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EISTEDDFOD.—The forthcoming week is anticipated wilh much interest and pleasure by all classes. These national meetings being triennial, there is more anxiety to seize the opportunity of attending; and we understand that there is an idea of extending the boundaries within which the competition is now allowed to take place, so that the remainder of Brecknockshire may participate in the interests and advantages which are now only enjoyed by natives of the district of Gwent and Morganwg, inclu- ding only a small part of the last-mentioned county. We hear that all the best lodgings in Abergavenny are being rapidly bespoken. NEWPORT TOWN-HALL.—Thursday, October 2nd.- Present, the Mayor, Wm. Brewer, Esq., Thos. Hughes, Esq., and J. S. Allfrey, Esq.—James Keneer Waters was charged with allowing disorderly women to assemble in his house. Thos. Hopkins, police constable, sworn: On Tuesday night last, about ten o'clock, I was in company with P.C. Haynard visiting the beer.houses and inns. We went into the defendant's house, on the canal side, and saw from ten to fifteen disorderly women there. Defendant was convicted in the penalty of ten shillings and costs.-John Elliot, landlord of the Britannia public-house, was also fined ten shillings and costs for a similar offence. Monday, October 6th.—Present, the Mayor.-Mary Letvis was charged with having been drunk and disorderly. Discharged upon the condition o instantly leaving the town -Thursday, Oct. 9th.— Present, the Mayor and Thomas Hawkins, Esq. — Ellen Richards and Lydia Jones were charged with having grossly misconducted themselves in public. Fined live shillings for drunkenness.—John Holmes was charged with keeping a disorderly beer-house. P. C. Haynard stated—" On Thursday, the 29th September, I was at the Neptune beer-house, Pillgwenlly, kept by John Holmes. About half-past two o'clock, I saw two disorderly women, named Margaret Davies and Ellen Hopkin, and several sailors, in the house, and another person, very drunk. I visited the house at 11 o'clock, and the same parties were there, and I then turned them out, and ordered them home. I saw the defendant in the house. I have been several times in the house since that period, and I have often seen the same girls there." Fined 20s. and costs.— James Jones was charged with assaulting Mary Parrott. Settled out of court.—Ann Snail-am was charged with assaulting Mary Evans. Complainant stated—" I am the wife of Edward Evans, blacksmith. The defendant and myself live in the same house. On Tuesday last, the 7th inst., about three o'clock, the defendant came into my room and abused me, and then struck me with one hand, and held a poker in the other over me." Case dismissed. [Our correspondent omitted to state upon what grounds the case was dismissed, as the evidence furnished seems straightforward and conclusive.] NEWPORT.—On Monday last a sharp contest took platye to supply the vacancy in the Carpenters' Arms Union Benefit Society, caused by the death of Mr. David Davies. There were three candidates in the field, and after the ballotting was concluded, the numbers were as follows — Mr. John Milner, jun., 34 Mr. Rogers, Ship Broker, 31; Mr. Williams, jun Crindau. 21. The first named gentleman was declared duly elected. We are informed that this is one of the most respectable Societies in Eng- land, and ranks amongst its numbers several of the most wealthy and influential gentlemen in Newport and its neighbourhood, including the venerable baronet at Tre- degar. MONMOUTHSHIRE CANAL NAVIGATION.—A public meet- ing of the proprietors of this navigation was held at Newport, on Thursday, for the purpose of contracting to sell and convey, or otherwise, upon the terms and con- ditions provisionally agreed upon at the last general assembly, the existing canals,railways, works, and other property of the company, together with the intended Newport and Pontypool Railway. The meeting was most numerously and respectably attended; but we regret that the very late hour at which our correspondent's letter reached us precludes our doing more than merely noticing the meeting.

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