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Ifcatltoag potters. FROSPKCTUS OF THE RFIOXDDA AND ELY VALLEYS 'll £ J £ 3,'it £ .'Xz GLAMORGANSHIRE. (PROVISIONALLY REGISTERED.) Promoted with the sanction and support of the Right Hon. the Earl of Dunraven. Capital, f200,000, in 10,000 Shares of jE20 each. Deposit £2 2s. per Share. PROVISIONAL COMMITTEE. Viscount Adare, M.P., Dunraven Castle, Glamorgan Viscount Ingestre, C.B., R.N., M.P., Brompton Park and Ingestre Hall, Staffordshire Crawthay Bailey, Esq., Iron Works, Nantyglo Sir Robert Price, Bart., M.P., Foxley, Herefordshire Sir John Osborn, Bart., Fulham, Director of the Great Leeds and London Direct Railway Sir William Bacon Johnston, Bart., Parthenon Club, London, Director of the Chepstow, Forest of Dean, and Gloucester Railway Sir William Twysden, 41: Dorset-street, Portman-square Richard Price, Esq., M.P., Radnorshire lir William Wynn, Maes Newyeld, Chairman of the North Wales Railway James G. Barrett, Esq., Ross, Herefordshire Henry A. Bruce, Esq., DufFryn House, Cardiff William Bradley, Esq., Manor Oaks, Sheffield, Director of the Sheffield and Manchester Railway Charles Richard Bigge, Esq., 19, Bryanston-square John Castendick, Esq., Lewisham, Kent Thomas Chitty, Esq., Director of the Rugby and Wor- cester Railway The Rev. James Cozens, Ynys Plwm, Glamorganshire Edward Cotton, Esq., 20, Keppell-street, Russel-square and Kenilworth, Director of the Commercial Bank Nicholl Carne, Esq., D.C.L., Dimlands House, Cow- bridge, Director of the Yale of Neath Railway Capt. Dawson, R.N., Barnes, Surrey, Director of the Cambridge and Lincoln Extension Railway George Dennis, Esq., Director of the Great Leeds and London Direct Railway Richard Dutton, Esq., Director of the South and Mid- lands Junction Railway "William Edmondes, Esq., of Cowbridge, Glamorganshire Thomas H. Evans, Mayor of Carnarvon, Director of the Rugby and Worcester Railway The Rev. H. R. Fowler, Felton, near Bristol, and No. 7, Manchester-square The Rev. Thomas Gronow, 29, Brompton-square, and Court Herbert, near Neath, Director of the Vale of Neath Railway Captain Hewitt, Tyr Mab Ellis, Glamorganshire Windsor H. Humphreys, Esq., Garth Hall, Glamorgan- shire John J. Harris, Esq., Treverig, Glamorganshire John Hopkins, Esq., Killely, Glamorganshire William Harrison, Esq, Hill House, Upper Tooting John James, Esq., secondary of the City of London, and Director of the South and Midlands Junction Railway John Inglis Jerdein, Esq., Director of the Great Man- chester, Rugby, and Southampton Railway Vero Clarke Kemball, Esq., Hyde Park-gardens, Direc- tor of the South and Midlands Junction Railway i Richard Keily, Esq., Director of the York and Lancaster Railway Griffith Llewellyn, Esq., Baglan Hall, Glamorganshire William Lewellin, Esq., Director of the Bridgend Branch of the National Provincial Bank of England James Mackirdy, Esq., City of London Club James Morrison, Esq., Director of the Chepstow and Forest of Dean Railway Thomas Morris, Esq., Newport, Monmouthshire Levshon Morgan, Esq., Lower Tremains, Bridgend, Glamorganshire Samuel P. Pratt, Esq., F.R.S., Bath, and No. 55, Lin- coln's Inn-fields, Director of the Kennet and Avon Canal William Simpson Potter, Esq., Sussex-gardens, Hyde Park George B. Pye, Esq., Lavenham, Suffolk Evan Prichard, Esq., Collenna House, Glamorganshire James Brown, Esq., of Ton Ddu, near Bridgend Richard Fowler Rickards, Esq., Lantrissent House, Glamorganshire James Reeves, Esq., Director of the London and Man- chester Direct, and South and Midlands Junction Railways John Randall, Esq Old Castle, Bridgend, Glamorgan- shire Richard Lewis Reece, Esq., county coroner, Cardiff Edward Scard, Esq., of Kew Green, Surrey, and Garth Hall, Glamorganshire Henry James, Esq., Finsburv-square, London John Williams, Esq., Furnival's-inn, London, and Llan- fihangel, Denbighshire Joseph Underwood, Esq., The Hall, Blackheath, Direc- tor of the London and Birmingham Extension Railway Co., and Director of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (With power to add to their number.) MANAGING COMMITTEE. Viscount ADARE—Chairman. SirRobertPrice, Bart., M.P.i CaptainW. J. Dawson, R.N. William Bradley, Esq. Crawshay Bailey, Esq. John Randall, Esq. Griffith Llewellyn, Esq. The Rev. Thomas Gronow Richard Keily. Esq. James Morrison, Esq. The Rev. H. R. Fowler WilliamSimpsonPotter.Esq.i Samuel P. Pratt, Esq. Nicholl Carne, D.C.L. iHenrv.JAmes.Esa.. — .m fu,ver 10 aaa to thor number.) Standing Counsel—Edward Lewis Richards, Esq., Mid- dle Temple. Solicitor—W .B.J ames, Esq., Basinghall-street, London. Bankers—Commercial Bank of London National Pro- vincial Bank, Bridgend and Cardiff; Messrs. Towgood and Co., Cardiff Engineer-Charles. Edward Bernard, Esq. Secretary-John Petherick, Esq., pro tern. THIS Railway is projected for the purpose of uniting the Rhondda and Elf Valleys with the South Wales Railway, at a few miles distance from the port of Cardiff; and to open a new mineral district, one of the richest and most important in South Wales, which is at present without the means of transit for its immense and valuable products. It will pass through the central portion of the great coal field of Glamorganshire, where iron-stone also abounds with the coal in immense quantities, and laying, geologically speaking, nearly flat, and obtainable, for the most part, by proper levels. The coal, in addition to its being of excellent quality for iron making, as is proved at Merthyr and Aberdare, is also, like that of those dis- tricts, of the very best description for steam-purposes, being nearly smokeless, although inflammable; indeed so pre-eminently is the superiority of this description of coal established for steam-purposes over any other, that the demand for it far exceeds the supply, and promises, according to the opinion of the most eminent marine engineers, to supersede all others for purposes of steam. navigation. This source of traffic alone will afford a handsome return for the capital invested, as has been demonstrated in every instance where even tramroads or canals have been constructed to open the mineral resources of other less promising vallies in Wales than the Rhondda, which is celebrated for the abundance, quality, and facility of obtaining its productions. An inexhaustible suPPw. of limestone (so necessary for the manufacture of iron and for agricultural purposes) may be obtained by means of this Railway, much nearer and cheaper than by any other line. This line will afford to the increasing population of the rich vales of Ely and Rhondda a much desired communi- cation with the great market town and port of Cardiff, from whence, at present, they may be said to be almost excluded. It is intended that the line shall commence at Blaen Rhondda, the head of the Rhondda Valley, and proceed down by a natural pass between the hills of Ffrwd Amws, a distance of eight miles, where it will enter the Ely Valley and proceed down (a further distance of six miles) to Lanelay Bridge, near Lantrissent, and there join the South Wales Railway, thus opening a communication under the most advantageous circumstances, as to dis- tance, with all the ports in the Bristol Channel. A preliminary survey has already been made by com- petent parties, and it is found that the country admits of highly favourable gradients, so much so that it is confi- dently anticipated that the works will be executed very con- siderably under the advertised capital. The Landowners along the line are favourable to this undertaking, and the names of many influential proprie- tors will be found on the Provisional Committee. No Subscriber will be answerable beyond the amount of his deposit until the Act is obtained, and then not be- yond the amount of his subscription. Until an act of Parliament shall be obtained the affairs of this Company shall be under the control of the man- aging directors, to whom power is given to allot the shares, and to apply the funds of the Company in payment of all the expenses incurred in its formation and in the preparation of the plans and sections to be submitted to Parliament. Power will be applied for in the act (and in the mean time is hereby