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CAMBRIAN & GRAND JUNCTION RAILWAY, CONNECTING ^*5- SOUTH WALES with BIRMINGHAM, LIVERPOOL MANCHESTER, & the NORTH. (REGISTERED PROVISIONALLY.) Capital, dE2,200,000, in 110,000 Shares of f20 each.-Deposit, £2 2s. per Share. OFFICES, 12, NICHOLAS LANE, KING WILLIAM STREET. PROVISIONAL COMMITTEES. LOCAL. I LONDON. Sir William Thomas S. Massey Stanley, Bart., Hooton Henry John Enthoven, Esq., Merchant, London, Direc- Hall, High Sheriff of the Connty of Cheshire tor of the Dutch Rhenish Railway St. John Chiverton Charlton, Esq., Apley Castle, Wei- Henry Lewis Smale, Esq., Doctor's Commons, London, lington, High Sheriff of the County of Salop Director of the South Eastern Railway Richard Corbet, Esq., Adderley Hall, Salop John Masterman, Jun., Esq., Banker London, Director Edmund Burnan Pateshall, Esq., Allensmore, Hereford- of the Blaenavon Iron Company shire Donald Maclean, Esq., Merchant, London, Deputy- George Croose, Esq., Burcott House, Herefordshire Chairman of the Trent Valley Continuation Railway John Kerr Hastings, Esq., Manager of the Herefordshire Frederick Ricketts, Esq., London, Deputy-Chairman of Banking Company the Bristol and Exeter Railway William Webb, Esq., Mayor of Hereford Charles Robert Colman, Esq., Iron Gate Wharf, London, William Pulling, Esq., Merchant, Hereford Director of the South Midland Railway Charles Bulmer, Esq., Merchant, Hereford Charles Downes, Esq., Muswell Hill, Hornsey, Provi- The Rev. W. Cooke, Magistrate, Bromyard sional Director of the South Midland Railway John Watson, Esq., Carpet Manufacturer, Kidderminster Robert Swinfen Peel, Esq., Bonehill House, near Tam- George Crump, Esq., Carpet Manufacturer, Kidderminster worth, Provisional Director of the Trent Valley, Mid- George Butcher Lea, Esq., Kidderminster land, and Grand Junction Railway Thomas Whitmore Wylde Browne, Esq., Woodlands, near John Parkinson, Esq., F.R.S., 81, Cambridge Terrace, Bridgnorth, Magistrate of the County of Salop, and of Hyde Park, Provisional Director of the South Mid- the Borough of Bridgnorth land Railway John Baker, Esq., Dolforwyn Hall, Montgomeryshire, Sir Arthur De Capel Brooke, Bart., Oakley Park, Ket- and Bridgnorth tering, Northamptonshire W. M'Michael, Esq., Magistrate of the Borough of John Francis Woody, Esq., The Moat, Tamworth, Pro- Bridgnorth visional Director of the Leicester and Tamworth Rail way John Trevor, Esq., Clerk of the Peace for the Borough Edward Hall, Esq., West Bank, near Macclesfield, of Bridgnorth Provisional Director of the South Midland Railway John Jacob Smith, Esq., Town Clerk for the Borough of Anthony Dickson, Esq., M.D., Edrington House, Ber- Bridgnorth wickshire, late Physician General of Bengal The Rev. J. F. Willetts, Cams Hall, Bridgnorth William Watson Prole, Esq., Dunster Court, Mincing William Grierson, The Grove, Bridgnorth Lane, Director of the Isle of Jersey Railway J. M. Coley, Esq., M.D., Bridgnorth George Emery, Esq., London, Director of the Waterford Joseph Hall, Esq., Bridgnorth and Kilkenny Railway William Thursfield, Esq., Bridgnorth William Gordon Thomson, Esq., 33, Gloucester Road, John Dallewy, Esq., Bridgnorth Hyde Park, Provisional Director of the South Midland John Phillips, Esq., Bridgnorth Railway John Green, Esq., Badger Heath, near Bridgnorth Thomas Bramall, Esq., Mayor of Tamworth, Deputy Joseph Southwell, Esq., Carpet Manufacturer, Bridgnorth Chairman of the Leicester and Tamworth Railway Thomas Grierson, Esq., Carpet Manufacturer, Bridgnorth James Oliver Mason, Esq., Old Broad Street, London John Onions, Esq., Broseley Director of the West Cornwall Railway Richard Boycott, Esq., Banker, Broseley Henry Ridout Downman, Esq., 47, Upper Bedford Place, John Stephens, Esq., Albyns, near Bridgnorth London, Provisional Director of the South Union William Wyley, Esq., The Vineyard, Wellington Railway Messrs. Webb, Wellington William Peel, Esq., Bonehill House, near Tamworth John Williams, Esq., Iron Master, Ketley, Wellington James Whiskin, Esq., 10, Upper Bedford Place, London, Mr. John Stanley, Wellington Director of the London and Croydon Railway Mr. John Beeston, Wellington Edward H. Barwell, Esq., Mayor of Northampton, Jonn Walthall Hammond, Esq., Wistaston Hall, near Deputy-Chairman of the Northampton, Banbury, and Nantwich Cheltenham Railway Joseph Loxdale Warren, Esq., The Lodge, Market Dray- Capt. J. P. M'Dougall, Fir Grove, North Brixton, Surrey, ton, and Consall Hall, Staffordshire late of the Bengal General Staff Charles Warren, Esq., Banker, Market Drayton William Morley, Esq., Blackheath, Director of the Union John Edwards Wilson, Esq.,The Grova, Market Drayton Bank of London Rev. S. H. Macauley, Hodnet Hall, Salop Thomas Farncomb, Esq., Alderman, London, Director Thos. Nathaniel Webb, Esq., the Vineyard, near Hereford of the London and Westminster Bank James Beech, Esq., The Shaw, near Cheadle Joan Laurie, Esq., 2, Charles Street, St. James's, Lon- Samuel Ellis Bristowe, Esq., Twyford House, near Derby don, Director of the London and Croydon Railway Peter Broughton, Esq., Tunstall Hall, Market Drayton John Mott, Esq., The Close, Lichfield, Director of the William Eaton Mousley, Esq., Derby, Under Sheriff of South Staffordshire Railway Cheshire William Collins, Esq., M.P. for Warwick, 18, Pall Mall, William Shadbolt, Esq., Crome Hill, Surrey, of the and Warwick Llwynvi Iron Works, Glamorgan Robert Chapman, Esq., Distiller, Drury Lane, London Ambrose Moore, Esq., London, Director of the London William Morgan, Esq., Director of the Bristol and Exeter Joint Stock Bank Railway William Spedding, Esq., Thames Street, London, Mines William Watson, Esq., Director of the Bristol and Exeter Royal Copper Works, Neath Railway George Hewlett, Esq., Birmingham Christopher Shapland, Esq., Director of the Bristol and John Johnson Hamilton, Esq., Liverpool South Wales Junction James Upfill, Esq., The Green, Bromyard Francis Fry, Esq., Director of the Bristol and South Wales Junction W. Ashlin, Esq., Mark Lane Archibald F. Paull, London, Director of the South Wales Railway Thomas Short Wright, Esq., Northampton WITH POWER TO ADD TO THEIR NUMBER SOLICITORS—Messrs. Edwards, Mason, and Edwards, 8, Moorgate-street, and Delahay-street, Westminster T. B. B. Stevens, Esq., Tamworth. LOCAL SOLICITORS. Hereford Thomas Evans, Esq. ?™eley Messrs. Pritchard, Potts, and Nicholls Bromyard .William West, Esq. Wellington F. Buckle, Esq. Kidderminster ..Messrs. Bird, Saunders, and Bird Market Drayton..Geo. Burd', Esq. Bridgnorth M. Haywood Williams, Esq. Swansea R, White Beor Esq Nantwich E. D. Broughton, Esq. Cardiff '.John Bird, Esq. BANKERS. London Messrs. Masterman, Peters, Mildred, I Kidderminster Messrs. Farley and Turner and Co., Nicholas-Lane Bridgnorth >" Messrs. Cocks, Biddulph, jand Co., Broseley ( Messrs. Pritchard and Boycott tt f TT43'rCiau-ng £ r0f- Market Dray ton' Messrs. Adams, A dams, Warren ,& Co. Hereford Herefordshire Banking Company Manchester The Manchester & Liverpool District LlverP°o1 Messrs. Moss and Sons Banking Company ENGINEER IN CHIEF-William Gravatt, Esq., F.R.S. PROSPECTUS. THIS important Line, the only one having for its object the direct communication between South Wales Birming- ham, the Midland Counties, Liverpool, Manchester, and the North, will commence at Hereford and na«in» Vale of the Severn, vi& Bewdley, Bridfnorth, Broseley, Iron Bridge, and Colebrooke Dale, take a direct route through or near Wellington, and Market Drayton to Crewe, or to Runcorn, whence the existing Lines will continue tL traffic to Liverpool, Manchester, and the North. At Bewdley there will be a branch Line through Kidderminster to Birmingham and the Midland Counties. tnrougn iVicUlerminster to Reference to the Map will show that three projected Railways converge at Hereford viz-—The South Wal«»o Line from the coast at Newport, vi4 Monmouth; the Bristol Lines from Bristol over the Severn • and the Great Eastern and Western from Swansea, by way of Merthyr and Abergavenny. This rrand trunk will therefore, connect with the North and Central portions of the kingdom, by the nearest practicable TWnl the West of England, and the whole of South Wales, containing a vast population, and exSt l^n C" Plate, and Coal Works, numerous and important Ports, including Milford Haven, and the Government Doric Yard and concentrate to itself the Great Passenger and Goods traffic now conveyed by various