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Manchester and Milford Haven Railway. IN consequence of arrangements now making for an t Amalgamation with the Manchester and Birming- ham Continuation and Welsh Junction Railway, the Manchester and Milford Haven Company will not for the present issue the whole number of their shares. TAFF VALE RAILWAY. TENDERS FOR LOANS ON MORTGAGE DEBENTURE. THE DIRECTORS are ready to receive Tenders for LOANS of MONEY, (at a rate of interest not ex- ceeding 4 per cent. per annum), to the extent ofjEK),400, to replace that amount of the Company's first Mortgage Debentures falling due on the 1st February next. Tenders to be addressed to the Secretary on or before the lst day of November next, endorsed, Tenders for Loans." By Order, A. F. MORCOM, Secretary. Taff Vale Railway Office, ? Cardiff, 8th October, 1845. f -> TAFF YALE RAILWAY. Contract for Works on Rhondda Branch. THE DIRECTORS are desirous of receiving Tenders for the formation of about ONE MILE of RAIL- WAY, commencing at or near the present Terminus of the Rhondda Branch, and extending to Penrhiwgwynt. Plans and Specifications may be seen at the Office of the Company's Engineer, at the Cardiff Terminus, on and after WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15th instant. Sealed Tenders, endorsed, "Tender for Work on Rhondda Branch," to be delivered to the Secretary on or before THURSDAY, OCTOBER 23rd instant. By Order, A. F. MORCOM, Secretary. Taff Vale Railway, | Cardiff, October 1st, 1845. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. THE Rhondda Vale, and Neath, and Taff VALES JUNCTION RAILWAY. (PROVISIONALLY REGISTERED.) THIS RAILWAY is intended to be made with the object of its forming a Junction (in the most im- portant. mineral district of the whole of South Wales,) with the Welsh Midland, the Taff Vale Railways, and with the Midland and Northern parts of the Kingdom; and thereby, as well as a Passenger Traffic, to secure a perfect communication for the Household and Steam Packet Coal of the Rhondda and adjacent valleys, to the Ports of Cardiff, Neath, and Swansea; and, by means of the Welsh Midland Railway, to supply the Central Counties of Hereford, Shropshire, Worcester, and a large portion of North and South Wales with Household Coal, of as good quality at any in the Kingdom, at a cheaper rate than this useful article can be obtained from any other district. A Prospectus with a list of the Provisional Committee will be published in a few days. ftottrrø. TTTANTED, in a CLERGYMAN'S FAMILY, in a YY retired part of the Country, in Glamorganshire, a GOVERNESS, to undertake the Education of a little GIRL and Two little BOYS, between the ages of Four and Eight Years. She will be required to give instruc- tions in Music, the FRENCH LANGUAGE, and the first rudiments of LATIN. A letter, with real name and address, directed to C.T., to be left at Cle Post-Office, Bonvilstone, near Cowbridge, till called for, will meet with immediate attention. October 9th, 1845. MONEY. £ 1000, and various smaller Sums jLlUvF ready to be Advanced on approved Security. Apply to Mr. Matthews, Solicitor, Cardiff. ABERGAVENNY CYMREIGYDDION. GRAND FANCY & FULL DRESS BALL THOMAS MORGAN, ANGEL HOTEL, BEGS respectfully to inform the Nobility .and Gentry that the above BALL will take place at the NEW CYMREIGYDDION HALL, on FRIDAY, the 17th instant. C. KEMYS TYNTE, Esq., Cefn Mabley,} gTEw ^Dg SIR BEN. HALL, Bart., M.P., Lanofer, £ iio REWARD! WHEREAS, some Person or d'd, on the night of Tuesday or early on Wednesday morn- ing last, go on board the Brig HOPE." of Newcastle, and stole therefrom the Captain's Desk, containing Papers and Money, from which SIX £10 BANK OF ENG- LAND NOTES were taken. Whoever will give such