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Saleg *2 faction. GLAMORGANSHIRE, SOUTH WALES. Capital Freehold Estates & Free- hold Mineral Property TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs. ADAM MURRAY & SON, At the MACKWORTH ARMS INN, in the Borough and Seaport Town of SWANSEA, in OCTOBER next, unless disposed of in the meantime by Private Contract, of which due notice will be given; A HOUSE in High-Street, and a good WHARF Ii. near the Town-Hall, Swansea, and several FARMS (20 in number), and the COAL under; upwards of J600 Acres of Land, all situate in the several Parishes of Llansamlet, Swansea, St. John-juxta-Swansea, Llange- felach, Llanguke, Llandilo-Talybont, Loughor, Ilstone, and Llanridian. Some of the Coal is of as good quality for Steam Packet purposes as any in the Kingdom, and the situation commands an excellent outlet to the sea for exportation. The South Wales, Welsh Midland, and Swansea Yale Railways will pass through parts of the property, and will increase the facilities for bringing the Coal to Market. A portion of the Coal in Llangefelach and St. John's has been leased at Sleeping Rents and Royalties to most responsible Tenants. Printed Particulars will be ready by the middle of September, and may be had of Messrs. Llewellyn and Randall, Solicitors, Neath; Messrs. Rowland Hacon and Rowlands, Solicitors, 38, Threadneedle-Street, London; at the Office of Messrs. Adam Murray and Son, 35, Craven-Street, Strand, London; at the Inns at Bristol and Swansea and at the Commercial-Rooms at Liver- pool, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Manchester, and Glasgow. NEWTON, BRECONSHIRE, ONE MILE FROM BRECON. IMPORTANT & INTERESTING SALE OF ME(FIEF@(&DS!H!1II&! GATTLS, OF THE OLD WHITE FACED BREED; Selected and kept entire on this Estate for upwards of seventy years, and now in the highest degree of per- fection, in colour, quality, and constitution, combining the esteemed Breeds of the Huntingdon, Stretton, and Thingehill Estates, which is now distinctly to be traced in this herd. THOS. COOKE HAS the great satisfaction of announcing to the ad- H mirers of this class of Herefordshire Cattle, that the proprietor, Mr. D. WILLIAMS, of Newton aforesaid (who has given up one of his Farms), has directed him to announce FOR SALE BY AUCTION, On SATURDAY, the 20th SEPTEMBER next, the undermentioned portion of his superior Stock:— THIRTY-FIVE COWS and HEIFERS in Calf, FIVE BULLS of different ages, and SIXTEEN two- year old STEERS; the whole of which are by the same Sire. 120 EWES, of the best breed of close woolled sheep, nearly approaching the old Ryeland blood and 40 EWE LAMBS. Also 40 PONIES, of the celebrated Cnewer race, among which are several matchers, and highly curious from their diversity of colour, and great speed; upwards of twenty are Geldings three years old; valuable BROOD MARES, &c., &c. LOT. LOT. 1 A Cow, 5 yrs. old, got by 24 A Heifer 3 yrs. old by Chance, Bull'd by Governor Chance, Bull'd by Governor 2 Do. do. do. do. 25 Do. do. do. do. 3 Do. do. do. do. 26 Do. 2 years old do. 4 Do. do. do. do. 27 Do. do. do. do. 5 Do. do. do. do. 28 Do. do. do. do. 6 Do. 4 years old do. 29 Do. do. do. do. 7 Do. do. do. do. 30 Do. do. do. do. 8 Do. sister to lot 2 do. 31 Do. do. do. do. 9 Do. do. do. 3 do. 32 Do. dam lot 3 30 Do. do. do. 4 do. 133 Do. sister to lot 3 11 Do. do. do. do. 34 Do. do. do. do. 12 Do. do. do. do. 35 Do. dam lot 1 and calf 13 Do. do. do. do. 36 A Yearling Bull, Newton, 14 Do. do. do. do. dam lot 3 15 A Heifer do. do. 37 Do. 1582, own brother to 16 Do. 3 yrs.sister to Iotl5do. lot 1 17 Do. sister to lot 2 do. 38 Bull calf out of Old Pret- 18 Do. do. „: do. do. ty-maid, Thingehill blood 19 Do. do. do. do. 39 Do. do. out of Old Cherry, 20 Do. do. do. do. a real Huntingdon 21 Do. do. do. do. 40 Do. out of lot II 22 Do. do. do. do. 41 Sixteen two-year old 23 Do. do. do. do. Steers in one lot. N.B.