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Worcester & Leominster Railway,


Worcester & Leominster Railway, Via BROM rARD. [REGISTERED PROVISIONALLY.] Capital £600,000, in 30,000 Shares of f20 each. Deposit £2 2s. per Share. PROVISIONAL COMMITTEE. Sir Wm. Smith, Bart., Bardiston House, Worcester Henry Getge Ward, Esq., M.P., Chairman of the Great Eastern and Western Railway Company John Barneby, Esq., M.P. Brockampton, Bromyard Adm!. J. Ayscough, Southampton, director of the Bir- mingham and Leicester Railway George Allies, Esq., Worcester, Alderman of Worcester Director of the Great Eastern and Western, and Wor- cester, Warwick, and Rugby Railway Companies Edward Allies, Esq., Tunbridze Suckley, Worcester Richard Ashton, Esq., White Lion-court, Cornhill William Barneby, Esq., Clayton Park, Bromyard, Magis- trate of Herefordshire 0 W. G. Beare, Esq., 6, Porchester.place, Connaught- square James Best, Esq., Worcester Mr. Edward Bannister, Wool-merchant and Wool-manu- facturer, Leominster William Bastow, Esq., Surrey-place, London Mr. Thomas Benbow, Brockington, farmer and land- owner Mr. Thomas Berriman, Brook House, Bromyard George Brown, Esq., Twining Park, Worcestershire Mr. Charles Bird, of the firm of Messrs. Farmer and Bird, wholesale druggists, Worcester David Bryan, Esq., Northampton, director of the Mid- lands and Eastern Counties, the Eastern and Northern Counties, Chester and Wolverhampton, and Hudders- field and Derby Railway Lewis Buckland, Esq., Avenue Road, St. John's Wood Walter Chamberlain, Esq., Worcester Royal Porcelain Manufactory Frederick Chamier, Esq., RN., Halkin-street, Belgrave- square, director of the Paris and Lyons Railway George BeauchampCole, Esq., Chester-street, Grosvenor- place, Director of the Great Eastern and Western Railway Company William Connop, Esq., Westington, Leominster Mr. James Coucher, Wool Merchant, Worcester Henry Cornfoot, Esq Copthall-court, and Old Palace, Richmond, Director of the Great Eastern and Western Railway Mr. George Cox, Glove Manufacturer, Worcester Captain Charles Dutton, Bredenbury House, Bromyard Thomas Dowglasse, Esq., Marlborough-place, St. John's Wood, Director of the Great Eastern and Western Railway Company Henry Clarke Duppa, Esq., Quarry House, Boughton Monchelsea, Kent, Director of the Great Eastern and Western Railway Company Francis Davies, Esq., Pershore Thomas Davis, Esq., Powick, Worcester James Eckley, Esq., Bromyard William Eckley, gent., Bromyard John Freeman, Esq., Gains, Bromyard, Magistrate of Herefordshire and Worcestershire William Gambier, Esq., Sacombe Park, Herts John Matthew Gutch, Esq., Banker, Worcester, Director of Worcester, Warwick, and Rugby Railway, and a Magistrate of Worcester. Mr. Edwin Gardner, Corn, 'Hop, and Seed Merchant, Worcester Mr. Richard Hadleigh, miller and corn-factor, Leigh and Worcester Frederick Harris, Esq., The Hill, Leominster Richard Hickman, Esq., Oldswinford, Magistrate of Worcestershire E. H. Howey, Esq., Bromyard Richard Hemming, Esq., Swington, near Bromyard, and Kingsland, Leominster James Hemming, Esq., Church House, Bromyard Mr. John Hughes, Wool Merchant, Worcester. Mr. John Hood, Merchant and Carrier, Worcester Mr. George Hill, of the firm of Messrs. Hill and Turley, W orcester John Hall, Esq, Merchant, Worcester Joseph Hall, Esq., Alderman & Magistrate of Worcester Edmund Herbert, Esq., Powick, Worcester Henry James, Esq., Leominster, Mayor of Leominster Mr. William James, Leominster John Wheeley Lea, Esq., Vice Chairman of the Severn Navigation Company, Managing Director of the Droit- wich Patent Salt Company, and a Director of the Great Eastern and Western Railway John Lilly, Esq., Alderman of Worcester, Worcester Royal Porcelain Manufactory Edward Lloyd, Esq., Sheriff of Worcester James Macmillan, Esq., Southampton, Director of the Southampton, Manchester, and Oxford Junction Railway Arthur Mann, Esq., Woburn square, Director of the Great Eastern and Western Railway Lieutenant Col. Meredith, St. Johns & Suckley, Worcester William Moore, Esq., Elm Bank, Powick, Worcester Mr. F. H. Needham, Merchant, Worcester Henry Newcombe, Esq.,Hardingstone,N orthamptonshire George Parbury, Esq., Russel-square, director of the Great Eastern and Western Railway E. Burnam Pateshall, Esq., Allensmore, Hereford, a magistrate of Herefordshire John Peart, Esq., Cheltenham, Director of the Worces- ter, Warwick, and Rugby, Brighton and Chelten- ham, and the Cheltenham, Oxford, and London Junction Railways George R. Peppercorn, Esq., Box-hill, Sussex, director of the Paris and Strasburg Railway Mr. Powell, AVine Merchant, of the Firm of Messrs. Powell and Sons, Worcester John Pumphrey, Esq., Droitwich, Magistrate of Droit- wich, and director of the Worcester, Warwick, and Rugby Railway Company Robert Biddulph Phillips, Esq., Longworth, Ledbury, and Buckenhill, Bromyard, Magistrate, and