given to the managing directors as above) to raise any additional capital, to extend or abandon any part of the line, to make branch lines, or enter into any arrangements, by amalgamation or otherwise, with any other company or companies, and also to nominate the first directors of the Company. In the allotment of Shares, a preference will be given to Landowners on the line and other parties locally in- terested. Prospectuses and Maps may be had of, and applications for Shares may be addressed in the form annexed to, W. B. James, Esq., Solicitor, 5, Basinghall.street, Lon- don; to W. Morgan, Esq., Solicitor, Bridgend, Glamor- ganshire and to the under-mentioned Brokers but no applications for Shares will receive the attention of the Committee, unless accompanied by a reference to one or more of the Provisional Committee, Solicitors, or the Engineers London. Messrs. John Shewell & Son, 25 Token- house Yard Messrs. J. Peppercome and Co., 2 Old Broad Street Liverpool. Messrs. Boultt and Co. Manchester ..Messrs. Houghland and Leese Leeds Messrs. John Young and Co. Bristol Luke Arnold, Esq. Messrs. Taite A Nash Birmingham.. Mr. Collis Sheffitld Messrs. BwdweU afld FORM OF APPLICATION FOR SHARES. To the Provisional Committee of the Rhondda and Ely Valleys Junction Railway. GENTLEMEN, —I request that you will allot to me —— Shares of f20 each in this Company, and I undertake to accept the same, and to pay the deposit thereon, or upon any less number that may be allotted to me and I also undertake to execute the Parliamentary Contract and Subscribers' Agreement when required. Name (in full) Residence Trade or Profession Reference with Address Date of Application Rhondda & Ely Valleys Junction Railway. NO further APPLICATIONS for SHARES in this Company can be received after FRIDAY, the 10th inst. By order, JOHN PETHERICK, Secretary. 5, Basinghall-street, Oct. 3, 1845. GREAT-WELSH CEiYTRAL RAILWAY Connecting the whole of the Principality of Wales including the great iron districts of Merthyr Tydvil, and the ports of Cardiff and Newport, with Liverpool, Manchester, and the Northern and Midland Counties, by a direct line from the Ports of Swansea, Neath, and Llanelly, vi& Llandovery to Oswestry, and con- tinuing to Runcorn; with a branch line to Brecon (in conjunction with other iailways,) connecting MerthyrTydvil, Cardiff, and Newport. '(PROVISIONALLY REGISTERED.) CAPITAL, £2,500,OOO,inI25,OOO SHARES of JE20 each, DEPOSIT, jEg 2s. per Share. LONDON PROVISIONAL COMMITTEE. The Lord Rossmore, The Dell Windsor Lord Stephen Chichester, Ormeau The Right Hon. George Lionel Dawson Damer, M.P., chairman of the Great Munster Railway The Honourable Cecil Lawless, Lyons Castle, Kildare, and 63, St. James's-street. Wynn Ellis, Esq., M.P., Cadogan-place, chairman of the Leicester and Bedford Railway Edmund Turner, Esq., M.P., Victoria-square, Gros- venor-place, and Truro Thomas Colpitts Granger, Esq., M.P., director of the Sovereign Insurance :Company, King's Bench- walk, Temple Lieut. Col. the Hon. J. C. Westenra, M.P. George Augustus Hamilton Chichester, Esq., Chesham Place, Belgrave Square, and Oakfield, Donegal William Thomas David Lhoyd, Esq., Lhoydiarth, An- glesea, Director of the Direct London and Exeter Railway John Rawson, Esq., Stoney Rhoyd, Halifax, one of Her Majesty's deputy lieutenants, and justice of the peace for the West Riding, county of York John Barnes, Esq., Chorley Wood House, late high- sheriff of the county of Bucks, and director of the Louvain, Jemeppe, and of the Cork, Mallow, and Killarney Railways Frederick Clarkson, Esq., Doctors' Commons, and Hanger-lane, Tottenham, director of the Great Man- chester Railway The Rev. J. H. Ashworth, Burlyns, near Newbury, magistrate for Hants Lieut.-Col. Burslem, Harwood Lodge, Newbury, Magis- trate for Hants Henry Jones, Esq., Heathfield House, Swansea, Direc- tor of the Vale of Neath Railway Frederick Ximenes Gwynne, Esq., Glanbran Park, Carmarthenshire David Pritchard, Esq., Glanwrafon, Breconshire Sankey Gardner, Esq., Eagle's Bush, Neath George Willes, Esq., Hungerford Park, Berks J. Nicholl Carne, Esq., LL.D., Dimlands House, Gla- morganshire Henry Wright, Esq., director of the Warwick and Wor- cester, and South Midland Junction Railways James Reeves, Esq.. Leyton, Essex, director of the Great Manchester, Rugby, and Southampton Railway E. F. Dayrell, Esq., Lillingstone Dayrell, high sheriff of Buckinghamshire, chairman of the Minehead and Bridgewater Railway Th. Hon. Henry Alexander Savile, Methley Park, Leeds Sir William Young, Bart., Westboume-street, Hyde Park, Director of the East India Company The Rev. Edwin Byron, vicar, Lympne, Hythe, Kent Charles Fitzgerald, Esq., Jermyn-street, director of the Oxford and Southampton Railway John Inglis Jerdein, Esq., 150, Piccadilly, director of the Great Manchester Railway Henry Cane Leahy, Esq., St. James's-square, director of the Direct Birmingham, and Brighton, and Great Welsh Junction, the Bognor, and London, and Brighton Junction Railways Miles Dormer, Esq., 51, Hans-place, Chelsea John James Cavan, Esq., Charles-street, St. James's- square, Director of the Eastern Counties Junction, and Southend Railway Henry Brown, Esq., Harleford-place, Kennington E. Howard, Esq., 18, Edward-street, Portman-square Gilbert Scott, Esq., Cockram House, South Molton, di- rector of the North Devon Railway Frederick William Billings, Esq., Broad-street-buildings William Morley, Esq., deputy chairman of the Manchester and Birkenhead Continuation Railway Charles Roger Dodd, Esq., North Brixton John Wright, Esq., Argyle-street John Anderson, Esq., Euston-place, director of the South Midlands Junction Railway William Lee, Esq., Satts House, Rochester, director of the Essex and Suffolk Railway •TfVhri vto tit a?) I\ vile rurK) Ql- rector of the Oxford, Southampton, Gosport, and Portsmouth, Manchester, and Rugby Direct, and London and Exeter Direct Railways, and Cobre Mining Company Thomas Jones, Esq., Vanog, Breconshire William Fitzgibbon, Esq.. director of the Cork and Bandon, Great Munster, and Bantry Railways Captain William Gabbett Beare, Porchester place, Con- naught-square, director of the Worcester, Shrewsbury, and Crewe Railways Frederick Seymour, Esq., St. James's-square Henry D. Erskine, Esq., Mount.street, Grosvenor-square James Gernon, Esq., Conduit-street, director of the London and Nottingham Railway The Rev. T. Gronow, Court Herbert, Neath, director of the Vale of Neath Railway Thomas Haughton Hardinge, Esq., 23, Park-lane, direc- tor of the Birmingham and Brighton Railways John Campbell Dicker, Esq., New Hall, near Neston, Cheshire, director of the Birkenhead and Holyhead Railway, &c. Henry Peach Buckler, Esq., Camberwell and Basinghall- street Thomas Stevens, Esq., Highbury Park, director of the Western Gas Company Edward Swan, Esq.. St. Paul's Churchyard Wm Richardson, Esq., Director of theWexford, Water- ford, and Valentia Railway Alexander Prince, Esq., Lincoln's Inn Fields Mark Beresford Whyte, Esq., Temple Francis Ewart, Esq., Temple, Director of the Great Leeds, and London Direct Railway Edward Hoare, Esq., Percy-street, Bedford-square, Director of the Cork and Fermoy Railway Broome Pinniger, Esq., Newbury James Burness, Esq., Stratford Grove, Essex, and Corn- hill, London J. Hughes Rees, Esq., Killymaenllwyd, Llanelly, magis- trate for Carmarthenshire The Hon. William Dawson Damer, London William Nash, Esq., Clapham Common, Chairman of the Brighton, Lewes, and Hastings Railway Howel Gwyn, Esq., Baglan House, Neath Wm. Webb, Esq., Llanelly The list of the influential Local Committee will be given in future advertisements as also that of the local bankers Engineer—John A. Galloway, Esq. Surveyors—Messrs. Hadden and Browne Bankers-Messrs. Masterman, Peters, Mildred and Co., Nicholas-lane, Lombard-street; Union Bank of Lon- don, Princess-street, Pall-mall East, and Argyle-place Agents—Messrs. Harris, Whyting, and Co., 29, Lombard- street Joint Solicitors to the Company—Thomas Pai)| £ Esq., 18, St. Paul's Churchyard, and 25, Spring^rdens Messrs. Dickson and Overberry, Frederick's-place, Old Jewry Local Solicitors—Oliver Lloyd, Esquire, Cardigan; Edward E. D. Grove, Esq., Llanelly; David Lloyd Harries, Esq.,|Llandovery; Robert Lanning, Esq., Pembroke; John Gwyn Jeffreys, Esq., Swansea; John Budden Jeffries, Esq., Carmarthen. Parliamentary Agent—T. H. Baker, Esq., 29, Spring- gardens Secretary—H. Herbert Downman, Esq. Offices-9, Clement's Lane, Lombarcbstreet. PROSPECTUS. 