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BRIDGEi\D & COWBRIDGE UNION. PERSONS desirous of Contracting with the Board of Guardians for supplying the whole or any of the under-mentioned Articles, to be delivered at the Union Workhouse, Bridgend, at such times and in such quan- tities as the Board shall direct, are requested to send to the Union Workhouse (free of expense) Sealed Tenders, numbered, and without the name of the person tendering, addressed to The Clerk of the Bridgend and Cowbridge Union," before 10 o'clock in the morning of SATURDAY, the 27th day of SEPTEMBER instant; (that is to say) :— Bread, made of one-way Flour, at per Loaf of 41bs., (average consnmption per week, during the last quarter, 60 loaves.) Mutton, at per lb. Beef, (in Rounds, Clods, and Sticking Pieces), at per lb. The Contractor to supply, for the use of the Master's Table, such joints as he may select at the Contract Price. Raw Sugar, Pepper, Starch, and good Congou Tea, at per lb. Best Mottled Soap, at per cwt. Candles (dips), at per dozen lbs. Salt, at per cwt. Milk (to be delivered daily), at per quart Good Household Cheese, at per cwt. Fresh Butter, at per lb. East India Rice, at per cwt. 100 Yards of Calico 100 Yards of Blue Print 50 Yards of Canvass 2 Dozen Rugs 2 „ Neckerchiefs 3 Dozen Pair of Women's Stockings M Girls' Stockings 1} Dozen Men's Coats 1 n Waistcoats 2 „ Hats 2 Dozen Suits of Bojs' Clothes Men's, Women's, and Children's Shoes, and Boys' and Girls' Quarter-Boots, at per pair Samples of Bread, Sugar, Pepper, Starch, Tea, Soap, Candles, Cheese, Rice, Calico, Blue Print, Canvass, Rugs, Neckerchiefs, Stockings, Men's and Boys' Clothing, Boots and Shoes, will be required and any articles sup- plied, not corresponding with, and equal to, the Samples, will be returned. The Contracts to commence on the 27th September instant, and to continue to the 20th day of December next. N.B No Tender will be accepted that does not con- tain the name of, at least, one responsible person who will give Security for the due performance of the Contracts. By Order of the Board, WILLIAM EDMONDES, Clerk. Union Workhouse, Bridgend, 13th September, 1845. CAMBRIAN & GRAND JUNCTION RAILWAY, CONNECTING SOUTH WALES with BIRMINGHAM, LIVERPOOL, MANCHESTER, & the NORTH. [REGISTERED PROVISIONALLY.] Capital— £ 2,200,000, in 110,000 Shares of J20 each. Deposit— £ 2 2s. od. per Share. PROVISIONAL COMMITTEES. LOCAL. LONDON. St. John Cheverton Charlton, Esq., Apley Castle, Wei- Henry John Enthoven, Esq., Merchant, London, Direc- lington, High Sheriff of the County of Salop tor of the Dutch Rhenish Railway Richard Corbet, Esq., Adderley Hall, Salop Henry Lewis Smale, Esq., Doctor's Commons, London, Edmund Burnan Peteshall, Esq., Allensmore, Hereford- Director of the South Eastern Railway shire John Masterman, Jun., Esq., Banker, London, Director George Croose, Esq., Burcott House, Herefordshire of the Blaenavon Iron Company John Kerr Hastings, Esq., Manager of the Herefordshire Donald Maclean, Esq., Merchant, London, Deputy Banking Company Chairman of the Trent Valley Continuation Railway William Webb, Esq., Mayor of Hereford Frederick Ricketts, Esq., London, Deputy Chairman of William Pulling, Esq., Merchant, Hereford the Bristol and Exeter Railway. Charles Bulmer, Esq., Merchant, Hereford Charles Robert Colman, Esq., Iron Gate Wharf, London, The Rev. W. Cooke, Magistrate, Bromyard Director of the South Midland Railway W. Henry Cooke, Esq., Bromyard, and Elm Court, Charles Downes, Esq., Muswell Hill, Hornsey, Provi- Temple, London sional Director of the South Midland Railway Mr. George Griffiths, Corn