information as will lead to the apprehension and conviction of the offender or offenders, shall receive the above reward. H. H. PARRY & BROTHER. DAVID BALLARD BEGS to announce to the Inhabitants of BRIDGEND and its Vicinity, that le intends to conduct the business of a CHEMIST and DRUGGIST in that Town, where he respectfully solicits the patronage of his Friends and the Public. Relying upon a knowledge acquired by extensive expe- rience in s^eral houses of the first respectability, both in London and in the Country, and on an intimate acquaint- ance with the produce and system of the Drug Market, D. B. can pledge himself that every article of his stock shall be genuine, and the prices at all times the most reasonable. The most scrupulous care will be constantly taken in every part of the business the utmost exactness and neatness will be observed in compounding the clearest directions will be attached in dispensing prescriptions, and precision of arrangement will be established to pre- clude errors and accidents. A complete assortment of the most popular Patent and Proprietary Medicines will be always on hand; PARTI- CULAR ATTENTION WILL BB PAID TO HORSE & CATTLE MEDICINES, and every preparation will be strictly accord- ing to the Pharmacopoeias of the London, Edinburgh, and Dublin Colleges. EVERY ARTICLE OF PERFUMBRY. Bridgend, 1845. 8() TEA AND COFFEE MART, 7, ANGEL STREET, CARDIFF. J A. RESPECTFULLY informs his Friends and the Public, that he has opened the above Premises with a large and WELL-SELECTED STOCK of GROCERY and PROVISIONS. Having had long experience in the trade, he purposes Supplying them with GOODS OF THE FIRST QUALITY at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PROFIT; he earnestly solicits a tn,aJ' when he feels assured of their entire satisfaction, which he hopes to deserve by continual assiduity in every branch of the business. The following List of Prices, he submits to their notice BLACK TEAS. s. d.i GREEN. »• A- Good Congou 3 41 Good Twankay.. Strong ditto. 3s. 6d to 3 8 Fine Hyson 4 6 Full flavoured, particu- I Good Gunpowder, 5s.4d.to 6 0 larly recommended, 4 0 Small Leaf Gunpowder, Finest Pekoe flavoured j very fine. 7 0 Congou. 50 All these Teas will give great and general satisfaction; the inferior Souchongs and Boheas which are sold at 2s. 6d. to 3s. cannot be recommended. FRESH ROASTED COFFEES. s. d.i II. d. Good Ceylon. Is. 2d. to 1 4| Finest Jamaica •• „ Fine Java 1 61 Very best Mocha 2 FRY'S CHOCOLATES AND COCOAS. These Coffees are not to be surpassed for mellowness and richness of flavour. RAW AND REFINED SUGARS AT MARKET PRICE. Aalto bJl A ction. SAINT NICHOLAS, GLAMORGANSHIRE. SALE OF LIVE AND DEAD FARMING STOCK, IMPLEMENTS OF HUSBANDRY, DAIRY AND BREWING UTENSILS, HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, AND OTHER EFFECTS. goa rnrn rnw By Mr. Mark Marks, On THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30th, 1845, on the Pre- mises, at VIAN'S HILL FARM, in the Parish o Saint Nicholas, THE undermentioned FARMING STOCK, House- hold Furniture, and other Effects, the property of Mr. GEORGE PRICE, (who is leaving this part of the country), consisting of 3, Milch Cows 1 Two-year-old Heifer; 1 Two-year-old Steer; 1 Yearling Heifer; 1 Heifer Calf; 25 Breeding Ewes; 13 Ewe Lambs; I Ram; 11 Fat Sheep; 2 Cart Horses; 1 Pony; 2 Donkeys, with their Foals; 2 Store Pigs Geese, Ducks, Fowls, and Guinea Fowls; 2 Carts; Water Carriage; Child's Carriage Donkey Cart; Breeching and Trace Harness; Saddles and Bridles; Side Saddle; Winnow- ing Machine; Chaff Box; Roller; Iron Plough; Drags and Harrows; Sheep's Netting; Wheel-barrows; Lad- ders Hurdles Pigs' Troughs; Garden Tools; Glass Lights; Ropes Pikes; Rakes; Lot of Old Iron, &c., &c. A Double Screw Cheese Press; Box