'T^HIS line ofRailway will form the shortest possible route JL to Liverpool, Manchester, and the northern from the populous and important portion of South Wales included in the counties of Glamorgan, Carmarthen, and Pembroke, in which are situated several important sea- ports, and extensive copper, iron, tin plate, chemical, and other works, also potteries, collieries, &c. and the Go- vernment Dock-yard of Pembroke; and will afford nearly the same advantages to the whole Principality. It will pass through the centre of an extensive country famous for the breeding of cattle for the supply of the English markets, and through districts containing many lead copper and other mines, which, owing >to the want of outlet, have hitherto been neglected; and it will afford to the whole country great convenience and facility of com- munication, well calculated to increase its importance. The easy and direct communication by this route with the south of Ireland will be evident, and prove the means of considerable traffic for goods, cattle, corn and passengers. Whether taken as an expeditious mode of conveying the valuable manufactures of South Wales, and its large supplies of cattle and corn, as well as those from the south of Ireland, to Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, and the central and northern parts of England and Seot: laud, or as the ready means of supplying the various manufactures of the north, foreign imports, and shop goods to the various towns and districts partaking of the advantages of the line, or as an easy and agreeable transit for the tourist to the far famed beauties of North and South Wales, and the new field open to the trading com- munity, it must, in a commercial, agricultural, and national point of view, be considered as one of the most important railways ia the JwJgdow, compared wtth which all other railway schemes for Wales, however useful they may be in their several localities, are but of secondary importance. The line will be taken in a direct course, with scarcely any deviation. The country presents few engineering difficulties. The importance of the undertaking, would, however, justify a more than average expenditure if it were necessary and, when the great saving of distance is considered which will be effected from the towns of Swansea, Neath, Llanelly, Tenby, Pembroke, Haverford- west, Carmarthen, Newport, Cardigan, Aberystwith, and the whole of these districts, and the important manufac- turing locality of Merthyr Tydvil, in the journey to Liverpool, to Birmingham, and the midland counties, it will be obvious that no narrow views as to expenditure ought to stand in the way of making this railroad as direct and efficient as possible. As the line will traverse a part of the country not hitherto possessing the same facilities of commerce as other portions of the kingdom, a continually increasing trade far beyond the usual multiplication of traffic shown ordinarily to be the effect of railway communication may be calculated upon. The committee rely on the strenuous aid and cooperation of those railway companies whose line of rail forms part of this undertaking but to avoid all uncertainty on this head, it is intended to take ample powers for the completion of the whole line by the pre- sent as an independent company. It is proposed to construct a branch to Brecon and the several towns in the vicinity of the line, where required, and to take power to increase the capital sufficient for that purpose. Looking at the magnitude and importance of the line, and the benefits it will confer to the whole country, but to the principality of Whales in particular, it is expected that the nobility, gentry, and trading community will, bv their cordial cooperation, enable the Company to make this railway one of the best, the most prosperous, and useful in the kingdom. The late successful demonstration of the atmospheric principle on the Croydon Railway have led the Committee to have the line surveyed, with a view to the adoption of either system of traction, when it shall have been fully ascertained which is the best adapted to this line. Until an act of Parliament shall be obtained, the affairs of the company shall be under the control of the Com- mittee of Management, who are empowered to enter into such arrangements as shall best serve the interests of this company. Power will be taken under the act to limit the respon- sibility of shareholders to the amount of their subscription, and to allow interest at 4 per cent. upon the caUs. Preference in the allotment of shares will be given to those locally interested and to the shareholders of con- necting lines. The Parliamentary contract and subscribers' agreement will be ready for signature on payment of the deposits. GREAT WELSH CENTRAL RAILWAY.—AP. \JT plicants for Shares are requested to take Notice, that all the Letters of Allotment were transmitted by post on THURSDAY, OCT. 16th, 1845, and that TUESDAY, the 21st instant, will be the last day for receiving deposits. H. HERBERT DOWN MAN, Secy. 9, Clement's Lane, Oct. 17th, 1845. HULL, BIRMINGHAM, & SWANSEA Forming, in connection with existing and projected lines of Railway, THE DIRECT line of com- munication between THE HUHBER AND THE BRISTOL CHANNEL. [REGISTERED PROVISIONALLY.} Capital JE1,600,000, in 64,000 Shares of £25 each. Deposit, £2 12s. 6d. per Share. PROVISIONAL COMMITTEE. Lord Charles Beauclerc, Chesham-place, Belgrave-square Lord Stephen Chichester, Ormeau, Antrim Sir Richard Jenkins, G.C.B., Director of the East India Com- pany. The Hon. George Augustus Hamilton Chichester, l,8t. Alban's- place, and Oakfield, Donegal, director of the London and Exeter Direct Railway The Right Hon. Lord Edward Chichester, 15, Chesham-place, and Oakfield, Donegal. The Hon. Percy Evans Freke, 3, Belgrave-square Major General Wright, Royal Engineers, Gloucester-place, Portman-square Lieut,-Col. Nathaniel Cameron, Dan-y-Graig, near Swansea, Glamorganshire. Sir James Eyre, M.D., Lower Brook Street. Sir Andrew Pellet Green, R.N., K.C.H., Director of the Swansea and Loughor Railway. Sir James Hay, Bart., Rosecroft, near Chertsey. Sir Henry Webb, Bart., 105, Pall Mall, and Haxthorpe, Glouces- tershire, Deputy Chairmanofthe York and Lancaster Railway. Sir John Key, Bart., King's Arms Yard, Director of the Direct Western and other Railways. Sir Willinm Ogilvie, Bart., Brompton Joseph Jonps, Esq" Mayor of Hull. Thomas North, Esq,, Mayor of Nottingham John Myers, Esq., Mayor of Beverley, director of the York and Hull, and East and West Hiding Junctions, and other Railways The 0 More, Deputy-Lieutenant and Justice of the Peace, High Sheriff connty Roscommon John Anderson, Esq., Director of the Northern and Southern, and Warwick and Worcester Railways. Charles Barry Baldwin, Esq., M.P., Director of the North Devon Railway. Mr. Robert Barnes, Land Surveyor, Swansea. William Sprott Boyd, Esq., Cleveland Row, Director of the Thames Embankment and Railway Junction Company. Nathaniel Pryce Cameron, Esq., Broad Oak Cottage, Loughor, Glamorganshire. Henry Dingley Cockburn, Esq., Woolwich, Kent. William -v^raig, near Swansea. Capt. William Holt, R.N., United Service Club Jacob Montefiore, Esq., Chester Street, Belgrave Square. Capt. Edmund Norcott, R.N., Blackheath, Director of the Glou- cester, Aberystwith, and Central Wales Railway. Captain Samuel Price, R.N., Director of the Gloucester, Aber- ystwith and Central Wales. Robert Andrew Riddell, Esq., 23, Bryanstone Street, Portman Square, director of the Great Leeds and London, and the London, Bristol, and South Wales Railway. Samuel Symonds, Esq., Poultry, London. C. A. De Valmer, Esq., York Street, St. James's Square, and Killmalloo, County Waterford. Edward G. Winthrop, Esq.. St. John's Wood, director of the Aberystwith and Central Wales Railway Company. (Directors of the Cameron Coalbrook Steam Coal, and Swansea and