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Stafford Northcote, Esq., John Street, Bedford Row Director of the Bedfordshire and Essex Junction Railway. Joseph Loxdale Warren, Esq., The Lodge, Market Drayton, and Consall Hill, Staffordshire, Director of the Cambrian and Grand Junction and Shropshire Mineral Railways. Yalentine Knight, Esq., Cornwall Terrace, Regent's Park, Director of the Dondre Valley Railway. I' 1t. Wolleslcy Kothman, Esq., Albany. Major Hawkes, Baker Street, Portman Square, Chairman of the North and South .Midland Jamaica Junction Railway, and Director of the St. Alban's and Hertford Railway. Martin "Williams, Esq., Bryngwyn Llanfyllen, Mont- gomery sli ire. Sparks, Esq., Bolton Street, Piccadilly. John Waite, Esq., Victoria Yilla, Finchley Common. Robert Webb, Esq., Cheadle. John Williams, Esq., Plastanralt, and 450, West Strand, Magistrate tor Carnarvonshire & Merionethshire W. M. Smithton, Esq., Canterbury, Director of the Canterbury Cemetery Company, and Canterbury and Dovor Railway. Jjieut -General Taylor, Clarendon Place. John Ivenderdine Shaw, Esq Stafford, Director of the North Wales Railway. Thomas Smith, Jun., Esq., Cheadle. The Honorable Douglas Kinnaird Pultcney, Parliament Street, Chairman of the York and Lancaster Railway. John Painter, Esq., Dean's Hill, Stafford. James Reeves, Esq., Leytonstone, Essex, Director of the Great Manchester, Rugby and Southampton, and the Direct LondonandManchesterRailways. George Evans, Esq., Melbury Place, Regent's Park, Director of the Slate Quarries, Festiniog. John Parkinson, Esq., Cambridge Terrace, Hyde Park, Director of the Direct Birmingham, Reading, Oxford and Brighton Railway. Thomas Williams, Esq., M.D., Belgrave Street South, Belgrave Square. Robert Lloyd James Parry, Esq Llwyngn, Denbighshire John Brent, Esq., Mayor of Canterbury. John Pout, Esq., Canterbury, Director of the Canterbury and Dovor Railway. George Keates Corfieid, Esq., 20, Harley Street, Caven- dish Square. Charles Goodwin, Esq., Battersea. Lieut.-Col. Champain, Percy Lodge, Torquay. Nicholas McCann, Esq., Parliament Street. James Cooke, Esq., Stafford. C. D. Hays, Esq., Bermondsey. John Lithgoe, Esq., Stafford. George Smith, Esq.. Conduit Street, Hanover Square. John Masfen, Esq., Director of the Derby, U ttoxeter and Stafford Railway. J. B. Brown, Esq., Oxford Square, Hyde Park. Henry Langley, Esq., Rakeway House, near Cheadle. George Mann, Esq., Dulwich. George Augustus Huddart, Esq., Brynkir House, Car- narvonshire. Edward Sankey, Esq., Canterbury, Director of the Metropolitan Junction, and Great Leeds and London Railways. "William Downing Bruce, Esq., F.S.A., Charles Street, St. James's, and Ripon, Yorkshire, Director of the Direct Western Railway, and Managing Director of the Barbadoes Railway. James Jephson, Esq., Waterloo Place, Director of the Freemasons' Assurance Company. Captain Scott, R.N., Naval Club. Henry Mountford, Esq., Bramhurst Hall. Colonel William Charles Lewis Bird, Director of the St. Albans and Hertford Railway. John Marston, Esq., Stafford, George Fyler, Esq., Southwick Place, Hyde Park Square, Director of the Cheltenham, Oxford and Lon- don Junction Railway. Alexander L. Irvine, Esq., Peckham, Surrey Colonel W. M. Sloane, K.S.F., Air-street, Piccadilly Major Nanney, Gwynfryn, Carnavonshire John Buckingham Pope, Esq., Cliffe House, near Wake- field, Yorkshire, director of the Direct Holyhead and Hull, the Sheffield, Barnsley, and Wakefield, and the Leicestei and Hull Railways Thomas North, Esq., mayor of Nottingham, Nottingham Park David Wheatcroft, Esq., Buckland Hollow, and Wing- Held Park, Derbyshire Solomon Foster, Esq., Manchester John Grey Wilson, Esq., Westbourne Grove, director of the Direct Western Railway Thomas Dorman, Esq., magistrate, Canterbury, director of the Canterbury and Dovor Railway Henry Savage, Esq., Dorset Place, Dorset Square Lieut.-Col. George Talbot, K.S.F., director of the Mau- ritius Railway Robert Hancorne. Esq., Euston-square, director of the Metropolitan Junction Railway Francis William Mount, Esq., Lawrence PountneyLane Colonel Robert Douglas, C.B., Royal Artillery, Senior United Service Club, Pall Mall T. Proudfoot, Esq., M.D., Kendal David Holmes, Esq., Upper Berkeley-street F. Smedley, Esq.; high bailiff of Westminster With power to add to their number. ENGINEER—Henry Whitwell, Esq. BANKERS—Messrs. Smith, Payne, and Smiths, Lombard Street. SOLICITOR—Owen Pape Holmes, Esq., 6, Liverpool Street, Broad Street, City. LOCAL AGENTS.