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Just Published, a new and important edition of the SILENT FRIEND" ON HUMAN FRAILTY. r'ce 2s.6d., & sent Free to any part of the United Kingdom on receipt of a Post-office Order for 3s (id. THE SILENT FRIEND, A MEDICAL W ORIC, on the concealed cause that destroys physical energy, and the ability of manhood, vigour has established ht-r empire; wuh observations j? the baneful effects of YOUTHFUL EXCKSSIC5 and FliC ITON, with Means (if l,'estoration. The influence of j,ercury on the skin is pointed out and illustrated bv Ten j,°'oured engravings, followed bj observations on MAR. with directions for the removal of disqualifications, BY R. AND L. PERRY AND CO. CONSULTING SURGEONS, Pttblishpd by the AUTHoits, and may be had at their Resi- de, 19, Berner's-street, Oxford-street, London; Sold by TitANGE 21 raternoster-Kow HANNA Y <Sc Co., 65, Oxford- E.1' GORDON, 146, Leadenhall-street J POWELL, 10, estmorland-streef, Dublin J LINDSAY,-11, Elm Kow, Edin- Ma t ^-CAMPBliLL.lSG, Argyle-street, Glasgow INGHAM, Pool ,Street' Manrhesteri NtiWTON Church -Street, Liver- fori' Guest> Bull-street, Birmingham; PiltKlNs, Haver- esti JKNKINS..Uerthyr and tfowlaisi and by all 0°Wsellers in Town aud Country. OPINIONS OF THK PRKSS. a regard the work before us, '• The Silent Friend, «eri W°rk e,nbracioS m,,st clear and practical views of a « °f complaints hitherto liitle understood, and passed y the maj°r«ty of the Medical profession, for what tin',0" We ar* at a ,oss t0 know- We must, however, confess *io, a feru<al °f 'h's *ori ''as left such a favourable >mpr«s- *i,'h°" °,lr mmi1 '^al wea,>t only recommend, but cordially ft,, —'v oue *ho is the victim of past folly, or suffering IM* ,,?'1,sere''on, to profit by the advice contained in its ,,e<- —Age and Argus. f"he Authors of The Silent Friend'' seem to be tho- 1»U conversant with the treatment of a class of com- 'Uts which are we fear, too prevalent in the present day. t(j e perspicuous style in which this book is written, and cje Vat«ible hints it conveys to those who are apprehensive titerin the marriage state, cannot faii to recommend it to "ThfUl P*r,lsa1-"—E™- >i h work should be read by all who value health and *louK t?,enj',ly life, for tiie truisms therein contained defy all —■ Farmers' Journal. j, THE CORDIAL BALM OF SYRIACUM, *^T^lle.n^ed to relieve those petsou>< who, by an iniino- *uti»T ,u<'u'gei,Cl! «f their passions, iiave ruined their con*t>- *» or 'n their way to tiie consummation of that deplo- U)ateh*ta,e. are affectej with any of those previous symptoms etriy in approach, as the various affections of the ner- *ii»nt obstinate fleets, excesses, irregularity, obstruc- *iatrei^ 'C€1^;in evacuationi, weaknesses, total itnpoteucy, ^for'S IDcdiciuc is particularly recommended to be taken efore Persons enter into the matrimonial state, lest in the 4>eat of Procreation occuriug, the innocent offspring should etl8tamPe<l upon it the physical characters deiivable j,0 Parental debility. Us or the quantity of 4 at lis. in one Bottle for ■» ™y which lis. is saved—the £ 5 cases may be had as ■J' which i< a saving of £ 1 12s. AN F CO^CENTRATED DETERSIVE ESSENCE nt'-sypliilitic ltemedy for toearchiog out & purifying the ^Crot' of the blood, and ce.tain care for Scurvy, J>r,n a» a"d all cutaneous eruptions, conveying its active *e*8el 8 t'lrou8',out the body, even penetrating the minutest *>i.tje fs* removjng all corruptions, contaminations, and impu- \ota tlle v>tal stream,—eradicating the morliid virus; t'dlcally expeHing n through the skin.