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!-tc3m Habitation. THE CARDIFF AND BRISTOL a Packets PRINCE OF WALES MATTHEW JONES, Commander; LADY CHARLOTTE, HENRY JEFFERY, Commander; A RE INTENDED to SAIL during the month of OCT. .!1.. as follows (from the BUTE SHIP DOCK) Prince of Wales-Mondays, > Lady Charlotte Monday Wednesdays, & Fridays.— ) Wednesdays, and Fridays Ludy Charlotte Tuesdays,A Prince of Wales—'Tuesdays Thursdays, and Saturdays." Thursdays, and Saturdays Frora CAltDlFF. J From BLLISTOL. Oct., 1843. ) Oct., 1845. 6| mom < 6, Monday. 8 morn 7s Tuesday morn > 7. Tuesday 9 morn Wednesday „. 8 morn 8,Wednesday, 10 morn Thursday 9 mom S 9, Thursday ..lOjmorn 10, Friday, 11 morn 10, Friday, .12§ after 11, Saturday 12g after j 11, Saturday 1 after Carriages and horses to be alongside One hour previous to Time of Sailing. REDUCED FARES :—After Cabin, 4s.; Fore Cabin, 2s CHI i-Jren under Twelve years of age, Half-price; Dogs, is. each A Female Steward attends on Board both Packets. Refreshments may be had on board 011 moderate terms. Four-wheel Carnage 211.; ditto Phaeton or Giji, 10s. Od. TWO-wheel, drawn by one horse and driver, 15s.; Horse A"D Hider, After Cabin, 9s; Horse and Rider, Fore Cabin, ?S. 6).; Cattle and Horses, Gs. each; Sheep, Pi: and Calves, Is. each. Carriages, Horses, Cattle, and Goods, will be subject to Landing and Wharfages at the ''Bute Docks • t Not Accountable for any Goods witheuI Shipping Notes. Freighters are requested to order all Goods intended for the I'jtiNCli OK WALKS, to be sent to Nn. 12, Quay-street, Or to Hohert Chaplin, ClImberland Basin Locks; and for the LADY CHMILOITE, to Clare-street Hall, Marsh-street, and Bull Wharfy-ftedcliiT-strect, Bristol. TIOODS will be hauled from the Warehouses to the Packets at the expense of the Companies. Met thyr, Newbridge, Aberdure, Cowbridge, Bridgend, Llantrissent, and Caerphilly.—Goods forwarded to these PLACES in Spring Waggons anJ J.ock -up Canal Boats hn- "lediattly on arrival, unless ordered by any particular Conveyance, in which case they will be tlcpositeli in the Stearn Packet Warehouse till called for.-Freight to be paid ON delivery. Goods, Packages, Parcels, &c., forwarded to all parts of 'HE Kingdom without delay, when sent to either of their KTEAM Packet Olficrs in Cardiff or Bristol. Further information as to Freight, will be readily obtained by APPLYING to the Agents—Mr. Woodman, Agent at thc LOCKET Office, on the Wharf, Cardiff; or to Mr. G. C. 'GLASSON, Agent, No. 12, Quay-street, Bristol, for the I'UlN'CU OF WALES Packet; and of Mr. T.JOHN, at the racket Office, on the Wharf, Cardiff; or to Mr. W. B. OWEN, 29, Avon Crescent, llotwells, Bristol, for the lADY CHARLOITE Packet. NO TICK-The Proprietors of above the Steam Packets give Notice, that they wiil not be accountable for any Passenger's Luggage. tior will they be answerable for any Goods, Packages, Or PIHcels (if lost or damaged by Fire, Leakage, or otherwise) Unless Booked at either ot their Offices at Cardiff or Bristol, If above the value of 408., unless entered at its value, and Carriage in proportion paid for the same, at the time of liookillg.-(;oods consigned to order. or not taken away before Six o'clock in the evening of the day of landing, will BE warehoused at the risk aud expense of the consignees. All Good. to be considered as lieus, only for freighl and charges due thereon, but also for all previously unsatisfied Freight and Charges due by consignees to the Proprietors of the said Packets. Disputed weights or measurement, claims for loss or damage, &c., cannot be allowed, unless a wriuen hntice of the same he sent to the Office on the day of delivery. r Salfjs i>?? Auction. GLAMORGANSHIRE, SOUTH WALES. Capital Freehold Estates 8c Free- hold Mineral Property TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs. ADAM MURRAY & SON, At the MACKTYORTH ARMS INN, in the Borough and Seaport Town of SWANSEA, in OCTOBER next, unless disposed of in the meantime by Private Contract, of which due notice will be given; A HOUSE in High-Street, and a good WHARF near the Town-Hall, Swansea, and several FARMS (20 in number), and the COAL under; upwards of 1600 Acres of Land, till situate in the several Parishes of Llansamlet. Swansea, St. John-juxta-Swansea, Llange- *elaeh, Llanguke, Llandilo-Talybont, Loughor, Iistone, and Llanridian. Some of the Coal is of as good quality for Steam Packet purposes as any in the Kingdom, and the situation commands an excellent outlet to the sea for exportation. The South Wales, Welsh Midland, and Swansea Yale Railways will pass through parts of the Property, and will increase the facilities for bringing the Coal to Market. A portion of the Coal in Llangefolach and St. John's has been leased at Sleeping Rents and •°.Valties to most responsible Tenants. Printed Particulars will be ready by the middle of September, and may be had of Messrs. Llewellyn and ^•audall, Solicitors, Neath; Messrs. Rowland Hacon and •Rowlands, Solicitors, 38, Threadneedle-Street, London; the Office of Messrs. Adam Murray and Son, 35, Lraven-Street, Strand, London at the Inns at Bristol and Swansea and at the Commercial-Rooms at Liver- Pool, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Manchester, and Glasgow. BRECONS HIRE. 1000 Blount ainSheep, 30 I-lead of Cattle, 3 Cart Worses, 7.2. Hill Fonies, with the -hole of the Implements of Husbandry ana Dairy Utensils. ^t> ID m &*$>&»> 50^ BY WM. JONES, On WEDNESDAY, 8th of OCTOBER, 1845, A T CROFTAU, in the parish of Cantreff, 3 miles from J\. Brecon, the property of Messrs. David and Philip ''illips, leaving the said Farm; consisting of 7 prime Lleh Cows in Calf, I do. and Calf, 6 two-year old ■yfeers» 2 Heifers, 4 Yearling Steers and 2 Heifers, I *earling Bull, 6 Calves; 3 Cart Horses, 1 strong five- 3Par old Hack Mare, 14 hands high, fit for Saddle or arness, 1 excellent Pony Mare, four years old, 20 supe- •<>r Hill Ponies of different ages, several of which may 6 paired for Pony Carriages, being of various colours ''d sizes, and of handsome growth and symmetry; 200 -^tve Sheep, 150 Lambs, 650 Wether Sheep in high con- 'tton, and immediately fit for the slaughter-house, the Jole of which will be put up in convenient lots to suit 6 convenience of purchasers, and sold without reserve strong Bacon Pigs, 1 narrow-wheel Waggon, nearly e}v» 2 narrow-wheel Carts, 2 Gambos, 4 Ploughs, 3 Pn'r.8 of Harrows, Roller, Pikles, Rakes, &c. l* Months' Credit on approved Notes be;ng given to e Auctioneer, to the satisfaction of the Vendors. The Sale fcill commence at 11 o'clock. *he Auctioneer solicits an early attendance, and begs 0 assure his Friends that the Sale will commence at the aPPointed time precisely, as the whole must be Sold the •xmeday. 1 B .J' elIe-vue, Brecon, lith Sept., 1844. DIOCESE OF LLANDAFF. LORD BISHOP of the DIOCESE intends to suTd i hlS TRIENNIAL VISITATION at the times places hereunder mentioned :— At ABERGAVENNY.. On WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 8th, At £ lJ?NMOUTH • • • -0n FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10th At r » PORT On MONDAY, OCTOBER 13th ». J^LANDAFF On WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15th; COWBRIDGE On THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16th. divine Service will commence each Day at Eleven o'Clock. By Order of the Lord Bishop, EDW. STEPHENS, r N.P., D. Registrar. ^landafF, 16th Sept., 1845. CLMOilCMSHIRR NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. Thai the next GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS of the Peace in\i e.8akl County, will be holden at the GUILDHALL, he Town of SWANSEA, in the said Coun%, On MONDAY, the 13th day of OCTOBER next, rv ¥ r as ne °'" ^'ock 'n *'ie Afternoon, when the Justices tin<>rn^e^ w'" immediately proceed to the business rela- th k'ri0 Assessment, Application, and Management of of6 Vounly Stock or Rate, and to the internal regulations the Count) and at Two of the Clock of such day s °Ceed to take into consideration the Provisions of the jy e'al Acts relating to the Establishment of County and -strict Constables, and to make and enter into such tb t>' ^1<^ers> an'l Regulations relating thereto, and to th~ °lice established within the said County, as may be ught expedient. And ,0 n TUESDAY Morning, the 14th day of OCTOBER « next, at Ten o'Clock, *e! Court "wiN proceed with the Trial of Appeals, Tra- jurse's, and Prisoners, at which time all Grand and Petty are re(lu^re^ attend, and the several parties in les pPeal or Traverse. And the Prosecutors and Wit- °n any Indictment are to be prepared to proceed Mediately with their several cases. AH Appeals and *>o»VerSes must be entere(1 1>efore the Opening of the Ses- t^s' All Bills and Demands against the County Stock foit be deliyered into the Office of the Clerk of Peace eetl dags before the Sessions, and all Costs given or Of }Ye(^ lhe Court must be taxed at th« same Sessions, leJ' ^vill not afterwards be allowed. The several1 im Magistrates are requested to return all Depositions bpf,. Office of the Clerk of the Peacc at Cardiff, on or e miBA Y, the 10th day of OCTOBER next. WOOD, r> Clerk of Peace. t'ttdiff, 15th Sept., 1845. NORTH WALES. «AMU CEUTIFICATKB FOR THE TSiB 1SJL5. (FIRST PUBLICATION.) ARRANGED AND PUBLISHED BY T. WITHERS, SURVEYOR. A List of Persons who have obtained Game Certificates for the Year 1815- ANGLESEA. List (1) General Certificates at £ 4 Os. lod. each. Boston, the Right Hon. Lord, Llan- Johnson, W., Jun., Rectory, Llan- Owens, Owen, Llanfawr id an faethly Bucklcy, Sir R. B. W., Bart., Baron Jones, William, Pen'rallt Panton, William Barton, Garreglwyd Hill » H. Wynne, Llantrisant Parry, John, Tanygraig —— W. Bradwin, Penrhos Bradwin Price, John, Plas-cadnant Charlton, St. j John, Terrace, Beau- T. Vaughan, Caeniawr J. Lloyd, Gwen Graig maris Lloyd, W. Richard, Llwydiarth Smith, Robert B., Pencraig Davies, Evan, Bodorgon -1 William, Bwlchyfen -1 David, Tanylau Lewis, James D., Cichle Trotman, Phillip P., Beaumaris J. Lewis H., Henllys Evans, W. Herbert, Trefeilir Vivian, Rl. Hon. Lord, Plasgwyn .Msyrick, Edriiund E., Castle- street, Griffiths, Walter D., Graig-yr-halea Beaumaris Webster, Henry, Vitriol Works George, Pencraig ————, O. Foulkrs, Bodorgon Williams, William, Tyfry Moulsdale, Robert 0., Gwyndu Owen, Tregaean Hughes, W. B., M.P., Plascoch —————, Rev. T. N., Treffos Thomas, Dinam Newman, William, Llanidan List (3) Gamekeepers being Assessed Servants at £ I 7s. 6d. each. Davies, John, Baron Hill—Appointed by Sir R. B. W. Jones, Thomas, Plasgwyn—By Rt. Hon. Lord Vivian, Bulkeley, Bart., for the Manor of Penmon, for the Manor of Plasgwyn and other Penymynydd, Gyifrogwy, &c., in An- Lands in Anglesea glesea Martin, Isaac, Penrhos —By Rt. Hon. Lord Stanley, for glesea Martin, Isaac, Penrhos Hy Rt. Hon. Lord Stanley, for Ilesketh, Hugh, do.