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Sale# t)i) Ruction. To be SOLD by AUCTION, At the WHITE LION INN, in the Town of CARDIFF, on "WEDNESDAY next, SEPTEMBER 3rd, 1845, ABOUT 20 Gallons of OLD RUM, in small Lots; about 20 Gallons of small-still overproof WHISKEY, in small Lots also, a lot of IRISH SOAP. The Sale to commence at 6 o'clock in the Evening. By Order of the Board, W. STEPHENS, Supervisor. Excise-Office, Cardiff, Aug. 30th, 1845. DESIRABLE INVESTMENT. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. THOMAS DAVIES, On MONDAY, 15th SEPTEMBER, 1845, at the SWAN INN, DOWLAJS, between the hours of 6 and 7 o'clock in the Evening, subject to such Conditions of Sale which shall be then produced, ALL that MESSUAGE or DWELLING-HOUSE and Premises attached thereto, formerly called the TREDEGAR ARMS," now in the occupation of a respectable Tenant, situate at the upper end of Dowlais, on the side of the Mail Road from Merthyr to Aberga- venny, held under a Lease from the Dowlais Iron Com- pany for 60 years, ten of which is expired, subject to a Ground Rent of only Twelve Shillings per annum. e- Further Particulars, if required, may be had of the Auctioneer, Bush Inn, Merthyr Tydfil. GLAMORGANSHIRE, SOUTH WALES. Capital Freehold Estates & Free- hold Mineral Property TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs. ADAM MURRAY & SON, At the MACKWORTH ARMS INN, in the Borough and Seaport Town of SWANSEA, in OCTOBER next, unless disposed of in the meantime by Private Contract, of which due notice will be given; A HOUSE in High-Street, and a good WHARF near the Town-Hall, Swansea, and several FARMS (20 in number), and the COAL under; upwards of 1600 Acres of Land, all situate in the several Parishes of Llansamlet, Swansea, St. John-juxta-Swansea, Llange- felach, Llanguke, Llandilo-Talybont, Loughor, Ilstone, and Llanridian. Some of the Coal is of as good quality for Steam Packet purposes as any in the Kingdom, and the situation commands an excellent outlet to the sea for exportation. The South Wales, Welsh Midland, and Swansea Vale Railways will pass through parts of the property, and will increase the facilities for bringing the Coal to Market. A portion of the Coal in Llangefelach and St. John's has been leased at Sleeping Rents and Royalties to most responsible Tenants. Printed Particulars will be ready by the middle of September, and may be had of Messrs. Llewellyn and Randall, Solicitors, Neath; Messrs. Rowland Hacon and Rowlands, Solicitors, 38, Threadneedle-Street, London; at the Office of Messrs. Adam Murray and Son, 35, Craven-Street, Strand, London; at the Inns at Bristol and Swansea and at the Commercial-Rooms at Liver- pool, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Manchester, and Glasgow. [DUTY FREE. WHEREAS a Petition of DANIEL JONES, of CAEDRAW, in the Parish of Merthyr-Tydvill, in the County of Glamorgan, Grocer, Draper, Collier, and General Shopkeeper, an Insolvent Debtor, having been filed in the Bristol District Court of Bankruptcy, and an Interim Order for protection from Process having been given to the said Daniel Jones, under the provisions of the Statutes in that case made and pro- vided, the said Daniel Jones is hereby required to appear in Court before RICHARD STEVENSON, Esq., the Commissioner acting in the matter of the said Petition, on the 19th day of SEPTEMBER next, at Twelve o'clock at noon precisely, at the Bristol Dis- trict Court of Bankruptcy, at Bristol; for his first exami- nation touching his Debts, Estate, and Effects, and to be further dealt with according to the provisions of the said statutes and Notice is hereby given, that the choice of Assignees is to take place at the time so appointed. All