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—w———imameetmm^— dtotrigtt intflU'flencc. UNITED STATES.—The Cambrian has arrived at Liverpool, after a rapid passage. There is very little news. The New York Courier, in its usual summary, says-" All apprehensions and indeed all rumours of war with Mexico are now at an end, and as the stated time of the assembly of Congress is now approaching, there will probably be no new executive demonstration in Texas or elsewhere." It is said that a scheme is now projecting to make California independent of Mexico, and it is positively asserted that England and France are to recognize and aid in completing this design, upon the express condition that no connexion or union is to be lorraed with the United States. The advices out by the Great Britain caused I considerable excitement in the food-market, and provisiona of all kinds had rapidly increased in price. The Canadian advices received are not important. he subscriptions and contributions in all parts of the world for the retief of the sufferers by the two late destructive fires in Quebec, received up to the 2fith September,arnounted to the sum ot JE62,136 ]8s. 5d., independently of a grant expected from the provincial treasury of £ ^0,000. Of this large amount only £900 enme from the United States. IN I)IA.-Tlie news of the usual fortnightly Overland Mail, though extending only over a short space of time, is not destitute of interest. The Governor-General was to quit Calcutta on the 23d September, for the north-west provinces, and it was rumoured that Sir Charles Napier would be relieved from the Government of Scinde in order to be present whew his services are likely to be most im- portant. The camp of Sir Henry Hardinge was to be formed at Agra about the 2 itli of October. The com- mencement of the cold season is expected to bring matters to an issue. Either active operations or a pacific arrange- ment will then be decided on. There appears, indeed, to be little doubt that the time for British interference in the affairs of the Punjaub, which continues in as deplorable a state as ever, has arrived. The Government of the Queen- Mother and her brother, Wuzeer, is in a very precarious position. —Private letters announce the death of Colonel Considine and Major Leech, two officers who highly distinguished themselves in Afghanistan. The news from Scinde states that the expedition to Kusmore, on the banks of the Indus, had returned to Hyderabad. Sir C. Napier was at Kurracbee. The interior of India is tranquil. Mr. Montgomery Martin has, it is said, arrived in TCuglttml from Bon)bay, the view of pointing out the errors of the British Plenipotentiary in not having selected the island of Chusan instead of Hong Kong (a most unhealthy spot) as a British settlement. Mr. Martin has, it is said, resigned his situation, but whether coiupul- sorily or not does not appear. The news from China is not important.