—As these Steers are supposed by all who have seen them, to be unequalled in any one rear of the day, the Proprietor has directed the Auctioneer to offer them in one lot, in the hope of their being grazed together; but this is not to prevent their being Sold separately, if so agreed upon at the time of sale. LOT. ILoT. 42 Twenty Poney Geldings,j;>1 Ten do. in such Lots as may be 52 Ten do. approved of. 153 Ten do. 43 Twenty Poney Mares, 54 Ten Yearling Ewes. ditto. 55 Ten do. 44 Brown Brood Mare, 56 Ten do. stinted to TAie Briton, 57 Ten do. and Filly Foal. 58 Ten Ewe Lambs. 45 A Bay do. do. 59 Ten do. SHEEP. 60 Ten do. 46 Ten capital Close-wool- 61 Ten do. led Ewes. 62 Yearling Ram. 47 Ten do. 63 Do. 48 Ten do. 64 Do. 49 Ten do. 65 Do. 50 Ten do. REFERENCE TO THE BULLS. CHANCE was bred by J. Turner, Esq., of Noke Herefordshire, and purchased by Mr. Williams, at the Sale in 1838; his dam was Victoria, by Mr. Hewer's Lottery; Grandam, Countess, by Old Sovereign, &c. The Sire of the Stock for Sale now in use on the premises. GOVERNOR, coming two years old, which Bull has been used regularly with the Cows for Sale, and is also on the premises was hired of, and bred by Mr. Hewer, of Hampton Lodge, near Hereford. His Sire was Dan- gerous; Grandsire, Defiance; G. G. Grandsire, Young Sovereign, &c., &c. Pedigrees of the various Bulls which have been used in this Stock, may be had at the time of Sale, from the Auctioneer, including those of the Yeomans, Tullys, and Hewers, which can be traced for fifty years back. The Auctioneer respectfully pledges himself that a purer lot of Herefords than those enumerated, he never had in his long experience to offer to public notice. Particulars may be had at the place of Sale, and of the Auctioneer, St. John's Street, Hereford. ffftrf Cardiff and Newport Daily. BENJAMIN EVANS begs!respectfully to inform the JD Public generally of CARDIFF, NEWPORT, and their respective Neighbourhoods, that at the solicitations of many of his Friends, he has established an OMNIBUS for the purpose of conveying Passengers, Parcels, &c., between these towns Daily, starting at the time and from the places below named :— From the Glove and Shears^Inn, Duke-street, Cardiff, at Nine in the Morning. From the Tredegar Arms Inn, Newport, at a quarter past Three in the Afternoon, arriving at the Taff Vale Railway Station, Cardiff, in time to forward Passengers by the five o'clock train to Llandaff, Newbridge, Merthyr and other places along the line. N.B.—On Sundays the Omnibus will leave Cardiff at Nine, A.M., and leave Newport at Six, P.M. B. E. also wishes to observe that this Omnibus is driven by a most experienced and careful driver, and that it will be found in every respect well worthy the support of the public at large, as he can assure them that no efforts or expense shall be wanting on his part to render it what it professes to be—namely, a punctual and con- venient medium of communication between the important towns of Cardiff and Newport. August, 1845. FRUIT SEASON. THE experience of past yeao having proved the ad- J. vantage, at this season, of acting upon the advice of the Faculty, in the substitution of Weak Brandy and Water, as an ordinary beverage, for Beer or other fer- mentable liquors, and at no greater cost, J. T. BETTS, JUN. & Co. trust that they need only to caution the public against any of the spurious articles offered for sale, being foisted upon consumers in lieu of their Patent Brandy; and at the same time, to refer to its superiority and economy for preserving fruit. protected against fraudulent sub- stitution, when sold in bottles, by 0BETTS'S PATENT BRANDY is being secured with the Patent Metallic Capsules, embossed with the words "BUTTS'S PATENT BRANDY, 7, SMITHFIELD BARS." Purchasers of bottles, at 3s. 6d. each, cannot be too particu- lar in observing that the Capsules