routes to and fro This Line, too, will unite the Iron Districts of South Wales with those of Staffordshire and Shropshire Apart from the ordinary incentives to travelling, the beautiful scenery of South Wales and the vario,,« Watering Places, will add considerably to the Passenger traffic on this line. A more than usual revenue may be calculated upon in Goods traffic, arising from the extensive connection existing between South Wales and the Important termini, conveying, as this communication will the varimi* nm ductions of Iron, Copper, Coal, Tin Plates, &c., to the North, and Woollens, Cottons, Salt Hardware Potterv Ware, Cattle, and Agricultural Produce, required for the several counties, districts, and towns accommodated b? this line, westward with the advantage of delivery in a few hours, free from the risks and delays of T sea vova^ and at one-third the distance. ueiajs oi a sea voyage, The conveyance of Coals to the counties through which these Lines run, will also be a mean-, of ponderable and increasing revenue; whilst the supplies to the barren districts of the Iron Works of Agricultural Pro^iee will add to the profit, as well as unite by ties of mutual interest the Agricultural and Commercial communitV By means of this projection, portions of the kingdom not so provided by any other scheme, will narticinate in the advantages of Railway communication and it will also form hereafter, with other railways about to be commenced the nearest route to London for a very extensive portion of the country. commenceu, Founded on the principle of direct and comprehensive communication with distant Darts r»f I.m. „iU be the ™o»t complete in the Empire, a„d, carried a. i, can and will be. in J* ,t,raLhC ™8t thus secure itself for the future against the competition of any rival projection. siraigni line, must At the same time every regard has been had to local accommodation, and the closest scrutiny will convince those Imply p^vldedTr re<1UiremeDtS °f the t0WD8 and di8tri«* traced within its scope, tha57his Until an Act of Parliament shall be obtained, the affairs of the Company shall be under the control of the Committee of Management, who are hereby empowered^ enter into such arra™ emfn^ as shall best serve the interests of this Company and the Public, with existing or projected ComPanies and ™ rlise addi- tional Capital, if required, to extend this Line and also to nominate the first Directors of the ComDanv Should the Commission now sitting not disturb the guage of the South Wales Railway Bill passed this Session it is intended to adopt the wide guage, to avoid the inconvenience of different guages. and ^°aHoV^our per cent^in^m1^ onthe calls^ re3pons^tJr of Shareholders to the amount of their subscription, The Line presents no engineering difficulties and as the Landholders (having been canvassed) are favorable to the Line a return, equal o any Railway m the Kingdom, may be relied on from the outlay. } favorable to Preference in the Allotment of Shares will be given to those locally interested, and to the Shareholders of Lines m connection with this, the Grand Junction, South Wales &c ^uarenoiaers ot Lines The Parliamentary Contract and Subscribers' Agreement will be ready for signature on payment of the deposits. Company, and to Messrs. Edwards, Mason, and Edwards, Solicitor, 8,"Margate Street; AND PHE FOLLOWING BROKERS StoVt" jS™ Pafke°rT?cra«™ gl^oS"Slreet • & Co., Old Broad Exchange button, 81s, Old Broad Street; and Messrs. Sutton, Gribble, & Sutton, Royal SSGL "t S !r SSS5T-If-&?• srdere »'■ SOD, and ( Messrs. Sohmes & Tripp CAMBRIAN AND GRAND JUNCTION BAIL W A. y. OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the Share List will So clo -sod upon the following Days, viz. :-For NLondon Applicants, on WEDNESDAY, the 24th; and for Local Applicants, on MONDAY, the 29th instant. 