Loughor Railway.) Benjamin Wm. Aplin, Esq., Banbury John Atkinson, Esq., Alderman, Hull, manager Jfcdirectorof the Hull and Barnsley Junction, the York and Hull, and East and West Riding Junction Railways Barnes, Austin, Esq" Banbury Wm. Ayre, sen Esq., Hull Edwin James Bennett, Esq., director of the London, Staines, Ascot, and Reading Junction Railway Captain James Vashan Baker, R.N., United Service Club James Johnstone Bourne, Esq., 18, Addington Square, Cam- berwell George Augustus Brown, Esq., Gower Street, Bedford Square, Director of the Isle of Man Railway Wm. Rettison, Esq., Town Councillor, Hull Joseph Blundell. Esq,, Town Councillor, Hull John Alexander Bicknell, Esq" Brandon Cottage, Bristol, Di- rector of the Great Leeds and London Direct Railway Capt. Bellew, Sunbury, Middlesex, Director of the New Granada Steam Navigation Company William Edward Boyes, Esq., Alkerton, Banbury, Director of the East and West of England Railway John Bolton, Esq., Birmingham Cornelius Brady, Esq., Erdington, near Birmingham Edwin Cadman, Esq., Westbourne House, Sheffield, Director of the Direct Western Railway Charles Fox Campbell. Esq" Brompton William Chambers, Esq" Coxheach, Derby, Director of Reming- ton's Direct Manchester, Sheffield, Nottingham, and London Direct and other Railways Henry Sherard Coleman, Esq., 2, Crown-court, Old Broad- street Charles Cotton, Esq., M.D., F.R.C.A., Lynn, Norfolk George H. R. Cox, Esq., Derby Major Croft, Regent Street, Deputy Chairman of the Chester and Manchester Direct Railway Thomas Digby. Esq., banker, Hull, director of the Hull and Bamsley Railway John Alcock Dixon, Esq., Burnley, Lancashire, Director of the Liverpool and Leeds Direct, and Huddersfield, Halifax, and Keighley Railways A. Hamilton Earle, Esq., Royal Artillery, Director of the West Midland, Manchester and Southampton, and Swansea and Birmingham Junction Railways Major David Fitzgerald, Travellers' Club, London, and Valentia, Ireland Lieut. Col. Fitch, 36, York Terrace, Regent's Park, Director of the York and Lancaster Railway Bell, Fletcher, Esq., M.D., Birmingham James Garrard, Esq., Pinner, Middlesex B. W. Gleadon, Esq., Hull, director of the York and East and West Riding Junction Railway John Godwin, Esq., director of the Direct Sheffield and York and Wakefield. Pontcfract. aud Goole Junction Railway George Goodwin, Esq., Hull William Gordon, Esq., M.D., Hull, director of the Leeds and Liverpool, and Great Leeds and London Railways William Green, Esq., Hull, Director of the York and Hull, and East and West Yorkshire Junction John Hadland, Esq, Banbury John Hall, Esq., Hull, director of the Sheffield, Wortley, Silkston, and Wakefield Railway Thomas Dalton Hammond, Esq., Hull, director of the Great North of England and the Yorkshire and Glasgow Union Junction Robert Hancorne, Esq., Euston Square, Director of the Bristol and Dover Railway Joseph Halford, Esq., the Hollies, Great Bar, near Birmingham George Harris, Esq.. Worlington House, Instow, Devon, direc- tor of the Taw Vale Extension Railway and Dock Company Frederick Hewitt, Esq., Clapham, Surrey G. Holmes, Esq., Hull, Director of the Leeds and Carlisle, and Hull and York Railways Joshua Horton, Esq., Aetna Iron Works, Smithwick, near Bir- mingham, Director of the Birmingham and Lichfield, and Binningham and Stour Railways Thomas Homcastle, Esq., Sutton, near Hull William Hughes Hughes, Esq., Alderman of London Charles Jack, Esq., Inverness Lodge, Ealing, director of the London Staines, Ascot and Reading Junction Railway John Jackson, Esq., 12, Upper Belgrave-place, Director of the Reading and Reigate Railway Benjamin Jackson, Esq., Brixton, Surrey, Director of the Church of England Life and Fire Insurance Company John Jennings, Esq., Elm Grove, Hammersmith, Director of the Southampton, Manchester, and Oxford Railway William Henry Kebbell. Esq., Glebe House. Kilby, Leicester- shire Thomas Kidley, Esq., M.D., Sheffield, director of the Direct Western and Lincoln, Louth, Great Grimsby and Midland Junction John Lovitt, Esq., HuH, Town Councillor, director of the Leeds and Carlisle, aud Bristol and Dover Railways James Mackey, Esq,, Hans-place, Sloane-street Thomas Finchett Madock, Esq., Chester and Cae Gwyn, Carnarvon, director of the Sheffield Crewe, and Leek Potteries, and the Macclesfield and Lichfield Railway Companies Richard Mitton, Esq., Merchant, Hull, director of the Lincoln- shire and Eastern Counties Junction Railway, and also of the Hull, Malton, and Northern Union Railway Charles Carrol M'Tavi<h, Esq., 22, Rutland-gate William Marshall, Esq., Ilandsworth, near Birmingham Ambrose Moore, Esq.. Milk-street George Moore, Esq" St. John's Priory, Banùury Francis Morley. Esq., Stubb's Lodge, "SewcastIe-nndeT-Lync James Morley, Esq., Stanton Hall, near Ilkeston, Derbyshire Valentine Morris Esq.. Retreat, Battersea Capt. Thomas Charles Newton. Bruton-street, Berkeley-square, and Luguardine, Herefordshire, director of the Isle of Man and Irish West Coast Railway Benjamin Oliveira, Esq., F.R.S., 8, Upper Hyde Park-Street, and Brooke's Club, St. James's Street, director of the Liver- pool, Manchester, & Newcastle-upon-Tyne Juuction Railway William Hunt Pearson, Esq.. Portland House, Hull, director of the York and Hull, and the Hull and Bamsley Junction Railway Richard Power, Esq., 73, Eccleston-street, and Long Orchard, Tipperary Rees Price, Esq., M.D., Tyne Hall, Great llford, Essex John Reginald Riddell, Esq.. Bycullah House, Enfield, director of the York and Lancaster Railway Joseph Rigby, Esq., 15. Cadogan-place John James Rippon, Esq., Ealing, Middlesex, director of the Birmingham, West Bromwich. and Walsall Junction Railway James Russell, Esq., Gloucester-place, Portman-square, Lon- don, of the Warwick and Worcester Railway Henry Savage. Esq., 31, Dorset-place, Dorset-square, director of the East Midland Junction Railway George Sharp, Esq., High-street, Lincoln, and the Sycamores, lleasly, director of the Hull and London Direct, and the Lin- coln and Retford Junction Railways William Sloane, Esq.. 37, Wimpole-street l Julius Le Souef, Esq., Upper Charlotte-street, Fitzroy-square, director of the St. Albans aud Hatfield, and Huntingdon and Wisbeach Railways William Spooner, Esq., Chapel-street, Belgrave-square, director of the Liverpool, Manchester, and Newcastle Railway Joseph Storr, Esq., Owstwick, near Rooss, Iloldemess John Tall, Esq., Hull, director of the York and Hull, and East and West Yorkshire Junction Benjamin Amley Tapp. Esq., Town Councillor. Hull Thomas Robarts Thellusson, Esq., 16, Hyde Park-street Thomas Henry Thome, Esq., Banker, Leamington, director of Birmingham and Oxford Railway James Upfill, Esq., the Green, near Bromyard, Birmingham, director of the Uover and Bristol, Staffordshire, and Shrop- shire Railways Thomas Bollman Upfill, Esq.. Birmingham Hugh Ritchie Wallace, Esq., late Royal Fusiliers John White, Esq., Alpha House, Ranelagh-grove, Pimlico, di- rector of the London, Staines, Ascot, and Reading Junction Railways Renjamin Williams, Esq., Banker, 4, Whitehall, London Thomas'Wilson, Esq., iron merchant, Hull William Roydou Watts, Esq., M.D., Birmingham, director of the Lichfield and Birmingham Lincoln, Louth, and Great Grimsby and Bristol and Dover Railways (With power to add to their number.) ENOINBEK-I>CIUEF.—Francis Giles, Esq. ACTING ENGINEERS.