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GREAT BRITAIN STORES, NEAR THE POST OFFICE, CARDIFF. 2». wlukTSM. • TAILOR, WOOLLEX DRAPER, HATTER, & GENERAL OUTFITTER, IN announcing to the Public that he has just received a very large Stock of the best manufactured FRENCH HATS which he will sell at a lower rate than the general common Silk Hats, sold for French, begs to invite the attention of the Neighbourhood at large to his SPLENDID STOCK of READY-MADE CLOTHING, for the present Season and particularly wishes to impress on the Public that this is the first Establishment in Wales which has adopted the judicious plan of marking the Selling Price, in plain figures, on every Article-a plan which cannot fail to be hailed with admiration, because, while it realizes the most sanguine hopes of the economist, must be a source of pride to the Proprietor, based as it is on the most enlightened views, and conducted upon the most honor- able principles. L. W. earnestly solicits the attention of those persons who have not yet favored him with a trial, confident that the result must be the general approbation and support of all parties who sudy a good and comfortable fit. Observe !—I.ist of Prices for Gentlemen's Clothing, made to measure. ic S. d. £ s- d. E s. d. Shooting Jackets .from 0 10 6 Best quality manufactured .• -2 5 0i Albert and Polished Mixed Doe 0 14 0 Ditto, seven pockets.. 0 18 0 Superfine Frock Coats.•• • 1 10 0 Black or Drab Kerseymere 0 15 0 Tweed Coat 0 12 0 Saxony, with silk facings. • 2 0 0 Best quality manufactured 12 0 Office Coats, handsomely made 0 16 0 Best quality manufactured 2 10 0 WAISTCOATS. Gent,*s Tweed Wrappers 0 17 6 CHILDREN'S DRBSSE3. Best Moleskin Vests. 0 4 0 Cachmerette, (all shades) 1 1 0 j Tunic, Vest, and Trousers. 14 0 Ditto, with sleeves 0 5 0 Taglioni, or Russian Coats 1 2 0 Jacket, Vest, and Trousers • 16 0 Handsome Valentia Vests. 0 6 0 Plaid Polka, (most fashionable) 1 4 0 Blue Jacket from 0 10 0 Elegant Tibert Shawl pattern 0 10 0 Gent, 's Mixed Beaver 1 10 0 ———— Splendid Black Satin 0 14 0 Frock Jacket, (particularly Cotton Cord Breeches. 0 8 0 Figured Satin, in elegant style 0 12 0 adapted for Farmers 1 8 0 Kerseymere 0 15 0 Black Kerseymere from 0 7 6 Fine Dress Coats 1 8 0 Best Moleskin Trousers 0 6 6 Saxony ditto. 1 18 0 Fashionable Woollen Trousers.. 0 10 0 Suit of Black, complete. 2 10 0 Men's Suits of Best Moleskin, ready made, 18s.; to fneasure, 20s. This being the only Establishment in the Town solely devoted to Men's and Boys' Clothing, the Public can be suited most advantageously from an unrivalled Selection of PARIS < £ LONDON BEAVER HATS, MMAL & WUTHB* GAPS, HOSIERY, STOCKS, CRAVATS, SUPERIOR WHITE & COLOURED SHIRTS, SILK HANDKERCHIEFS, UNDER SHIRTS, DRAWERS, FLANNELS, &c. &c. i:alrø bv Ruction. GLAMORGANSHIRE, SOUTH WALES. Capital Freehold. Estates &> Free- hold Mineral Property TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs. ADAM MURRAY & SON, At the MACKWORTH ARMS INN, in the Borough and Seaport Town of SWANSEA, in OCTOBER next, unless disposed of in the meantime by Private Contract, of which due notice will be given; A HOUSE in High-Street, and a good WHARF 1\ near the Town-Hall, Swansea, and several FARMS (20 in number), and the COAL under; upwards of 1600 Acres of Land, all situate in the several Parishes of Llansamlet, Swansea, St. John-juxta-Swansea, Llange- felach, Llanguke, Llandilo-Talybont, Loughor, Ilstone, and Llanridian. Some of the Coal is of as good quality for Steam Packet purposes as any in the Kingdom, and the situation commands an excellent outlet to the sea for exportation. The South Wales, Welsh Midland, and Swansea Vale Railways will pass through parts of the property, and will increase the facilities for bringing the Coal