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Intelligent as most certainly the community now are, comparatively with the state of society in former times, 1 1.. ,re aPPears to have been one essential matter over- looked in the search for intelligence and happiness. How often do medical men recommend exercise to their pa- tients for indigestion, liver complaints, costiveness, sick head-aches, &c. Females leading an inactive life, and thousands of both sexes are, through their sundry avoca- tions, debarred from that exercise in a pure atmosphere which is essential to health; to all such, therefore, we would recommend the occasional use of that excellent family medicine, "Frampton's Pill of Health," which, as a restorative, a gentle aperient, and a promoter of a healthy action of the system, stands unequalled in public estimation. THE LA.TB WHIRLWIND AT Rouex.—New wonders come to light respecting the whirlwind at Rouen. At the stttmg of the Paris Academy of Sciences,*<m the 25th August, M. Arago gave a report, derived from letters r \? Precisier, and Lecoq wb hat ot M. Precisier, being the most precise* furnishes the substance of the following account. The blast or + whirlwind in question had its origin at Houlme, a village two leagues from Rouen. Two violent winds, proceeding in contrary directions, having met, a cone was formed, which descended from the clouds, with its summit towards the eartb; and it had a revolving motion of terrible rapidity. From its centre issued flashes of lightning, and it emitted a strong smell of sulphur. Some persons, v ho saw it advance with enormous speed, have assured M. Precisier that the black and red clouds moved vertically driven backwards and forwards with prodigious force; they also heard a rolling noise, similar to that which pre- cedes bail. 14c barometer fell suddenly from 756 to 740 in i I millimetres, the temperature of the air became very ele- vated, and the whirlwind was preceded by a current of air to warm that some persons before a large fire felt if strongly. The meteor rushed Eastward, overthrowing everything it met with in its course it passed through a forest without losing any of its power, snapping 0[1 or twisting the trees, and casting them right and left; then struck a cotton-factory four stories in height, and in a second demolished it, crushing the persons who were within its walls. The dwelling-houses which were in the immediate vicinity tf( this factory were butslightly injured for the whirlwind did not take a direct course,"but went. in a zigzag, and appeared to be attracted by the. great masses of iron in the machinery of the factories. Auhe second factory that it attacked, the third floor was removed in an instant, as if by suction [a«piratioaJ; aaJ some of the fragments were carrier to a distance of Several leagues. The third factory, in lwhich there were nearly two hundred persons at work, was demolished with the same rapidity as the other two. The meteor then con- tinued its course towards Malaunay, devastating tue country as it proceeded; but at Cieve» effect ceased. A violent wind, caused by this (rightfiil (perturbation at one point, blew from it towards all Uhe environs, tuid was felt at an enormous distance. At 1..11 Chapeiie, near • Dieppe, a distance of nine Utfffuest » shepherd saw tail a piank of more than a metre in length, slates, portions of window*, cotton, »nd many ,°ther objects fall near tha same spot. All the facts which were witnessed, says M. Precisier, prove the presence of electricity Jn visitatioo- The bricks and sto«es 01 tue buildings which wer* destroyed were burning hot, and many articles were car- bonised on the Some spindles were found to be magnetisad; M. Arago observed that this might have t, Imwo the case before the disaster. The bodies of the victims presented no tuarks of external ininry ;'they re- sembW those of persons struck by lightning. As to the fight which was seen to issue from the centre of the meteor, no oubtol its being electric can be entertained; and it was visible at a great distance. In the neighbourhood of e disaster, a family, who were about to sit down to "inoer, suddenly *aiv the table uncovered; the plates and dishes danced in tJie air ■; and a frying-pan was driven Hpoards, and forced into the ceiling, surrounded by a tight, which rapidly disappeared. a- ii'V. ,k'(: