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MERTHYR AND NEIGHBOURHOOD. W. lhompson, Esq., M.P., has qualified as a magis- trate for the county of Westmorland. An attempt was made on Monday to establish a new fair in Merthyr; and, with the view of attracting young- sters, a man endeavoured to get up some rustic "sports, &c. We believe the affair was a failure. MERTHY'R LITERARY INSTITUTE.—A correspondent writes—" You are in error in supposing that ladies are excluded from the meetings of this institution we hail their presence with feelings of the liveliest gratitude." RAtLWAY TRAVELLING EXTRAORDINARY. — Mr. Hemer, superintendent of police, Merthyr District, left Newcas- tle-upon-Tyne, at 5h. 3')m. Monday morning last, with a prisoner whom he had apprehended there, and at 9 o'clock same night he was in Bristol with his charge, having travelled through four cities and 300 miles of railway. Having rested a few hours at Bristol, he again took his departure at 5 o'clock in the morning bv the Prince of Wales steamer, and arrived safely in Merthyr Tydvil at 10b. 15m., A.M., Tuesday morning, having travelled 356 miles in the short space of little more than 20 hours, including nearly 100 stoppages. What would his grandfather have thought of this t There are few routes where you have to pass through five cities as in this instance, viz., Durham, York, Gloucester, Bristol, and Llandaff. MEKTHYR PETTY SESSIONS.—Wednesday, Oct. 15th.- Before T. W. Hill, Esq.—Elizabeth Powell and Margaret Rees were charged with assaulting Ann Llewelyn, (all married women), on the 3rd inst. Fined Is. each and to pay the costs between them. OwenPugh and Geo. Graham were charged by Evan Evans, landlord of the Cambrian, with an assault on the 5th inst. Discharged. Ed.card Williams was charged with deserting his wife and child, 011 the 26th of July last, by which they became chargeable to the parish of Merthyr. Mr. Superintendent Hemer sworn :—" I went with the warrant to Newcastle-upon- Tyne, and there apprehended the defendant on Saturday morning last, and brought him back to Merthyr on Tuesday morning." He was severely reprimanded by his worship, and committed to Cardiff House of Correc- tion for one month, there to be kept to hard labour. William John, boatman, was charged with obtaining money under false pretences, in order to defraud Jenkin Thomas. Jenkin Thomas sworn:—"I am a master boatman. Defendant has been in my service as a boat- man, plying between Cardiff and Merthyr, or Cardiff and Aberdare. While in my employ, he took one of my boats and went to Mr. Thomas Howells. manager of Craig Colliery, where he had coal. and took two trips to Cardiff, for which he obtained £3 4s. My name was not on the boat at the time. He did not give me the money, neither did he come to my employ after that day." — Margaret Jenkins sworn :—" I am the wife of Daniel Jenkins, and keep the White Hart. I saw defendant on the 6th inst. he came to our house about middle day, and brought a paper with him from Mr. Howells, the manager, for pay- ment of £3 4s. We are in the habit of paying wages to workmen on receiving tickets signed by Mr. Howells. I gave the money to defendant."—Mr. Thomas Howells sworn: — Defendant name to me with a boat, (No. 5), which had not the name of the owner upon it. I asked him whose boat it was, and he said he had hired it for a certain period. He had two trips of coal, which he de- livered safely at Cardiff. I did not know that the boat was Jenkin Thomas's, nor that the defendant was in his employ. -Committed for trial. CYFARTIIFA. — The colliers and miners renewed their application to Robert Thompson Crawshay, Esq., on Monday for an advance of wages. They founded their claim on the advance which had lately taken place in the price of provisions and in the price of iron. They were informed that they might expect an answer on Thursday, the nature of which will, we trust, be given in our next. DOWLAIS WORKS.—In writing of these works a cor- respondent observes :—" The Dowlais workmen are paid on Saturday morning at nine o'clock — an arrangement which must prove most convenient for their families. An extension of these works is in progress." The potato crop on the hills is, we regret to state, much damaged by the strange disease with which this useful esculent has been so extensively visited. DOWLAIS MARKET, SATURDAY, OCT. 18.—Yeal, 6d. to 7d. Mutton, 5d. to Oct.; Beef, 4^d. to 7d.; Lamb, 6d. to Gjd. Butter, salt, ll±,d. to Is., fresh, Is. 3d. per II>. i Potatoes, 12 to 15 lb. for 6d. Geese, 8d. per Ib. Fowls, 2s. 4d. to 2s. 8d. per couple Pork, 8s. 6d. to 9s. per score Turnips, jd. per Ib. Eggs, 6d. per doz. Nuts, 6d. per quarter; Apples, I s. to 3s. per huudred Peas, 4d. to Is. per ditto Onions, Id. per Lb.; Cabbages, of which there were plenty of prime ones ill the eastern corner, Id. to 2d. each. GREAT PLOUGHING MATCH.—COWBRIDGE.—This match came off on Tuesday last, in a field at Tvnycaia, at the bottom of the old Stalling Down road. Mr. Powell, of Boverton, and Mr. Whapham, of Boulston, and the farm-bailiff at Hensol Castle, were the judges. The first prize, £ 3, was adjudged to William David, ploughman to J.Bruce Pryce, Esq., of Duffryn; 2nd prize, £ 2, to Henry Thomas, son of Thomas Thomas, Tydraw, Llan- trithyd; 3rd prize, £1. to James Howard, servant to Llewelyn Price, St. Nicholas.— To Ploughmen under 201 years of age: 1st prize, £2, to Miles Miles, ploughman to Mrs. Eagleton, Llantrithyd; 2nd ditto. £1. to John David, son of John David, Stembridge. Large crowds assembled—the day was most propitious, and the work done uuiversally considered most excellent. MAESTEG. — A change has recently occurred in the police of this place. P.C. John John has gone to Lantwit Major, and a new man has this beat. The figure" 2," seems peculiar to Maesteg, the former officer was No. \2, while the present is No. 2. John John did his arduous duties in this populous place very well, and gave much satisfaction to the respectable portion of the Inhabitants of the parish in this rcspect it is hoped No. 2 may be his double." SWANSEA SAVINGS BANK.—Oct., lIth 184.5. Deposits received, £ 264 15s. 3d.; ditto paid, £ !38 4s. 6d.; notices to withdraw, £49 43. ud. Manager, Mr. Martin Bevan. Oct., 18th 1845. Deposits received, JE407 9s. lid.; ditto paid, £,j3.> 6s. 4d. notices to withdraw, JE290 4s. td. Manager, Mr. J. T. Grove. E—■ H ——MIIIMMM—■———


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