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i nuJ' °f immediate resort to the sea and to the surround- 5 tillages, while it is confidently cxpected that it will \v* co,lsiderable impetus to trade. Mth such advantages, and the toll proposed to be ceived from the many persons frequenting the Pier, itiflSen^ers landing there, the charge on an extensive u* of goods to and from Ireland, and of coal, Iton, and other commodities, from Wales, and other ofrRS'-anC' l'le ProsPcct*ve result arising from the surface "uilding Laud (upwards of an Acre), not required for •e purposes of the Pier, on the Island of Birnbeck, the aPUa!ist will ensure an ample return for investment. h John Hugh Smyth Pigott, Esq., the Lord of the Manor, as Inost liberally pledged himself to givethclandand Pproitches, and all the stone and wood from the hill s Joining, requisite for the undertaking, and to take 50 j ures, being the largest number which will be allotted °, anyone individual; and, as a considerable proportion °[1 the proposed capital has been already applied for, the '"tuient will very shortly be made. JOHN BROOKS, Secretary. j. Applications for Shares to be made, in the following to the Solicitors, the Secretary, or the Treasurers; L to Messrs. Joshua Hutchinson and Son, Lothbury, ^Udon Messrs. Edwards and Son, Messrs. Wreford, 'cliolls, and Wreford, Mr. Thomas Evans, or Mr. Luke .^old, Stock and Sharebrokers, Bristol; Messrs. Henry avies and Son, Liverpool. 1: FORM. r 0 the Provisional Committee of the. Weston-super- Mare Pier Company. Gentlemen,—I request you to allot me Shares of £20 each in the proposed Weston-super-Mare Pier and 1 Undertake to accept the same, or such less number as j. J°U may appropriate to me, and to pay the deposit of 10s. per Share, and to sign the parliamentary contract a.nd subscribers' agi eement when required. Dated this day of 1S45. Narv in full Residence Trade or Profession Reference. WESTOX-SUPER-MAllE PIER.—At a Meeting the Committee of the Chamber of Commerce, held at CARDIFF, on Tuesday, the 30th day of September, IS45— PRESENT. '1'. W. BooKEn, President of the Chamber, in the Chair, j* Y. Towgooil, banker Charles Vachell, merchant °shua CI,irk, banker George Bird, merchant ^adrew Miller, banker Wm. Richards, merchant ■•'avid Evaus, merchant Henry Jones, retired merchant Mr. Edgar, deputation from the proposed Weston- Super-Mare Pier Company explained the objects of the proposed Company, and it was resoLved- That the erection of the proposed Pier and facilities hereby afforded for the establishment of a regular daily Steam Communication between Cardiff and Weston- 8Uper-Mare, will be highly advantageous to Cardiff and its Grounding district, and is entitled to cordial countenance and support." THOS. W. BOOKER. Chairman, != I;:aleø hg a ciioit. SAINT NICHOLAS, GLAMORGANSHIRE. SALE OF LIVE AND DEAD Farming STOCK, IMPLEMENTS OF HUSBANDRY, Dairy AND BREWING UTENSILS, HOUSEHOLD FURNI. TURE, AND OTHER EFFECTS. me By Mr. 3Tark Marks, On THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30th, 1945, on the Pre- mises, at VIAN'S HILL FARM, in the Patish o Saint Nicholas, THE undermentioned FARMING STOCK. House- -I- hold Furniture, and other Effects, the property of Mr. GIWRGR PRICE, (who is leaving this part of the country), consisting of 3 Milch Cows; 1 Two-year-old Heifer; 1 Two-year-old Steer; 1 Yearling Heifer; 1 Heifer Calf; 25 Breeding Ewes; 13 Ewe Lambs; I Ram; 11 Fat Sheep; 2 Cart Horses; 1 Pony; 2 Donkeys, with their Foals; 2 Store Pigs Geese, Ducks, Fowls, and Guinea Fowls; 2 Carts; Water