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PROSPECTUS OF THE RHONDDA AXD ELY VALLEYS GLAMORGANSHIRE. (PROVISIONALLY REGISTERED.) Promoted with the sanction and support of the Right Hon. the Earl of Dunraven. Capital, £200,000, in 10,000 Shares of JE20 each. Deposit £2 2s. per Share. PROVISIONAL COMMITTEE. Viscount Adare, M.P., Dunraven Castle, Glamorgan Crawshay Bailey, Esq., Nantyglo Iron Works, Sir Robert Price, Bart., M.P., Foxley, Herefordshire Richard Price, Esq., M.P., Radnorshire Sir William Wynn, Maes Eewyeld, Chairman of the North Wales Railway James G. Barrett, Esq., Ross, Herefordshire Henry A. Bruce, Esq., Duffryn House, Cardiff James Brown, Esq., of Ton Ddu, near Bridgend William Bradley, Esq., Manor Oaks, Sheffield, Director of the Sheffield and Manchester Railway Charles Richard Bigge, Esq., 19, Bryanston-square John Castendick, Esq., Lewisham, Kent Thomas Chitty, Esq., Director of the Rugby and Wor- cester Railway The Rev. James Cozens, Ynys Plwm, Glamorganshire Edward Cotton, Esq., St. James's-square and Kenil- worth, Director of the Commercial Bank Capt. Dawson, R.N., Barnes, Surrey, Director of the Cambridge and Lincoln Extension Railway George Dennis, Esq., Director of the Great Leeds and London Direct 0 Richard Dutton, Esq., Director of the South and Mid- lands Junction Railway William Edmondes, Esq., of Cowbridge, Glamorganshire Thomas H. Evans, Mayor of Carnaiyon, Director of the Rugby and Worcester Railway The Rev. H. R. Fowler, Felton, near Bristol, and No. 7, M anchester-sq uare Captain Hewitt, Tyr Mab Ellis, Glamorganshire Windsor H. Humphreys, Esq., Garth Hall, Glamorgan- shire John J. Harris, Esq., Treverig, Glamorganshire John Hopkins, Esq., Killely, Glamorganshire William Harrison, Esq, Hill House, Upper Tooting John James, Esq., secondary of the City of London, and Director of the South and Midlands Junction Railway John Inglis Jerdein, Esq., Director of the Great Man- chester, Rugby, and Southampton Railway Vero Clarke Kemball, Esq., Hyde Park-gardens, Direc- tor of the South and Midlands Junction Railway Richard Keily, Esq., Director of the York and Lancaster Railway Griffith Llewellyn, Esq., Baglan Hall, Glamorganshire William Lewellin, Esq., Director of the Bridgend Branch of the National Provincial Bank of England James Morrison, Esq., Director of the Chepstowand Forest of Dean Railway Thomas Morris, Esq., Newport, Monmouthshire Leyshon Morgan, Esq., Lower Tremains, Bridgend, Glamorganshire Samuel P. Pratt, Esq., F.R.S., Bath, and No. 55, Lin- coln's Inn-fields, Director of the Kennet and Avon Canal William Simpson Potter, Esq., Sussex-gardens, Hyde Park George B. Pye, Esq., Lavenham, Suffolk Evan Prichard, Esq., Collenna House, Glamorganshire James Brown, Esq., of Ton Ddu, near Bridgend Richard Fowler Rickards, Esq., Lantrissent House, Glamorganshire James Reeves, Esq., Director of the London and Man- chester Direct, and South and Midlands Junction Railways Edward L. Richards, Esq., Merthyr-Tydvil, Glamorgan- shire John Randall, Esq, Old Castle, Bridgend, Glamorgan- shire Richard Lewis Reece, Esq., county coroner, Cardiff Edward Scard, Esq., of Kew Green, Surrey, and Garth Hall, Glamorganshire Henry James, Esq., Finsbury-square, London Joseph Underwood, Esq., The Hall, Blackheath, Direc- tor of the London and Birmingham Extension Railway Co., and Director of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (With power to add to their number.) Secretary-Mr. John Petherick. Solicitors—^V. B. James, Esq., 5, Basinghall-street, Lon- don; William Morgan, Esq., Bridgend, Glamorgan. Bankers—Commercial Bank of London National Pro. vincial Bank, Bridgend and Cardiff. THIS Railway is projected fcAhe purpose of uniting J_ the Rhondda and Ely Valleys with the South Wales Railway, at a few miles distance from the port of Cardiff; and to open a new mineral district, one of the richest and most important in South Wales, which is at present without the means of transit for its immense and valuable products. It will pass through the central portion of the great coal field of Glamorganshire, where iron-stone also abounds with the coal in immense quantities, and laying, geologically speaking, nearly flat, and obtainable, for the most part, by proper levels. The coal, in addition to its being of excellent quality for iron making, as is proved at Merthyr and Aberdare, is also, like that of those dis- tricts, of