Deputy- Lieutenant of Herefordshire Mr. William Phillips, Bromyard, grocer and landowner Mr. James Rea, of the firm of Messrs. Rea and Sons, Maltsters, Worcester Mr. J. P. Rea, of the firm of Messrs. Rea and Sons, Maltsters, Worcester James Reeves, Esq., Cheapside, and Leyton, Director of the Direct London and Manchester, and Great Man- chester & Rugby, & Southampton Railways George Reese, Esq., Ford House, Newport, Monmouth- shire James Robertson, Esq.. Worcester Mr. Thomas Shirley, North Audley-street, London, and Stone House, Bromyard John Francis Smith, Esq., Whitbourne Court, Birming- ham William Southall, Esq., White House, Suckley, Wor- cester Joseph Stinton, Esq., Munderfield House, Bromyard, and Lincoln's-inn, London, Magistrate of Herefordshire Henry Stock, Esq., Be Idgelert, N. W. Philip Taylor, Esq., Bromyard Thomas Timming, Esq., Wucton, Bromyard Mr. John Stone, Worcester John Tolley, Esq., Westford, Droitwich, Magistrate of Droitwich, Director of the Worcester, Warwick, and Rugby Railway Mr. Thomas Tolley, Buckland, Leominster James Upfill, Esq., The Green, Bromyard, Director of the Staffordshire and Shropshire and Dover and Bristol Railways William Vevers, Esq., Dormington Court, Hereford T. P. P. Wight, Esq., Tedstone Court, Bromyard Peter Wrarburton, Gent., High Bailiff of Bromyard John Walker, Esq., Lulsley Court, Bromyard Mr. Wells, Hop Merchant, Worcester Mr. Woodward, Hop Merchant, Worcester John Henry Walsh, Esq., Worcester Mr. James Wall, Merchant and Carrier, Worcester (With power to add to their number.) CHIEF ENGINEER.—William Gravatt, Esq., F.R.S. ASSISTANT ENGINEER.—S. F. Griffin, Esq. SOLICITORS. Messrs. Elmslie & Preston, 47, Moorgate-street, London ifcleury Foley, Esq., Worcester Messrs. W. & T. Deveroux, Bromyard BANKERS. London. The London and Westminster Bank, Loth- bury. tlie Commercial Bank of London. Worcester.. Messrs. Farley, Lavendar, and Co. LOCAL AGENT. John Bedford, Esq., Leominster THIS line will diverge from the line of the Grelt JL Eastern and Western Railway near Worcester, and proceeding by Bromyard will end at Leominster, at which point it will unite with the proposed lines connecting Hereford and Shrewsbury with North Wales. The communication by railway between these impor- tant towns and the contiguous hop and cider districts has been entirely left unprovided for by existing arrange- ments, and this line is brought forward under the auspices of the Great Eastern and Western Railway Company, on the strong representations and request of a large and most influential body of the landed gentry of the neigh- bourhood. The object proposed is to make a direct communication between Leominster, Bromyard, and Worcester, which latter town has always been the natural market for the produce of these districts, and to afford the inhabitants the most direct communication with London, as compared with other lines, by upwards of 30 miles. No person will be liable for more than his deposit till the act is obtained, and power will be applied for to allow interest at £4 per cent. on all calls from the time of their respective payments, as well as to limit the liability of the shareholders to the amount of their subscriptions. Applications for shares, in the annexed form, to be made to the Provisional 'Committee, at the office, 5, Greshara-street, London, or to Messrs. John Shewell and Son, Sharebroker3, Tokenhouse-yard Messrs. B. and M. Boyd, 4, Bank-buildings, and Mr. John Smith, 3, Shorter's-court, London; Mr. John Duncuft, Share- broker, Manchester; Mr. John O'Neil, Sharebroker, Manchester; Messrs. Schultz and Carr, Sharebrokers, Mr. Thomas Lee, juu., and Messrs. Reynolds and Son, Liverpool; Messrs. H. and C. Beardshaw, Sharebrokers, Leeds; Messrs. Tate and Nash, Sharebrokers, Bristol; Mr. James Peaison, Sharebroker, Birmingham Messrs. Samuel II utchmson and Co., Sharebrokers, Bradford Mr. William Miles, Sharebroker,, Worcester; Mr. Balme, Gloucester; Mr. Robert Allan, Sharebroker, Edinburgh Mr. William Gordon, Sharebroker, Aberdeen Messrs. Black and Co., Sharebrokers, Buchan-street. Glasgow and Messrs. Buchauan Aitkeif, Sharebrokers, Glasgow and Messrs. Bruce and Symes, Sharebrokers, Dublin of whom prospectuses may be had. FOIm OF APPLICATION FOR SHARES. To the Provisional Committee of the Worcester and Leominster Railway- Gentlemen,—I request that you will allot to me shares of £20 each in the above Railway, and I hereby undertake to accept the same, or any less number you may allot me, and to pay the deposit of £2 2s. per share thereon, and to sign the parliamentary contract and sub- scribers' agreement when required. Dated this day of 1845. Name in full Place of business or profession Residence Business or Profession Signature Name, Residence, & Profes- £ sion of Referee.) Witness Residence




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