are so embossed. This pure and healthful spirit is preferred by the highest Medical Authorities to any other; and is used, to the exclusion of Foreign Brandy, at St. Thomas's, Guy's, St. George's, the Westminster and other Hospitals; at the Brighton, Bristol, Manchester, and other Infirmaries; and, indeed, at the principal senative institutions through- out the country. Berrs's PATENT BRANDY may be obtained, in the Cipsuled Bottles, by way of sample, and at 18s. per gal- lon in bulk, of the most respectable Wine and Spirit Merchants, in every locality. The DISTILLERY, 7, SMITH- TIELD BARS, LONDON, IS THE only ESTABLISHMENT of J. T. /VHi$Cp, Jlotterai. .6- .d- iM.. CHEPSTOW, FOREST OF DEAN, And Gloucester Junction Railway. THROUGH the Forest of Dean (with branches to the Collieries, Iron Works, and River Severn), to join the Gloucester and Birmingham, Gloucester and Bristol, intended Cheltenham, Oxford, and London Direct, and Gloucester and Aberystwith Railways (Registered Pro- visionally, according to the Act of 7th and 8th Vict., c. 110). Capital £ 600,000., in 30,000 Shares of £20 each. Deposit £2 2s. per Share. No Shareholder to be liable beyond the amount of his shares. WM. PROTHEROE, Secretary. 10, Old Jewry Chambers. CHEPSTOW, FOREST OF DEAN, And Gloucester Junction Railway. ri^HE time for receiving Applications for Shares in this X Company having expired on Saturday last, no ap- plications since received can be entertained, as the shares are in course of allotment. WM. PROTHEROE, Secretary. 10, Old Jewry Chambers, Sept. 8, 1845. CHEPSTOW, FOREST OF DEAN, And Gloucester Junetion Railway. AN extension of this line is under survey to connect it with the heart of the mineral district of South Wales. The project has been registered, full particulars of which will appear in a few days. WM. PROTHEROE, Secretary. 10, Old Jewry Chambers. MOTRIN LLYNVI and PORTH-CAWL RAILWAY. Porth Cawl, September 5th, 1$45. WE, the undersigned, being Proprietors of Five or tV more Shares each in the Duffryn Llynvi and Porth-Cawl Railway, do hereby direct you to call a SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING of the Company, to be held at the WYNDHAM ARMS INN, BRIDGEND, in the County of Glamorgan, on FRIDAY, the 26th SEPTEM- BER instant, at 1 o'clock, p.m., "For the purpose of considering the propriety of applying to Parliament at the approaching Session for powers to improve the existing Road of the Company, so as to enable them to employ Locomotive Engines, and to become Carriers on the Road. Also, for purchasing, or adopting, one or more Branch Lines, rendered desirable by the extension of commerce; and for taking power to raise further Capital for carrying these important objects into effect. Like- wise, for considering the Report of their Engineer, Mr. Scott Russell, on the improvements rendered necessary at the Port by the great increase of trade." (Signed) DIGBY MACKWORTH. ROBERT PRICE. M. P. SMITH. W. H. BUCKLAND. GEORGE RAWLINSON. JOSEPH RUSHER. To Mr. W. S. Bradley, Clerk to the Company, Porthcawl. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That in obedience to the foregoing Requisition, a SPE- CIAL GENERAL MEETING of the said Company will be held at the WYNDHAM ARMS INN, BRIDGEND, in the County of Glamorgan, on FRIDAY, the 26th SEP- TEMBER inst., at 1 o'clock, p.m., for the purposes therein specified. W. S. BRADLEY, Clerk to the Company. Porth-Cawl, Sept. 13th, 1845. WELSH MIDLAND RAILWAY. AT a MEETING of the Inhabitants of the Borough of BEWDLEY, and of the Landowners of the neighbourhood, convened by the Mayor, held this day at the Guildhall, Bewdley, for the purpose of considering the proposed Birmingham, Wolverhampton, and Stour Valley Railway, also the proposed Welsh Midland Rail- way, and the best means of supporting these undertakings, and also to take into consideration the intended Railway from the