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Wxt CJturfh. In the church of Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk, built under the patronage of the Church-building Society, there has recently been erected a stone altar, with a cover of velvet, having five crosses. The altar is a fixture; and there are piscina sedilia, and other mediasval features, with a Latip inscription on the lont.-Oxford Cllronicle. THE CHURCH, THE PEARL OF PRICE.I may say, without fear of any imputation of vanity, that I have now seen and made myself acquainted with all the branches of the Catholic Church, and with all the sects existing 00 earth and I have not shunned to sit at the leet of the Bishops in the Roman Catholic Church, in the ArmeoiaD Church, in the Greek Church, in the Chaldean and Ab- yssinian Church, with Weslevans, Independents, and learned Baptists and the result of my investigation is, that the Church of England is the Pearl of Price'' and thejewetof the earth, and the mightiest masterpiece of bible illustration which the woild has witnessed since it fell under the yoke of sin.— Dr. Wolff. CIIUIICII OF ENGLAND AND THE SACRAMENTS.— 1 he Church ol England does not command the priest, on reciting the words of institution, to take the paten into his hands, and to break the bread, and to lay his hands upon it, and so upon every vessel in which there is any wine to be consecrated, to show that the consecration is to take effect and to terminate upon the sacramental elements, and not on the recipients of the sacrament; but for the simple reason that our Lord commanded this to be done; and any one who reads the prayer of consecration must see this to be the case. For it recounts the history of the institution of the sacrament, and adopts the very words of Christ Do this in remembrance of Me;" a command which is evidently adduced as an authority for what is done, and to comply with which was plainly the intention of the direction Cleui-cA of Ertyla?td Quarterly RSview* ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS.—^The Rev. Tllos. Mason, M.A., to the Vicarage of Shepton Montague. The Rev. Charles Wayland, M.A., to the Rectory of Holcombe, The Rev. Charles Whalley, M.A., to the perpetual and augmented curacy of Chilcomptou. The Rev. Joseph Gatty, M.A., to the chaplaincy of the county gaol of Somerset. The Rev. Joseph Burges Watson, M.A., to the curacy of Seavington St. Michael with Dill- ningtou all in the diocese of Bath and Wells. The Hon. and Rev. 'N'v illial Towry Law, chancellor of the diocese of Bath and Wells, has resigned the valuable living of East Brent, near Bridgewater, and has been presented to the vicarage ot Harborue, near Birmingham, vacant by the cession of the Rev. James Thomas Law, chancellor of Lichfield, and late special commissary. The living of East Brent consequently falls to the gift of the Lord Bishop of Salisbury. A RETURN just published bv order of the House of Commons, gives the following as the net incomes of the Archbishops and Bishops for 1843, the last year to which it is made up :— £. s. d. f. s. d. Canterbury.. 20,969 16 5 Exeter. 34L 10 5 York 19,064 12 4 Gloucester#? o London. 12,481 8 0 Bristol f 1J J Durham. 6,791 lfi 4 Hereford. 5,042 3 4 Winchester 9,103 IZ 0 Lincotn .4,639 3 8 St. Asaph 5,749 2 3 Llandaff 806 8 0 Bangor 5,210 15 7 Norwieh 7,567 13 4 Bath & Wells 4,002 16 7 Oxford. 1,601 7 () Cadiste 1,585 (I 8 Peterborough 3,784 17 7 Chester 1,584 1 6 Ripou, 4,12318 5 Chichester.. 6,381 5 9 Rochester.. 794 8 1 St. David's.. 4,076 II ) Salisbury.. 12,142 5 0 Ely 3,686 7 10 Worcester.. 4,673 19 9 There is no return for Lichfield, the late Bishop's agent having failed and gone abroad. Great fluctuations exist in these revenues from year to year; for instance, that of the Bishop of Worcester was, in 1837, £ 6019 lis. lid. in 1838, E67 31 14s. lid.; in 1839, £ 16,408 10s. 6d.; 111 1840, £ 8288 12s. I0d.; in 1841, £ 5516 6s. 8J. in 18 t2, £2188 18s. 5d. in 1843, £ 4!>73 19s. 9.1. The lowest amount set down in any of the years over which the Return extends, is in the case of the Bishop of Exeter, whose revenue last year, it will be seen, was only £ 341 10s. 5d. The average revenue of the see however ex- ceeds £ 1500 per annum. The amount of income herein stated includes all sources of revenue.

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