—By Sir R. B. W. Bulkeloy, Bart., Lands of Penrhos and other Lands in for Aber, Nanthwynam, and Lands, in Anglesea the County of Carnarvon Parry, Robert, Plas-cadnant—By John Price, Esq., for Jones, Richard, do.—By Sir R. B. W. Bulkeley, Bart., the Manor of Plas-cadnant and other Jones, Richard, do.—By Sir R. B. W. Bulkeley, Bart., the Manor of Plas-cadnant and other for the Manor of IPenmon, Penmynydd, I Lands in Anglesea &c., in Anglesea CARNARVONSHIRE. List (l) General Certificates at £ 4 Os. JOd. each. Coventry, John, Plasgwynant Mathew, Nathaniel, Wern Rowlands, John, Plastirion Edward W., Wern Edwards, R. Lloyd, Nanhoran Turner, W. II., Terrace, Carnaivon Newborougli, Rt. Hon. Lord, Glyn- John; Parkia Griffiths, John G., Llanfair llifon t D. White, Bodegroes Williams, William W., Menai Fron Parry, W. C. J. P., Edern Rectory Jones, F. J. W., Carnarvon Y"ates, John, Bontnewydd Roberts, Owen O., Bangor List (2) Gamekeepers not being Assessed Servants at- f4 0s. lod. each. Edwards, Robert, Llanfair-Appointed by J. J-Griffiths, I Williams, Maurice, Coetllieleti-By R. Thomas, Esq., Esq., for the Lands of Llanfair and his for the Manor of Cemmaes and his other other Lands in Wales i Lands in Wales Hughes, William, Penrhos—By H. R. Williams, Esq., —————, William, Faenol—By Thomas A. Smith, Esq., for Penrhos and his other Lauds in for the Manor of Dinorwil and other Wales I Lands in Wales List (3) Gamekeepers being Assessed Servants at £ 1 7s. 6d. each. Thornman, John, GlynHifon—Appointed by the Rt. Williams, William, Nanhoran—By Richard Lloyd Ed- Hon. Lord Newborough, for Glynllifon I wards, Eoq., for Nanhoran and Lands in and Lands in Wales 0 Wales Thomas, Richard, Abbey—By the Rt. Hon. Lord Newbo- rough, for Abbey & other Lands in Wales DENBIGHSHIRE. Ltst (l) General Certificates at ft Os. IOd. each. Ablett, Joseph, Lianbedr-l-lall Harris, Henry, Laurel Grove Preston, J. E., Plas Madoc Ackland. H. W., Bennar^i Hooper, William. Pentre Coch Price, John, Llanrhaiadr Hall Ainsworth, J. Lees, Llewesog Hall Hopkins, K. H., Berwyn House J. G., Llanrhaiadr Hall Home, J. V., Denbigh .—, Thomas, Llanfwrog Barlow, David, Gwrych Castle House, Nathaniel, Coedmarchan Bennett, George, Segroit Hall Hughes, Thomas, Goedtre Randies, Ellis, Gresford W. H., Segroit Hall _.———, Thomas, Astrad Hall John, Sesswiek Bennion, Willm. Stansty Lodge -———, William, Conway Rees, John, Denbigh ———— John, Wrexham -1 David, Bodvngharad Roberts, John, Newhall Biddulph, Col. Myddleton, Chirk -.——— David, Llisjfynydd John, Burton Castle F. J., Acton House William, Button Capt. Thomas, Chirk Humphreys, Thomas, Berse John, Rlivttleos Castle John, Castellmoch Black, William F., Gwaenynog Jones, William, Wrexham John, Mochnant Blair, James. Cerrugydruidion Kvan, Galltycelyn Rev. R. Lloyd A., Llan. Buckland, Robert, Penrhyn 1 Rev. John, Penyfed gwyfan Griffith, Glynlledr Joseph, Brynkinallt Chapman, C. H., Ruthiu • Amoyl, Tyddynrhonwyn Rev. J., Llanefydd Caloner, G. W., Holt H. Lloyd, Brynymor Rowland, John, Brynsteddfod Clarke, Joseph, Wrexham Stephen, Colwyn Cunlitfe, Sir R. II., Bart., Acton Robert, Belmont Salisbury, Thomas, Llauerch Henry, Acton Jeremiah, Wern, St. George Sandbaeh, II. R., Gaithewin Henry, Acton __—, Jeremiah, Wern, St. George Sandbaeh, II. R., Gaithewin Rev. H. C., Bryn Steddfod Steedman, C. T., Bache Iasa Davies, John, Ty ucha Thomas, Segroit Hall John, Pentregwiddal Richard, Dinbren Hall Thehvall, Rev. E. W., Llanbedr William, Burton William, Ruthin B. H., Wrexham Day, James, Chirk Castle John, Pcnybont Thomas, Edward, Acton Denman, John, Gellygynan Robert, Llwynynn William, Gresford Denton, R. H., Plasdraw ——, Hugh, Woodlands Thompson, Richard, Stansty Hall Dicken, John, Plasgronow fhyune, Lord Edward, Coedy Cehn Downward, Thomas, Bathafarm Park Kewly, W. B., Stansty Lodge Tilbrook, Peter, Llansilin Kirby, Samuel, Wrexham Titlev, Rev. P., Penlwyn Edwards, Edward, Tylnvyntjyr Nant Tacker, Captain, Diuas Hill Charles, Wrexham „ T IT .I. TT —— David, Llandynau Loeket't, j! G. E., Penybryn B°dlondeb Ellis, ihomas, Caegwyn Lloyd, Robert, Llansilin Wan!, i L., Unyk Ersktne, Sir 1 Bart., 1 wllycrochon • Robej. T E. Lloyd, Lhnk Mr., Pwllycrochon r Wrexlr Om Chirk Evans Richard, Rhytlybill Luca' Williams, Thomas, Plasllanganhafal Peter, rynJgroesffordd '=' —————, Robert, Oehor Llanrhaiadr Hugh, Caenant Wright, Richard, Wynnstay John, Llangollen Mnjorionnks, Sir John, Gresford William, Gresford E. H., Bryn Howell Meredith, H. W., Pentrebychan AVynn, Sir W. W., Bart., Wynnstay —— William, Pennant Moore, Jonathan, Denbigh Wynne, Brounlow W., Garthewin John, Tynvgroesglyn Fennemore, W., Gwersyllt Nelson, John, Pwllycrochon > Edward, Penybont Cottage Fielding, James, Pennarth -———, G. W. G., Foelas Hall Fitzhugh, Thomas, Plaspower N>-MO I T i T. rr ^OE'AS Hall 1-, T. Lloyd, Plaspower J ™eroJ; Joh»' Brvnffynon H. G., Foelas Hall Godfrey W., Plaspower ven Ihomas, Henrhyd > Charles, Garthmeilio Ford, Hilton, Bodlondeb 'w'n-' Foulkes, J. J., Eriviatt » lUlam' Parityrtotty Yale, Col. W. P., Plas-yn-yale Edward, Meifod, St. George Yorke, Simon, Erthig W. L., Wrexham Parry, Richard, Llandyrnog John, Erthig John, Ashtield Parsonage, Charles, Lower Halt P. W., Dyffrin Aled Pennant, E. G. D., Penrhyn Castle Gore, J. R. 