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Glamorganshire Quarter Sessions.



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L^NTRISSENT PETTY SESSIONS.—[HP'.I 17 h October, 1845, before It. F. bickards, Esq" and onel Smith.]— David Morgan, of L^nfwitvardre, appea-ed by virtue of a summons issued against him, for having assaulted one Mary RO lerts. Allowed to settle M^TT^RS out of court. Costs paid. John Richards, William Richards, and William Thomas were charged by Lewis Thomas, all ot the parish of Lantwitvardre, with an assault. S:t'lc L out of court.—Lewis Thomas ap- peared, by virtue of a summons issued against him, for hav- ing ASSAULTED one Mary Williams, b >th oi the parish of Lantwitvardre. Dcieudatit fo tnd guilty upon the evidence j of John liowen and Hees Williams. Fined 20». aa coats; and. in default of immediate payment, was coir.M to Cardiff gaol for one calendar M-msh.—Thomas >s applied fora summons against Daniel Israel, bmh o,f vardre. Granted.— vlorgaa Morgan, of the parish ..1- trissent, applied for a summons against Dktvid Proinv.ro, of the paiish of Lantwitvardre, for AN assault. Granted.— George Prichard applied for a SIIIHU10ns against Wi :<i,m Cooper, buth of Ihe parish af Lantwitvardre, for an assault. Granted. COWBRIDGE PETTY SESSIONS.—[Held at the Town-hall, Cowbridge., on Tuesday, the '11i[ inst., before It. C. Nicholl Carne aud Richard t'ranklen squires.]— Catherine Spencer, of PendoyIon, applied for an order of affiliation upon David Marchant', of Bridgend. Order made to piy Is, 6.1. per wees, and 16 61. costs Several summonses were applied tor. BillDGEND PETTY SESSIONS—[Held onSatu day. the 18 h October, 1843, at the J own-hall, before Lord Viscount Adare and the liev. H-L. Blosse.J — Thomas Etna/is, the younger, was charged with an assault upon Hvan Jenkins, of oldcastle, stone-cutter, on Wednesday, the ljjth instant Caasdnnissed. —-Evan Duvid and Ro.bert Evans were charged with an assault upon John Smith. Case dismissed.—John liea, of Aberdare, labourer, and Wm- liees, 01 ,\Iaeslel,(, collier, were summoned hy. the overseers of the poor of the parish of Langonoyd Middle, to show cause why an order should not be made upon them fur the payment of a weeldy sum of money towarOs the maintenance of thel, aged father. They were ordered. Wm. 'tees to pay 2s., A^J.L Jolin Itees b. weekly towards their father's suppor[.- 1 ho sarno overseers applIed for an order upon William Jolin, Rees John, and Morgan John to pay a weekly sum towards their lather's support. Cass dismissed. [Oct. 20. betore the Rev. U. L. Blosse,]—John Hees was charged by Gwenllian Robert with having indecently exposed his person. He was convicted, and committed to tne House of Co. rection, at Cardiff, for one calendar 100mb, lhcre 10 be kept to hard labour. TIt t FOR EST.— Au inquest was held on Thursday, the 16:h inst., before Dr. Vacheli, at Treforest, ou tne body of Amelia Jacoos, aged 21 momhs, .he ct.ild of a work "an employed at Mr. Crawshay's 'i works. It appeared that the mother of lhe child was ettlployed, ill washing outside the b k-doorot her hOlls", ou the 14 h lnst; flnel, h4ving occasio step into the house, left a pan containing hot water *tauo. j upo.i a cask. During her absence, tbe child managed to n down the pan and cask up >n iise f,au.J receiv d se»eralVul s about the body, from which it die on :he 16tii. Tiie jury re;uri 'u a verilii t of Accidental ea o." GLUTTONY.— At ti e Ancient Druid,at Cowbridge, on Purs- da, evening, the 14th inst., a man ot the name of Vaughan uuue ook to eat a breast of mutton, weighing about 4 £ lbs., in a raw stale, which feat he accomplished ill less than half an hour, nad drank a gallon of beer with it. flu afterwards wished for another joiu(, IIOF.SK "WARMING DINNER.—The house warmtns?1 ner of Mr. John John, of Lanharran, took pl«cc i Friday last, which dav was iti that neighbourhood o'.)'er j, is a ho'iday. Tiie high-bred and \v?ll disciplined >f harriers ofthe Squire ot Lanharran House, met at. tillage at ten o'clock, A.M with a large field ot' Spori|0E| *enllem::n bedecked in scarlet and green, presenti"?, s^ene of gaiety, animation, and excitement, highly gra") ing. Tiie day's sport, notwithstanding the rather favourable slate of the weather was exceedingly three liarcs being killed, one of which ran riajht a"eil nearly six miles, with scarcely a check. The which was a most excellent one, consisting of a pro las' ofthe rarities of the season in general-poultry a substantial dishes—was s rved up in the long club-roo which was tastefully decorated with a great variety 0 evergreens anu flowers. About seventy siit (Joivii to tlo festive board, among whom besides the several mtrtielileo of the surrounding neighbourhood, we observed a from Merthyr, Neath, Cowbridge, Hridgetid, Nevvbriil»e' Lantrisseot, Cardiff, and intervening places. The chair, in the unavoidable absence of R. H. Jenkins, Esq., W35 taken by W. Meyrick, Esq., who discharged his IItleo %vi,li his well known tact, ability, and urbanity. 1" vice-chair was ablv filled by A.Cntli'oertson, Esq. while Cap Oeene presided at another table', assisted by his hrotlierj It. Deeue, Esq of Treglos, as vice. After the us#9 loyal toasts had been disposed of with cheers, &c., calo,, the toast of the evening, "The Squire of LiinharraO- The chairman in an eloquent speech, highly eulogised the virtues and qualities for which lie is distinguished as country gentleman hospitable, philanthropic, and cbs.' I ritable, —a kind neighbour and the poor raau's friods ready ever to aid hv his counsel and his purse, ever? de serving man; while as a sportsman he almost »to('J alone without a rival-at least in this pnrt of the country- He was in tact, said the worthy chairman, a rare I of The fine old country gentleman, one of the time." The toast on being given found an echo, loud ao** deep and long from the hearts ot all present. toasts, sentiments aud songs tollowed each other in succession to a iate hour; and we can safely say aB evening of unqualified pleasure was spent.

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