—Bristol—J. Rowland Taylor, Esq.; Bradford and Trowbridge—R. T. Way, Esq.; Devizes— J. W. Wall, Esq.; Highclere—W. Holding, Esq. Can- terbury—Messrs. -Sankey & Sladden Dovor-Thomas Pain, Eqq. SECRETARY—Thomas William Burr, Esq. THE objects of the intended Line are to afford a direct .L communication between Ireland, Wales, Bristol, and the West of England and Dovor, the great Channel port of t'ie Continent. To form by its junction with the Southampton Rail- Way at Weybridge, the shortest and most direct line between London and Bristol, effecting a saving of many 1niles over the present circuitous route by the Great Western. By its intersection and junction with the Southampton line, and the intended Manchester and Southampton, Cheltenham, Oxford and Brighton, and Birmingham, Reading and Brighton Railways on the narrow gauge principle it not only forms the shortest means of com- munication between Lancashire and Dovor, from which fclone will accrue a very large traffic, but it must derive a considerable revenue from the simple fact of its being the only means of south country connection between so many lines on the same gauge. To effect these objects, the line will commence at Bris- tol, in the northern part of the city, and after forming a Junction with the Gloucester and Bristol Railway, will proceed by Bath, Bradford, Trowbridge, and Devizes, through the Vale of Pewsey to Silchester, where it divides into two lines, the one proceeding directly to Weybridge, on the London line, and the other passing •wuthwards by Sandhurst, Guildford, and Dorking, to Jleigate, or to Dorking only, should the South Eastern Cflrapany carry out their proposed extension to that point, where it will merge into the South Eastern line, by ^vhich the traffic will be carried on directly to Dovor, and ^hich station (Reigate) is also the point of junction of the Brighton Railway. Independently, however, of the great through traffic between its termini, the local trade of the various towns on the intended line is certainly of considerable import- ance, and sufficient of itself to yield ample profit. De- nizes, Bradford, and Trowbridge, form the centre of the great Western cloth trade, and when a position of ready Access to them shall be restored, from the want of which t^ey have already suffered, there can be no question that 'Corresponding accession of importance and traffic will take place; for which latter the only channel of trans- mission eastwards must be by the Railroad now in Contemplation. In addition to the above-mentioned manufacturing towns, the projected Railway passes throug a rich agri- cultural district hitherto totally neglected as to railway communication, from which it will readily be seen great Mutual benefit must inevitably arise. The increasing importance of Dovor, consequent on the great improvement and enlargement of its harbour, now in progress, must by means of the Great Northern Railway of France from Paris to Calais, make it, on accowit of the shortness of the sea voyage, the great port ()f communication with France and the Continent. The country through which the intended Line passes been carefully surveyed, and affords a direct line, free from engineering difficulties. From a consideration of the route, and by a glance at the map, it will at once be seen that this project will Place in immediate connection the mineral and coal districts of Wales, the great traffic that empties itself 111to Bristol from the Birmingham branch line via Glou- cester—the West of England cloth and agricultural districts—the productions of the North, together with the "Commercial and passenger traffic of Ireland, (now so :much on the increase,) with the important towns of "Central Kent, Canterbury, Tunbridge, Maidstone, and ■^shford, and the ports of its eastern coast, Folkstone and Dover, &c., opening at the same time a direct road to pliais, Boulogne, and Paris, shorter than any now 'Owned or projected, as also to other productive French Ports: whilst its forming