to Market. A portion of the Coal in Llangefelach and St. John's has been leased at Sleeping Rents and Royalties to most responsible Tenants. Printed Particulars will be ready by the middle of September, and may be had of Messrs. Llewellyn and Randall, Solicitors, Neath; Messrs. Rowland Hacon and Rowlands, Solicitors, 38, Threadneedle-Street, London; at the Office of Messrs. Adam Murray and Son, 35, Craven-Street, Strand, London; at the Inns at Bristol and Swansea and at the Commercial-Rooms at Liver- pool, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Manchester, and Glasgow. NEWTON, BRECONSHIRE. One Mile from Brecon. IMPORTANT AND INTERESTING SALE OF HEREFORDSHIRE CATTLE OF THE OLD WHITE-FACED BREED; Selected and kept entire on this Estate for upwards of seventy years, and now in the highest degree of per- fection, in colour, quality, and constitution, combining the esteemed breeds of the Huntington, Stretton, and Thingehill Estates, which is now distinctly to be traced in this herd. THOMAS COOKE HAS the great satisfaction of announcing to the admirers of this class of Herefordshire Cattle, that the proprietor, Mr. D. WILLIAMS, of Newton, aforesaid, (who has given up one of his Farms), has directed him to announce FOR SALE BY AUCTION, On SATURDAY, the 20th of SEPTEMBER next, the tifkdci -pmttviii uf lila SlipCliui THIRTY-FIVE, COWS and HEIFERS in Calf, FIVE BULLS, of different ages, and SIXTEEN two- year old STEERS; the whole of which are by the same Sire. 120 EWES, of the best breed of close-woolled Sheep, nearly approaching the old Ryeland blood and 40 EWE LAMBS. Also 40 PONIES, of the celebrated Cn-wer race, among which are several matchers, and highly curious from their diversity of colour, and great speed upwards of 20 are Geldings, three years old; valuable BROOD MARES, &c., &c. The Auctioneer respectfully pledges himself that a purer lot of Herefords than those enumerated, be never had in his long experience to offer to public notice. Particulars, 15 days' prior to Sale, may be had at the place of Sale, and of the Auctioneer, St. John's-street, Hereford. Britannia Life Assurance Company, TSTo. 1. PRTKOF'S 8TRFRT. B\\K. I.ONDON. Empowered by Special Act of Parliament IV. Vict, cap, IX. DIRECTORS. William Bardgett, Pitq I Robert Eglinton Esq Samuel Hevington, R-q I Erasmus Roht. Foster, Rsq, Wm. Feehnov Black, Esq Peter Morrison Esq. Georee Cohen. Esq Henry I.ewis Smale, Rsq Millis Coventry, Esq John Drewett, Esq AUDITORS. J. B. Bevington,Esq.—F. P. Cockerill, Esq.—i. D. Dow, Esq. Fsq. MEDICAL OFFICER. John Clendinning.M.D., F.R S., 16, Wimpole St., Cavendish Square. STANDING COUNSEL. The Hon. John Vshley, New Square, Lincoln's Inn.—Mr. Serjeant Murphy. M P., Temple. SOLICITOR. William Bevan. Esq., Old Jewry. BANKERS- Messrs. Drewett and Fowler, Princes Street. Bank. This Institution, is empowered by a Special Act of Parlia- ment, and is so constituted as to afford the benefits of Life Assurance in their fullest extent to Policy-Holders, and to present greater facilities and accommodation than are usually offered by any other Companies. Among others, the following Important Advantages may be numerated: Increasing Rates of Premium, on a new and remarkable plan for securing Loans or Debts a less immediate payment being required on a policy for the whole term of life than tn any other office. CREDIT TABLE.