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Wile Ciiurrii


Wile Ciiurrii The Lord Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol his appointed the Rev. Thomas Murray Brown?, M.A., vicar of Standish and honorary canon in Gloucester Cathedral, rural dean of the deanery of Gloucester, vacant by the resignation of the Rev. Henrv Parsons. The Rev. Alexander Grant, late curate of Weston- sub-Edge, Gloucestershire, has been instituted, by the Lord Bishop of Salisbury, to the rectory of Manningford Bruce, Wilts—value £300 per annum. The Rev. John Edward Jackson Clerk, M.A., has been instituted, by the Lord Bishop of the diocese, to the rectory of Leigh de la Mere, otherwise Seaving- ton, in the county of Wilts, and diocese of Gloucester and Bristol, vacant by the death of the Rev. John Lewis Bythesea, the last incumbent. Patron, Joseph Neeld, Esq., of Grittleton House, in the county of Wilts. On the 17th ult., the Rev. Robt. Cave Wood Col- lins, M.A., was licensed by the Lord Bishop of tleieford to the perpetual curacy of the new Church of All Saints, at Bishop's Wood, Herefordshire. The Bishop of Salisbury has given the valuable vicarage of South Brent, Somerset, to his brother, the Rev. George Antony Denison. The Rev. W. H. Tremlow, M.A., has been insti- tuted to the rectory of Babcary, Somerset. Dr. Jelf, of King's College, is spoken of as likely to be the new Bishop of Bath and Wells. The Ecclesiastical Board has received applications for the enlargement of 244 Churches in Ireland this year, to accommodate increased congregations. On Thursday week, the Lord Bishop of Salisbury consecrated the Church at Tarrant Gunviile, Dorset, which has been rebuilt. It is a beautiful building, in the Gothic style, the windows in the chancel being of stained glass. Cnuncn OF ST. MARTIN.—The first Sabbath service in this new edifice was celebrated on Sunday last. In the morning the Lord Bishop of the diocese and the Very Rev. the Dean officiated in the commu- nion service. The prayers being read by the vicar, a most impressive and appropriate sermon was deli- vered by the Bishop, who took his text from the 122nd Psalm, "I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord." His lordship. assisted by the dean, afterwards administered the Holy Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. It was grati- fying to witness so large an attendance of worshippers. In the evening the whole of the duty was discharged by the vicar, who preached from the 9th chapter of the 1st Book of Kings, part of the 3rd verse, "I have hallowed this house, which thou hast built, to put my name there for ever." The Triennial Visitation of the Lord Bishop of Llandaff, was held last week, at Monmouth. A most eloquent discourse was preached on the occasion, by the Rev. George Roberts, B.A., vicar of Monmouth. The parishioners of Axminster have entered into a subscription for the purpose of purchasing a piece of plate to be presented to the Rev. W. Hunt, M.A., who has officiated as assistant Minister during the long absence of the Vicar. CONVERTS TO ROMANISM.—It is fully expected that several of the late converts will seek a return to the bosom of the Anglo-Catholic Church. The Rev. Mr. Sibthorp has already returned, and is now resi- dent near Winchester, anxious to resume active ministerial functions. The Rev. Charles Seager a'so deplores his secession, and will seek peace of mind in union with the Church. His heart yearns for participation in ministerial duties, from which, as a married man, he is debarred in the Church of Home. Mr. Capes, also, like Mr. Sibthorp, went over too suddenly, flying from one position of zeal and love to another-he will return. At all events this is ap- parent—that in every case of conversion to Rome there has been some note of singularity or irregular haste in the converted.—Globe. OTTEKY ST. MARY.—Sir John Kennaway, Bart., the Lord of the Manor, having munificently given a site for the purpose at the West Hill, there was, on Monday week, laid thefirst stone of a new Church, being the third in this parish in the last seven years. The weather was unfavourable, but the attendance very numerous; and the ceremony was performed by the Hon. Mr. Justice Coleridge. The prayers di- rected to be used on such occasions were read by the Rev. Dr. Cornish, Vicar of Ottery; and the learned Judge having adjusted the stone, proceeded to address the spectators in language of affectionate earnestness. For the support of this Church Sir John Kennaway charges his estates with a rent-charge of £ 10 per an- num in aid of the endowment. The building is to be in the early English style, and calculated to contain 133 adults and 56 children. All the sittings being free and unappropriated for ever. The Rev. C. Kennett Bailey, Rector of Weybriuge, Surrey, and Acrise, Kent, has been presented to the rectory of Copford, Essex, vacant by the decease of the Rev. Gervas Holmes, M.A. The Queen has appointed the Rev. John Giffard Ward, M.A., to the Dean of the Cathedral Church of Lincoln, void by the death of Dr. George Gordon, late Dean thereof.— Gazette. THE CIJRKGY ACCD RAILROAD SPECULATORS.