Carriage; Child's Carriage; Donkey Cart; Breeching and Trace Harness; Saddles and Bridles; Side Saddle; Winnow- ing Machine Chaif Box; Holler; Iron Plough; Drags and Harrows; Sheep's Netting; Wheel-barrows; Lad- ders Hurdles; Pigs' Troughs; Garden Tools; Glass Lights; Ropes; Pikes; Rakes; Lot of Old Iron, &c., &c. A Double Screw Cheese Press; Box and other Churns; Vats; Pans; Buckets; Casks; BREWING UTENSILS; Grindstone. Also, about FOUR ACRES of POTATOES (White, Jersey Blues, and Rough Reds) about SIX ACRES of TURNIPS TWO RICKS of WHEAT One Rick of HAY, about TEN TONS. IRISH CAR AND HARNESS. VAPOUR BATH; Also, part of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE; comprising, Four-post and other Bedsteads, with Furni- ture; Truckle ditto; Mahogany Wardrobe Bedstead; Child's Crib; Damask Moreen Window Curtain, with Patent Gilt Pole; Mahogany Bed Steps; Chests of Drawers; Book-case, with Secretaire; Chimney Glass; Mahogany, Easy, and other Chairs Pembroke and other Tables; Eight-day Clock, in Mahogany Case Washing- Stands; Carpeting; Fire Guard; Fenders, and Fire Irons; Hall Lamp; Patent Filter; Kitchen Dresser; Closet; Meat Screen Safe; Plate Rack Glass; Earthenware; and a variety of Kitchen Requisites. Also, the RUFFAGE and LATTERMATH of about SIXTY-EIGHT ACllES of LAND till Candlemas, and the HOUSE till the First of May next. Three Mouths' Credit will bs given to purchasers of £2') and upwards, on approved security. The Sale to commence with the Sheep at Ten o'Clock in the Morning precisely, as the whole is intended to be Soid in one day. To be SOIiD by AUCTION, BY MR. THOMAS EVANS. At the WYNDIIAM Arms INN, in Bridgend, on SATUHDAY, the 8th day of NOVEMBER next, A FIELD of excellent FREEHOLD LAND. situate in Langan, in this County, called MEISYDD ISHA, containing by estimation about Six Acres, and now in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Leyshon. There is a Quarry of excellent Lime-Stone in this Field, and Lead-Ore has also been worked in it. Also, a good DWELLING-HOUSE, Barn, Garden, and Croft, situate at Langan aforesaid, and now in the occupation of Mr. John Jenkins. The above Property will be Sold either in one Lot or in separate Lots, as may be then determined, and the Sale will take place at Two o'clock in the afternoon. —b—————■—» Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts. DrHRICT COMMITTEE FOR THAT PART OF THE DIOCESB OF LLANDAFF, SITUATE WITHIN TUB COUNTY OF GLAMORGAN. rpHE ANNIVERSARY MEETING, will be held JL in the TOWN-HALL, COWBRIOGE, on FRIDAY, the SEVENTH day of NOVEMBER, at Twelve o'Clock, when the accounts of the Treasurer will be audited, and the usual business of the day transacted. JOHN MONTGOMERY TRAHERNE, Treasurer Coedriglan, Cardiff, Oct. 22, 1845. GLAMORGANSHIRE Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. '1'HE ANNIVERSARY MEETING of the COW- L BRIDGE DISTRICT COMMITTEE of the above Society, will be held in the TOWN-HALL, at COW- BRIDGE, on FRIDAY, the 7th day of NOVEMBER next, at One o'clock in the Afternoon, when a Statement of the Accounts and Proceedings of the Committee for the past Year will he made, and other Business transacted. DIVINE SERVICE will commence in COWBRIDGE CHURCH, at 11 o'clock in the Forenoon, a..d the SERMON will be preached by the Rev. LEWIS ANTHONY JNICHOLLS, Rector of St. Brides-super-Ely. T. STACEY, Secretary and Treasurer. Cardiff Vicarage, Oct. 20th. 1845. GLAMORGANSHIRE. CIGB FI¥ CHARITY. rnHE SUBSCRIBERS to the above CHARITY are i respectfully requested to meet at the TOWN-HALL, COWBRID(V> on FRIDAY, the 7th day