—By this Table, the Premiums may remain unpaid for five years, upon satisfactory security being given for the liquidation of the same, at the expiration of that period. HALF CREDIT RATES OF PREMIUM. Persons assured according to these rules, are allowed credit (without security) for half the amount of the first seven Annual Premiums, paying interest thereon, at the rate of Five per Cent, per Annum, with the option of paying off the Principal at any time, or having the amount deducted from the sum assured when the Policy becomes a claim. Policies may thus be effected at lower rates than are gene- rally required for the term of seven years only; whilst the holders have the same secn rity for the payment of their claims, whenever death may happen, as if they paid double the amount of premiums, which would be charged for assnrance effected in the same way. Policies revived without the exaction of a fine, at any time within twelve mon'hs. Extract from Increasing Rates of Premium, for an Assu- rance of £ 100, for Whole Term of l.ife. Age of the Assured in every case admitted in the Policy. Medical Attendants remunerated in all cases for their reports. A Board of Directors in attendance daily at 2 o'clock. 5 Annual Premiums payable during | First Second Third Fourth I Remain | Five Five Five Five der of I Years. Years. Years. Years. Life. jf g d..E. s. d. jE. 8. d. E. s. d.' E s. d. 1 1 1 4l 1 5 10 1 10 11 1 16 9 2 3 R 1 6 4 1 12 2 1 19 12 7 4 2 17 6 | 1 16 li 2 4 42 14 63 7 34 3 4 | 2 16 7| 3 9 44 5 5 5 6 3 6 13 _7| f^lhTH^dFcredit Rates of Pre™™- Annual Pretnmm required for an Assurance of ±1W. for the whole Term of Life. Age. Half Premium for Whole Premium leven years. after seven years £ • s. d. £ s, d. 80 1 1 9 2 3 6 35 1 4 H o Q if) 40 1 9 2 | 189 4 45 1 14 10 3 9 8 50 2 2 6 A I 0 55 2 12 9 III 60 3 6 8 1 6 13 4 PETKR MORRISON, Hes,d7^r Detailed Prospectuses, and every requisite information as tothe mode of effecting Assurances, may be obtained upon application to the following AGENTS- NEWPORT Mr. R. Jenkins, merchant. CHEPSTOW Mr. J. L. Baldwyn, solicitor. BRISTOL..Mr. John Moxham, Bank-court, Corn-street. Cardiff Mr. W. D. Horwood. flottcc*. -J CARMARTHENSHIRE. TO BE LET, ON LEASE, And may be entered upon at Michaelmas next, ALL the SEAMS and VEINS of COAL and CULM, in and under 1250 Acres, in the parishes of Llan- gennech and Llanedy, all near the Llanelly Railway, distant from the port about six miles, and Swansea only eight miles. Mr. Griffith Thomas at Pantardulais, will shew the Farms under where the coal lies and for further parti- culars apply to Messrs. Adam Murray and Son, Surveyors and Land Agents, 35, Craven-street, London. Mr. H. P. GOODE, IN announcing to his Friends and the Public that the Partnership of Goode and Philpott, Land and Tithe Valuers, Land Agents, &c., Haverfordwest, has this day been Dissolved by mutual consent, begs to express to them his sincere gratitude for the many years' Patronage which before and during his connexion with Mr. Phil- pott they so kindly conferred on him; and to intimate that his professional Business of Land Surveyor, Land and Tithe Valuer, Land Agent, Lithographer, Auction-* eer, &c., will be still pursued, and hopes that by unre- mitting attention to gain and ever merit a continuance of their support. Hill-Street, Haverfordwest, August 7th, 1845. SOUTH WALES RAILWAY. THE Royal Assent having been given to the South Wales Railway Bill, holders of Scrip in that under- taking are desired to forward the same to this office on or before Monday, the 8th of September next, with a letter, requesting to be registered for their respective shares, a form of which letter will be furnished on application to me. The receipt of the Scrip will be duly acknowledged, and sealed certificates prepared for exchange as soon as possible, of which due notice will be given. Shares in respect of which no application for registry shall be made on or before the above date will be registered in the names of the original subscribers; after which no shares can be passed otherwise than by formal transfer under the Act. By order, N. ARMSTRONG, Secretary. 