the very best description for steam-purposes, being nearly smokeless, although inflammable; indeed so pre-eminently is the superiority of this description of coal established for steam-purposes over any other, that the demand for it far exceeds the supply, and promises, according to the opinion of the most eminent marine engineers, to supersede all others for purposes of steam- navigation. This source of traffic alone will afford a handsome return for the capital invested, as has been demonstrated in every instance where even tramroads or canals have been constructed to open the mineral resources of other less promising vallies in Wales than the Rhondda, which is celebrated for the abundance, quality, and facility of obtaining its production. An inexhaustible supply of limestone (so necessary for the manufacture of iron and for agricultural purposes) may be obtained by means of this Railway, much nearer and cheaper than by any other line. This line will afford to the increasing population of the rich vales of Ely and Rhondda a much desired communi- cation with the great market town and port of Cardiff, from whence, at present, they may be said to be almost excluded. It is intended that the line shall commence at Blaen Rhondda, the head of the Rhondda Valley, and proceed down by a natural pass between the hills of Ffrwd Amws, a distance of eight miles, where it will enter the Ely Valley and proceed down (a further distance of six miles) to Lanelay Bridge, near Lantrissent, and there join the South Wales Railway, thus opening a communication under the most advantageous circumstances, as to dis- tance, with all the ports in the Bristol Channel. A preliminary survey has already been made by com- petent parties, and it is found that the country admits of highly favourable gradients, so much so that it is confi- dently anticipated that the works will be executed very con- siderably under the advertised capital. The Landowners along the line are favourable to this undertaking, and the names of many influential propri tors will be found on the Provisional Committee. Vj No Subscriber will be answerable beyond the amount of his deposit until the Act is obtained, and then not be- yond the amount of his subscription. Until an act of Parliament shall be obtained the affairs of this Company shall be under the control of the man- aging directors, to whom power is given to allot the shares, and to apply the funds of the Company in payment of all the expenses incurred in its formation and in the preparation of the plans and sections to be submitted to Parliament. Power will be applied for in the act (and in the mean time is hereby given to the managing directors as above) to raise any additional capital, to extend or abandon any part of the line, to make branch lines, or enter into any arrangements, by amalgamation or otherwise, with any other company or companies, and also to nominate the first directors of the Company. In the allotment of Shares, a preference will be given to Landowners on the line and other parties locally in- terested. Prospectuses and Maps may be had of, and applications for Shares may be addressed in the form annexed to, W. B. James, Esq.^Solicitor, 5, Basinghall.street, Lon- don.; to W. Morgan, Esq., Solicitor, Bridgend, Glamor- ganshire; and to the under-mentioned Brokers but no applications for Shares will receive the attention of the Committee, unless accompanied by a reference to one or more of the Provisional Committee, Solicitors, or the Engineers:— London Messrs. John Shewell & Son, 25, Token- house Yard Messrs. J. Peppercorne and Co., 2, Old Broad Street Liverpool Messrs. Boultt and Co. Manchester ..Messrs, Houghland and Leese Leeds Messrs. John Young and Co. Bristol Luke Arnold, Esq. Messrs. Taite & Nash Birmingham.. Mr. Collis Sheffield u34 £ g§ £ »j f.1I9 §90S> FORM OF APPLICATION FOR SHARES. To the Provisional Committee of the llhondda and Ely Valleys Junction Railway. GENTLEMEN, —I request that you will allot to me —— Shares of £20 each in this Company, and I undertake to accept the same, and to pay the deposit thereon, or upon any less number that may be allotted to me and I also undertake to execute the Parliamentary Contract and Subscribers' Agreement when required. Name (in full) Residence Trade or Profession Reference with Address Date of Application

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