at the same time a shorter road from Bristol and the adjacent country to London, and "he perfect directness of the larger portion of the Line, nnust prove most powerful additional recommendation, particularly when the latter feature is obtained, not sacrifice of capital to overcome engineering difficul- ties, but by the very operation of avoiding them. la the allotment of Shares, the Proprietors of the I different Lines in connection with the present project, as ^vell as neighbouring Landowners, will be entitled to a Preference, and they are requested to state the same in their applications.. The liability of the Shareholders will be limited by the J\.(}t to the amount of their shares respectively subscribed ^org and power will be applied for to allow interest at 'Ihe rate of £4 per cent. per annum on the calls, from the date of each payment, until the opening of the Line. Applications for Shares in the form appended hereto J"l}ay be made to the Solicitor or Secretary, at the tem- porary offices, No. 6, Liverpool Street, Broad Street, London, or to the following Brokers:—Mr. H. J. Bold- lng, 27, Tokenhouse Yard Mr. W. Hartridge, 80, Old Broad Street, London Mr. W. F. Stanton, Bristol; Mr. Thomas Sandford, Exeter; Messrs. W. and E. Marshall, Manchester; Messrs. Eyre and Shaw, Derby; Messrs. Alston and Gage, and Messrs. Lloyd and Price, Liver- pool; Mr. Walter Smith, Halifax; Messrs. Kirk and Co., JLeed8 Mr. James Pearson, Birmingham Messrs. Day, *2?^ Co., Hull; and Messrs, Hugh Monro and Co. of whom Prospectuses, Maps, and Forms be obtained, W, BVltR, Secretary. FORM or APPLICATION. BRISTOL AND DOVEli DIRECT JUNCTION RAILWAY, With a Branch to Weybridge, Narrow Gauge. Con:. ccting Bristol and the important Western and North-Western Districts, as well as Ireland and Wales, with the Metropolis, Kent, and the Continent. PROVISIONALLY REGISTERED. CAPITAL £1,000,000, IN 80,000 SHARES OF JE25 EACH. Deposit £2. 12s. Gd. per Share, in pursuance of the new 'standing Orders of the House of Lords. To THE PROVISIONAL COMMITTEE CTF THE BRISTOL AND DOVER DiRECT JUNCTION RAILWAY Company. Gentlemen,—I request you will allot me Shares in the above Railway, and I agree to nccept that or any- less number you may please to allot me and I undertake to pay the Deposit of £2. 12s. Gd. per Share on the same, and to sign the Subscribers' Agreement and Parliament- ary Contract when required. DatEd this day of 18-15. Name at full length Residence Place of Business (if any) Trade or profession Name in full, Pro-J fession, and Resi- > dence of Referee I Usual Signature ILYNYI VALLEY AND SOUTH WALES j JUNCTION RAILWAY.—NOTICE—No ap- plications for Shares can be received after SATURDAY next, the 18th inst. By Order, S. D. FLEMING, Sec. pro tem. 35, Broad-street Buildings. HEREFORD and MERTHYR TIDVIL JUNC- TION RAILWAY COMPANY. The Committee of Management beg to state that the Allotment of Shares in this Company is proceeding with, and will be issued with all expedition, By order, THOMAS HAWKER. Offices of the Company, 1, New Broad-street, October ] li. SOUTH WALES RAILWAY. NOTICE IS lIEREB r GIVEN, THAT the First ordinary Meeting of the Proprietors JL of the South Wales Railway Company, will be held at the Great Western Railway Station, Pa idington, on Friday the 31st day of October, instant, at One o'CIock in the afternoon, for the purpose of business required by Acts of Parliament to be transacted at a General Meeting of the Company, and also for the purpose of giving authority to the Directors with respect to any agreements with other companies, and applications to Parliament which they may think it expedient to make in the ensuing session, and generally -for other matters. C. RUSSELL, Chairman, N. ARMSTRONG, Secretary. South Wales Railway Office, 449, West Strand, London, Oct. 14th, 1815. NEWPORT, NANTYGLO, EBBW VALE, and i\ TREDEGAR RAILWAY COMPANY, with branches to the Pentwyn and Golonos, British Iron Com- pany's, Bleanavon, Victoria, and Sirhowy Iron Works, and the numerous Collieries of the district.—(Provision- ally registered.)-Capital f800,000, in 32,000 shares of £25 each. Deposit £'l2!'1. per share. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. This Company is formed for the purpose; of affording to the well-known iron and coal district of Monmouth- shire, the advantages of railway and locomotive commu- nication, both for its enormous mineral produce, and tra- velling accommodation for its dense and thriving popula- tion. The produce of the large iron works and collieries it is intended this railway shall communicate with, is at pre- sent conveyed to the magnificent port of Newport, by means of a tramroad of the rudest construction, on which the average rate of travelling does not exceed two miles per hour. This, though maintained at an extravagant cost, has yielded to the proprietors for many years past from 12 to 15 per cent., and the present price of each JE100 share is £230, although there is no revenue what- ever derived from passengers. When this country is afforded the accommodation of railway communication for its passenger, iron, tin-plate, and coal traffic, it is not presumption to predict that it will not stand second to any undertaking of a similar kind in the kingdom for importance and profit. Prospectuses, with the names of a most influential committee, will be published in the course of a few days and in the meantime further particulars may be had by application to Messrs. W. O. and W. Hunt, soiicitors, 10, Whitehall, London. GLAMORGAN CEXTML MINERAL RAILAVAY. PRELIMINARY 'ANNOU|ncement. Capital, £500,000 in 25 000 Shares, of JE20 eich. Deposit, £2 per Share. THIS Line of Railway (which is proposed by the _)_ Duffryn Llynvi and Porth Cawl Railway Company), will embrace the richest Mineral Field in the Principality, lying chiefly in the Hundreds of Newcastle and Ogmore, and comprising a district of about 10 miles squire, abounding with Coal of the best quality, also with Argil- aceous and Black Band Iron Ore. It is proposed to construct this Railway in the most efficient manner, to carry a branch line up each of the Mineral Valleys into which the district is divided, to connect them into one Trunk line near Bridgend and to enlarge the present Harbour of Porth Cawl (which is about midway between Cardiff and Swansea), into a commodious Port adapted to the extensive traffic con- templated. It is intended, for the convenience of Passengers, to connect the main line with the South Wales Railway at two different points towards Cardiff and Neath; which will also afford facilities of Shipment at thetvarious Ports, accessible by the South Wales line. A detailed Prospectus, with the names of an influen- tial Committee, will be shortly submitted to the public, when it will be seen that no line of Railway yet projected offers greater advantages in the way of Investment, or opens such an inexhaustible field of Mineral Wealth. Further information may in the mean time be obtained of Mr. WILLIAM LEWIS, Solicitor, Bridgend; and Messrs. ROWLAND, HACON & ROWLAND, Solicitors, Threadneedle Street, London. By order of the Duffryn Llynvi and Porth Cawl Rail- wav Company, W. S. BRADLEY, Clerk. Porth Cawl, near Bridgend, Glamorgan- ) shire, Sept. 26th, 1845. ) GLAMORGANSHIRE MICHAELMAS QUAR- TER SESSIONS, 1845. AT this Sessions the following GENTLEMEN were Appointed VISITORS to the LUNATIC ASY- LUM at the Vernon House, BRITON FERRY, jn the 3aid County, of which Robert Valentine Leach is pro- prietor :— The Vice Lieutenant of the County, The Members of the County and Boroughs for the time being, The Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Quarter Sessions of the County for the time being, Frederick Fredricks, of Duffryn, Esquire, Howel Gwyn, of Baglan House, Esquire, John Dillwyn Llewelyn, of Penllergare, Esquire, Charles Sylvester, of Cowbridge, Esquire, M.D. and Thomas Dalton, of Cardiff, in the said County, Attorney, was appointed their Clerk. WOOD, Clerk of Peace. MONMOUTHSHIRE. ToIronFoullders,Engineers & others. '10 BE LET. AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, ALL that well-known IRON FOUNDRY, called the Union Iron Foundry, situate at Llanhilleth, in the county of Monmouth. The Premises are in a fit state for immediate working, and consist of Spacious Cast-Houses, Moulding Shops, Pattern-Shops, Fitting-Shops, with powerful Lathes; Smith's-Shops, and every other convenience for making Castings, and fitting up Engines of every description; with Offices, Workmen's Cottages, Stablings, and other requisite conveniences. For further particulars apply to WILLIAMS and SONS, Newport Old Bank. Newport, 8th October, 1845. Standard Life Assurance Company. ESTABLISHED 1825. Edinburgh 3, George-street. London: 82, King William-Street. LONDON BOARD OP DIRECTORS. The Right Honble. Lord Ernest Bruce, M.P. Sir James Eyre, M.D. • Matthew Forster, Esq., M.P. James Gadesden, Esq. William Haigh, Esq. Edward Thomas Whittaker. Esq. George Frederick Young, Esq. DIVISION OF PROFITS.