—Messrs. Stevens and Alexander BANKERS. City Bankers. The London Joint Stock Bank. West End Bankers Messrs. Cockburn and Co., 4, Whitehall Bankers in Hull—Messrs. Thos. and Robert Raikes a.nd Co. SOLICITOR. Edward Merrick Elderton, Esq., 3, Lothbury. INTERIM SECRETARY—John Shaw, Esq. LOCAL AGENTS. Hull. John Saxelbye, Esq. Swansea John Jackson Price, Esq. PARLIAMENTARY AGENTS. Messrs. Hugh Innes Cameron and George Bain, Parliament Street. THE object of this Company is to open a direct line of JL communication between the seaport and town of Hull and the seaport and town of Swansea, thereby con- necting the Humber and the Bristol Channel, which ob- ject will be attained by the construction of about eighty miles only of rail, and the use of other lines to the extent of about 140 miles. Applications for Shares, in the usual form, may be made, addressed to the Provisional Directors, at the Offices of the Company's Solicitor, No. 3, Lothbury, London, and to the following Sharebrokers, from whom copies of the Prospectus, Map, &c. may be obtained :— Messrs. Carden and Whitehead, Threadneedle Street, London E. Wilsen, Esq., Birmingham; Messrs. Brad- lev, Ford and Parker, Manchester; H. Davies and Co., &*W. H.Whitmore St. George, Esq., Liverpool Messrs. Chantrell and Boyes, Leeds; Messrs. Wilkinson and Earle, Messrs. Schofield and West, Messrs. Horncastle and Hibberd, Messrs. Tarbottom and Whiting, and Messrs. Day and Co., Hull; Messrs. Buchanan and Aitken, Glasgow; Messrs. Wreford, Nicholls, and Wreford, Bristol; and Messrs. Dowling and Howden, Edinburgh; J. N. Balme, Esq., Gloucester; Francis Nayes, Esq., Nottingham George T. Stroud, Esq., Swansea Messrs. Brown and Clarke, Coventry Henry Vatiker, Esq., Exeter; C. S. Gilman, Esq., Norwich; Messrs. Eyre and Shaw, Derby William Lee, Esq., Cheltenham. HULL, BIRMINGHAM, AND SWANSEA JUNC- TION RAILWAY. No further applications for Shares in this Company will be received from London after MONDAY, the 20th inst., nor from the country after WEDNESDAY, the 22nd instant. J- SHAW, Interim Secretary. Offices of the Company, 3, Lothbury, Oct. 14, 1845. Bristol, Wells, and Poole Junction Railway, Connecting tht Bristol and English Channels, With a Diverging Line near Bruton to the Somersetshire Collieries. [PROVISIONALLY REGISTERED.] CAPITAL JE: 1,400,000, in 56,000 SHARES of £25 each. Deposit, £ 2 10s. per Share. F.wr.rvrr on,' 'ESQ T ARCHITECTS, &c.—Messrs. Scott and Moffatt. SOLICITORS—Messrs. Cragg & Jeyes, 22, Bedford-Row, London; J. Frampton, Esq., Cerne Abbas; M. K. Welch, Esq., poole. LOCAL AGENTS. Weston-super-Mare—J. Edgar, Esq. Henry Davies, Esq. Axbridge—Henry Symons, Esq. Wells—Messrs. Davies and Foster Shepton-Mallett and Bruton—Messrs. Dyne and Son Thomas Hyatt, Esq. Stalbridge-J. y, Melmoth, Esq. Wincanton—Joseph Crew Jennings, Esq. Blandford—J- 1* King, Esq.; W. C. Fincham, Esq. Wimborne—T. Rawlins, Esq. Sturminster—Messrs. Hannan and Rutter; Messrs. Wills and Burridge Yeovil-John Batten, jun., Esq. Messrs. Slade and Yining BANKERS. Bristol, and at theu-several Branches—Messrs. Stuckey • and Co. Yeovil—Messrs. Batten Dorchester, and at their several Branches—Messrs. Williams and Co. Weymouth, and the Branch at Dorchester—Messrs. Eliott and Pearce Shaftesbury—^Messrs. Brodie and King, and Storey and Thomas's Banking Company Poole—Messrs. Ledgard and Sons Salisbury, and at their several Branches—Wilts and Dorset Banking Company Bath, Wareham, B'andford, Sherborne, Sturminster, and Wim borne- The National Provincial Bank of England. THE proposed Railway will unite the Bristol and JL English Channels, by a direct Line from the Port of Poole, on the coast of Dorsetshire, to Weston-super- Mare, on the coast of Somersetshire. It will also be connected with Bristol and Bath, either by the Bristol and Exeter Railway, or by an extension Line which will take its departure from a point near Bruton, passing through the Somersetshire Coal Field, by Radstock to Keyn^fTOt on the Great Western Railway, between Bath and Bnstol. The Line will commence at Poole, and pass through or near Wimborne, Rushton, Pimperne, Blandford, Dur- weston, Shilling Okeford, Sturminster, Hinton, Stalbridge, Henstridge, Tempts Coombe, Horsington, Cheriton, Wincanton, Shepton Montague, Pitcombe, Castle Carey, Bruton, Ditcheat, Lamyat, Piltop, Shepton Mallet, Wells, Wookey, Westbury, Chedder, Axbridge, Hutton, Lock- ing, and Weston-Super-Mare; and the diverging line through or near Evercreech, Doulting, Stoke Lane, Leigh-upon-Mendip, Coleford, Holcomb, Baubington, Kilmersden, Radstock, Midsummer Norton, Camerton, Timsbury, High Lyttleton, Farmborough, Marksbury, and Keynsham. Passing transversely across the country from Poole to Weston-Super-Mare, it will receive an accession to its traffic from every existing or future Line, passing from the Northern and Eastern Districts of the Kingdom to the West of England. It will supply with Welsh and Somersetshire Coal, at greatly reduced prices, the whole of the Districts on its immediate Line and by its connexion with other Lines, will also serve the populous and rich Districts in the Western portion of Wiltshire, and the Southern and Eastern portions of Somersetshire, Dorsetshire, and Devonshire. In return, in addition to the great Passenger Traffic from these Districts, it will have a large Traffic in Agri- cultural Produce exported to the Northern and Eastern portions of the Kingdom. By uniting the Bristol and English Channels, it will form the shortest route to France for Passengers and Merchandize, arriving by Steamboats from Ireland and Wales, and by Rail or otherwise from the Northern and Midland Districts of the Kingdom. The Line presents but few natural difficulties to over- come in its construction. Power will be taken by the Act to allow interest at four per cent. on the Deposits and further calls, and no person will be held liable beyond the amount of his Subscription. Applications for Shares, accompanied by a reference to be made to either of the Solicitors or Local Agents, in the under-mentioned form, of whom Prospectuses and Plans may be obtained. To the Provisional Committee of the Bristol, Wells, and Poole Junction Railway. Gentlemen,—I request you will allot me Shares, of £ 25 each, in the above Company, and I undertake to pay the deposit of £2 IDs. Od. per share thereon, or any less number you may appropriate to me, and to execute the Subscribers' Agreement and Parliamentary Contract, when required. Dated 1845. Name at full length. Residence. Trade or Profession Place of Business (if any). Reference Signature CAMBIUW AND GRAM) JUNCTION sa&sa w CONNECT I\A SOUTH WA L nswith BIRMINGHAM, LIVERPOOL, MA NCHESTER, and the NORTH. [REGISTERED PROVISIONALLY.] Capital f2,200,000 in 110,000 Shares of £20 each. Deposit £ 2 2s. per Share, OFFICES: 12, NICHOLAS LANE, KING WILLIAM STREET. PROVISIONAL COMMITTEE. Right Hon. Viscount Combclmere, of Combermere Abbey, Cheshire Sir William Thomas S. Massey Stanley, Bart., Hooton Hall, high sheriff of the county of Cheshire Sir Hungerford Hoskyns, Bart., Harewood, Hereford- shire Sir John Chiverton Charlton, Esq., Aplcy Castle, Wel- lington, high sheriff of the county of Salop Richard Corbet, Esq., Adderly Hall, Salop Edmund Burnham Pateshall, Esq., Allensmore, Here- fordshire George Croose, Esq.. Burcott House, Herefordshire John Kerr Hastings, Esq., manager of the Herefordshire Banking Company Willinm Webb, Esq., mayor of Hereford William Pulling, Esq., merchant, Hereford Charles Bullmer, Esq., merchant, Hereford The Rpv. W. Cook, magistrate, Bromyard Mr. George Griffiths, corn factor, Bewdley John Watson, Esq., carpet manufacturer, Kidderminster George Crump, Esq., carpet manufacturer, Kidderminster George Butcher Lea, Esq., Kidderminster Thomas Whitmore Wylde Browne, Esq., Woodlands, near Bridgnorth, magistrate of the county of Salop, and of the Borough of Bridgnorth John Baker, Esq., of Dolfonvyn Hall, Montgomeryshire, and Bridgnorth W. M'Michael, Esq., magistrate of the borough of Bridgnorth John Trevor, Esq., clerk of the peace for the borough of Bridgnorth John Jacob Smith, Esq., town clerk for the borough of Bridgnorth The Rev. J. F. Willetts, Cams Hall, Bridgnorth William Grierson, The Grove, Bridgnorth J. M. Coley, Esq., M.D., Bridgnorth Joseph Hall, Esq.. Bridgnorth William Thurefield, Esq., Bridgnorth John Dallewy, Esq., Bridgnorth John Phillips, Esq., Bridgnorth John Green, Esq., Badger Heath, near Bridgnorth Joseph Southwell, Esq, carpet manufacturer, Bridgnorth Thomas Grierson, Esq., carpet manufacturer, Bridgnorth John Onions, Esq., Brosely Richard Boycott, Esq., banker, Brosely John Stephens, Esq., Albyns, near Bridgnorth William Wyley, Esq., the Vineyard, Wellington Mr. Thomas Webb, Wellington Mr. William Webb, Wellington John Williams, Esq., iron master, Ketley, Wellington Mr. John Slaney, Wellington Mr. John Beeston, Wellington John Walthall Hammond, Esq., Wistaston Hall, near Nantwich Joseph Loxdale Warren, Esq.. the Lodge, Market Dray- ton, and Consall Hall, Staffordshire Charles