-Price lis. or four Casc.s in one for :33, by which lis. is saved, also in £5 seV*hich saves El 12s. "FIRRY'S PURIFYING SPECIFIC PILLS • Price 2s' 9d'' 4s'and lls-P«r bo*. •*hver e*P,'c't directions, rend red perfectly intelligible to *CaPacity» are wel1 k«'*n ihrougiiout Europe to <5on"0/1 certain and offec 'ial renaedy ever discovered fo- ^tel ,,a' both in itS millJ and aSgravated forms by immei c y,Dg '"flara,Pat,v» and arresting further progress, iti". Irritation of the bladder, pains of the lon.s «ag6g gravel, and other disoiders of the Uriuary pas- ■of ti(n'.1'U sex>. are permanently cured in a short space e- wiihsut confinement or the last exposure. p'y,al,0ve medicines are piepared only by Messrs. R. and ^ire.. ,iY and Cj*> Surgeons, 19, Bemer's Street, Oxford London. *»eJ|0°. a11 Druggists, Medicine Vendors and Book- m Town aud Country. ?!S' Perry expect when consulted by letter, the usual it? fa. ne Pound, without which, no notice whatever can j of the communication. fU are rt:cl"e8ted 10 be a» minute as possible in the syuWiT 'beir c<ise», as to the duration of the complaint, the a2e' ha,bltS °( 'ving' and general occupation. 43,1 be forwarded to any part of (he world: no fully y °«cur, as they will be securely packed, and care- protected fronj observation. 19^?/ & Co-' Sur«eons'may be consulted as usual, '*r°U i i „ "e4''« Street. Oxford Street, London, punctually On\v 1 2, aad from 3 till fc. On Sundays from 10 till 12. 'to eni^'f6 Per&ouai visit III required from a Country patient the m li esirp P -ry and Co. to give such advice as will be 'the ^l| oti^aas ot etfcctiog A permanent and effectual cure, after N BCf tne<*ns have proved ineffectual. Vet- ^'ouniry Druggists, Booksellers, Patent .Medicine Q rs' and ev*ry other Shopkeeper can be supplied with trated ^amity ot^ the Cordial Balm of Syriacutn, the Concen- ^ills yetersive Essence, and Perry's Purifying Specific Uie u'rin,lb ihe usual allowance to the Trade, by most of I prUlclpal Wholesale Patent Medicine Houses in London. TO MALTSTERS, BREWERS, &c. TOWN OF CARDIFF. [I) A tIJ [18 & 13 A* 3 With immediate Possession, by the Year or for a Term of Years, \Very commodious MALTHOUSE, which has been but a few years erected. The Premises are sum- ciently capacious for manufacturing from 5 to 6000 Bushels of Malt annually. It contains four large Binns, capable of containing 3000 Bushels of Malt and Barley. There is a good supply of Water, and every convenience and facility for carrying on an extensive Trade. The Malthouse is situated on the North Road, and contiguous to the Glamorganshire Canal, affording great facility for the conveyance of Goods to Merthyr and the surrounding district. ALSO, TO BE LET, Either together or separate, A commodious DWELLING-HOUSE attached to the above Premises, containing four Bedrooms, two Parlours, an Office, Kitchen, Back-Kitchen, Brewhousc, Cellar, and every other convenience necessary for the comfort of a small Family. 4 Also, a good CART-HOUSE, and one-stall STABLE with Hayloft, &c. For further particulars apply (if by letter, post-paid) to Mr. William Jenkins, North-street, Cardiff. DIOCESE OF LLANDAFF. THE LORD BISHOP of the DIOCESE intends to i hold his TRIENNIAL VISITATION at the times aud places hereunder mentioned :— At ABERG AVENN Y.. On WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 8th, At MONMOUTH .On FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10th; At NEWPORT On MONO,H, OCTOBKR 13th; ATLLANDAFF On WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15th; At COWBRIDGE OU THURSDAY, OCTOBER lGth. Divine Service will commence each Day at Eleven o'CIock. By Order of the Lord Bishop, EDW. STEPHENS, N.P., D. Registrar. Llandaff, 16th Sept., 1845. EDUCATION. THE ATTENTION of PARENTS and GUAR- JL DIANS is respectfully invited to the OLD-ESTABLISHED BOARDING SCHOOL, Most delightfully situated in CARDIFF, Conducted by Mr. BURNETT, and efficient Assistants. The system of Education is calculated