449, West Strand, London, Aug. 8, 1845. DUAIDEE AND PERTH RAILWAY. Notice to Iron Masters, Found- ers, &c. 'PHE Directors of this Railway Company are prepared X to Contract for 4400 Tons of RAILS, and also for about 900 Tons of CAST IRON CHAIRS, required for this Line of Railway, and will meet at their Office, No. 3, BANK-STREET, DUNDEE, on THURSDVY, the 28th instant, to receive Tenders for the same. Specifications of the Rails, and Specifications and Pattern of the Chairs will be seen here. Tenders must be lodged at the Railway Office here on or before Monday, the 25th instant. The Company do not bind themselves to accept of the lowest offer. By order of the Directors, SHIELL & SMALL, Secretaries. 3, Bank-Street, Dundee, 11th Aug 1845. Positively for Two Days only, In the Field near the West Turnpike Gate, ON MONDAY AND TUESDAY, AUGUST 25TH AND 26TH, COOKE'S ROYAL CIRCUS, c and well-known pre-eminent LONDON COMPANY OF EQUESTRIANS, Will exhibit their Olympic Wonders in a magnificent new Pavilion, on an improved construction, erected near the Bridge. The Pavilion will be decorated with superb Drapery, and accomodated with First and Second Class Seats. Mr. COOKE will arrive at Twelve o'clock on MON- DAY, accompanied by his SPLENDID BRASS BAND, and will DRIVE TEN HORSES IN HAND!! through the town. Mr. COOKE has the pleasure to announce that he has succeeded in engaging Mr. W. O. DALE, THE CHAMFION VAULTER OF ENGLAND AND AMERICA Mr. J. BUCKLEY, THB STAR RIDER OF AMERICA. who will appear in two of his favourite Acts, together with Miss K. COOKE, THE INFANT EQUESTRIAN, and her little Pet Steed, as they appeared before her Ma- jesty. The Gates of the Arena will be thrown open at Two o'Clock, for the entree of BEAUTIFULLY MARKED STEEDS, and their Gorgeousl) Costumed RIDERS, when the Programme of Performance, as announced in printed hand bills, will be exhibited. RIVAL CLOWNs-Messrs. SWAN and AIRDRIN. Conductor of the Brass Band-HER CARL HOLTZ. Agent in advance of the Establishment—Mr.BINGHAM The Horses will appear through the principal streets, caparisoned in splendid State Silver Harness, made by C. Fellingham, London. The Silver Mountings describ- ing the whole of Lord Byron's Mazeppa. Mazeppa lashed to the wild Ste..d-the foaming Steed held down by Slaves -the infuriated animal's wild course, dashing through waterfalls, leaping terrific precipices, &c., &c., beautifully 0 illustrated on Silver Plates, on the various trappings of the harness. This unique cavalcade will be followed by the Superb MINIATURE STATE CHARIOT, gra- tuitously presented in token of admiration of the in- fantine efforts of Miss KATE COOKE, made in exact re- presentation of the celebrated General Tom Thumb's, with State Appendages, Petit [Coachman and Footman, drawn by FOUR LILIPUTIAN PONIES, caparisoned in Splendid Silver Harness, beaiiug the engravings of Mazeppa, driven in hand by the juvenile JEHu-Master BARLOW. The carriage, made by J. Felton, Coach Manufactory, Old-Street Road, City-Road; the silver harness, by C. Fellingham, London. Ipf The first performance at TWO o'Clock, and the second at SEVEN in the evening. Price of Admission-Fint-class seats, 28. Second- class seats, Is. Arena, 6d.—No Half-price. Children under Ten years of age at half-price to the first and second class seats. Sole Proprietor-Mr. W. COOKE. An entire CHANGE OF PERFORMANCE on TUESDAY, being the last day of Mr. Cooke's Company in Cardiff. He will leave the CARDIFF ARMS HOTEL, at Twelve o'Clock, and DRIVE FOURTEEN HORSES IN HAND! through the principal streets previous to performances, commencing at Two in the Afternoon, and Seven in the Evening. Mr. Cooke will perform at Newbridge, on Saturday, August 23rd; Cambridge, Wednesday, August 27th; Bridgend, Thursday, August 28th; and Neath, Friday, August 29th, siottces* ALL