Warren, Esq., banker, Market Drayton John Edwards Wilson, Esq., the Grove, Market Drayton Rev. S. H. Macaulay, Hodnet Hall, Salop Thomas Nathaniel Webb, Esq., the Vineyard, near Hereford James Beech, Esq., the Shaw, near Cheadle Peter Broughton, Esq., Tunstall Hall. Market Drayton William Eaton Mouseley, Esq., Derby, Under Sheriff of Cheshire William Shadbolt, Esq., Crome Hill, Surrey, of the Llynvi Iron Works, Glamorgan Henry John Euthoven, Esq., merchant, London, director of the Dutch Rhenish Railway Henry Lewis Smale, Esq., Doctor's Commons, London, director of the South Eastern Railway John Masterman, Jun., Esq., banker, London, director of the Blaenavon Iron Company Donald Maclean, Esq., merchant, London, deputy-chair- man of the Trent Valley Continuation Railway Frederick Ricketts, Esq., London, deputy-chairman of the Bristol and Exeter Railway Charles Robert Colman, Esq., Iron Gate Wharf, London, director of the South Midland Railway Charles Downes, Esq., Muswell-hill, Hornsey, provi- sional director of the South Midland Railway Robert Swinfen Peel, Esq., Bonehill-house, near Tam- worth, provisional director of the Trent Valley, Mid- land, and Grand Junction Railway John Parkinson, Esq., F.R.S., 81, Cambridge Terrace, Hyde Park, provisional director of the South Midland Railway Sir Arthur de Capel Brooke, Bart., Oakley Park, Kette- ring, Northamptonshire John Fiancis Woody, Esq., The Moat, Tamworth, pro- visional director of the Leicester and Tamworth Railway Edward Hall, Esq., West Bank, near Macclesfield, pro- visional director of the South Midland Railway Anthony Dickson, Esq., M.D., Edrington-house, Berk- shire, late physician general of Bengal William Watson Prole, Esq., Dunster Court, Mincing Lane, director of the Isle of Jersey Railway George Emery, Esq., London, director of the Waterford and Kilkenny Railway William Gordon Thomson, Esq., 33, Gloucester-road, Hyde-park, provisional director of the South Midland Railway Thomas Bramall, Esq., mayor of Tamworth, deputy- T chairman of the Leicester and Tamworth Railway^ director of the West Cornwall Railway Henry Ridout Downman, Esq., 47, Upper Bedford-place, London, provisional director of the South Union Railway William Peel, Esq., Bonehill-house, near Tamworth James Whiskin, Esq., 10, Upper Bedford-place, London, director of the London and Croydon Railway Edward H. Barwell, Esq., Mayor of Northampton, deputy-chairman of the Northampton, Banbury, and Cheltenham Railway Capt. J. P. M'Dougall, Fir Grove, North Brixton, Sur- rey, late of the Bengal General Staff James Peard Ley, Esq., Seaton Iron Works, Whitehaven Thomas Farncombe, Esq., Alderman, London, director of the London and Westminster Bank John Lawrie, Esq., Charles-street, St. James's, London, director of the London and Crovdon Railway John Mott, Esq., the Close, Lichfield, director of the South Staffordshire Railway William Collins, Esq., M.P., for Warwick, 18 Pall Mall, and Warwick Robert Chapman, Esq., distiller, Drury Lane, London William Morgan, Esq., director of the Bristol and Exeter Raihvav William Watson, Esq., director of the Bristol and Exeter Railway Benjamin J. Spedding, Esq., Thames-street, London, Mines Royal Copper Works, Neath George Hewlett, Esq., Birmingham Henry Wenman Newman, Esq-, of Clifton, near Bristol and Thornbury Park, Gloucester, late High Sheriff of the County of Gloucester John Kempson, Esq.. of Birchy Fields, near Bromyard William Henry Chetwynd, Esq., Longdon Hall, near Lichfield Rev. William Parsons Hopton, Bishop's Frome, Magis- trate of the County of Hereford Robert William Kennard, Esq., Iron Merchant, director of the Blaenavon Iron Company William Childe, The Birches, Wolverhampton William Parsons, Esq., Primrose Tin Works, Swansea Thomas Lea, Esq., Blakebrook, Kidderminster, magis- trate of the county of Worcester John Freeman Esq., Gaines, magistrate of the county of Hereford Edmund Higginson, Esq., Saltmarsh, magistrate of the county of Hereford William Barneby, Esq., Clater Park, magistrate of the county of Hereford Rev. H. B. Domville, Pencombe, magistrate of the county of Hereford Rev. W. B. Kempson, Stoke Lacy, magistrate of the county of Hereford Joseph Stinton, Esq., of Munderfield house, Bromyard and of Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex W. Eckley, Esq., Bromyard, Herefordshire Richard Badham, Esq., Bromyard, Herefordshire John Brown, Esq., Hall Court, Bromyard, Herefordshire Thomas P. P. Wright, Esq., Tedstone Court, Hereford- shire Rev. Richard Haddy Williams, vicar of Avenbury Arthur Skey, Esq., Spring Grove, near Bewdley, magis. trate of the county of Worcester Christopher Shapland, Esq., director of the Bristol and South Wales Junction Francis Fry, Esq., director of the Bristol and South Wales Junction George Ashlin, Esq., Mark-lane Archibauld F. Paull, London, director of the South Wales Railway Thomas Short Wright, Esq., Northampton Ambrose Moore, Esq., London, director of the London, Joint Stock Bank Sebastian Nash, Esq., director of the South Union Rail- way, St. John's Wood-road, London James Bancks, Esq., of Fir Tree House, near Bewdley William James, Esq., of Whitcroft, magistrate of the county of Hereford John Sutton Barber, Esq., a magistrate of the borough of Kidderminster Frederick Talbot, Esq., carpet manufacturer, Kidder- minster Messrs. Watson and Brown, worsted yarn spinners, Kidderminster Charles Butcher, Esq., carpet manufacturer, Kidder- minster Thomas Thursfield, Esq., Kidderminster George Baker, Esq., Bewdley Thomas Steward Cartwright, Esq., merchant, a magistrate of Bewdley Mr. James Barnes, timber merchant, Bewdley Mr. Samuel Danks, Bewdley Mr. Samuel Baker, Bewdley Mr. James Tart, Bewdley John Beddoe, Esq., merchant, Bewdley With power to add to their number. SOLICITORS. Messrs. Edwards, Mason, and Edwards, 8, Moorgate- street, and Delahay-street, Westminster; T. B. B. Ste- vens, Esq., Tamworth. LOCAtf SOLICITORS. Hereford—Thomas Evans, Esq.; Bromyard—William West, E«q.; Kidderminster—Messrs. Bird, Saunders, aud Bird j Bridgnorth—M. Haywood Williams, Es<j.; Nantwich-E. D. Droughton, Esq.; Brosely—Messrs. Pritchard, Potts, and Nicholls; Wellington—F. Buckle, Esq. Market Drayton-Geo. Burd, Esq. Swansea— R. White Beor, Esq. Cardiff—John Bird, Esq. BANKERS. London—Messrs. Masterman, Peters. Mildred, an I Co., Nicholas Lane; Messrs. Cocks, Biddulph, and Co., I 43, Charing Cross H' lefoid—Herefordshire Banking Company Liverpool—Messrs. Moss and Sons; Cardiff— Messrs. Towgood and Co. Swansea—Glamorganshire Banking Company Kidderminster—Messrs. Farley and Turner; Bridgnorth and Brosely-JIessrs. Prichard and Boycott Market Drayton—Messrs. Adams, Adams, Warren, and Co. Manchester—The Manchester and Liverpool District Banking Company. ENGINEER IN CHIEF. — William Gravatt, Esq., F.R.S. SECRETARY.—Josephus Ferris, Esq. —————————- THE Committee of Management beg to state that the JL allotment of Shares has been completed and the Letters posted this day. The Committee beg further to add, that in consequence of the very numerous applications, particularly from parties locally interested, and likewise of the omission by many of the applicants to comply with the requisition of the prospectus, as to reference, the Committee have been under the necessity of rejecting applications which otherwise were of the most, unexceptionable character. By order JOSEPHUS FERRES, Secretary. 