Factor, Bewdley Robert Swinfen Peel, Esq., Bonehill House, near Tarn- John Watson, Esq., Carpet Manufacturer, Kidderminster worth, Provisional Director of the Trent Valley, Mid- George Crump, Esq., Carpet Manufacturer, Kidderminster laud, and Grand Junction Railway George Butcher Lea, Esq., Kidderminster John Parkinson, Esq., F.R.S., 81, Cambridge Terrace, Thomas Whitmore Wylde Browne, Esq., Woodlands, Hyde Park, Provisional Director of the South Midland near Blidgnorth, Magistrate of the County of Salop, Railway and of the Borough of Bridgnorth Sir Arthur De Capel Brooke, Bart., Oakley Park, Ket- John Baker, Esq., Dolforwyn Hall, Montgomeryshire, tering, Northamptonshire and Bridgnorth John Francis Woody, Esq., The Moat, Tamworth, Provi- W. M'Michael, Esq., Magistrate of the Borough of sional Director of the Leicester and Tamworth Railway Bridgnorth Edward Hall, Esq., West Bank, near Macclesfield, Pro- Jobn Trevor, Esq., Clerk of the Peace for the Borough of visional Director of the South Midland Railway Bridgnorth Anthony Oiekscui, Esq., M.D., Edrington House, Ber- John Jacob Smith, Esq., Town Clerk of the Borough of wickshire, late Physician General of Bengal Bridgnorth William Watson Prole, Esq., Dunster Court, Mincing- The Rer. J. F. Willetts, Cams Hall, Bridgnorth Lane, Director of the Isle of Jersey Railway William Grierson, The Grove, Bridgnorth George Emery, Esq., London, Director of the Waterford J. M. Coley, Esq., M.D., Bridgnorth and Kilkenny Railway. Joseph Hall, Esq., Bridgnorth William Gordon Thomson, Esq., 33, Gloucester Road, William Thursfield, Esq., Bridgnorth Hyde Park, Provisional Director of the South Midland John Dallewy, Esq., Bridgnorth Railway John Phillips, Esq., Bridgnorth Thomas Bramall, Esq., Mayor of Tamworth, Deputy John Green, Esq Badger Heath, near Bridgnorth Chairman of the Leicester and Tamworth Railway Joseph Southwell, Esq., Carpet Manufacturer, Bridgnorth James Oliver Mason, Esq., Old Broad-Street, London, Thomas Grierson, Esq., Carpet Manufacturer, Bridgnorth Director of the West Cornwall Railway John Onions, Esq., Broseley Henry Ridout Downman, Esq., 47, Upper Bedford- Richard Boycott, Esq., Banker, Broseley Place, London, Provisional Director of the South John Stephens, Esq., Albyns, near Bridgnorth Union Railway William Wyley, Esq., The Vineyard, Wellington William Peel, Esq., Bonehill House, near Tamworth Messrs. Webb, Wellington James Whiskin, Esq., 10, Upper Bedford-Place, London, John Williams, Esq., Iron Master, Ketley, Wellington Director of the London and Croydon Railway Mr. John Slaney, Wellington Edward H. Barwell, Esq., Mayor of Northampton, Mr. John Beeston, Wellington Deputy Chairman of the Northampton, Banbury, and John Walthall Hammond, Esq., Wistaston Hall, near Cheltenham Railway Nantwich Capt. J. P. M'Dougall, Fir Grove, North Brixton, Joseph Loxdale Warren, Esq., The Lodge, Market Surrey, late of the Bengal General Staff Drayton, and Consall Hall, Staffordshire William Morley, Esq., Blackheath, Director of the Union Charles Warren, Esq., Banker, Market Drayton Bank of London John Edward Wilson, Esq., The Grove, Market Drayton Thomas Farncomb, Esq., Alderman, London, Director Rev. S. H. Macauley, Hodnet Hall, Salop of London and Westminster Bank Thos. Nathaniel Webb, Esq., The Vineyard, near John Laurie, Esq., 2, Charles-Street, St. James's, London, Hereford Director of the London and Croydon Railway James Beech, Esq., The Shaw, near Cheadle John Mott, Esq., The Close, Litchfield, Director of the Samuel Ellis Bristowe, Esq., Twyford House, near Derby South Staffordshire Railway Peter Broughton, Esq., Tunstall