and other Churns; Vats; Pans; Buckets; Casks; BREWING UTENSILS; Grindstone. Also, about FOUR ACRES of POTATOES (White, Jersey Blues, and Rough Reds); about SIX ACRES of TURNIPS TWO RICKS of WHEAT One Rick of HAY, about TEN TONS. IRISH CAR AND HARNESS. VAPOUR BATH. Also, part of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, comprising, Four-post and other Bedsteads, with Furni- ture; Truckle ditto Mahogany Wardrobe Bedstead Child's Crib; Damask Moreen Window Curtain, with Patent Gilt Pole; Mahogany Bed Steps; Chests of Drawers; Book-case, with Secretaire Chimney Glass; Mahogany, Easy, and other Chairs Pembroke and other Tables; Eight-day Clock, in Mahogany Case Washing- Stands; Carpeting; Fire Guard; Fenders, and Fire Irons; Hall Lamp; Patent Filter; Kitchen Dresser; Closet; Meat Screen; Safe; Plate Rack Glass Earthenware; and a variety of Kitchen Requisites. Also,the RUFFAGE and LATTERMATH of about SIXTY-EIGHT ACRES of LAND till Candlemas, and the HOUSE till the First of May next. Three Months' Credit will be given to purchasers of JE20 and upwards, on approved security. The Sale to commence with the Sheep at Ten o'Clock in the Morning precisely, as the whole is intended to be Sold in one day. GLAMORGANSHIRE. ¡:Pilla [P (fJ:Il£lœlJ)¡; Begs to inform the Public that he is requested to offer FOR SALE BY AUCTION, On WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER the 22nd, 1845, pre- cisely at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, (unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due notice will be given,) at the NEW INN, NEWBRIDGE, .GLAMORGANSHIRE, ALL that well frequented PUBLIC HOUSE, called the PRINCE OF WALES," together with SIX LEASEHOLD COTTAGES, STABLING, and OUT- BUILDINGS, with front and back gardens, and ground for the erection of six more cottages adjoining, situate at Top Lock Wain, in the parish of Merthyr, and within ten yards of the Merthyr and Aberdare Canal Junction. The above property has been recently erected, and is in a good state of repair, possessing every conve- nience, and is occupied by good and respectable tenants, paying a clear rental of JE30 per annum. It is held under a lease of 99 years. The auctioneer respectfully calls the attention of coal masters, contractors, and others, to the above property, as it is situate in the immediate neighbourhood of Gelly Gare, Top Hill, Lancaich, and other Collieries, within fifty yards of the seventeen canal locks, Taff Vale Railway Incline, and Aberdare Turnpike Road, the Aberdare Junction Railway, now commencing, and the Eastern and Western line passes within a few yards. It is unnecessary to add, that in consequence of the rapid increase of population in the neighbourhood and the scarcity of houses, property of the above description must naturally augment in value. Further particulars may be obtained by application to Messrs. J. J. Nicholas and Co., Timber Merchants, or the Auctioneer, No. 44 and 59, Commercial-street, New- port. GLAMORGAN S H I RE. MR. WATKINS WILL zoaz [[J "Z! Jl fJJ 'JJ r!! 11 ø £1 f) On Wednesday, the 22d October, 1845, AT ELY COTTAGE, NEAR CARDIFF, THE Elegant and Modern HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, and other Effects, of Mr. William Andrews, who is leaving the neighbourhood; consisting of Four- post Bedsteads, of the best Spanish mahogany, on strong castors, with rich damask and chintz hangings, and window curtains to match French and Tent Bed- steads with dimity furniture, feather-beds, and bed- ding, of a very superior quality; Hair and Wool Mattresses, Palliasses, best manufactured Brussels and Kidderminster Carpets, Mahogany and Painted Toilet Tables, Washing Stands and Chests of Drawers, Rose- wood and Mahogany Couches, Sofas, and Chairs, covered