persons indebted to the said Daniel Jones, or who have any of his Effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to ALFRED JOHN ACRAMAN. Esq., 19, St. Augustine's Place, Bristol, the Official Assignee, nomi- nated in that behalf by the Commissioner acting in the matter of the said Petition. WILLM. GOVER GRAY, Solicitor, 2, Nicholas-street, Bristol. WILSON'S SCOTTISH ENTERTAINMENTS. ON WEDNESDAY EVENING, 24th SEPTEMBER, At 8 o'Clock, JIn. WILSON Will have the honour of giving one of his celebrated Entertainments on the Piano-Forte,—MR. LAND. The Doors will be opened at half-past Seven o'clock, and the Entertainment terminate about Ten. Boxes, 33.; Pit, 2:> Gallery, Is.—Books of the Words, 6d. Tickets & Programmes may be had at Mr. Webber's, Cardiff and Merthyr Guardian Office, and at the Doors. GLAMORGANSHIRE COUNTY ROADS BOARD. Settee íø gibrn, THAT the TOLLS arising at the several Toll Gates, in JL the County of Glamorgan, hereinafter specified, will be LET by AUCTION, to the best Bidders, at the House of Robert Ainsley, known by the name or sign of the CARDIFF ARMS bN, in Cardiff, in the County of Gla- morgan, on SATURDAY, the 6th day of SEPTEMBER, 1845, between the hours of Twelve of the Clock at Noon and Two of the Clock in the Afternoon of such Day, in the manner directed by the Acts passed in the 3rd and 4th years of the reign of his late Majesty King George IV., for regulating Turnpike Roads, and under the provisions of an Act passed in the 7th and 8th years of the reign of her present Majesty, for consolidating and amending the laws relating to Turnpike Trusts in South Wales. 1. Cross Buchan Gate 2. Cardiff East Gate 3. Cardiff West Gate 4. Cardiff North Gate 5. Cowbridge East Gate 6. Cowbridge South Gate 7. Cowbridge West Gate S. Bridgend East Gate, to be removed to junction of Ewenny and Brocastle Roads 9. Bridgend West Gate, to be removed to the top of the hill beyond Ystrad Brook 10. Abetkenfig Gate II. Brincethin Gate 12. Coychurch Gate, to be removed to between Coy. church and Pencoed 13. Red Hill Gate 14. Taibacb, to be removed near Margam 15. Aberavon West Gate, to be removed to the top of the hill West of the Town J6. Neath South Gate, to be removed to near the Quarry 17. Neath West Gate ] H. Cwm Gorse Gate, Llandilo la. Pont Walby Gate, to be removed to near Rheola 20. Cefn Ilhigo3 Gate, to be removed to Hirwain Common 21. Nantygwennith Gate 22. Penvdarran Gate, to be removed to Common beyond the boundary of Merthyr, on Abergavenny Road 23. Plymouth Gate 24. Black Brook 25. Gwern y Gwern Gate and Bar 26. Nantgarw 27. Pwllypant, near Caerphilly 28. Bedwas Bridge Gate 29. Newbridge Gate, near Railroad Station 30. Llantrissent North Gate 31. Llantrissent South Gate „ 32. Pontclown Chain, on the Road between Cowbridge and Llantrissent 33. Radyr Gate 34. Landaff Gate 35. Cefn Glas 36. Lower Village Gate, Aberdare 37. Upper ditto 38. A Gate to be erected near the Village of Bonvilstone 39. Lanvabon Gate. The Tolls of the several Gates will be let singly or in such Lot or Lots as the Board shall think fit. Whoever happens to be the best Bidder must, at the same time, pay one month in advance (if required) of the Rent at which such Tolls or any part thereof may be Let, and give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the satisfac- tion of the County Roads Board of the said County, for payment of the rest of the Money Monthly, or in such other proportions and instalments as may be directed. THOMAS DALTON, Clerk to the Board, Cardiff, Auyustoth, 1S45, Hoticcs. r" 4,'SOO. 