8, Moorgate-Stieet, Sept. 20th, 1845. EDWARDS, MASON, and EDWARDS, Solicitors. BRECONS HIRE. 1000 MountainSheep,30 Ztead of Cattle, I 3 Cart Horses, ZZ Bill Ponies with the whole of the Implements of Husbandry and Dairy Utensils. J. w4b WW ant s BY WM. JONES, J On WEDNESDAY, 8th of OCTOBER, 1845, AT CROFTAU, in the parish of Cantreff, 3 miles from ° Brecon, the property of Messrs. David and Philip Phillips, leaving Jthe said Farm consisting of 7 prime Milch Cows in Calf, 1 do. and Calf, 6 two-year old Steers, 2 Heifers, 4 Yearling Steers and 2 Heifers, I Yearling Bull, 6 Calves 3 Cart Horses, I strong five- year old Hack Mare, 14 hands high, fit for Saddle or Har^8,8; A excellent Pony Mare, four years old, 20 supe- r.or Hill Pomes of different ages> 8e/eral of which may J be paire or °&y arnages, being of various colours 200 j dttion, and immediately flt for the",fe^hofseX >> whole of which will be put »p in O the convenience of purchasers, and sold without re ° ve in 4 strong Bacon Pigs, 1 narrow-wheel s« new, 2 narrow-wheel Carts, 2 Gambos, 4 pi' ?ar? pairs of Harrows, Roller, Pikles, Rakes, &c. s» Six Months' Credit on approved Notes being given to the Auctioneer, to the satisfaction of the Vendors. The Sale will commence at 11 o'clock. The Auctioneer solicits an early attendance, and begs to assure his Friends that the Sale will commence at the •ppointed time precisely, as the whole must be Sold the same day. I Belle-vue, Br«con, lith Sept,, 11ii, TO BE LKT, N iTHE TOWN OF LANTWIT-MAJOR And in a locality most favourable for obtaining Barley, A COMMODIOUS MALTHOUSE, having a t LEADEN CISTERN, capable of WETTING EVENTY IMPERIAL BUSHELS, and having every ther Convenience for carrying on an extensive Malting lusiness. If required, a FOUR-STALL STABLE and YARD fay be had in connexion with it. For further particulars apply to LLEWELLYN EVANS, 'ost-Office, Lantwit-Major. CARDIFF GAOL. A LL PERSONS desiring to CONTRACT for the fol rl. lowing PROVISIONS for the next Three Months re requested to send Sealed Tenders to the Gaol ad- ressed to the Visiting Committee of Magistratesat welve o'clock, on SATURDAY, the 27th September 345. The Contract to commence on SUNDAY 12th ctober, and to continue in force until the Saturday omediately preceding the Epiphany General Quarter jssions for the County. Bread, per loaf of lllb., at each, best seconds. Oatmeal, at per cwt. Coals, at per ton. Soap, at Per cwt- Candles, at Per best dips. Rushlights, at per lb. Rice, at per cwt. Barley, at per do. Salt, at per do. T.r.. of IVILYneat ft &« end of tht QUU&tl, iloticto. m T r A At p—■ HEREFORD AND MERTHYR TIDYlI JMCTQM milWM, IN CONNECTION WITH THE Gloucester, Aberystwith, and Central Wales Railway, (PROVISIONALLY REGISTERED.) CAPITAL, £ 400,000, in 20,000 SHARES of L20 each. DEPOSIT, E2 2s. per Share. PROVISIONAL COMMITTEE: The Hon. A. Capel, Epping The Hon. F. H. F. Berkeley, M.P., 6, Spring Gardens The Hon. A. F. Berkeley, 6, Spring Gardens Sir John Osborne, Bart., Earl's Court, Brompton Colonel Hanmer, Bear Place, Maidenhead Major J. O. Lindam, K. H., 8, New Street, Dorset Square Thomas Fuller Maitland, Esq., Çfarth House, Builth and Park Place, Henley-on-Thames T. F. Maitland, Jun., Esq., 51, Upper Seymour Street W. A. Hill, Esq., 29, Lonsdale Square The Venerable Archdeacon Venables, Llvsdinam Hall, Builth Barber, John, Esq., 10, Gray's Inn Place Beamish Captain, Maes Mawr, Montgomery, and Ken. sington Square Carne, J. Nicholl, Esq., L.L.D., Dimlands House, Cowbridge M'Cann, Nicholas, Esq., Parliament Street Glen, J. P. Esq., Presteign Green, C. E. Esq., Blandford Street, Portman Square Gwynne, Marmaduke, Esq., Llanelwyth Hall, Builth Hatpin, W. H. Esq., 23, Grafton Street, Fitzroy Square Montefiore J., Esq., 20, Chester Street, Grosvenor Place Phillips, R., Esq., Gloster Villa, Gloster Road, Re- gent's Park Prosser, William, Esq., 13, Windsor Terrace, Pimlico Rickets, T. B. Esq., Combe House, Presteign Savage, Henry, Esq., 34, Dorset Place, Dorset Square Thomas, Edward David, Esq., Welfield House, Rad- norshire Thomas Thomas, Esq., Penkerrig, Radnorshire Waite, Charles, Esq., Willesden, Middlesex Waite, G. Esq., 2, Old Burlington Street Walker, The Rev. G. A., Ahesthorpe Parsonage, Wakefield. 