with horsehair and moreen; Moreen Window Curtains, Brasses and Poles, Sideboard, Cheffioneers, Solar Lamp, Fenders and Fire-irons, Mahogany & Rosewood Dining, Loo, Card, and Work Tables, Breakfast and Dinner Ser- vices, Kitchen Requisites, Culinary Articles, Brewing Utensils of the best description, and a variety of other A rti('Jps- Also 2 pairs of Trucks, Barley Screen, set of Measures, Chaff-boxes, Garden Tools, Wheelbarrow, excellent Gig Harness, Saddle and Bridle, &c. The whole of the Furniture is nearly new, and will be sold without reserve. The Sale to commence at Eleven o clock punctually. GLAMORGANSHIRE. Capital Investments in Landed and Mineral Property. MESSRS. ADAM MURRAY & SON ARE INSTRUCTED TO z .jJ f!J (f) ?:P [l (])!i7 f) IN LOTS, At the MACKWORTH ARMS INN, in the Borough and Sea- port Town of SWANSEA, on THURSDAY, the 13th day of NOVEMBER, 18-15, at 12 o'clock at noon precisely, (and following Dav), CAPITAL FREEHOLDS COPYHOLD ESTATES and FREEHOLD MINERAL PROPERTY, con- sisting of upwards of 20 FARV1S and MESSUAGES, containing nearly 1000 Acres of Arable & Meadow Land, and the COAL and MINERALS under the same and other Lands to the extent of about 2000 Acres, situate in the parishes of Llansamlet, Swansea, St. John-juxta- Swansea, Llangevelach, Llanguick, Llaudilo-Talybont, Loughor, Ustoue, and Llanrhidian, in the county of Glamorgan; also LEASEHOLD HOUSES&WHARFS at and near Swansea. Some of the Coal is of as good quality for Steam-packet purposes as any in the Kingdom, and the situation commands an excellent outlet to the sea i '1.1.T-.I. i for exportation. The South vv ales, 11 .I.'UUI..UU, aim Swansea Vale Railways will pass through parts of the property, and will increase the facilities for bringing the Coal to market. A portion of the Coal in Llangevelach and St. Johns has been leased at Sleeping Rents and Royalties to most respectable Tenants. The Estates will be Sold subject to such Conditions as shall be pro- duced at the time of Sale. Printed particulars may be had at the Offices of Messrs. Llewellyn and Randall, Solicitors, Neath Messrs. Row- land, Hacon, and Rowland, Solicitors, 38, Threadneedle- street, London; Messrs. Adam Murray and Son, 35, Craven-Street, Strand at the Inns at Bristol & Swansea, and at the Commercial Rooms at Liverpool, Newcastle- upon-Tyne, Manchester, and Glasgow. DOWLAIS, NEAR MERTHYR. TO DRAPERS~& GROCERS. MESSRS. BRADLEY, BARNARD, & Co., Have received instructions from the Trustee, to offer FOR SALE IN ONE LOT, BY TENDER, THE whole of the recently purchased and WELL SELECTED STOCK IN TRADE of Mr. JOHN GODFREY, Draper, &c., High-Street, who has made an Assignment for the Benefit of his Creditors. The Stock consists of Calicos, Long Cloths, Ducks and Dowlas, Sheetings, Ticks, Flannels, Blankets, Checks and Stripes, Cotton and Silk Handerchiefs, Cotton and Woollen Shawls, Turnovers, Merinos, Orleans, Crapes, Muslins, Prints, Print and Delaine Dresses, Velvets, Plaids, Moleskins and Cords, Ribbons, Blonds, Lace aud Quill-J ings, Umbrellas, Hats, Caps, Haberdashery, Hosiery I Tea, &c., &c., &c.« the whole amounting to about £ 25&ni The Fixtures are in good Condition, and may be ts at a valuation. The present is a capital opportunity, and onq seldom occurs, for any person wishing to embar' Ready Money concern with a small C*pital. ay, The whole will be on view on Saturday and ,-en- the lIth and 13th days of October instant, whpre- tories and Conditions of Sale will be producers will cisely at One o'Clock on the latter day, the "fared, be opened on the Premises, and the purchaf Albion For further Particulars apply to the Bj, Cheap- Chambers, Bristol, or No. 6, Bow Churel tide, London. Bristol, October 0,1814.







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