of NOVEMBER next. at One o'clock in the afternoon, for the purpose of proceeding to the Election of a TREASURER to the Charity, instead of the late revered and lamented Dean of JLlanduff. JOHN M. TRAHERNE, J. BRUCE PRYCE, R. T. TYLER, J. C. CAMPBELL, WM. BRUCE, HUGH WILLIAMS, H. LYNCH PLOShE, ROBERT KNIGHT, J. WILLIAMS. E. P. RICHARDS, T. STACEY. LMWis A. NICHOLLS. October 21st, 1845. CATHAY'S NURSEiiY GAKMtS, CARDIFF. rpnE whole of the STOCK of these GARDENS, 1 consisting of many Thousands of Forest and ( ;i»cntitl TREES, including Oak, Ash.Chesnut, Scotch ..iiv.h and Spruce Firs, Thorn Quicks, &c.; Apple, Pear, and other Fruit Trces wiil be sold at ver) great reduction in price, the Trustees having resolved that the Gardens shall be. entirely cleared of all Stock thereon by the first .day of MARCH next. Oct. 13, WEST OF ENGLAND TAIL0EIXG ESTABLISHMENT, AND GENTLEMEN'S WAREHOUSE, No. 10, S M I r H S or R E E T, CARDIFF. W LEWIS, in respectfully soliciting a renewal of those favours which, in his department, it has always been • hitherto his study to deserve, begs to thank his numerous Friends and the Public for their support, and to assure them that the same promptitude in the execution of orders—the moderate price, and the elegance and preci- sion which have hitherto distinguished his House, shall be strictly attended to. His standing and character in Cardiff. for success in the introduction to his Friends of the most chaste and fashionable styles in the Cutting Depart- ment, (he having joined a Society in London, and receives the Paris Fashions twice monthly), enables him to defy competition in that line, and will afford a guarantee to such as may favour him with a trial, that these essentials to a comfortable and fashionable fit, and at his hitherto moderate prices, will be still successfully maintained. He has now to announce that he has just received a new and elegant assortment of "WSTTFTEB. GOODS of which he respectfully solicits an INSPECTION. These consist of best WEST of ENGLAND CLOTHS, BUCK^ SKINS, KERSEYMERES, SCOTCH TWEEDS, WATERPROOF BEAVERS, of attractive variety, with the newest and most engaging patterns of DARK FANCY WAISTCOATINGS, both Foreign and English. Goods made up by W. L. may be rendered Waterproof, if required garments not originally Waterproof, may be m .de so without any injury to their appeatance. To the above, W. LEWIS particularly and confidently request the attentions of a discerning Public. N.B.—BEST VELVET AND PARIS HATS. Cardiff, Oct. 23d, 1S45. Hotter#* I CON^CRATION OP ST. MAM'S CHURCH, CARDIFF. This Church will (D.V.) be Consecrated ON THURSDAY, THE 6th NOVEMBER, 1845, BY THE RIGHT REVEREND THE LORD BISHOP OF LLANDAFF. The Service will commence at 11 o'clock, A.M., and the Sermon is intended to be pieached by the Lord Bishop. THE attendance of the Subscribers, and of the Clergy, JL Gentry, and others, inhabitants generally of the Town and Neighbourhood, is respectfully requested. Such of the Clergy, Gentry, and others, as desire to take part in the PROCESSION, are hereby invited to meet the Committee at the Town-Hall, punctually at Ten o'clock in the Morning of that day. A Collection towards defraying the Debt still remain- ing upon this Church will be made at the close of the Service. Cardiff, 16th Oct., 1845. WANTED, a competent Manager, to superintend the erection and conduct of a Manufactory of Tin Plates on the Continent. Apply to T. H., Post-office, Swansea, with terms and references. HOUSE-WARMING DINNER. JAMES WILLIAMS, (LATE OF THE OLD POST INN), BEGS most respectfully