8 With Power to add to their Number. BANKERS. Abergavenny-Branch of Monmouthshire & Glamorgan- shire Banking Company. Aberystwith-North and South Wales Bank. Birmingham—Messrs. Moilliett & Co. Brecon-Messrs. Wilkins & Co. Bristol—West of England and South Wales District Bank. Cheltenham—The County of Gloucester Bank Gloucester-The County of Gloucester Bank Hay-The Herefordshire Banking Company Hereford-The Herefordshire Banking Company London-Messrs. Glynn, Halifax, Mills, and Co., Lom- bard Street Merthyr Tidvil-Messrs. Wilkins and Co. Neath—Glamorganshire Banking Company Newport-Branch of the West of England and South Wales District Bank Ross—J. W. Hall, Esq. Worcester-Messrs. Farley and Co. ENGINEER.—Samuel Hughes, Esq. SURVEYOR. George Taylor, Esq. SOLICITORS. Mr. George P. Hill, 21 A, Soho Square Mr. Thomas Lawrence, Brecon SECRETARY.—Mr. Thomas Hawker WHILST providing a grand Trunk Line for Central Vf Wales in the Gloucester, Aberystwith, and Central Wales Railway Company, the Directors of that important Undertaking have not been unmindful of the various solicitations they have received for the extension of its public usefulness. Amongst the first and most necessary of the contem- plated Extensions is the Line of Railway now proposed the objects of which are to connect, by a direct Line, the teeming and fertile Districts of Herefordshire and the adjoining highly productive Agricultural Counties of Radnor and Cardigan with the great Mineral Districts of Merthyr Tidvil and the Neighbourhood; and by means of the Manchester and Birmingham Continuation and Welsh Junction, proposed to run from Crewe, via Llangerrig, (where that Line meets that of the Glouces- ter, Aberystwith, and Central Wales) to Aberystwith, connecting North and South Wales, Shropshire, Cheshire' Sic., as also the West of England. It will be hardly necessary to dilate upon the enormous Traffic which must exist between the densely populated Districts of Merthyr Tidvil, the Agricultural Counties before mentioned, with the surrounding country, and the Mines of Cardiganshire. In the latter neighbourhood the want of Coal is much felt. Improvement in Trade, increased Profits to Mining Establishments and Manufac- turers, the more ready interchange of Food for the products of the Mines, and general addition to prosperity must follow from the construction of this Line, which has the merit of clashing with no other project, and of being strongly sought after and recommended by existing interests. This Line will leave the Main Line at Glasbury, from whence it will run in an almost direct course along the Banks of the Llunvy River through Talgarth by Llangose Lake, crossing the river Usk at a most favourable point; it will then intersect the populous neighbourhood of Talybont, and, after striking the Valleys of the Glyn and Taffechan, terminate at Merthyr Tidvil. The necessary connection of this Line with the Taff Vale and South Wales Railways will be obvious. It may be remarked that this Line has long been called for by the Local Wants of the Districts affected by its progress, and was surveyed many years since by an eminent Engineer (the late George Overton, Esq., who planned the first Railway for Locomotive Power in the Kingdom.) The length of the Line will be about Twenty Miles. In the Allotment of Shares (which will take place at the earliest possible moment, on account of the necessity of being prepared for the ensuing Session of Parliament,) preference will be given to parties locally interested in the Line, and to Scrip Holders in the Gloucester and Aberystwith Railway Company. Applications for Shares in the annexed Form, may be made to the respective Solicitors; to the Secretary, at the Offices of the Company, No. 1, New Broad Street; or to the following Local Solicitors :— Birmingham Messrs. Hill and Everill. Gloucester Henry Evans, Esq. Ross Messrs. Edwards. Hereford J. H. Ravenhill, Esq. Hay W. Pugh, Esq. Builth. Evan Vaughan, Esq. Rhayader Evan Williams, Esq. Aberystwith W. Miller, Esq. FORM OF APPLICATION. To the Provisional Committee of the Hereford and Merthyr Tidvil Junction Railway. Gentlemen,—I request that you will allot me Shares in the above Railway, and I agree to accept that or any less number that you may please to allot me; and I undertake to pay the Deposit of E2 2s. per Share on the same, and to sign the Subscribers' Agreement and Parliamentary Contract, when required. Name in full. Residence Trade or Profession. Place of Business (if any) Date Reference.



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