0., Gresford Pierce, Thomas, Llanfair Zachary, William Burton GrifHths, E. II., Tynewydd Plumpton, James, Holt List (2) GamekeePers not being Jlsussed Servants, at £ 4 Os. 10d. eaclt. Williams, John Appointed by Miss Garnons, for Clomendu and Moelfamau. L st (3) Gamekeepers being Assessed Servants, at £ 1 78. Gi. each Buckland, Robert, Penrhyn—Appointed by the Hon. Lloyd, Thomas, Llanrhos—By Lady Mostyn Charnpneys, Col. Pennant, for the Manor of Penrhyn for the Manor of Gogarth Fones, Samuel —By Thomas Fitzhugh, Esq., lor his lands Powell, John, Cerrigllwydiou—By Mrs. Williams Ed- William, Duibren Hall—By Richard Jones, Esq., wards, for the lands of Cerrigllwydion for Belan place and lauds Roberts, John, Maesmor—By Mrs. Kerr, for the Manor Peter, Cyffredin—By J. LI. Salisbury, Esq., for of Maesmor his lands Wynne, David, Tyndwr—By Francis Pinney, Esq., for Tyndwr and lands in Llangollen Tyndwr and lands in Llangollen List of Persons licensed to deal in Game. Pierce, Thomas Castle Street, Ruthin FLINTSHIRE. List (l) General Certificates at £ 4 Os. loi each. 3arker, James, Althrey Hancock, W., jun., Padeswood Ormiston, John, Flint Randle, Althrey Haycocks, Richard, Bronington Oxlev, John, Llwynegrin 3ate, Edward, Kclsterton William, Bronington Jateman, Thomas, Hanmer Haytor, G., Bodryddan 0 Parry, Pryce. Nerquis —, Robert, Hanmer Hodgkir.son, B., Bryn Edwin Pem'brey, Thom«, Overton iest, Hon. Captain, Gredington Holf, Geo., Bryn y pys Pennant, Rev. 9., Brynbela Hughes, William, Coleshill Price, F. R-, Bryn-y-pys Conway, W. S., Bodryddan Humphreys, W., Nantgwilim Puleston, Sir R. Bart., Kmral Park 3ooke, P. D., Llwynegrin Hurst, James, Hawarden —, Theophilus, Gresby Cotton, Charles, Broughton Hall 2rockford, Charles, Perthyterfyn Jackson, William, Bryncelyn Randies, Edward, Overton Henry, Perthyterfyn Jones, Henry, Overton Rigby, Hon. L., Hawarden ]unliffe, Brook, Erbistock Hall William, Llanberfedd William, Hawarden )urrie, R. F., Geinas Roberts, Thomas, Nerquis Kenyon, Hon. Lloyd, Gredington Robinson, R. S., Highfielfl )avies, Edward, Mount Bangor Rowley, Hon. R. T., Bodryddan Lee, T. Wood, Iscoyd idwards, Edward, Halkin ——, J; H., Iscoyd Simpson, George, Hartsheath Edward, Flint Lewis, Thomas, jun., Bryn Edwin John, Bodelwyddan Lloyd, Cynric, Pontrvffith Taylor, Isaac, Flint J. R., Mold ——— G- C., Pontryffith Thomas, David, Holywell Sllis, W. T., Cornist ——— ,ohn' Hafod Thomas, Nannerch ——-—' Llewellyn, F., Nannerch Voller, T. F. R., Kinnerton Minion, James, Whitford > Hon., 1. P., Pengwern » uyton, T. W., Leeswood Warter, Joseph, cangor Maddocks, Thomas, Penley j. R. if., Bangor Yielding, C. R., Rhydygaled Marsh, George, Bangor Williams, Sir J. H., Bodelwyddan Augustus, Bangor ——— Rev. w. M., Halkin llynne, Rev. H., Hawarden MolineuX, Rev. W., Brynalen William, Kilken iodsall, P. W., Iscoyd Park Moore, Thomas, Emral Park Wills, Robert, Golftyn Mostyn, Hon. E. M. U., Mostyn Wyune, Rev. Lloyd, Nerqni3 lancock, W., sen., Padeswood 1 Lord, Pengwern List (3) Gamekeepers, being dsRessed Servants, at £ I 7s. 61. each. 'ranks, William—Appointed by the Hon. E. M. LI. Hammond, Thomas—Bj' Lord Mostyn, for lands in Mostyn, for Mostyn. Flintshire Iughes, William—By Hon. E. M. LI. Mostyn, for Parry, Thomas—By Lord Mostyn, for lands in Fldnt- Cacrwys and Maesmynan shire MERIONETHSHIRE. List (l) General Certificates, at £ 4 08. lOd. each. Lnwyl, Robert, Bala I' Holt, Henry, Glanrafon Owens, W. L., Llanegryn R. H., Bala Hughes, John, Caethle ————, Hugh, Llandrillo Parry, Edward, Tanygraig iasson, George, Blaenyddol Passingham, Rev. R., Bala ———, John, Blaenyddol Jones, E. S., Bodweni Pugh, Edward, Tyddynyreglwys William, Blaenyddol -2 W. G., Glandwr Hugh, llengwrt awood, Edwin, Pall Mall Evan, Ynysfawr W. P-> J1 ru& Richards, Richard, Caervnwch •avies, E. M., Dwygraig Robert, Talsarna Rowlands, J. AV., Geiwfern lawson, Rev. J., Llangar Edward, Wern Cottage, C01- Ruck, Lawrence, Pentiellidw weu Ivans, Griffith, Bodynlliw Thornham, Joseph, Tanybwlch ivett, James, Towyn Lloyd, Edward, Rhaggatt yton, James, Towyn ————, William, Rhaggatt Vaughan, Sir R. W., Hengwrt Richard, Hengwrt reenwood, Thomas, Brynaber Ward, The Hon. H. D., Crogem ilbertson, Isaac, Bala Massey, R. Gr-. Tytanydderwen Williams, Griffith, Llwyn ill, Joseph, Ynysymaengwyn Matthews, Richard, Pontyllidw William, Caegronow Robert, Tanyllan artley, R. N., Llwyn Owens, Owen, Towyn William, Dolgelley iggs, Josiah, Aberdovey John ap Rhydderch, Glanhafen Wynne, Robert, Meyarth v List (3) Gamekeepers, being Assessed Servants, at £1 7s. 6d. each. Davies, John-Appointed by R. W. Price, Esq., of I Price, David-By G. H. Vaughan, Esq., Rfig, for lands Rhiwlas, for lands in Merionethshire in Merionethshire Jones, Hugh—By Sic R. W. Vaughan, Bart., of Hen- gwrt, for lands in Merionethshire MONTGOMERYSHIRE. L\8t (1) General Certificates, at £ 4 0s. lOi. each. Andrew, Edward, Kerry Humphreys, A. Lloyd, Woodlands Owen, Thomas, jVarchoel Ankers, W. R., Newtown > C. G., Montgomery John, Berriew Rectory Perrott, Robert, Bronhyddon Baker, John, Cefngwifed — ■, H., Llwyn Poole, Bobert, Trewern Barker, Thomas, Gregynog Powell, Edward, Farm Bebb, David, Llanwnog Jackson, James, Dolarddyn Powis, The Rt. Hon. Earl of, Powis Beedle, Edward, Carno James, John, Llanerfvl Castle Bonsall, Thomas, Llanwrin Jarvis, E. G., GKanmebeli Price, T. M., The Green Breeze, Edward, Newtown