to inform his Friends and the public in general, that his HOUSE-WARMING DINNER will take place at the mmID Z&Xto On Wednesday, the 29th in8tant, When he humbly solicits the attendance of as many of his Friends as can make it convenient. Dinner on the Table at half-past Four o'clock. GOVERNESS. A LADY who has had much experience in the care and Education of Children, is desirous to obtain a Situation as GOVERNESS, in a P rivate Family, or School. She would undertake to instruct Children, to the age of Twelve, in the English and French Languages, the Elements of Music, and Drawing, Needle-work, and other useful Branches of Education. Salary, Sixteen Pounds per Annum. Respectable references can be given. Address, B.B., 12, Hillsbridge Parade, near the Bath Bridge, Bristol. TOWN OF CARDIFF. TO III K E GPKBS It .k-'D M2!,ro WIT II IMMEDI AT E POSSESSION, THAT old-established and well-accustomed Public- House, known as the BLACK LION, situate in Sr. MARY-STREET, in the above Town, where a large Trade has been carried on for many years. The Stoek-in-Trade, Fixtures, &c., to be taken at a valuation. For Particulars apply to D. EVANS & SON, Cardiff. Also,^ a good, roomy DWELLING-HOUSE, in ST. MARY-STREET, being the residence of the late Wm. Pritchard, Esq. COWBRIDGE. JOB JAMES, CARDIFF, BEGS leave to inform the Inhabitants of COW- BRIDGE and its Vicinity, of his having put- chased the whole of the Stock in Trade of Mr. GRIFFITHS, Ironmonger (who is obliged through ill health to retire), and that on such terms as enables him to offer the same well worthy the attention of all consumers. The Stock must be cleared off the premises by the 8th December. DECIDED BARGAINS.—1 TURNING LATHE, by Hoit-zapfc); 1 large Wrought-Iron CHEST or Safe. with 2 Drawers and superior Locks. London & Manchester Warehouse, BRIDGE N D. HAVING completed his alterations, begs to inform the gentry and inhabitants of Glamorganshire, that he has just returned from London and Manchester ,dlh a large Stock of Goods, selected with the greatest owe consisting of woollen cloths, kerseymeres, doeskins, pilots, beaves, and cloaking*, likewise, a large and ele- gant assortment of shawls, prints, cashmere, rainbow, and fancy dresses, ribbons, silk handkerchiefs, gloves, lace, and hosiery, which will be sold at the smallest profit, for ready money. Families and charities are respectfully invited to in. spect the stock of blankets, sheetings, table linen, &c. In the new arrangements, E. L. has included a splen- did stock of carpets, druggets, and hearth-rugs. N.B. A large lot of hats, bought for cash, will be sold cheap. Iron Foundry.—Town of Cardiff. 1 O BE LET, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. A MOST DESIRABLE IRON FOUNDRY in SAINT MARY-STREET, in the Town of Cardiff, with a comfortable DWELLING-HOUSE attached, lately built. The Fouuihy is most conveniently situated, hav- ing the Main Street, leading to the Canal on one side, and the River on the other, and is fitted with • ry re- quisite for carrying on an improving Busw S", A STEAM ENGINE of about ten-horse pow< cen lately erected on the Premises, and also a new Limekiln on the Yard adjoin ,!s' t 'e River. THREE COTTAGES belonging to the pi jK-rty, and fronting the Street, might, if desired, be taken with t:.J Foundr The Engine Boxes and other Dead Stock to b." taken at a valuation. Incomings from £ 300 to £ 400. Any Person accustomed to the Foundry Business, and with a moderate capital, would find this a most advan- tageous opportunity of investment; and from the increas- ing trade of the