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FAREWELL TO THE FLOWERS. "Farewell! farewell! bright children of the sun, Whose beauty rose around our path where'er We wandered forth since vernal days begun; The glory and the garland of the year. Ye came, the children of the Spring's bright promise; Ye crowned the Summer, in her path of light, And now, when Autumn's wealth is passing from us, We gaze upon your parting bloom, as bright And dearer far than Summer's richest hue- Sweet flowers, adieu! You will return again; the early beams Of Spring will wake ye from your wintry sleep, By the still fountains and the shining streams, That through the green and leafy woodland sweep; Ye will return again, to cheer the bosoms Of the deep valleys, by old woods o'erhung, With the fresh fragrance of your opening blossoms; To be the joy and treasure of the young! With birds, from the far lands and sunny hour3, Ye will return, sweet Bowers But when will they return, our flowers that fell From Life's blanched garland when its bloom was new, And left but the dim memories that dwell In silent hearts and homes? The Summer's dew And Summer's sun, with all their balm and brightness, May fall on deserts or on graves in vain But to the locks grown dim with early whiteness, What Spring can give the sable look again, Or to the early withered heart restore Its perished bloom once more ? In vain, in vain, years come and years depart; Time hath its changes, and the world its tears; And we grow old in frame, and grey in heart, Seeking the grave through many hopes and fears But still the ancient earth renews around us Her faded flowers, though Life renews no more The bright but early broken ties that bound us, The garlands that our blighted summers wore Buds to the trees, and blossoms to the bowers, Return,—but not Life's flowers Thus sung the bard, when Autumn's latest gold Hung on the woods, and Summer's latest bloom Was fading fast, as Winter stern and cold Came from his northern home of clouds and gloom. But from the dying flowers a voice seemed breathing Of higher hopes; it whispered sweet and low, When Spring again her sunny smile is wreathing We will return to thee; but thou must go To seek Life's blighted blossoms on that shore Where flowers can fade no more i"




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