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NEWBRIDGE MARKET PRICES.—Wheat, 6s. 6d. to 7s.; barley, 4s. to 4s. 6d.; oats, 2s. 9.1. to 3s.; beef, per lb., 6d. to 7d.; mutton, 6-d. to 7d. veal, 6d. to 6|d.; butter, Is. Id. 9 2 NEWBRIDGE.—A CHILD KILLED.—On Tuesday last, an inquest was held at the Maltster's Arms, Newbridge (kept by Mr. Wm. Emanuel) before R. Lewis Reece, Esq., coroner, on view of the body of a little boy, aged a years, named Thomas Williams, the son of Humphrey Williams, collier. It appeared that the accident which caused the little fellow's death took place on the evening of the 30th of August. Mr. Emanuel and others were engaged in removing a piece of heavy timber. The deceased and many other children, were playing near the spot; and Mr. Emanuel, apprehensive of danger, called to them once or twice, and desired them to go away. A piece of timber was hauled to the edge of a small declivity^down which it Was intended to be rolled the deceased, altnough repeatedly warned, approached the spot (unobserved we presume) and was going to vault over it when it rolled onwards—knocked him down, and rolled upon him. Mr. Emanuel, dreadfully alarmed, ran on, and actually, un- aided, raised the massive block of wood (in weight one ton) with one hand, whilst with the other he rescued the poor little suffering innocent. The child looked up in Mr. Emanuel's face and said—"Oh! dear, I am very much hurt," or words to that effect. lIe was eauied home; but at half-past ten that night death mercifully put an end to his sufferings, having survived the accident about three hours. The jury returned a verdict of Accidental Death and, together with the coroner, expressed the greatest admiration of Mr. Emanuel's con. duct. COAL-PIT ACCIDENT.—An inquest was held on Mon- day last, near the Dinas Colliery, before R. Lewis Reece, Esq coroner, on view of the body of a lad named David Williams, aged 14 years, the son of William John Williams, collier. Deceased and his father were at work in the Dinas colliery on the 27th of August; and he asked his father if he could knock away a portion of the support of the roof of the stall as they had worked out the coal. His father told him he might do it. He then struck away a piece of the timber, and thereby disen- gaged from the roof a mass of stone, weighing several hundred-weights, which fell upon him and crushed him so dreadfully that he survived the accident only fifteen hours. Medical assistance was instantly at hand but the injuries he received were of too extensive a nature to ba within the reach of mortal aid. The jury returned a verdict of Accidental Death." LLANTUISSENT GENERAL ANNUAL LICENCING MEET- ING was held on Friday the 29th August, 1845, before Colonel Smith, Captain Hewitt. and E. M. Williams, Esq. Forty-seven innkeeper's licenses were applied for and renewed. Two new applications for licenses were made, and which were deferred to the adjournment of the said meeting to be held on the 19th instant. ■Mary- Williams applied for a summons against B. Jfrancisfot an assault. Granted.——Mary Harris also applied for a summons against Hopkin Rees, both of the parish of Lantwitvardre, for an assault. Granted.— Benjamin Davies applied for a summons against Thomas Phillips, for an assault. Granted. William Hezekiah Morgan and Thomas Morgan appeared against Daniel Jones, for an assault. The case was adjourned to 5th September inst. Thomas Morgan appeared against Mary Morgan, for an assault, at Lanwitvardre. Defendant was found guilty aud fined 10s. 9d. and costs. Allowed four weeks to pay. Mary Hodge applied for a summons against Ann Israel and six others, all of the palish of Lantwit- vardre, for a riot near Dyhewici Colliery in the said parish. Granted.— Mary Roberts applied for a sum- mons against John Williams, for inciting the said riot, in the parish of Lautwitvardre. Granted.





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