to ensure a critical acquaintance with the Greek, Latin, and French Classics, as well as a thorough knowledge of the English language and the Mathematics. The health and comfort of the pupils form subjects of constant attention. The board is upon the most liberal scale; and a capacious Play Ground adjoining the School-room affords admirable scope for gymnastic and other exercises. The most respectable references can be given to parents of the pupils at present in the establishment. THE BRIDGEND LABOURERS' FRIEND SOCIETY. THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING and Dis- JL tribution of the Premiums of this Society will take place at the Wyndham Arms, Bridgend, on FRIDAY, the 10th of OCTOBER next. The Ploughing Match will take place on the Claypits Farm, a little to the left of the road leading from Bridg- end to Merthyrmawr. The ploughs must be on the field by half-past 9 o'clock to start precisely at 10. The vegetables, poultry, pigs, yarn, and stockings must be at the Market Place by 12 o'clock. The Dinner will be at the Wyndham Arms, at half past three; *1 ivhets, 2s. 6d. each. VISCOUNT ADARE, M.P., will Preside. JOHN RANDALL, I DANL. LEWELUN, ) Hon. Sees. &Treas. Bridgend, Sept. 25th, 1845. Brecknock & Abergavenny Canal Navigation. lVF^^TW VPiHBEIVEB«LG1TEN| That the Next 1^1 HALt-Y EARLY MEETING and Assembly of the Company of Proprietors of the said Navigation will ANGEL INN, in the Town of ABER- GAVENIsY, on IHURSDAY, the 16th of OCTOBER next, at 12 o'clock at Noon. JAMES PEIRCE, Clerk to the Company of Proprietors. Canal Office, near Abergavenny, 25th Sept., 1845. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, '"I^HAT a SPECIAL ASSEMBLY of the PROPRIE- B TORS of the BRECKNOCK and ABERGAVENNY CANAL NAVIGATION, will be held at the SHIRE-HALL, in the Town of BRECKNOCK, in the County of BRECKNOCK, on FRIDAY, the 24th day of OCTO- BER next, at the hour of 12 o'clock at Noon, for the purpose of considering and deciding on the propriety of disposing of the said Canal, and all Rights and Interests over or affecting the same, together with all Works, Powers, Privileges, Emoluments, Immunities, and Appur- tenances thereto belonging, and also of accepting certain terms proposed by the Welsh Midland Railway Company for the purchase thereof, or of negociatiug with such Company for the Sale thereof to them upon other Terms. Dated this twenty-second day of September, 1845. JOSEPH BAILEY, HUGH BOLD, WALTER MAYBERY, WM. WILLIAMS, JOHN LLOYD. GLAMORGANSHIRE GEXERAL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. \T a Special General Meeting of this Society, held at the Bear Inn, at Cowbtidge, on Tuesday, the 23rd of September, 1845, J. BRUCE PRYCE, ESQ., VICE-PRESIDENT, In the Chair: RESOLVED,—That Mr. Edward Perkins and Mr. John Garsed be appointed Judges of the Cattle and Sheep. RESOLVED, That Mr. John Strick and Mr. Wm. Whapham be appointed Judges of the Horses and Pigs. The following Premiums were awarded '— STOCK. ANY BREED. jE. s. d. To Mr. Thomas, of Tydraw, for the best Bull, Cow, and Calf, (being their own progeny), the property of the same owner 5 0 0 To Sir John Guest, Bart., for the second best, the Society's Medal. To Mr. Mathew Lewis, of Park, for the best Bull 3 0 0 To Mr. William Whapham, Bonvilstone, for the second best 1 JO 0 To Mr. Thomas, St. Hilary, for the best Yearling Bull 3 0 0 To Mr. Phillpotts, of Caira, for the second best 1 10 0: To Mr. Boughton, of Splott, for the best Year- ling Heifer 2 0 0 To Mr.Wm.Whapham, of Bonvilstone,.for the second best 1 0 0 To Mr. Boughton, Splott, for the best pair of Yearling Steers 3 0 0 To Mr. Wm. Whapham, Bonvilstone, for the second best. 1 10 0 To Sir John Guest, Bart., for the best two-year old Heifer, the Society's Medal. To Mr. Barues, Lisworney, for the second best 1 10 0 ANY KIND. To Mr. Whapham, Bonvilstone, for the best Fat Ox 5 0 0 To Mr. Powell, Eglwysnynuid, for the best Fat Cow 5 0 0 To Mr. Powell, Boveiton, for the best pair of two-yearold Steers. 