—FINAL NOTICE. THIS is the Year in which the Third Division of the J_ Company's Profits falls to: be made. The necessary investigation is now in progress, and all persons assuring before the 15th November next will share in the division PETER E WART, Resident Secretary. 82, King William-Street, Oct. 15th, 1845. AGENTS. Cardiff-George Clinton, Architect, Windsor-place. Jflonmeutk- James G. George, Solicitor. Newport—E. E, BeckinghalD, Weit of England Bank. JJoticcg. CONSllciiAl'ION OP ST. MARY S CHURCH, CARDIFF. This Church will (D.V.) be Consecrated ON TlIlTRSDA Y, THE 6th NOVEMBER, 1845, BY THE RIGHT REVEREND THE LORD BISHOP OF LLAXDAFF. The Service will commence at II o'clock, A.M., and the Sermon is intended to be preached by the Lord Bishop. THE attendance of the Subscribers, and of the Clergy, Gentry, and others, inhabitants generally of the Town and Neighbourhood, is respectfully requested. Such of the Clergy, Gentry, and others, as desire to take part in the PROCESSION, are hereby invited to meet the Committee at the Town-Hall, punctually at Ten o'clock h) the Morning of that day. A Collection towards defraying the Debt still remain- ing upon this Church will be made at the close of the Service. Cardiff, ICth Oct., 1845. HOUSE-WARMING DINNER. JAMES WILLIAMS, (LATE OF THE OLD POST INN), BEGS most respectfully to inform his Friends and the public in general, that his HOUSE-WARMING DINN ER will take place at the mæ:Ð <&m? 211sto On Wednesday, the 29th imtant, When he humbly solicits the attendance of as many of his Friends as can make it convenient. Dinner on the Table at half-past Four o'clock. CATKAYS IVUHSEItY GARDENS, CARDIFF. THE whole of the STOCK of these GARDENS, consisting of many Thousands of Forest and Ornamental TREES, including Oak, Ash,Chesnut, Scotch Larch and Spruce Firs, Thorn Quicks, &c. Apple, Pear, and other Fruit Trees will be sold at very great reduction in price, the Trustees having resolved that the Gardens shall be entirely cleared of all Stock thereon by the first day of MARCH next. Oct. 13, 1845. WAITED, IN a Small Family a very respectable Middle-aged Person as COOK. She must undertake the Dairy and Poultry, and help in the Washing. None need apply under 40 years of age, and the character for honesty, activity, and good temper will be strictly investigated. Wages, about £ 10. Apply to the Editor of this Paper; or, by letter, to A.B.C., Post-Office, Merthyr. TO WATCHMAKERS. "117ANTED IMMEDIATELY, a first-rate Workman, TT who has been accustomed to London and Foreign Work. Wages will be of no object.-Apply to Mr. H. Grant, Watchmaker & Silversmith, Angel-street, Cardiff". P.S.—A Foreign Workman would be preferred. White Lion Inn Derby Sweep for 1846 PHILLIP BIRD RESPECTFULLY informs his Friends and the Public generally, that the Subscriptions to the above Sweep will commence 011 WEDNESDAY NEXT, the 22nd instant. Cardiff, Oct. 16th, 1845. TO DRAPERS' ASSISTANTS! WANTED IMMEDIATELY,—A STEADY" AC- TIVE EXPERIENCED YOUNG MAN, who ha3 a perfect knowledge of the Trade and can speak the Welsh language. A respectable reference will be required.-Apply to GRIFFITH LEWIS, Green and New Street, Neath. COWBRIDGE. JOB JAMES, CARDIFF, BEGS leave to inform the Inhabitants of COW- BRIDGE and its Vicinity, of his having pur- chased the whole of the Stock in Trade of Mr. GRIFFITHS, Ironmonger (who is obliged through ill health to retire), and that on such terms as enable* him to offer the same well worthy the attention of all consumers. The Stock must be cleared off the premises by the 8th December. DECIDED BARGAINS—1 TURNING ILATIIE, by Holt-zapfel; 1 large Wrought-Iron CHEST or Safe, with 2 Drawers and superior Locks.



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