12, Nicholas Lane, lGth October, 18(5. Great Gwendracth Yale and Welsh CAPITAL ;Et,000,000, in 50,000 SHARES of £20 each. DEPOSIT £2 2s. PER SHARE. PROVISIONAL COMMITTEE. John Addis, Esq., Rotherithe, Surrey, director of the Licensed Victuallers' and General Fire and Lite Assurance Company, and of the Central Terminus Railway J. R. W. Atkinson, Esq., Elmwood House, Leeds Admiral J. Ayscough, Southampton J. M. Barnard, Esq., London Joseph G: Qarratt, Esq., Ross, Herefordshire, director of the Jlfiondrla Valley Railway John Blackburn, Esq., Coroner for Leeds, director of the West Midland Railway George Biocklehank, Esq., Crooms-hill, Greenwich John Dudin Brown, Esq., Sydenham, Kent, director of the Central Terminus Railway James Burness, Esq., Stratford Grove, Essex John Carter, Esq., F.R. \.S., Park Lodge, Stockwell, director of the Grand Trunk Railway Wm. Chadwick, Esq., chairman of the Richmond Rail- way, and director of the Oxford, Southampton, Gosport, and Portsmouth Railway Edward Chapman, Esq., Strand, London, director of the Richmond Railway Robert Charles, Esq., 23, Endsleigb-street, Tavistock- square, one of the provisional committee of the Man- chester and Rugby Direct Railway Andrew Clark, Esq., Bank Side, deputy chairman of the Licensed Victuallers' Fire and Life Office Edward Hyde Clarke, Esq., Hyde Hall, Cheshire, and Tickford Park, Beds. James Clift, Esq., Bloomsbury-square, director ot the Paris & Strasburgh & Metropolitan Junction Railways G. Colquhoun, Esq., director of the Worcester aud South Wales Railway Dunbar John Cother, Esq., of IIarcourt Buildings, London, director of the Brecon and Merthyr-Tydvil Railway Rdward Creed, Esq. E. M. Davies, Esq., Penalt, Carmarthen Jonathan D. Dow, Esq., Cornhill, and Streatham, Surrey Lieut.-Col. G. M. Eden, William-street, Lowndes-square Thomas Eldrid, Esq., Fore-street, London, director of the Petersfield and Southampton Railway Philip Efans, Esq., of Brynhir, in the county of Gla- morgan ( Thomas Farneoinb, Esq., Alderman, Grithn s Wharf, Tooley-street, chairman of the London and Westminster Bank # Thomas Fenton, Ellq., of Kilgerran, in the connty of Pembroke, one of the provisional committee ot the North and South Wales Railway Hugh P. Fuller, Esq., King William-street, director ol the Mitcham and South Western Railway Company William Gambler, Esq., Sacombe Park, Herts Joseph Gillham, Esq., Hargreaves House, Oldham, dI- rector of the Staffordshire Potteries, and Birkenhead and Holyhead Junction Railways Rev. F. H. Hall, D.D., Rector of Fulbourne, Cain- bridgshire J. G. Hammack, Esq., Essex-house, Mile End-road, director of the Licensed Victuallers' and General Ftre and Life Office, and one of the committee of the Direct Western Railway Gilbert Harries, Esq., of Coalbrook, in the county of Carmarthen, and of Llananwas, in the county ot Pem- broke David Lloyd Harries, of Llandingat-House, in the county of Carmarthen Edward Hickson, Esq., director of the City and Camden Town Railway J. K. Hooper, Esq., Alderman, and director of the Direct Manchester Railway ir ,•». J. — OUHUAIIU, N,sq., Holloway, director ot Remington's Direct London and Manchester Railway John King, Esq., College-hill, London, director of the Great Grimsby, Louth," Horncastle, Lincoln, and Mid- land Junction and Thames Valley Railways J. Kinloch, Esq., Gloucester Road, Hyde Park, director of the North Wales Railway Valentine Knight, Esq., Cornwall-terrace, Regent's-park, director of the Dendre Valley Railway William Knott, Esq., 4, Adelaide-place, director of the Richmond Railway Edwin Leaf, Esq., of Wood-street, and of Cumberland- street. Portman-square John Dawson Lowden, Esq., Doughty-street, director of the Richmond Railway Captain J. H. Leckie, Richmond, Surrey, one of the pro- visional committee of the Manchester and Rugby Direct Railway Nicholas McCann, Esq., 50, Parliament-street, director of the Manchester and Rugby Direct Railway John M'Rae, Esq., Wood-street, and Page Green House, Tottenham, deputy-chairman of the Thames Plate Glass Company Sir William Magnay, Bart., Alderman, chairman of the Great Grimsby, Lincoln, Louth, Horncastle, and Mid- land Junction, and director of the Great Luxembourg Railways Robert Main, Esq., Ravensbourne Park, Kent, director of the Licensed Victuallers' and General Fire and Life Assurance Company George Man, Esq., Woodlawn, Dulwicb, Surrey •William Margetson, Esq Streatham Hill, Buxton, one of the provisional committee of the London, Stains, Ascot, and Reading Junction Railway Edward Moore, Esq., M.D., Thurlow House, Hackney- Road Evan W. Morris, Esq., Pembnry, Kent, director of the North and South Wales Railway North and South Wales Railway Henry Moss, Esq., proprietor of the Great Gwendraetli Vale and Welsh Junction Railway George Murray, Esq., Chichester, magistrate for the county Rev. J. A. Nash, Westbourne Terrace, Hyde Park Major General Parlby, C.B., director of the Worcester and South Wales Railway Thomas Paul, Esq., 10, Mansion House Street, director of the Direct London and Exeter, and of the Liverpool and Derby Direct Railways George R. Paul. Esq., Strand, and Worthing, Sussex Apslay Pallet, Esq., director ot the Staines and Richmond Railway W. W. Peel, Esq., Ullesthorpe, Leicestershire George Pell, Esq., Welford, Northamptonshire George R. Peppercorne, Bexhill, Sussex, director of the Chatham and Portsmouth Railway Sir John Pirie, Bart.. Alderman, director of the Peninsu- lar and Oriental Steam Packet Company, one of the provisional committee of the Manchester and Rugby Direct Railway Alderman Porter" Southampton, director of the Soath Midland Railway W. S. Potter, Esq., provisional director of the Oxford, Gosport, and Southampton, and the Oxford and Chel- tenham Railways Rev. Thomas Price, Rector of Llanrothel, Herefordshire John Rand, Esq., Guildford, Surrey James Rannie, Esq., of Bel grave-street, Belgrave-square, director of the Erewash Valley Extension Railway Line James Reeves, Esq., Leighton, Essex, director of the Great Manchester, Rugby, and Southampton, and of the South Midland Junction Railways Admiral Sir George Sartorius, director of the Dover and Bristol Railway William Shadbolt, Esq., Chairman of the Greenwich Railway, and Director of the London Joint Stock Bank Henry Silverlock, Lsq., of Woolwich, Kent, and Doctors' Commons, member ot the Steam Ship-owner's Associa- tion, and director of the Waterman's, and City Steam- Boat Companies T. Bridge Simpson, Esq., deputy-chairman of the Rich- mond Railway William Slark, Esq., of Cheapside, and of The Lodge, Cricklewood, director of the West Midlands Railway Major William Snow, Old Cavendish-street, Cavendish- square, director of the Chatham and Portsmouth Railway William E. Snow, Esq., Tredegar-square, director of the Cornwall and Central Devon, and Exeter and Yeovil Railways John Soane, Esq-, WaUham Hall, Waltham Abbey, Essex James Steadman, Esq.Guildford, director of the Reading and Reigate Railway Martin Stutely. Esq., of Cambridge-terrace, Regent's- Park, provisional director of the Grand Trunk and Direct Western, Leeds and Carlisle Railways Wm. Tanner, Esq., of 84, Great Surrey-street, Black- friar's-road, provisional director of the Direct Western and the Leeds and Carlisle Railways Robert Watkius, Esq., Augusta-House, Worthing, director of the Reading and Reigate, and deputy chairman ot the Rugby and Manchester Railways Sir Henry Webh, Bart., Pall Mall John Webster, Esq., of Aldermanbury, and of Micklen- burgh-square, Merchant, director of the Dartmouth, Torbay, and Exeter Railway W. Lechmere Whitmore, Esq., director of the Worcester nnd .South Wales Railway William Williams, Et-q., of The Abbey, Kidwelly, Car. marthenshire, one of the provisional committee of the North and South Wales RJUIWHV Wm. Makers, Esq., Dymnant Colliery, Llanon, Carmar- thenshire PROVISIONAL DIRECTORS.—Sir William Magnay, Bart., Alderman, Chairman. J. G. Hammack, Esq., Deputy- Chairman. George Brockelbank, Esq. I John Carter, Esq. William Chadwick. Esq. | J. I). Brown, Esq. Captain Leckie I William Tanner, Esq. J. Addis, Esq. | Valentine Knight, Esq. Robert Charles, Esq. John Kin?, Esq. Sir John Pirie, Alderman | Robert Watkins, Esq. SOLICITORS.—Messrs. Wire and Child, fI, St. Swithin's Lane, London. Messr«. Vnughan and Bevan, Brecon. LOCAL AGENTS.—Edward D. Grove, Esq., Llanelly; .Daniel Price, Esq.. Talley, Carmarthenshire J. L. Popkin, Esq., Llandilo; R. W. Beor, Esq., Swansea. CONSULTING ENGINEER.—J. U. ltastrick, Esq. ENGINEER.—Thomas Hay, Esq. BANKERS.