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Calendar AND LIST OF FAIRS, NOTICES, ETC., IN THE COUNTIES OF GLAMORGAN, MONMOUTH, AND BRECON. FOR THE ENSUING WEEK. AUG. 31. FIFTEENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY. Nioi-iiing-I lesson, 35 c. Jerem. 2nd do, 1st c. Matt. Eveii-ng-I lesson, 36c. Jerem.; 2d ditto. 1 c. Romans. John Bunyan died, 1688. St. Sebastian stormed, 1813. SEPTEMBER, according to Vossius, is composed of the word Septem, seven, and the termination ber. Priscian and Isodorus consider September to be composed of Septem and imber, a shower of rain—this month being the commencement of the rainy season. The Saxons called this month Gerst Monath, because barley was then called Gerst, the name barley being given to it by reason of the drink made therewith, called beer and beerlegh, and thence to barley. They also called it Halige monath, or the Holy month, from an ancient festival held at this season of the year. • SEPT. 1. St. Giles, Abbot of Nisme?, martyred A.D. 717. Partridge shooting begins. Sun rises oh. 15m., and sets 6h. 44m. —— 2. Great fire of London, 1G6G foretold by Lill) fifteen years previous. New Style adopted, 1752. — 3. Battle of "-nrcester, IG51. Oliver Cromwell died, 1658. Riots at Oxford, 18:W. —— 4. Riots at Manchester, 1830. —— 5. Malta captured, 1800. First American Con- gress, 1774. — 6. Blucher died. 1819. Hannah More died, 1833. Shakspere Jubilee, 1796. Things to be remembered in September.-lst and Stli (two Sundays preceding the 15th), lists of objections to eountv electors, and claims and objections for borough lists to be affited to church doors. 5 Overseers of parishes and boroughs to make out burgess lists under Municipal Reform Act, which must be delivered to town- clerk on this day. 8. Town-clerks in boroughs to cause the burgess lists to be lixed in public places ill boroughs, from this day till 15th. 15. Claims of persons omitted in lhe burgess lists and objections to persons improperly inserted, to be given to the town-clerk in writing^-on or before this day; notice of the objection also to be given to the person objected to. 22. Constables, churchwar- dens, sut-t-ovors, and rated householders, to meet, and prepare lists for selection, by the justices, of way-wardens or surveyors of highways. 24. Lists of claimants and of persons objected to, to be fixed by town-clerk in some public place of each borough, from this day fill October I. F AI KS.-GlomorgOllshirc Wain, Sept. 2nd. Mon- mouthshire: Monmouth, Sept. 4tb. Brernnn'nre: None.





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