South Staffordshire District, by Walsall and Lichfield, to the Midland Railway at Alrewas, called the Trent Valley, Midlands, and Grand Junction Railway, at which Meeting deputations from the Birmingham Canal Company, the London and Birmingham Railway Com- pany, the Welsh Midland, and the Trent Valley, and Midland Companies attended,— JOSEPH FARMER, Esq., Mayor, having been called to the Chair, The following Resolutions were passed unanimously:— Moved by W. L. Childe, Esq., and seconded by the Rev. E. W. Ingram, 1. That the proposed Welsh Midland Line of Railway from South Wales, through Leominster, to Bewdley, and thence to Kidderminster, to communicate with the Bir- mingham, Wolverhampton, and Stour Valley Railways, and thereby with the Trent Valley, Midland, and Grand Junction Railway, will be conducive to the best interest of the town and neighbourhood of Bewdley. Moved by Slade Baker, Esq., and seconded by James Fryer, Esq., 2. That this Meeting will afford its most strenuous support in favour of the proposed extension of the Welsh Midland Railway from Leominster to Kidderminster, and also to the proposed Birmingham, Wolverhampton, and Stour Valley Railway, and the proposed Trent Valley, Midlands, and Grand Junction Railway. Moved by Mr. George Griffith, and seconded by Thomas Sheward Cartwright, Esq., 3. That the Mayor of Bewdley, Sir Thomas Edward Winnington, Bart., M.P., W. L. Childe, Esq., Slade Baker, Esq., Philip Wodehouse, Esq., W. N. Marcy, Esq., E. Prichard, Esq., John Beddoe, Esq., T. S. Cartwright, Esq., George Baker, Esq., Mr. George Griffith, and E. R. Nicholas, Esq., be appointed a Committee to com- municate with the said several Companies, and aid their endeavours to secure the sanction of Parliament for their respective lines of Railway. Moved by James Cole, Esq., and seconded by Mr. George Masefield, 4. That the thanks of this Meeting be given to the respective Deputations from the London and Birmingham Railway Company, the Birmingham, WWverhampton, and Stour Valley Railway Company, and the Welsh Midland Railway Company for their attendance to-day, and for the information afforded by them to the Meeting. Moved by Edward Prichard, Esq., and seconded by Mr T. Morris, 5. That these Resolutions be printed in the News- papers circulated in the neighbourhood. The Chairman having left the Chair, and W. L. Childe, Esq., being called to the same, Moved by R. Scott, Esq., M.P., and seconded by J. Ackers, Esq., M.P., Resolved, 6. That the thanks of this Meeting be given to the Mayor, for his kindness in taking the Chair, and his able and impartial conduct therein. Bewdley, August 27, 1845. WELSH MIDLAND RAILWAY. AT a MEETING of the Gentry, Manufacturers, Trad- ers, and others, of the Borough ana neighbourhood of KIDDERMINSTER, in support of the Birmingham, Wolverhampton, and Stour Valley, and Welsh Midland Railways, held this day at the Lion Hotel, Kiddermin- ster, at which Meeting deputations from the London and Birmingham Railway Company and Birmingham Canal Company, the Welsh Midland and Trent Valley, and the Midlands and Grand Junction Railway Companies at- tended,— THOMAS SIMCOX LEA, Esq., High Sheriff of the County, in the Chair, Moved by Henry Brinton, Esq., seconded by John Han- cocks, Esq., That the proposed Welsh Midland Railway, with its extension through Bewdley and this town, together with the proposed Birmingham and Stour Valley Railway, and the Trent Valley Midlands, and Grand Junction Railway, will afford to the town and trade of Kidder- minster great facilities of traffic to South Wales, to Bir- mingham, and to Derby and the North, not hitherto offered to this neighbourhood, and will thereby be of great advantage to the manufactures and trade of Kidder- minster and its neighbourhood. Carried without a dissentient voice. Moved by Frederick Talbot, Esq., seconded by Thomas Lewty, Esq., That this Meeting