Jehu, Timothy, Meifod Pritchard, T., Llanfyllin Matthew, Llanwnog Jenkins, J. H., Crosswood John, Trefnanney Burnley, Thomas, Hawghton Johnson, Roderick, Broom Cliff Pryce, J. D., junr., Dolforwyn Brown, Charles, Goedtre Jones, Lewis, Machynlleth Matthew, Bryn Brown, John, jun., Trallwmgollen > R. D., Coffronydd T. II. Bacheldre ——— David, Coffronydd Pryse, J. B. Trefuanney Clayton, William, Criggcon ——— J., Pool Pugh, David, Llanerchydol Clive, The Rt. Hon. Viscount, > David, Park Llwydiarth Powis Castle J. Owen, Park Llwydiarth Read, Edmund, Montgomery Cowdal, James, Dolrhiew William, Llanfair Rees, Thomas, Vaynor Park r— F. Lloyd, Garthlhvyd Reyner, J. B., Dolarddyn • Davies, Rev. R. J., Aberhafesp v —, John, Stone House Reynolds, Thomas, Penybryn W. H., Tregynpa Gilbert, Montgomery Richards, John, Guilsfield Pryce, Llanfair —, William, Givernygo Roberts, Edward, Pentre ———— William, Rowen, Pool R. E., Newtown Russell, J. A., Mellington Hall ———— Edward, Machynlleth ———— J. Robinson, Buthdir Hall Rutherford, A.M., Dolguog ———— H. W., Rhiwlas ———— Richard, Coedllan ———— Hugh, Machynlleth ———— T., Pool Sandys, H. C., Penylan Devereux, J. T., Meifod Rowland, Berriew Shuker, Francis, Calcot Hall Downes, John, Churchstoke ————' Humphrey, Newtown Simmons, Edward, Meadows Drew, Pryce, J., Glan Hafren Stephens, E. M., Newtown Kempster, Edward, Llansaintfraid -——— Richard, Glansevern Edmonds, William, Pentre Charles, Mardu Edwards, Sir John, Bart., Greenfields Tamberlain, C. Lloyd, Court Calmore Ellis, J. P., Machynlleth Lang, John. Dolguog Thomas, William, Farm Evans, William, Glascoed Lewis, M. E., Machynlleth Tracey, Hon. H. H., Gregynog Thomas, Llansaintfraid Lightbody, Robert, Pant Turner, John J., Pentreheilin Lloyd, Rev. Maurice, Montgomery Pryce, LI., Llwynderw Farmer, Richard, Llandinam William, Cilgwrgal Edward, Montgomery Lodwick, David, Llanfechan Vaughan, John, Dolfor Lyon, E. H., Vaynor Park Gill, Thomas, Rhiwavgor Williams, J. B., Pennant Green, George, Newtown Marsh, T. E., Llanidloes Williams, H. Lloyd, Llanfyllin Griffiths. Thomas, Llwyn Maurice, R. M. B., Bodynfol Hall ———— Williams, DuflVin Benjamin, Machynlleth Medlicott, Richard, Hyssington ———— Edward, Garthbeibir Gwynne, John, Llanerchydol Mellor, C. S., Founng ———— Rev. J. M., Berriew Meredith, Alfred, Welshpool ———' Richard, Glan Hafren Hall, Matthew, Newtown John, Newtown ———— William, Leighton Hancocks, C. Lamb, Coedwlade Morris, William, Pentrenant Winder, J. Winder L., Vaynor Park Hariis, William, junr., Brynderwen William, Ty-issa Wingfield, Capt. L., Rhysuant Harrison, Pryce, J., Caerhowell -1 Watkin, Rhysuant Herbert, The Hen. P. E., Powis Newman, Dorset, Cemmes Withy, William, Golfa Castle Nicholls, Robert D., Bryncarnisher Wollaston, John, Ivy House R. A.. Glanhafren Henry, Bryncarnisher Woosnam, C. T., Newtown Rev. J. A., Glanhafren Wynn, C. W. W., Pentrego Hughes, David, W., Llanfyllin Osborne, Samuel, Caersws Rt. Hon. H. W. W., Nant- Rev. Daniel, Manafon Owen, John, Broadway ymeiched List (3) Gamekeeper*, being Assessed Servants, at £ I 7$. §d. each. Ashworth, Thomas, Garth—Appointed by the Rt. Hon. James, William, Llanerfyl—By the Earl of Powis, for Earl of Powis, for Garth and Lands Caerinion Uchcoed, Caerinion Iscoed, Hill, Francis, Lymore—By the Eurl of Powis, for and Llanwddun Lymore, &c. Earl of Powis, for Garth and Lands Caerinion Uchcoed, Caerinion Iscoed, Hill, Francis, Lymore—By the Eurl of Powis, for and Llanwddun Lymore, &c. List of Persons Licensed to deal in Game. Ford, George Sharratt Newtown. Made up to the 12th September, 1845. By order of,the Board, Stamps and Taxes. CHARLES PRESSLY, Secretary. PENALTIES.- The Commissioners of Stamps and Taxes hereby give Notice that every Person taking, killing, or pursuing Game, without first obtaining a Certificate, incurs a penalty 01 £ 20, and is also liable to be surcharged in double the amount of the Certificate Duty. Any Person, in pursuit of Game, refusing, on being duly required, to produce his Certificate, or to permit the same to be read, or a copy thereof to be taken, or refusing to declare his true name and place of residence, also incurs a penalty of £ 20. Gamekeepers are desired to take notice that a Certificate at the rate of jEt 7s. Gd. will not authorise any Person to kill Game beyond the limits of the Manor for which he is deputed and, in order thar a Certificate at such rate of duty may protect a Gamekeeper, it is requisite, not only that he should be deputed by some Lord or Lady of the Manor, or reputed Manor, but also that such Deputation should be registered with the Clerk of the Peace, or the Gamekeeper will be liable to be surcharged in double the duty of 94 Os. lOJ., and also to be prosecuted by any common informer for the penalty of £ 20. N.B. —It is the intention of the Commissioners of Stamps and Taxes to publish in a separate List the names awl residences of all persons surcharged in double the Duty for sporting without Certificates. rv*"a> TO JUDGES OF FINE TEAS. juJfc' i<BI Hswsrsr CABDIFV Si HEBTHTB OUARI»IAi¥ OFFICSJ AGENT FOR THE SALE OF TIIE ASAJI TEA COMPANYS RAISE AND PECULIARLY FINE TEAS, REQUESTS the favour of an Order from Connoisseurs, and those desirous of obtaining a really exquisitely it, flavoured lea. 1 After once partaking of the highly exhilarating and aromatic Asam Tea, but few can persuade themselves to use