Port of Cardiff, the proposed Line of the South Wales Railway passing within 100 yards of the Premises, together with the advantages of having Coal and Iron at moderate prices direct from the Works in the ueighbourhood, a handsome return must be made. For further Particulars and for Terms, apply to Mr. THOMAS WILLIAMS, on the Premises, and to Mr. J. H. LANGLEY, Solicitor, Cardiff. GLAMORGANSHIRE General Agricultural Soci ety. ON TUESDAY, the 21st inst., the Annual PLOUGH- ING MATCHES took place, as advertised, upon the TYN-Y-CAIA FARM, near COWBIUDGE, when the fol- lowing Premiums were awarded by the Judges appointed, Mr. Wm. Da>ies, Batslays Mr. Whapham, Bonvilstone; and Mr. Hopkins, ot Hensol;- PLOUGHMEN ABOVE 21 YEARS OF AGE. To William David, ploughman to J. Bruce £ 8. d. Pryce, Esq., of Duffryn, 1st premium 3 0 0 To Henry Thomas, eon of Mr. Thomas, of Tydraw, 2nd premium 2 0 0 To James Howard, ploughman to Mr. Lin. Price, Caia Farm, St. Nicholas, 3rd premium 10 0 PLOUGHMEN UNDEIt 21 YEARS OF AGE. To Miles Miles, ploughman to Mrs. Eagleton, of Bonvilstone, 1st premium 2 0 0 To John David, son of Mr. John David, of Stembridge, 2nd premium 1 0 0 The Judges reported much merit on the performance of the work made by Timothy David, son of Mr. Samuel 1}" of St. Hilary also, that great piuise was due to i oi the other competitors, the w hole of the work, II.. -in acre each, was completed in a workmanlike style within the limited time, 4 hours. The next ANNUAL MEETING will be held at the BEAR INN, at COWBHIPGE, on TUESDAY, the 11th day of NOVEMDER next, when the Committee are requested to attend at 11 o'clock in the morning, for the purpose of awarding the Premiums for Crops and the Improvement of Land, to Labourers and Servants, and for fixing the Premiums for the ensuing year. EDW. BRADLEY, Secretary. Cowbridge, Oct., 1845. Botitrø. [DUTY FREE.] In the Matter of the Petition of WILLIAM BOWEN. of MERTHYR TYDFIL, in the County of Glamorgan, Miner. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that HENRY JOHN STEPHEN, Sergeant-at-Law, the Commissioner acting in the matter of this Petition, will proceed to make a final order thereon at the Bristol District Court of Bankruptcy, at the City of Bristol, on the 11th day of November next, at Eleven o'Clock, in the forenoon precisely, unless cause be then and there shown to the contrary. Insolvent Debtor to be heard at the COURT HOUSE, at CARDIFF, in the County of Glamorgan, on MONDAY, the Tenth day of NOVEMBER, 184:0, at the hour of Ten in the Morning precisely. JOHN HARRY, late of ABF.RCENFYG. in the parish of NEWCASTLE, in the County of Glamorgan, Collier, in Lodgings, previously of Abercenfyg aforesaid, Collier, before then of Pile, in the parish of Pile, in the said County, Collier, and formerly of Aberceufyg aforesaid, Collier and Beer Shopkeeper. NICHOLLS & DAYLE, 48, Bedford Row, London, for the Society for the Relief of Debtors. Insolvent Debtor to be heard at the COURT HOUSE, at CARDIFF, on MONDAY, the 10th day of NOVEMBER, 1845, at Ten o'clock in the morning precisely. WILLIAM BASSETT, late of Darran-y-Pistill, in the Parish of Lanwonno, in the County of Glamor- gan, Husbandman. GALSWORTHY & NICHOLS, 9, Cook's Court, Lincoln's Inn, For MORGAN, Cardiff. FREEHOLD. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, One- third of an Interest in Premises situate in Buildings on the Tunnel and St. Mary Street, Cardiff. Apply for particulars to Mr. Thomas H. Morgan, Solicitor, Llandaff, or Church Street, Cardiff.


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