will give its sanction and best SUP-I port to the several Railway projects referred to in the last Resolution. Amendment proposed by John Watson, Esq., seconded by George Crump, Esq., That this Meeting does not pledge itself to support the Trent Valley Midland Railway, inasmuch as another project is already before the public, and that the projec- tors of such Line have not had an opportunity of appear- ing in advocacy of their scheme. The amendment was lost on being put, seven hands only having been held up for it. Original motion pu and carried. The Chairman having left the Chair, the same was taken, by John Hancocks, Esq. It was moved by R. Scott, Esq., M.P., seconded by John Watson, Esq., That the thanks of this Meeting be given to the High Sheriff for his excellent conduct in the Chair. Kidderminster, Sept, 3d, 1845, JiOticrB. VALE OF NEATH RAILWAY. THE ALLOTMENT of SHARES in this Railway being now completed, the Committee of Manage- ment desire to express their regret that they have been unable to comply so fully as they desired with the appli- cations of parties locally interested, and of holders of shares in the South Wales Railway. The public generally will also accept as an apology, that owing to the unprecedented number of applications, the Committee have been compelled to overlook many of the very highest character and respectability, and of ne- cessity to limit the number of shares in each allotment. F. G. SAUNDERS, Sec. pro tem. 449, West Strand, London, Sept. 8, 1845. WILSON'S SCOTTISH ENTERTAINMENTS. itatmaummo ON WEDNESDAY EVENING, 24th SEPTEMBER, At 8 o'Clock, BtR WILSON Will have the honour of giving one of his celebrated Entertainments on the @W Piano-Forte,—MR. LAND. The Doors will be opened at half-past Seven o'clock, and the Entertainment terminate about Ten. Boxes, 3s.; Pit, 2s.; Gallery, Is.—Books of the Words, 6d Tickets & Programmes may be had at Mr. Webber's, Cardiff and Merthyr Guardian Office, and at the Doors. Mr. WILSON will give an Entertainment in MER- THYR on THURSDAY Evening, the 18th and in NEWPORT on THURSDAY Evening, the 25th. TITHE COMMISSION. NOTICE. THE TITHE COMMISSIONERS for England and Wales hereby give Notice, that a Copy of the Draft of Apportionment of the Rent Charge agreed to be paid in lieu of Tithes, in the Parish of RUMNEY, in the County of MONMOUTH, has been deposited at the Dwelling House of THOMAS BAKER, called Pen-yr- heol," in the said Parish, for the inspection of all Persons interested in the Lands or Tithes of the said Parish. And the Commissioners further give Notice, that pur- suant to the Act for Commutation of Tithes, a Meeting will be holden for the purpose of hearing any Objections to the intended Apportionment by any Persons interested as aforesaid and that such Meeting will be held at the ANGEL INN, at CARDIFF, in the County of GLAMORGAN, on FRIDAY, the 19th day of SEPTEM- BER, 1845, at Three o'clock in the Afternoon. Signed by Order of the Board, J. E. HOVENDEN, Secretary. Thomas Morris, Valuer. 9, Somerset-Place, Somerset-1 House, London. J NOTICE. Direct Steam Communication between Liverpool and South Wales. THE Public are respectfullv informed that the Iron Screw Steamer TINTERN," CAPT. WAL- TERS, just launched, and built expressly for the trade, is intended to commence plying between LIVERPOOL and NEWPORT, calling at Tenby, in the course of the ensuing Month. This Vessel has been designed and built by Mr. Guppy, of Bristol, whose high reputation, as a Ship Builder, will be a guarantee for her capability as a desirable convey- ance for Goods and Passengers. For particulars of the times of Sailing, and rates of Freight for Goods and Passengers, Apply to DARBY & SIM, Sweeting-street, Liverpool; or to N. B. CALDER, Ebbw Vale, Wharf, Newport. N.B.-The Charges will be Moderate. Liverpool, 1st Sept., 1845.




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