any other, especially as it is found not to },e injurious to the nerves; and as the Asam Tea has been proved to produce at least six, and in most cases eight good C"PS Tea, where the same quantity of Chinese would produce only four cups of inferior flavour-, both luxury and economy combine to recommend the Asam Teas. 5 0| MAZENGA GREEN TEA 6 0 CHERIDOR SOUCHONG 6 0 | THOURA GREEN TEA 7 0 These Teas can only be obtained in one pound, half-pound, and quarter-pound scaled packets, with the Company's Address and Arms on the Envelope. < Many are selling s|nui<,us imitations of the Company's Teas, but none are genuine unless having their Seal and Address, No. 11, CROOKED LANE, KING WILLIAM STREET, on them. „ SOLE AUTHORISED AGENTS. v°r. irp Miss Arnold, Confectioner, Cross-Street. ,,01 L JrJM HYR Mrs. Ann Williams, Confectioner, High-Street. 01 i MVPORT Mr. M. Evans, Bookseller, 35, High-Stieet. AGENTS WANTED FOR SOME OF THE LARGE TOWNS IN ENGLAND AND WALES. I^ig^AFIbritain STORES, I; NEAR THE POST-OFFICE, CARDIFF. fa. TAILOR, WOOLLEN DRAPER, HATTER, & GENERAL OUTFITTER, ^°JTI«iM?ravrm^Cti°n °f his im™eiise ST°CK of NEW and FASHIONABLE IlEADY-.UADE WINTER 1 i. l'} e.Nery style of make and size, suitable to the Gentleman, Farmer, Mechanic, or Seafaring Man, cut from the be.s ma eiia s 111 the most appropriate style, and all made on the premises with the strictest attention to soundness of workmanship, under the personal care of the proprietor. The Stock of WOOLLEN CLOTHS, DOESKINS, B S,and WAISTCOA1INGS cannot be excelled by any H ouse in Wales for variety of pattern. Gentlemen wis nng o combine Elegance with Cheapness, by giving their measure at this Establishment will not only find a saving o one quarter of the usual price, but ensure a good fit, without the risk of having a useless or uncomfortable garment, as no article need be taken unless fully approved of when finished. L. W. earnestly so icits the attention of those persons who" have not yet favored him with a trial, confident that the result must prove that no gentleman need to order from Bristol or London but those who are obliged to pay for long credit. Observe !-List of Prices for Gentlemen's Clothing', mads to measure. »• f f s- d-| X s. d. X s. d. Shootin.- Jacket,; from olo 6 Best quality manufactured 2 5 0 Albert and Polished Mixed Doe 0 11 0 Ditto. seven pockets. 018 0 | Superfine Fro:k Coats 1 10 0 i Black or Drab Kerseymere 0 15 0 not00 n °f l" 0 Saxony, with silk facings 2 0 0 Best quality manufactured. 12 0 Office CoaU. han.U°meIy made ° 16 0 Best quality manufactured 2 10 0 WAISTCOATS. Gent, s Tweed rappers 0 17 6; CHILDKEM'S DRBSSBS. Best Moleskin Vests 0 4 0 Cachmerette, (all shades). i i 0 Tunic, Vest, and Trousers 1 4 0 Ditto, with sleeves 0 5 0 Codrmgton and Taghom Coats. 1 2 0 Jacket, Vest, and Trousers I 6 0 Handsome Valentia Vests 0 6 0 liatdl olka, (most fashionable) 1 4 0 Blue Jacket from 0 10 0 Elegant Tibert Shawl pattern 0 10 0 Brown&MixedBeavei'Chqsterfield 1 10 0 ———— Splendid Black Satin 0 14 0 Brown&MixedBeavei'Chqsterfield 1 10 0 Splendid Black Satin 0 14 0 1<rock Jacket, (particularly Cotton Cord Breeches 0 8 0 Figured Satin, in elegant style 0 li 0 adapted for Farmers!lrom 0 18 0 Kerseymere 0 15 0 Black Kerseymere from 0 7 6 Fine Dress Coats i 8 0 Best Moleskin Trousers 0 6 6 ———— baxonydttto. 118 0 Fashionable Woollen Trousers.. 0 10 0 Suit of Black, complete. 10 0 Men's Suits of Best Moleskin, ready made, 18s-; to measure, 20s. us being the only Establishment in the Town solely devoted to Men's and Boys' Clothing, the Public can be suited most advantageously from an unrivalled Selection of IPM3S LMMiM liEWa HATS, & VOUTOi' MPB, HOSIERY, STOCKS, CRAVATS SUPERIOR WHITE & COLOURED SHIRTS, SILK HANDKERCHIEFS, UNDER SHIRTS, DIRLWERS FLANNELS, &c. &c. CARDIFF PANTECHNICON. B. KEARNEY, IN returning thanks to his numerous Friends and the Public generally, for the very liberal patronage he has received since his commencing Business in CARDIFF, begs to observe that he adopts the familiar adage— "Honesty is the best policy," as his Motto in Trade; and further observes, that the Goods purchased at the PANTECHNICON cannot be surpassed for style, quality, or cheapness, by any Establishment in the Kingdom, His MILPUFF BEDS, in great variety, cannot be equalled in quality or price; and his Goods generally, such as CHAIRS, TABLES, DRAWERS, BED- STEADS, IRONMONGERY, &c-» will be found well worthy attention. By the bye, were you e'er in the Hayes, A place of great notoriety 1 Really there you may buy what you please, Nicely suited for every society. Absolutely the things that are there Both single and wedded require; Unite, then, and quickly repair Soon, and purchase whate'er you require I Kettles and saucepans of any descriptions— Every quality of bedding and tick- All looking-glasses of truest reflection, Round, square, or what shape j ou li ke. New furniture is always on hand— Every day I am freshly supplied; You have only to come cash it hand, 0 And I'm sure you will leave satisfied. I Brecknock & Abergavenny Canal Navigation. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the Next HALF-YEARLY MEETING and Assembly of the Company of Proprietors of the said Navigation will be held at the ANGEL INN. in the Town of ABER. GAVENNY, on THURSDAY, the 16th of OCTOBER next, at 12 o'clock at Noon. „ JAMES PEIRCE, Clerk to the Company of Proprietors. Canal Office, near Abergavenny, 25th Sept., 1845. THE BRIDGEND LABOURERS' FRIEND SOCIETY. rnHE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING and Dis- tribution of the Premiums of this Society will take place at the Wyndham Arms, Bridgend, on FRIDAY, the 10th of OCTOBER next. The Ploughing Match will take place on the Claypits Farm, a little to the left of the road leading from Bridg- end to Merthyrmawr. The ploughs must be on the field by half-past 9 o'clock to start precisely at 10. The vegetables, poultry, pigs, yarn, and stockings must be at the Market Place by 12 o'clock. The Dinner will be at the Wyndham Arms, at half-past three Tickets, 2s. 6d. each. VISCOUNT ADARE, M.P., will Preside. JOHN RANDALL, ) „ DANL. LEWELLIN, | HON, Sees.&TR2»S. Bridgend, Sept. 35th, 1845. ^ottcrg. ROYAII-EXCHILTI GS ASSURANCE CORPORATION, RO YA L- RXCHA XGE, LONDON. (ESTABLISHED BY ROYAL CHARTER, A.D.. 1720.) FIRE INSURANCES. NOTICE.-The usual Fifteen days allowed for pay- ment of Premiums falling due at Michaelmas, will expire on the Hth day of October next. LIFE INSURANCES. TWO THIRDS OF THE PROFIT on the Company's Life Business, since December, 1841, will be apportioned, periodically among Policies for Life; without involving the Assured in any risk of Partnership. ° The Company has returned to the position in the O?.3.. •E,J-C'LANG'E which it had occupied in the former Building from 1730 till its destruction by fire in 183R Branch Office,—29, PALL MALL. THOMAS TOOKE, Esq Governor. WILLIAM SAMPSON, Esq Sub-Governor. The Hon. J. T. LESLIE MELVILLE.. Deputy-Governor. DIRECTORS: Henry Bainbridge, Esq. I Clias. John Manning, Esq. Geo. Pearkes Barclay, Esq. Henry Ntleon, Esq. Edmund S. P, Calvert, Esq. Edw, Howley Palmer, Esq. Alexander Colviti, Esq. John Henry Pelly, Esq. William Davidson, Esq. Abraham B. Robarts, Esq. John Deacon, Esq. Charles Robinson, Esq. Riversdale W. Grenfell, Esq Sir Samuel Scott, Bart. William T. Hibbert, Esq. William Saltau, Esq. Lancelot Holland, Esq. Robert Thorley, Esq. Sir George Lament, Bart. Henry Warre, Esq. John Chr. Lochner, Esq. Octavius Wigram, Esq. Sir J. Wen. Lubbock, Bart. Chas. Baring Young, Esq. AGENTS: CRICK HOWELL MR. O. A. A. DAVIES. Swansea, Mr. T. A. Marten.—Cardiff, Mr.Wm. Bird.— Brecon, Mr. Wm. Evans.—Carmarthen, Mr. David Evans Lewis.—Aberystwith, Mr. William Jones.—Carnarvon, Mr. John Morgan.—Llanelly, Mr. E. E. D. Grove.- Bangor, Mr. J. V. H. WiiUams.—PwHheH, Mr. David WiHiams.—Wrexham, Mr. Richard Hughes. Holywell, Mr. Meredith Vickers.—Monmouth, Mr. Thos. Farror. Newport, Messrs. Prothero and Towgood. Hereford Mr. John Gwillim, jnn, also Mr. Richard Underwooù. — Bromyard, Mr. Thomas Watkins.—Kington and Pres- teign, Mr. Thomas Oliver.—Ledbury, Mr. Joseph Bird. —Leomi%ter, Mr. Edwin Hoyd.—Ross, Mr. Willi TM Thomas.—Welshpool, Mr. David Gwynne. Weubiv Mr. P. S. Parker.—Milford, Mr. Thomas Williams. ALEX. GREEN, Secretary. Frampton's Pill of Health. FPHE manifold advantages to the Heads of Families X from the possession of a Medicine of known efficacy, tiiat may he resorted to with confidence, and used with suc- cess in cases of temporary sickness, OCCURRING in familin> m ;re or less every day, arc so obvious to all, that no question CAN be raised of its importance to every householder in the king- dom. From among numerous testimonials, the followin* is respectfully submitted :— ° To Sir. Thomas Pront, 229, Strand, London. "5, Cooper-street, ManchfSter, March 12, 1812. "SIR,—I have much satisfaction in communicating to yon the result of my experience after repeateJ trials of F RA" pro N'S PILL OF HEALTH, and I feel it but justice to state, that in the course of many gears' trial of various Aperient Medicines I have never iound results at ouce so salutary and efficient in the ri'lict" of the system ¡rom redundant bili-, &c., & with so little inconvenience; I am, therefore, warranted in DECLARIN G that they supply to me a means long wanting of B^IU- ABLE to recommend to Families, Schools, and especially Mercantile Men, whether at the desk or OIl the road, a most valuable' resource in an occ-isioual medicine. And 1 shall take credit to myself if, in giving this testimony, I am the means of making KRAMI'TON'S 1'ILLS more generally known and -IP- pivciated. I am. Sir, respectlu!!y yours, "WILLIAM SMITH." The unprecedented sale of these Pills, arisiti from the earnest recommendations of the many thousands who have derived benefit from ilieiruse, render any lengthened comiucn- unneeessary they are not put forth as a cure for all diseaset to which mankind is liable, but for IJiiious and Liver Coras plaints, with llieir many wel'-known attendants, Bilious and •Sick Head ache, Pain and Oppression after Meals, Ciidditiess. UtZ.