Hall, Market Drayton William Collins, Esq., M.P. tor Warwick, 18, Pall Mall, and Warwick Robert Chapman, Esq., Distiller, Drury Lane, London William Morgan, Esq., ) Directors of the Bristol and William Watson, Esq., ) Exeter Railways WITH POWER TO ADD TO THEIR NUMBER Solicitors-Messrs EDWARDS, MASON, & EDWARDS, 8, Moorgate-Street, and Delahay-Street, Westminster T. B. B. STEVENS, Esq., Tamworth. Local Agents. BROMURD-WILLIAM WEST, Esq., Solicitor I BROSELEY — Messrs. PRITCHARD, POTTS, and KIDDERNI NSTEIM- Messrs. BIRD, SAUNDERS, and NICHOLLS, Solicitors BIRD, Solicitors I WELLINGTON-F. BUCKLE, Esq., Solicitor BRIRGNORTH-M. HAYWOOD WILLIAMS, Esq., MARKET DRAYTON-GFO. BURD, Esq., Solicitor Solicitor I Bankers. LONDON—Messrs. MASTERMAN, PETERS, MIL- KIDDERMINSTER Messrs. FARLEY & TURNER DRED, & Co., Nicholas-Lane BRIDGNORTH > M pRITCHARD & BOYCOTT Messrs. COCKS, BIDDDLPH, & Co., 43, BROSELEY.. J MESSIS-R Charing Cross MARKET DRAYTON—Messrs. ADAMS, ADAMS, WAR- HEREFORD-HEREFORDSHIRE BANKING COM- REN, and Co. PANY PANY Engineer in Chief-WILLIAM GRAVATT, Esq., F.R.S. Secretary-H. HERBERT DOWNMAN, Esq., Hon. Sec., pro tem. PROSPECTUS. THIS important Line, the only one having for its object the direct communication between South Wales, Birming- ham, the Midland Counties, Liverpool, Manchester, and the North, will commetrce at Hereford, and passing to the Vale of the Severn via Bewdley, Bridgnorth, Broseley, Iron Bridge, Colebrooke Dale, take a direct route through or near Wellington, and Market Drayton to Crewe, or to Runcorn, whence the existing Lines will continue the 'u" traffic to Liverpool, Manchester, and the North. At Bewdley there will be a branch Line through Kidderminster to Birmingham and the Midland Counties. Reference to the Map will show that three projected Railways converge at Hereford, viz — The South Wales Line from the coast, at Newport, via Monmouth the Bristol and Liverpool Junction from Bristol, over the Severn; and the Great Eastern and Western from Swansea, by way of Merthyr and Abergavenny. This grand trunk will, therefore, connect with the North and Central portions of the kingdom, by the nearest practicable route, Bristol, the West of England, and the whole of South Wales, containing a vast population, and extensive Iron, Copper, Tin Plate, and Coal Works, numerous and important Ports, including Milford Haven, and the Government Dock Yard, and concentrate to itself the great Passenger and Goods traffic now conveyed by circuitous routes to and fro. This Line, too, will unite the Iron Districts of South Wales with those of Staffordshire and Shropshire. Apart from the ordinary incentives to travelling, the beautiful scenery of South Wales and the various Watering Places will add considerably to the Passenger traffic on this line. «. A more than usual revenue may be calculated upon in Goods traffic, arising from the extensive connection existing between South Wales and the Important termini, conveying, as this communication will, the various productions of Iron, Copper, Coal, Tin Plates, &c., to the North, and Woollens, Cottons, Salt, Hardware, Pottery Ware, Cattle, and Agricultural Produce, required for the several counties, districts, and towns, accommodated by this line, westward with the advantage of delivery in a few hours, free t'om the risks and delays of a sea voyage, and at one third the distance. The conveyance of Coals to the counties through which these Lines run, will also be a means of considerable and increasing revenue; whilst the supplies to the barren districts of the Iron Works of Agricultural Produce, will add to the profit, as well as