—-The Commercial Bank of Lodon. Messrs. AVilkins, and Co., Carmarthen and DaneHy. SECRETARY-pro tern. — Mr. H. W. Sewell. THIS Railway is proposed to be made with a view to JL its forming a Junction in the most important part of South Wales with three other projected Lines, viz., the South Wales, the Welsh Midland, and the North and South W ales, whereby communication will be formed with North Wales and Ireland, London, Bristol, Glou- cester, Worcester, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, and the whole of the Northern Manufacturing Districts, and also with the Coasts of Devon and Cornwall, and will accommodate the following Towns in the vicinity of the Line, Carmarthen, Llandilo, Llangadock, Llan. dovery, Trecastle, Brecon, Hay, Ciickhowel, Aber- gavenny, Merthyr lydvil, Swansea, Neath, Lloughor, Llanelly, Kidwelly, Laughn rne, St. Clears, Narberth, Haverfordwest, Milford, Cardigan, Newcastle Emlyn, Pembroke, H. M. Dockyard at Pater and the fashionable Watering Places of Aberystwith, Tenby, Lanstephan, and the Ferry side. Commencing at Burryport, Pembrey, Carmarthen- shire, a harbour of recent formation, but unequalled in point of situation, depth of water, and safe anchorage for Ships by any other Tidal Harbour on the whole of the Welsh Coast the Line will be carried close to the Village of Pembrey, in a westward direction about one mile and a half, where it is intended to cross the South Wales Railway, from here, taking a course to the North, it will proceed through the Gwendraeth Vale, passing the Villages of Pontyates, Ponthenry, Hangcndeirne, Pontyberem, Porthyrhyd, Llanddarog to Llanarthney, near to which place it is intended to intersect the Line of the Welsh Midland at a point about six miles from Llandilo and nine from Carmarthen, and on from this point up the Vale of Cothi, passing the Villages of Llanegwad, Brechfa, Abergorlech, Edwinsford, and Llansawel to Lampeter, where it will form a Junction with the North and South Wales Railway, and com- pleting a distance, including branches, of about fifty- four miles. It is intended to connect the Line with the coal, marble, and mineral districts. The Line presents no engineering difficulties, and the country through which it passes abounds with the materials necessary for its construction. Should it become necessary, arrangements will be made for the continuation of the Line from near Edwins- ford to Rhayader, and to form a junction with other projected Railways. This Railway will proceed for the first 20 miles through a most important mineral district abounding with bituminous anthracite and steam-coals, iron, fire-clay, limestone, black marble, slate, flagstone, copper, and lead ores, and the remainder of the distance across an agricultural country, thus connecting these several districts with the sea and with each other. It is quite obvious that great benefit must also result to the Landowners by the construction of this Railway, in insuring the cheap delivery of Coal and Lime, both essential to the welfare of the Farmer. Thousands of acres of convertible land are now lying barren for want of the means of procuring lime as manure at a moderate cost, which is scarcely to be ob- tained from the heavy charge for transit, in common carts, over bad roads. The traffic in coals, lime, slate, copper and lead ore, timber, cattle, and every description of live stock and agricultural produce, which already exists to a large extent, must receive great impulse from the convenience and economy of this line of Railway, The great interchange of commodities between the manufacturing, the mining, and the agricultural districts, will ensure a large revenue, independently of passenger traffic, which must necessarily be of great extent, the line forming a connecting link between many main lines, communicating with every part of the United Kingdom. It is estimated that even the present traffic of the Gwendraeth Vale alone in coal and lime is of itself sufficient to pay a fair per centage on the capital required for this Railway, leaving out all the other sources of profit. The value of the Land generally required for the Line is within the average cost. Until an Act of Parliament shall be obtaiued, the affairs of this Company shall be under the control of the Committee of Management, to whom power is given to allot the Shares, and to apply the funds of the Company in payment of the expenses incurred in its formation and in the preparation of the Plans and Sections to be sub- mitted to Parliament. rreierence will be given in the allotment of Shares to the Landed Proprietors and others locally interested in the Line. Power will be applied for in the Act—and in the meantime is hereby given to the Committee of Manage- ment—to raise an additional capital; to abandon any part of the Line, to make Branch Lines, or enter into arrangements with any other Company or Companies and also to nominate the first Directors of the Company. The Deeds will provide that no Call shall be made on the Shareholders beyond the Deposit until the Act of Parliament i3 obtained, and power will be taken in the Act to allow 4 per Cent. interest on all Calls. The Parliamentary contract and subscribers' agreement will be ready for'signature on payment of the deposits. Applications for prospectuses and shares may be made to the solicitors, and to the following stock and share brokers: —Messrs. James, William, and Charles Pepper- corne, 2, Old Broad-street; Messrs. Hill, Fawcett, and Hill, Threadneedle-street; Messrs. Smith, Knowles, and Cook, Leeds Messrs. Wreford, Nicholls, and Wreford, Bristol Messrs. Fletcher and Sharp, Liverpool; Mr. Wakefield, Nottingham; Messsrs. H. Monro and Co., Eciingburgh; W. H. Collis, Esq., Birmingham Messrs. Duncan and Hutchinson, Glasgow; Mr. Frederick W heatcroft, broker, Derby Mr. 1. M. Balme, Glouces- ter. FORM OF APPLICATION. To the Provisional Committee of the Gwendraeth Yale and Welsh Junction Railway Company. I request you will allot to me Shares of a T-I'I ln tlie ^aP'ta^ °f above-named Railway, and 1 will accept the same or any less number, on the terms of the Prospectus, and pay the deposit of £2 2s. per Share, and sign the Parliamentary Contract and Sub- scribers' Agreement when required. Dated the day of 1845. Name in full Place of Business. Residence Profession Reference in full THE BRISTOL & DOVOR DIRECT JWSTQ0IM RMLWhV, WWH A BRANCH TO WEYBRIDGrE, NARROW GUAGE. Connecting Bristol, and the Important Western and North Western Districts, as well as Ireland and Wales, with the Metropolis, Kent, and the Continent. PROVISIONALLY REGISTERED. CAPITAL £2,000,000, in 80,000 SHARES of £ 25'each. DEPOSIT £2 12s. 6d. per Share. (In pursuance of the New Standing Orders of the House of Lords.) PROVISIONAL COMMITTEE. Lord Albert Conyngham, Canterbury. The Honorable W. Gore, Wilton Crescent. The Honorable John Arthur Lysaght, Millbroofc, Southampton. Major-Gen. Sir Love Parry, K.C.B., Madryn Park* Carnarvonshire. Colonel Sir James Maxwell Wallace, K.H. W. G. V. Barnewell, Esq., Wood's Park, Meath, Ireland, and Jermyn Street, London. George H. Birkbeck, Esq., Gloucester Road, Hyde Park Gardens. William Lloyd Caldecott, Esq., Laura Place, Bath. Colonel Myddleton, Commandant Cavalry Depot, Maid- stone, Director of the Central Kent County Railway. Edwin Leaf, Esq., Cumberland Street, Bryanstone Square, Director of the Minerva Life Assurance Company. John Downes, Esq., Bedford Place, Russell Square, Director of the Great Manchester, Rugby, and South- ampton Railway. Charles Warren, Esq., Banker, Market Drayton. Colonel Henry Dundas Campbell, North End Hcmse" Portsmouth, Director of the Direct Western Railway. Abraham Bauer, Esq., Banker, Arthur Street West* Director of the Direct London and Manchester, (Re- mington's), and the Sheffield, Nottingham, and London Railways. David White Griffiths, Esq., Bodegroes, Carnarvonshire- William Gibbs, Esq., Camberwell, Director of tho Metropolitan Junction Railway. John Williams, Esq., M.D., Beverley, Yorkshire. Francis Ewart, Esq., Brick Court, Temple, and Down- shire Hill, Hampstead, Director of the Great Leeds and London Railway. Edward Legh, Esq., The Limes, Lewisham. John Taylor, Esq., Berkeley Square, Bristol. James Beach, Esq., The Shaws, Cheadle, William Bronckes, Esq., M.D., Cork Street, Burlington. Gardens, Director of the Direct London and Liverpool Railway. Thomas Brindley, Esq., Kingsley Place. Julius Ie Souef, Esq., Upper Charlotte Street, 7 itzroy Square, Deputy Chairman of the Lynn and Fak^nham, and Director of the St. Albans and Hertford, and Huntingdon, St. Ives and Wisbech Railway*. Thomas Cartwright, Esq., HiH Ball, near Newport, Shropshire.