'pHE Sum of THREE HUNDRED POUNDS to be J_ advanced on Mortgage of Freehold Property— Interest at the rate of Five per Cent. per Annum. Apply (by letter, post-paid) stating full particulars, to J. P., Guardian-Office, Cardiff. GUANO (Genuine PERUVIAN and BOLIVIAN), CONSTANTLY ON SALE. A Cargo, of Prime Quality, just landed. Apply to the Importers, GIBBS, BRIGHT, and Co., 28. Orchard-street; or at GEORGE and JAMES BUSH'S Warehouse, Baldwin-street, Bristol, Where it may be seen. GAME. ALL PERSONS are requested to abstain from SPORTING OVER the MANORS of NASH, LISWORNEY, DUFFRYN-MAILWG, and WIND- MILL HILL; and also OVER the FARMS of SHEEPLAYS and LEECHMOOR, in the Parish of LANTW1T MAJOR, in the County of GLAMORGAN. Nash Manor, August 25th, 1845. ALL PERSONS are particularly REQUESTED NOT TO SPORT on the FARMS of H. SEY- MOUR, ESQ., in the Parish of PETERSTONE- SUPER-ELY, LANTRYTHYD, or elsewhere. Lantrythyd, August 21, 1845. RAILWAYS. Published this day, Third Edition, price Is., with a Map, THE GUAfiE QUESTION. BY WYNDHAM HARDING. EVILS OF DIVERSITY OF GUAGE, AND A REMEDY. JOHN WEALE, 59, High Holborn. TO DRAPERS' ASSISTANTS. WANTED IMMEDIATELY, a respectable YOUNG W MAN, who can Speak the Welsh Language. Also, a YOUTH as an APPRENTICE. Apply at Waterloo-House, Cardiff. Cardiff, August 22, 1845. BARRY ISLAND PARM. TO BE LET AND ENTERED UPON ON THE SECOND FEBRUARY, 1846. THE FARM comprises the whole of BARRY _L ISLAND, and is only subject to a small Modus in lieu of all Tithes. For further particulars, apply to Mr. JONES, at Fonmon Castle. GLAMORGANSHIRE AND CARDIFF LIBRARY & SCIENTIFIC lltSTITUTION. IT is particularly requested that those Members whose Subscriptions for the present year are not paid, will please to forward them forthwith to either of the Secre- taries. By Order of the Committee, R. DA W, } II S t. C. R. V ACHELL, on. ecre arIes Cardiff, August, 1845. OSOOME ORDINATION. THE LORD BISHOP OF LLANDAFF intends to JL hold a GENERAL ORDINATION in the CATHEDRAL CHURCH OF LLANDAFF, on SUNDAY, the 28th day of SEPTEMBER next. The requisite papers must be sent by the Candidates to his Lordship at Hardwick House, Chepstow, on or before the 10th of September next. By Order of the Lord Bishop, EDW: STEPHENS, N.P., D. Regr. Llandaff, 14th August, 1845. TO MINERAL SURVEYORS. WANTED, at an Iron Work where a Mineral Agent tT is employed/a respectable Man, to Survey and keep the Maps of the Colliery and Mine Work, the mea- sure all work performed, to keep the books pertaining to the said department, and to make himself generally useful. None need apply whose character will not bear the most strict investigation as to ability, sobriety, and general good conduct. Applications to be made by letter, pre-paid, stating terms, to B. C., Post Office, Newport, 1\lonmouthshire. The Schooner GX A. MORGAN, D. JONES, MASTER, IS NOW LOADING AT COTTON'S WHARF, TOOLEY-STREET, LONDON, FOR Cardiff, Newport, Merthyr, Dowlais, Aberdare, I' Abergavenny, Brecon, Monmouth, Pontypool, Cow- bridge, Bridgend, and places adjacent, and will positively sail on THURSDAY, the 11th of SEPT., 1845. For Freight, &c., apply to the Master on Board Mr. J. Rowe, Moderator Wharf, Newport; Mr. Thomas Richards, Abergavenny; Messrs. Prosser and Co., Bre- con Messrs. J. H. and G. Scovell, the Wharfingers, London; or to Mr. W. Pritchard, Wharf, Cardiff. London, August 27th, 1845. ø t; m TO THE INHABITANTS OF CARDIFF, & THE FARMERS & OTHERS ATTENDING CAR-I DIFF MARKET. JAMES WILLIAMS LATE OF THE OLD POST INN, BONVILSTONE, BEGS to thank his numerous Friends for the kind _D support he has received for the last 15 years, and to inform them that he has taken the extensive Premises known as the RED COW, CARDIFF, where he intends conducting the Business of that House in a manner that will, he sincerely hopes, meet with public approval and en- sure a continuation of their kind patronage