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pDttrp. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL. He hath made every thing beautiful."—Eccles. iii. 11. OH it is beautiful to see A young girl timid stand, To give away that priceless pearl, Her unpolluted hand, At the altar of the God, Her earliest infant prayer, And latest in her maidenhood Taught her was ever there. 'Tis beautiful, when vows are pledged, To see her artless eye Gaze on her husband's as to read Her star of destiny; Propitious be the horoscope That fate is casting now. For it would be a cruel deed To gloom so glad a brow. 'Tis beautiful to see her sit Beside his hearth at eve, To joyful smile if he doth joy, But weep if he doth grieve Speaking to him in that low tone, True sympathy doth shew; Mirth may be loud, but whispers best Beguile the ear of woe. Tis beautiful to see her kneel Down by her infant's bed, To kiss the cheek like Cashmere's rose Ere one bright tint is fled And then with hands cross'd on her breast, And graceful up-turn'd eye, Commend him with a mother's prayer Unto the Deity. Tis beautiful in every stage To watch a woman's life, Whether as daughter, sister, friend, As mother, or as wife; Through all pervades seraphic love, The purest, most sublime, Unchanged by age or circumstance, Oh strengthened but by time. 'Tis beautiful, most beautiful, To mark her youth's decline, When in the eye where passions shone, Is seen a ray divine Enkindled from the holy lamp, No cloud of sonow pales. "When earthly hopes are held as nought, And God alone prevails. Tis beautiful, when she is dead, To see the smile survive Triumphantly on the calm face Where death with fear did strive Engraven by angelic hope Upon that Christian face, As her freed spirit soar'd above, Unto a fitter place. -Metropolitan. MRS. THOMAS.



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