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DONCASTER RACES. TUESDAY. The Fitzwilliam Stakes were won in a canter by Trueboy, beating Little John. Match, 200.—Nottingham beat Semiseria by a length. Champagne Stakes. Lord G. Bentinek's Princess Alice (Abdale) 1 M r. O'Ri-ieu's Traverser 2 Colonel Anson's Iago 3 Won by a length. Malcolm, Fair Star, Banana, Free Lance, Prospect, Kismet, Mansfield, Sheraton, Stockport filly, and Peri colt also started. The Queen's Plate wa»won in a canter by The Shadow, beating Jinglepot. The Cleveland Handican. Mr. Meiklam's Godfrey (Lye) ] Lord Chesterfield's Knight of the Whistle 2 Lord Eglinton's Quebec 3 Mr. Wiggins' Fair Charlotte 4 Mr. Hornby's Cock Robin 5 Sweepstakes of 500 sovs. each. Lord G. Bentinek's Bnnui (Nat) I Lord Maidstone's Tom Tulloch 2 THE LEGER. Ould Ireland is this day declared not to start; he is said to have been lamed by a kick frrm Stomacher on Monday. Weatherbit had a good gallop this morning, went quite sound, and has since been backed at 5 to 1. WEDNESDAY. The Great St. Leger Stakes of 50 sovs. each, h ft., for three-yr-olds; colts, 8st 71b; fillies, 8st 21b. The owner of the second horse to receive 200 sovs. out of the stakes, and the third to save his stake. The win- ner to pay 100 sovs. towards expenses. St. Leger course. One hundred and one subs. Mr. Watts's The Baron. ( F. Butler) 1 Major Yarburgh's Miss Sarah (Holmes) 2 Mr. Mostyn's Pantasa.(Marlow) 3 The following also started, but were not placed Major Yarburgh's Red Robin (Templeman) 0 Sir R. Bulkeley's Chertsey.(Cartwrig-ht) 0 Lord Chesterfield's Twig (Simpson) 0 Mr. Gully's Weatherbit (Nat) 0 Mr. Ferguson's Clear-the-Way.(Robinsou) 0 Mr. Lane Fox's June (J°y)- • 0 Mr. St. Paul's Mentor (Lye) 0 Mr. A. Johnstone's Annandale (Marson) 0 Mr. Ramsay's Mid-Lothian (H. Bell) 0 Mr. Painter's The Pacha (Whitehouse) 0 Mr. Hesseltine's Fitzallen .(Bumby) 0 Lord Miltown's Duc-an-Durras (G. Edwards) 0 Betting.-5 to 2 agst Miss Sarah (at" one time 2 to 1 taken); 4 to 1 agst Mentor (taken); 8 to 1 agst The Pacha; 10 to 1 agst Wea'herbit; 10 to 1 agst Pantasa (taken); 1*2 to I agst Annandale ftaken); 16 to 1 agst The Baron; 25 to 1 agst Duc-an-Durras; 30 to I agst Mid-Lothian; 35 to 1 agst Fitzallen; 50 to 1 agst Chertsey; 100 to I agst Clear-the-Way 100 to 1 agst June. Won by a length. Annandale a good fourth. A very fast race. 1

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