3 0 0 SHEEP. To Mr. William Jones, of Park, for the best Ram 3 0 0 To ditto, for the best Yearling Ram 3 0 0 To Mr. Barnes, Lisworney, for the best pen of 5 Yearling Ewes 3 (J 0 To Mr. Boughton, Splott, for the best pen of 5 Yearliug Wethers 3 0 0 PIGS. To Mr. Ballard, for the best Boar 2 0 0 HORSES. To Mr. Powell, Boverton, for the best Stallion 1 for Husbandry purposes 2 0 0 To Mr. Samuel Howells. Wilton, for the best Stallion for Hunting or Coach purposes. 2 0 0 To Mr. Sands, Landough, for the best three- year old Filly, for the general purposes of Husbandry 3 0 0 To Mr. Harry, Lanwenston, for the best three- year old Filly, for Hunting and Coach pur- poses 5 0 0 To Mr. Llewellyn, Trernains, for the best Yearling Colt, for Hunting and Coach pur- poses 2 0 0 To Mr. Phillpotts, Caira, for the best Yearling Colt, for the general purposes of Husbandry 2 0 0 IMPLEMENTS OF HUSBANDRY. To Messrs. Benjamin Wright & David Hopkin, St. Nicholas, for the best and most useful Implements of Husbandry 5 0 0 J. BRUCE PRYCE, Vice-President. The Chairman having quitted the Chair, IT WAS RESOLVED, —That the thanks of this Meet- ing be given to him for his constant and unwearied attention to the interests of the Society, and his impartial conduct in the Chair. EDWARD BRADLEY, Secretary. ROYAL-EXCHANGE ASSURANCE CORPORATION, ROYAL-EXCHANGE, LONDON. (ESTABLISHED BY ROYAL CHABTEH, A.D.. 1720.) FIRE INSURANCES. NOTICE.-The usual Fifteen days allowed for pay- ment of Premiums falling due at Michaelmas, will expire on the 14th day of October next. LIFE INSURANCES. TWO THIRDS OF THE PROFIT on the Company's Life Business, since December, 1841, will be apportioned, periodically, among Policies for Life; without involving the Assured in any risk of Partnership. I -The Company has returned to the position in the Royal Exchange which it had occupied in the former Building from 1720 till its destruction by fire in 1836. Branch Office,-29, PALL MALL. THOMAS TOOKE, Eeq Governor. WILLIAM SAMPSON, Esq Sub-Governor. The Hon. J. T. LESLIE MELVILLE.. Deputy-Governor DIRECTORS: Henry Bainbridgc, Esq. I Chas. John Manning, Esq. Geo. Pearkes Barclay, Esq. Henry Nelson, Esq. Edmund S. P.Calvert, Esq. Edw. Howley Palmer, Esq. Alexander Colvi:), Esq. John Henry Pelly, Esq. William Davidson, Esq. Abraham (4. Robarts, Esq. John Deacon, Esq. Charles Robinson, Esq. Riversdale W. Greufell, Esq Sir Samuel Scott, Bart. William T. Hibhert, Esq. William Saltan, Esq. Riversdale W. Greufell, Esq Sir Samuel Scott, Bart. William T. Hibhert, Esq. William Saltau, Esq. Lancelot Holland, Esq. Robert Thorley, Esq. Sir George La*; -a., Bart. Henry Warre, Esq. John Chr. Lochner, Esq. Octavius Wigram, Esq. Sir J. Wm. Lubbock, Bart. Chas. Baring Young, Esq. AGENTS: CRICKHOWELI MR. G. A. A. DAVIES. Swansea, Mr. T. A. Marten.—Cardiff, Mr.Wm. Bird.— Brecon, Mr. Wm. Evans.—Carmarthen, Mr. David Evans Lewis.—A berystwith, Mr. William Jones.—Carnarvon, Mr. John Morgan.—Uanelh, Mr. E. E. D. Grove.- Bangor, Mr. J. V. H. Williams.—Pwllheli, Mr. David Williams.—Wrexham, Mr. Richard Hughes.—-Holywell, Mr. Meredith Vickers.—Monmouth, Mr. Thos. Farror.— Newport, Messrs. Prothero and Towgood.—Hereford, Mr. John Gwillim, jun,; also Mr. Richard Underwood. -Bromyard, Mr. Thomas Watkins.—Kington and Pres- teign, Mr. Thomas Oliver'Led bury, Mr. Joseph Bird. —Leominster, Mr. Edwin Lloyd.—Ross, Mr. William lhomas.—Welshpool, Mr. David Gwynne.—Weobly Mr. P. S. Parkel,. -Milford, Mr. Thomas Williams. ALEX. GREEN, Secretary.




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