-mess, Sinking Noise in Head and Ears, Orowsiut'ss, Heartburn, Loss of Appetite, Wind, Spasms, &c. Two or three doses will convince lh* afflicted of their salu- tary effects. The stomach will speedily REGAIN its strength • a heaitny action of the Livsr, Bowels, anil IV^DN^YS, vriii vapidly take placc; and instead of listlessness, heat, pain, and jaun- diced appearance, strength, activity, and renewed health, extending to good old at;e, will be the result of taking this medicine, according to the directions accompanying each BOX, Soid by T. Pront, 229, Strand, London. Price Is. L^D! and 2S. 9 I. per box; also by Mr. Thomas Stephens, druggist. Merthyr Tydvil; Mr. Phillips, Cardiff; Mr. Farror, Mon- mouth; Mr. Williams, Brecon; Mr. WILLIAMS and Mr. Phil. lil;s, Newport; and by the Venders of Medicine generally throughout the Kingdom. Ask for Fit A M P TON'S PILL OF HEALTH, and observe the Name and address of Thomas Prout, 229, StranJ London," on the Government Stamo. PARSES LIFE PILLS. The extraordinary success of this medicine is the won jer of the > it- has been tried by hundreds ot thousands <is an aperitni, and has in very instance done good, it has never in the slightest degree impaired the most delicate constitution, i'eus or ihoiis^jta have testiiiod that perseverance in tho use ot I'AKKS PILLS wiil completely cuie any <use&set and are living witnesses of the benefit received from this in valuable mcdiiine. iestinionials are received daily, and it would be impossible in a newspaper, to publish oue-half rcreivcd; and the selected as people well known in their je>pecLivo neighbourhoods, and wht>st- tesii nony is unquestionable. Further Sheets oi Testimonials and the Mfe and 1 lines of Old 1'an'' may be iud, gratis, of ail Llie and Tunes of Old Parr" may be iud, gratis, of ail Agents. Testimonial* ill favour of Parr's hip Pills. The following important testimony to theeilicicy of PARR's Life PILLS has just been received by the Proprietors. To Messrs. T. UO BIS UTS & Co., London. Athlone, December 7, 1841. SIRS,—You will please to send me 6 doz. more PARK'S LLFH 1 ILLS, I am just out. i'hoy are takm^ V^ell, and, 1 can assure ynu, they are douig an luiniensity ot good every oil'1 who has tried them iu aiiections of the Liver and Stomach derive a great deal o: beuetit. Yours, &c., I' WILLI A.VI (J'JLCURI.S! ——- Apothecary and Ssv.geon. Communicated by Mr. F. C. L ADIJUR i-, Dispensing Clie^ist, Wednesbury, Statioidahire. i-iil 1 Top, S^p. 4. SIRS,—Considering the public would be benelitted by the publication of the exiraoidinary eltects produced by taking 1 A R R S LlhK 1 I LL.s, I t)eg most respectfully toi^ard \U;I the particulars ot my ca.e. so that the proprietors m»y be made aware ot it. I was tiMt attacked in liiJJ, with a Ner- vous AtffCttun and Dyspepsia, or lndifcsueu. which caused, at li^nes, very grtja: coustipatioii of the bo>veis, and excruci- ating pitiu, for which I went under the care oi several medical gentlemen, and o..f physician m BirmioghinD, witliout denv- ing any great benctits; iu IS39-40 1 was very much worse, aud the attacks came on more frequently, andconiiuued up to March, ldii, when aceidentaliy hearing oi I-Al,R-S i'!LL&, I was induced to try them, and with very grea; success so much so that it ha> all left me, and I am able to follow niv employment as 1 used to do prior to my aitack, & beg lurther to state that 1 fed stronger than ever I did iu my life before, and my looks bespeak it. 1 always keep a bo* of the pids by me, anu use them wneu nature requires a a aperient medicine. Wishing tUu j.roprielor» every success with their valuable pre- scription. 1 am, Sir, yours obediently —— JO{f N THO\IAS. CU/IE OF CONSUMPTIVE ASTHMA. J, ALEX.iN DEa. DOUGLAS, do hereby declare the good I have received lrom taking PARR'S LIFE PlLLs. fit the year ISiJ 1 was aaLcied wllh a most distressing, Caugii, and shortness of Urcath, which reduced rue to death's door; notwithstanding my spending near £ 200 in consulting the most eUllnelltllledicaJ men in London aud fcldinburgh, my disease coutinued, uuabated, and I was, as a last resource, advised to try my native air of Dundee, which 1 did, and at the same time was recommended by a friend to take PARR'S t.tPE PILLS. 1 commenced with thelD in the spring of 1843 experiencing reiiel, I persevered, and am LaOW ill ;uj 6Jru year, perfectly cured, and in better health -than 1 have been for many years. Uaving juSt arrived in London, I hasten to make my wonderful cure kno-tii to the Proprietors, and to recom- mend something to the alHicted worthy of a fair trial and no tavoar. 1 have recommended them to many of my friends, and they have all fottnd relief. July 10, lblt. ALEXANDER DOUGLAS, Farmer, Witness to the above, ALEXANDLR CUTHBERT, Stolswell-road, Dundee. To Mr. J. ROBINSON, Patrington, Agent for PARR'S LIFE PILLS. —■! feel it a duty I owe to you to express my gratitude for the great benefit I have derived by taking PAttR's LtFE PILLS, having suilered mauy yeais from all Asthmatic Com- plaint, Snortuess of Breath, &c., and having tried various medicines for the complaint, but all to no purpose, I was per- suaded to try PARR'S LIFE PILLS; the tirst box I took I found great benetii, and by persevering they have perfectly cured me; I only took three It;. lid. Boxes. I remain your obedient servant, WILLIAM PKARSON. N.B. Any one doubting the accuracy of the above »tate- ment, may through the agent, Mr. Uooinson, be directed to ine who will authenticate its truth. CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC. Beware of spurious imitations of the above Medicine, none are genuine unless the words, PARR S LIFE PILLS" are in WHITE LISTTEHS on a RiSD GllOUNO, engraved in the Government Stamp, pasted round each box also the fac-simile of the signature of the lroprietors, T, Ito E; r, & Co., Crane Court, Fleet Street, London," on the directions. Sold in Boxes at Is lid.. 2s. y.J., and tatnily packets Us. eacu, by #11 respectable itfetlicine Venders.