and support. Good Stabling and Well-tared Beds. Travellers are solicited to patronise the House, where comfort and economy go hand in hand. AN ORDINARY EVERY SATURDAY AT ONE O'CLOCK. Cardiff and Newport Daily. BENJAMIN EVANS begs respectfully to inform the H Public generally of CARDIFF, NEWPORT, and their respective Neighbourhoods, that at the solicitations of many of his friends, he has established an Omnibus for the purpose of conveying passengers, parcels, &c., be- tween these towns daily, starting at the time and from the places below named :— From the Glove and Shears Inn, Duke-street, Cardiff, at nine in the morning. From the Tredegar Arms Inn, Newport, at a quarter past three in the afternoon, arriving at the Taff Vale Railway Station Cardiff, in time to forward passengers by the five o'clock train to Llandaff, Newbridge, Mer- thyr, and other places along the line. N.B.—On Sundays the Omnibus will leave Cardiff at nine a.m., and leave Newport at six p.m. B. E. also wishes to observe that this Omnibus is driven by a most experienced and careful driver, and that it will be found in every respect well worthy the support of the public at large, as he can assure them that no efforts or expense shall be wanting on his part to render it what it professes to be—namely—a punctual and con- venient medium of communication between the important towns of Cardiff and Newport. August 20th, 1845. —————————————-————————————————————- NEWPORT MECHANICS' INSTITUTE. EXHIBITION OF PAINTINGS. AN EXHIBITION of PAINTINGS will shortly be Opened in WILLIAMS'S LARGE ROOM, Commercial-street, Newport, for the benefit of the Mechanics' Institute. The Committee earnestly solicit the co-operation of the Public in this undertaking, and will feel thankful for the Loan of PICTURES, the expense of Carriage of which will be defrayed, and every possible means adopted to secure their safe return. The Committee will also be glad to Receive Pictures on Sale, on which a Commission of 10 per cent. will be charged, the Expense of Carriage to be defrayed by the Proprietor. In order that the necessary arrangements for the Oneninsr of the exhibition may be completed without delav it is requested that all Pictures intended to be Exhibited be forwarded to the Secretaries previous to the 6th of next Month. Terms of Exhibition, &c., will be announced hereafter. W- } Secretaries. T. T. MORRIS, J August 14th, 1845. Hotter. To Timber-Merchants & Others. TENDERS FOR LARCH SLEEPERS. HE TAFF 'VALE RAILWAY CO.NIPANY are THE TAFF YALE RAILWAY COMPANY are j_ desirous of receiving Tenders for the supply of 20,000 LARCH SLEEPERS, in lots of not less than JOOO each. The Sleepers to be semi-circular in section. One-third to be not less than 9 feet long^ and 10 inches by 5 inches at the small end,/ .5 (exclusive of bark). >r- 10 inches. Two-thirds to be not less than 9 feet long, and 9 inches by 4| inches at the small end,/ 2 (exclusive of bark). y 9 inches. The Tenders to state the time within which the quan- tity offered will be delivered. Further particulars may be obtained on application at the Office of the Company's Engineer, Cardiff. A. F. MORCOM, Secretary. Railway-Office, Cardiff, August 25, 1845. ABERDARE RAILWAY. NOTICE OF CALLS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the SHIRE- HOLDERS in the above undertaking, that they are re- quired to pay E5 per share on or before the 21st of SEPTEMBER next, and a further sum of £5 per share on or before the 2lst day of OCTOBER next, to Messrs. BAILEY AND CO., BANKERS, ABERGAVENNY. the Treasurers to the Company. CHAS. H. JAMES, Merthyr Tydfil, Secretary pro tem. August 27th, 1845. j


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FRIDAY. AUGUST 29. 1845.