— This subject has attracted the attention ot the Lord Bishop of Exeter, and the following is given as a copy of a letter addressed by his lordship to those clergymen with cure of souls in his diocese, whose names appear in the lists of provisional committees of railway companies :— Bishopstowe, October 2nd, 1845. Dear Sir—Without the slightest intention of ascribing any improper purpose to you, I scruple not to call your at- tention to 1 and 2 Vie. c. 105, s. 29, 30. I think that the words dealing for gain or proiii,' in the 2Uth sec., taken in conjunction with t'ie exemption in favour of Benefit Society, and Fire or Life Insurance Company in the 30th sec. may be held to bring railroad companies within the provision of the statute, and therefore that the being members of the provisional committees might possibly expose clergymen to the penalty of the statute. I am, dear sir, yours sincerely, 11. EXETER." CL.ERGYMF.N SHAREHOLDERS IN IT.ULUOADS The question, whether clergymen can traffic in railway shares, has now been brought before the public, and the following provisions of the act passed in 1838, entitled, "An Act to Abridge the Holding of Benefices in Plurality, and to make better Provision for the Residence of the Clergy," are considered as conclusive on thematter. The importance of the subject demands that the clauses should be known. Sec. 29. And be it enacted that it shall not be lawful for any spiritual person holding any such cathedral pre- ferment, benefice, curacy, or lectureship, or who shall be licensed or allowed to perform such duties as aforesaid by himself or any other for him, or to his use, to engage in or carryon any trade or dealing for gain or profit, or to deal in any goods, ware, or merchandise, unless in any case in which sach trading or dealing shall have been or shail be carried 011 by or on behalf of any number of partners ex- ceeding the number of six, or in any case in which any trade or dealing shall have devolved or shall devolve upon any spiritual person, or upon any other person for him, or to his use, under or hy virtue of any devise, bequest, inhe- ritance, intestacy, settlement, marriage, bankruptcy, or insolvency, but in none of the foregoing excepted cases shall it be lawful for auypeison to act as a director or ma- naging partner, or to carry on suchtradeordeahngasafore- said in person." Sec. 30. Provided always and be it enur. te that nothing hereinbefore contained shall subject to any penalty or forfeiture any spiritual person for keeping a school or seminary, or acting as a schoolmaster or tutor or instructor, or being in any manner concerned or engaged in giving instruction or education for profit or reward, t'f for buying or selling, or doing any other thing in relu.ioa to the management of any such school, seminary, or em- ployment; or to any spiritual person whatever for the buying of any goods, wares, or merchandises, or articles of any description, which shall without fraud be bought with intent at the buying thereof to be used by the spiritual person bu) ing the same for his family or in his household; and after the buying of any such goods, war s, or chandises, or articles, selling the same again, or any part* thereof, which such person may not want or choose to keep, although the same shall he sold at au advanced price be- yond that which might have been given for the same, or for disposing of any books or other works to or by raemis of any bookseller or publisher, or for beiag- a mani»»ei-, director, partner, or shareholder in any benefit society, or fire or lile assurance company, by whatever name or di'sig- nation such society may have been constituted, or for acT buying or selling again for gain or profit of any cattle or corn, or other artiiies necessary or convenient to be bought, sold, kept, or maintained by any spiritual person, or any other person tor him or to his use, for occupation, manu- ring, improving, pasiurage, or profit of any glebe, demesne lands, or other lands or hereditaments, which may be law- fully held or occupied, possessed or enjoyed by such spi- ritual person, or any other for him or to his use, or for selling any material, the produce of mines situated in his own lands, so nevertheless that no such spiritual person fhall buy or sell any cattle or corn, or other articles as aforesaid in person, in any market, fair, or place of public sale." The next clause (the 31st) declares that a clergy- man trading for gain shall, on proof before the bishop oc his chancellor, lie suspended 4or one year for the fust otfence for a second, the suspension to be fixed hy the Court; and for a third offence, tu he deprived of his situa- tion. "Provided always, that no contract shall be dewae<» to be void by reason only of the same having been estereil into by a spiritual person trading or dealing, either solely or jointly, with any other person or persous contrary to the provisious ot this act, but every such contract may be- enforced by or against such spiritual person, either sohiiy or jointly, with any other person.or persons, its the case may be, in the sallie way as if no spiritual person had been party to such contract." SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18, 1845. Published by the sole Proprietor, HENRY WEBV,EU„ ATE his residence Charles-street, in the Parish of Sunt John the Baptist, in the Town of Cardiff and County of Glamorgan, and Printed by him at his Geaeral Printing Office in Duke-street, in the said Parish. of Saint John, iu tho Tywn and County aforesaid.