unite by ties of mutual interest the Agricultural and Commercial community. By means of this projection, portions of the kingdom not so provided by any other scheme, will participate in advantages of Railway communication and it will also form hereafter, with other railways about to be commenced, the nearest route to London for a very extensive portion of the country. Founded on the principle of direct and comprehensive communication with distant parts of the kingdom, this Line will be the most complete in the Empire, and, carried as it can and will be, in almost a straight line, must thus secure itself for the future against the competition of any rival projection. At the same time every regard has been had to local accommodation, and the closest scrutiny will convince those who know the wants and requirements of the towns and districts embraced within its scope, that this has been most amply provided for. Until an Act of Parliament shall be obtained, the affairs of the Company shall be under the management and control of the Committee of Management, who are hereby empowered to enter into such arrangements as shall best serve the interests of this Company and the Public, with existing or projected Companies and to raise addi- tional Capital, if required, to extend this Line; and also to nominate the first Directors of the Com; any. Should the Commission now sitting not disturb the guage of the South Wales Railway Bill passed this Session, it is intended to adopt the wide guage, to avoid the inconvenience of different guages. Power will be taken under the Act to limit the responsibility of Shareholders to the amount of their subscription, and to allow four per cent, interest on the calls. The Line presents no engineering difficulties and as the Landholders (having been canvassed) are favorable to the Line, a return, equal to any Railway in the Kingdom, may be relied on from the outlay. Preference in the allotment of Shares will be given to those locally interested, and to the Shareholders of Lines in connection with this, the Grand Junction, South Wales, &c. The Parliamentary Contract and Subscribers' Agreement will be ready 'or S1gttature on payment of the deposits. No applications for Shares can in any case be attended to, unless reference be made to one of the Provisional Committee, the Solicitors, Bankers, or Brokers of the Company, viz. Messrs. EDWARDS, MASON, & EDWARDS, Solicitors, 8, Moorgate-Street, & Delahay-street, Westminster T. B. B. STEVENS, Esq., Solicitor, Tamworth AND THE FOLLOWING BROKERS:- LONDON—Messrs. BACKHOUSE & Co., 4, Angel-Court, Throgmorton-Street; Messrs. PEPPERCORNE & Co., Old Broad-Street; Messrs. PARKER & SCRUTTON, 81-L, Old Broad-Street and Messrs. SUTTON, GRIBBLE, & SUTTON, Royal Exchange. !a LIVERPOOL—Messrs. LLOYD and PRICE I KIDDERMINSTEB-Mr. C. H. SAUNDERS BIRMINGHAM—Messrs. COLLIS and SON CHELTENHAM-Mr. WILLIAM LEE MANCHESTER—Mr. JOSEPH FEARNYHOUGH R „ if Messrs. EDWARDS and SON, and BRISTOL £ MESSRS. SOAMES and TRIPP. FORM OF APPLICATION. To the Provisional Committee of the Cambrian and Grand Junction Railway. GENTLEMEN,—I request that you will allot to me Shares of JE20 each, in the above Railway, and I hereby undertake to accept the same, or any less number you may allot .me, and to pay the deposit of £ 2 2s. per Share thereon, and. to sign the Parliamentary Contract and Subscribers' Agreement when required. Dated this day of September, 1845. Name in full Place of Business or Profession Residence Business or Profession • • Signature Name, Residence, and Profession, of Referee..

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