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AQUATIC EXCURSION .-On Monday last, the long- expected and much-talked-of pleasure excursion of the members of ourMechanics' Institute and their friends took place. At about six o'clock in the morning the Lady Char- lotte steamer started at full speed from the entrance to the Bute Docks, having on board at least one hundred and forty person—all of whom were deeply intent on spend- ing a happy day—a day of unalloyed gratification. The weather was not altogether favourable; threatening clouds obscured the sky, from which, just previous to the moment of embarkation, a smart shower fell. The wind blew stiffly from the south-west, and was, consequently, adverse to the progress of the vessel down channel; but notwithstanding which, we made the entrance to IIfra- combe harbour at half-past ten, and at eleven o'clock were all safely landed by means of a commodious boat. With regard to the voyage down channel we have to say a few words. In the first place, when we went on board we were most agreeably surprised to see about twelve or fifteen young men with musical instruments, and who were handsomely dressed in green uniforms, caps, and feathers. Pleased with their appearance, we inquired who they were, and were informed that they formed "THE TBKFOREST BRASS BAND; that they had most kindly consented to accompany the party, and had refused to accept, or even to hear of any remuneration for theirser- vices." At starting they struck up "Rule Britannia," and seldom, or indeell we may say never, have we heard that fpirit-stirring national air played better. At intervals throughout the voyage they enlivened us with various airs—many being those of our ancient Cymry -and con- tributed very materially in keeping our spirits from being utterly cast down; for those of our readers who have never formed part of a pleasure party must learn that many persons on board were most woefully sea-sick, and at the moment of the paroxysm several would have es- teemed it a lasting obligation to be thrown into the depths of the ocean while others seemed, by their coun- tenances, to be exceedingly uncomfortable. A happy few, totally regardless of the sufferings of their compa- nions, were as merry as larks, and drank their bottled porter with the utmost degree of complacency imaginable, coolly observing that sea-«ickness would do us all good." Having arrived at Ilfracombe, the party separated in various directions in search of amusement, whilst those who were very ill on board proceeded in search of anti- dotes to sea-sickness, which were to be used on the retuin-voyage. Having seen all that was to be seen at Ilfracombe, we, in company with several others, went to "Williams' Packet Hotel, and soon forgot the perils of the sea" whilst discussing the comforts of a good dinner. "IVe can safely recommend this establishment to any of our friends who may visit that neighbourhood. The band played in front of the leading inns of the town, and excited general admiration. In fact, we were assured that it was the most efficient band ever seen in that place. At tire o'clock, all having got on board, we were once again on the water-homeward bound. The moment of parting was really one of much excitement ashore as well as on board. The various eminences surrounding the snouth of the harbour were crowded with the inhabitants <of all ranks, who, with smiling countenances and the waving of handkerchiefs, wished us a merry voyage m few young men had placed a small cannon near the pier-head, which they firell twice or thrice: the hand struck up "The girl I left behind me:" the company on board gave three hearty cheers-and in this manner we left Ilfracombe on our return, all full of spirits and gay with hope. Soon after we had attained the distance of a mile or two from Ilfracombe, the deck was cleared for oÔancing, which was kept up with great spirit until the shades of evening rendered it expedient to seek amuse- ment in some other pursuit. Whitlock Nicholl, Esq., president of the institute, the secretaries, and several others, assembled in the cabin and transacted a little bu- siness. Mr. Nicholl read a letter from Mr. Lunell, in which that gentleman, in the most handsome terms, ex- pressed the regret which he and his fellow-directors of :the Bristol Steam Navigation Company felt at the dis- appointment recently experienced by the members of the Mechanics' Institute, and wished the party fine weather *nd a happy voyage. A vote of thanks was unanimously passed to Mr, I.unell and the other directors, and their healths were drank in a bumper. Captain Jeffery next engaged the attention of the persons assembled and cer- ttainly we must state that it was utterly impossible for any one to be more attentive to the comforts and the safety of those on board than he was: throughout the day he was at his pogt-watchful, kind, and attentive and, therefore, well deserved the hearty vote of thanks which was un- animously passed to him. Votes of thanks were also passed by acclamation to the president, the secretaries- 311'. Lowder and Mr. Clinton—and to Mr. John, the :agent of the packet. At eleven o'clock we were happy ito find ourselves at the entrance to the Bute Docks but, :as the tide had completely receded, the party were obliged ito land in boats aIL operation which took up considera- ible time, and was attended with very great unpleasant- mess however, at length all got safe ashore, and, led by She cheering strains of the Treforest Baud, which, to the Bast, maintained its efficiency, good humour, and willing- mess to oblige unimpaired, we all reached Cardiff in teafety, and had leisure to reflect upon the varied scenes wf the day, in many of which we, in common with others. were unwillingly obliged to take part. And so ended our excursion. The day's gross receipts amounted to 1:20. GLAMORGANSHIRE MIDSUMMER SESSIONS, 184O.— Ordered that the deputy chairman of the quarter sessions hft ex office a member of all committees. A minute of the <chapia!u of the county gaol on the propriety of fixing Wevaux de frieze round the yards of such prison was •rdVrred to the Visiting Justices. The committee on the •erection of aiuna-ttc asyiuta was continued to the next ses- sions. The clerk of peace was ordered to contract for the ,erect inn of a-justice rollffil at Merthyr. The attention of the C(I't having been called to the frequent explosions •of fire damp, attended with the 101\8 of litf., at the Erskyne :and Eaglesiiush coliieries, near Neath, Resolved,—" That ithe Secretary of State be requested to cause inquiry to be miade into the cause thereof, and the mode of working in tike said collieries." The finance committee reported the tMective sta'e of weights and measures belonging to the <.Mttv. Holes proposed by the Secretary of State for /r'tgetc'ance at the county prisons, when prisoners were under ■rcu'ence of death, were referred to the visiting justices of «!„EH NOTICES FOR NEXT SESSIONS. hat completers of weights and measures be procured for t ie •several dut'iets of the county. That the chairman of the ileLions be rested to communicate with the directors of the South Wade* Railway, "n ,l»e appointment of police •constables dun^e formation thereof, to be placed under •the control of the M constable, of the county. County ntAe, £ U- 13s. police rate, £ 681 los. dd.; btipen- •diarr ratf, £ 087 5s. ON Friday last, the sotenin spectacle of a soldier s ffuneral" was witnessed in this town. The deceased, a native of this neighbourhood, was one of the First lloyal .Dragoons, was named William Davies, and was aged 24 "Years. He came to Cardiff on sick leave on the 7th of June last, and died on the 12th of August. His remains nvere interred at Sully; but the military did not attend tfurther than the outskirts of the town. The Royal (Glamorgan Band, we are iutarrned, voluntarily offered ttheir services, which were thankfully accepted. Great vnedit is certainly due to the officers of die detachment of Elbe. Enniskillen Dragoons for the liberal manner in which tliuej' caused the proceedings to be conducted.