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I dForrigu )Intelligence.


I dForrigu )Intelligence. I ^RUSSIA.—The good King of Prussia, has, according t to the testimony of accounts received from that kingdom °,11 Monday, succeeded in conciliating the Lutheran por- gOI1., of his subjects. Whether it was jealousy of the alvmists, or with a view to strengthen their own party, Or to add force to the new reformation, the Lutherans °Wed a disposition to form a coalition with the new German Catholic Church. With this view a meetic; was! at Konigsburg a few days ago (the 27th ult.), p Persons calling themselves generally Protestant „ "ends," which was eagerly attended. The police inter- erect to prevent the meeting, on the ground that its embers came within the category of the friends of '^t," whose assemblages were forbidden. The meet- froni the house to the garden, and there a ♦ ^etnber proposed the accession of the Lutherans to the y .eCatholic movement. The motion met, however, ''n little favour, and was rejected by a large majority. „ Motion for an address to the King, in favour of tolera- Was carried, and the meeting separated. On the .wing day the "Protestant Friends" declared their Clety dissolved, the motive of which act is explained by Universal German Gazette, which, writing on the M/ three days previously, and possibly in ignorance of e intended meeting, mentions the existence of a general e'lef that, the King was about to accord the same conces- IIIOIIS to the German Catholics that he had already Ranted to the Lutherans. The removal of the interdic- | l0tl> by which M. Ronge will be enabled to attend the V yn°dtobe held in Wurtemberg, as mentioned some days I j$°> confirms the truth of the rumour noticed by our t eriaan contemporary. The Cologne Gazette states also hat M. de Thele was about to retire from the Ministry, nd the retirement of this minister is hailed with satisfac- IOn by the Lutherans and new reformers, to whom he as hostile. To the King alone our accounts attribute ese acts of toleration, which have given the utmost satis- faction. The minister of the Grand Duke of Oldenberg Oif addressed a circular to all the heads of the Protestant ^hurch, recommending them to abstain from connecting themselves with the new reformers, so as not to offend the Roman Catholics of the duchy. The Cologne Gazette IItates that the Pope has declined receiving M. D'Osedo- ^as> Ambassador from Prussia, because he is a partisan 'the reform in religion promoted by M. de Bunsen. »r ^>russian Government at first expressed some asto- ishment at this rejection, but, all it appears, has deter- not to insist on the appointment of M. D' Usedomas. PRUSSIAN CAMPAIGN IN THE CAUCASUS.—The Cologne J^z*tte has the following from the Russian frontiers, tI. Ug. 9 Accounts from Tiflis to the 3d August an- ?uUce that General Woronzoff has been compelled to j?Veup his expedition against the mountaineers, and "•e hastily on the Russian territory. After the gene- 1 ftad received a sunply of provisions, and a reinforce- of troops, he put the army in movement against jolrgos. For some days the mountaineers had appeared be in a state of inactivity but they had, in fact, been >ly preparing for their defence. The Russians met 'th an unexpected resistance, and could not advance a Step. The balls fell in showers, and the bravest gave Orders were given by the general to take posses- jl°Q of some heights, but this was soon proved to be t Possible The Russians continued the combat for sOllle time, and in the end lost 1000 men (other accounts y 2000) and 30 officers, among whom were several peileral and superior officers, and a part of their convoy. eJ?e general then determined on a retreat, which was S » ted in a very precipitate manner. The rear guard tiered very severely, and was compelled to abandon uaily of its men, who were unable from fatigue t% keep P With the rest of the body. On arriving at the fortress 9ersetung, the troops were in such a deplorable con- lhon that it could scarcely be imagined that they had |a'Hed a victory. Their total loss is estimated at from .00') to 10,000 men."

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