PERSONS are particularly REQUESTED NOT TO SPORT on the FARMS of H. SEY- MOUR, ESQ., in the Parish of PETERSTONE- SUPER-ELY, LANTRYTHYD, or elsewhere. Lantrythyd, August 21, 1845. TO DRAPERS' ASSISTANTS. WANTED IMMEDIATELY, a respectable YOUNG MAN, who can speak the Welsh Language. Also, a YOUTH as an APPRENTICE. Apply at WATERLOO HOUSE, CARDIFF. Cardiff, August 22, 1845. WAITED, A YOUNG MAN who perfectly understands the Draperj business, and has a little knowledge of the Grocery, and who can speak the Welsh Language with references from his last situation. Apply to Mr. David Jenkins, Draper and Grocer, Newbridge, Glamorganshire. ddocese of illawpaff. ORDIMTIOMi nnHE LORD BISHOP OF LLANDAFF intends to X hold a GENERAL ORDINATION in the CATHEDRAL CHURCH OF LLANDAFF, on SUNDAY, the 28th day of SEPTEMBER next. The requisite papers must be sent by the Candidates to his Lordship at Hardwick House, Chepstow, on or before the 10th of September next. By Order of the Lord Bishop, EDW: STEPHENS, N.P., D. Regr. Llandaff, 14th August, 1845. α- Cardiff and Newport Daily. BENJAMIN EVANS begs respectfully to inform the B Public generally of CARDIFF, NEWPORT, and their respective Neighbourhoods, that at the solicitations of many of his friends, he has established an Omnibus for the purpose of conveying passengers, parcels, &c., be- tween these towns daily, starting at the time and from the places below named :— From the Glove and Shears Inn, Duke-street, Cardiff, at nine in the morning. From the Tredegar Arms Inn, Newport, at a quarter past three in the afternoon, arriving at the Taff Vale Railway Station, Cardiff, in time to forward passengers by the five o'clock train to Llandaff, Newbridge, Mer- thyr, and other places along the line. B. E. also wishes to observe that this Omnibus is driven by a most experienced and careful driver, and that it will be found in every respect well worthy the support of the public at large, as he can assure them that no efforts or expense shall be wanting on his part to render it what it professes to be -namely a punctual and con- venient medium of communication between the important towns of Cardiff and Newport. August 20th, 1845. GLAMORGANSHIRE. FOR SALE BY AUCTION, BY MR. LEYS HON, At the GREAVE FARM, in the Parish of WENVOE, on THURSDAY, the 18th day of SEPTEMBER next, THE CROPS of CORN and HAY, grown on the above Farm; consisting of 45 Acres of Wheat, 21 Acres of Barley, 4 Acres of Oats, and 4 Ricks of well- made Hay. Each Field of Corn will be ricked separately for the convenience of Purchasers, and the whole may be carried off the Premises. A Deposit of 10 per Cent. will be required at the time of Sale, and four Month's Credit will be given for the re- mainder, on approved Security. The Crops may be seen either before or after Harvest, by applying to Mr. BABB, at the Greave Farm. N.B.-The whole of the valuable LIVE STOCK, FARMING IMPLEMENTS, &c., will be Sold on the 17th of September, the particulars of which will be duly given. Greave Farm, 18th Aug., 1845. TO THE INHABITANTS OF CARDIFF, & THE FARMERS & OTHERS ATTENDING CAR- DIFF MARKET. JAJn3S~WILLIAMS LATE OF THE OLD POST INN, BONVILSTONE, BEGS to thank his numerous Friends for the kind support he has received for the last 15 years, and to inform them that he has taken the extensive Premises known as the RED COW, CARDIFF, where he intends conducting the Business of that House iPo. a manner that will, he sincerely hopes, meet with public approval and en- sure a continuation of their kind patronage and support. Good Stabling and Well-aired Beds. Travellers are solicited to patronise the House, wheife comfort and economy go hand in hand. AN ORDINARY EVERY SATURDAY AT ONE O'CLOCK.


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