined competing with Miss Bevan, who accordingly gained the prize, and whose superior performance certainly well deserved it. By Miss M. J. Williams, of Aberpergwm.—To the best female singer to the harp, who shall sing the two first verses in Welsh of the air called "Y deryn Pur, as published in Miss Jane Williams' collection of airs of Gwent and Morganwg, a prize of F3 3s.; medal dEl Is., and a premium of X2 2s. "Eos Fach," and Mrs. Griffiths, of Tredegar, appeared to compete for this prize, but through some misunderstanding, Eos Fach's name had not been entered as a competitor, and she was there- fore debarred from trying, so that Mrs. Griffiths gained the prize without opposition. However, Eos Fach was requested to sing another song, and the President said they would endea- vour to get a subscription for her, which was done and pre- sented to her after she had entranced the audienee with her surpassingly melodious voice. By Lady Rodney, Sir Benjamin Hall, Bart., M.P., Gwenynen Gwent, Sir John Guise, Bart.-For the best specimen of Rodney woollens, not nnder ten yards long and forty-five inches wide; the warp to be either of linen or cotton, and the woof to be of cotton and yarn, a prize of 1:1,5 15s. in a purse. Awarded to Mr. Jones, of Machen. By the Rev. M. Price, of Gunley.—To the best penillion singers after the manner of North Wales, X5 5s. The judge ooneovvod tha^ tho tbrpo were su nt-afiy tfllXe 111 CX- cellence that the best plan was to divide the prize, and as it would hot make even money, another guinea was added by Mr. Jones, of Machen. By the Misses Williams, of Rhymney.-To the best performer on the triple harp, of the old Welsh air "Yrllen Sybill," a prize of £ 1 Is. in a. purse. This prize was Cfompeted for by Messrs. Llewelyn Williams, Howel Williams, and Thomas Griffiths, and was won by the first. By the Hon. Captain Robert Gore.-To the best female per- former on the triple harp, of the air of Pen Rhaw," who shall not have won a harp at any previous Eisteddfod at Abergavenny, a prize ofjE3 3s.; medal £1 Is., and a premium of 92 2s.— This prize was won by Mrs. Griffiths, who was the only com- petitor. By Lady Edwards, of Machynlleth.-To the best performer on the triple harp, open to Gwent and Morganwg and all North Wales, a new triple harp, value jElO 10s. This prize was awarded to Mr. Jones, of London. By Sir B. Hall, Bart., M.P., Lieut.-Col. Gwynne Holford, and Right Hon. J. Nicholl, of Merthyr Mawr.-To the second- best ditto, ditto, new triple harp, value £9 9s. This prize was awarded to James Jones. By Lady Hall and Rev. Mostyn Price.-To the next best ditto, ditto, a new triple harp, value eight guineas, and a silver mounted harp key. This prize was awarded to Jeremiah Jones. By J. Powell, Esq-, Miss Emma Vennor, and Miss Hayward. For the best performer on the triple harp, open to the counties of Brecon and Carmarthen only, a new triple harp, value X8 8s. Awarded to Eleanor Prichard. By Sir B. Hall, Gwenynen Gwent, and T. Wakeman, Esq. To the best performer on the triple harp among those who are debarred from competition for instruments, open to Gwent and Morganwg and all South Wales, a prize ofjElO JOs. By T. Wakeman, Esq. and a Lady.—To the second best un- der the same circumstances, a prize of X,5 5s. By Octavius Morgan, Esq.-To the third best ditto, ditto, a prize of X3 3s. For the above three prizes four harpers entered into competi- tion, viz., Miss Beavan, Mr. John Roberts, Mr. Ebenezer Rees, and Miss Goodall; the first was awarded to Miss Beavan, the second to Ebenezer Rees, and the third to Miss Goodall. The President, Charles Morgan, Esq., M.P was unable to attend in consequence of the severe illness of his lady and, therefore, in his absence, the chair was ably filled by Sir Benja- min Hall, Bart., M.P.

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