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TWENTY-FIFTH THOUSAND. In a sealed envelope, price 3s.; and sent free, on receiving a- post-ojfic* order for 3s. 6d. "MANHOOD," TWENTY-FIFTH EDITION. THECAUSES of its PREMATURE DECLINE, with JL PLAIN, DIRECTIONS for its PERFECT RESTORATION, addressed to those suffering from the destructive Effects oi Excessive indulgence, Solitary Habits, or Infection followed by Observations on Marriage, and the Treatment of Syphilis Gonorrhoea, Gleet, &c. illustrated with Cases, &c., BY J. L. CURTIS & CO., Consulting Surgeons, 7, Frith Street, Soho Square, London. Published by the Authors, and Sold by Strange, I, Pater- noster Kow; Burgess, Medical Bookseller, 28, Coventry- street, Haymarket; Mann, 34, Cornhill, London; Ferris and acore, Chemists to the Queen, (Juion-street9 Bristol; Need- ham, Gloucester; Watson, Shrewsbury; Times Office, Hereford and in Bangor, by Mr. Richard Williams, Chemist, Market-place; Quest, Birmingham; Sowlar, 4, St. Ann's- square, Manchester; Philip South, Oastle-streat, Liverpool, Fanning and Co. Dublin; Robinson, (Messrs.) 11, Green- side-street, Edinburgh and Sold in a sealed envelope by all Booksellers. OPINIONS OF THE PRESS: This work, a TENTH edition of which is now presented to the pubiic-ten thouiand copies have been exhausted tines its first appearance, has been very much improved and enlarged by the addition of a more extended and clear detail of geneial principles as also by the insertion of several new and highly in- tereiting cases. The boos, as has been already stated, in the result ot very ample and daily increasing experience is a class of diseases, which for some unaccount <ble reason. have been euher altogether over lo ked, or treated almost with in- difference by the ordinary medical practitioner. The numberless instances daily incurring, whereiu affections -of the lungs, putting ou all the outer appearances of consumption which, However, when traced to their source, are found to result from certain baneful habits, fully proves that the principle of the division of labor is nowhere more applicable than in medical practice. We fed no hesitation in saying, that there is no member of society by whom the book will not be found useful, whether such person hold the relation of a Parent, a Preceptor, or a Clergymau."—Sun, Evening paper. The rage for books in all departments of science, literature, and the arts, was, we believe, never so prevalent as at the present time.—1 he unavoidable consequence of this is, that we meet a very considerable proportion of inuifferent, useless, and even bad boolts.- W tlh the force of this prejudice on our minds, we with no little reluctance were induced 10 peruse Messrs. Curtis's work. entitled M.1 N BOO D. The scieulilic views taken by the authors of the source aud origiu of m .uy of the most distressing effects of certain depraved habits, fully estaolish their claim to the character of experience and judicious surgeons.—.4uu the result of our careful perusal of the work has been, to impress its with a thorough confidence in the talent and skill of the authors, and to satisfy us that those entrusted with the care o: youth are not a little indebted to them for furnishing them with a means of preventing some of the most frightful malaaies to which flesh is heir. Old England. Tbe multitude of books daily coming from the press, some, nay most of them, of a very questionable tendency, made us extremely reluctant io take up another. The clear exposition of the source of many of those diseases which prove so fatal to youtb, and which are set down by the every day observer as the result of common causes, such as exposure to cold, sadden vicissitudes of temperature, hereditary taint, &c., is truly convincing and extremely satisfactory. And we do not think we go too far in sayiug, that society is deeply indebted to the authors for producing so useful, so much wanted, so valuable, and so truly moral a book.—Conservative Journal. This is a work that we fear there exists too mn h need of to cause us to hesitate to recommend it f .r £ <-ueral perusal Every branch of those frightful maladies, wuettier the result of immoral habits or secret vices, is h.r s.coiut-tiy treated, and, divested of all medical technic-inu, pia-n and easy directions are given for the best mode to be pursued in ail cases, however complicated or appareuily hopeless. To the married, as well as the unmarried, tni> little work alike affords consolation and cure in peculiar cases, and we are doing service to society in recommending it to general notice."— Essex and Herts Mercury. MESSRS. CURTIS AND CO., Are to he consulted daily at their Residence, 7, FRITH STREET, SOHO SQUARE, LONDON, COUNTRY PAT1EMT3 are requested to be as minute all possible in the detail of their cases the cominuuicttio. must be accompanied by the usual consultation fee of ii, and in all cases the most inviolable secrecy may be relied on. The above work sold by Mr. Richard William*, Chemist Market Place, Bangor; at the Office of the "Welshman, Carmarthen; and sent post-paid, in a SEALED ENVELOPE, for 3s. 6d., by the following AGENTS: Merlio Office.••«••••• •• *«.«••• Vewport. Cossens • Won mouth. Times Ofice Hereford. D. Egvitle, Chronicle Office Worcester Evans Bangor. Journal Office Carmarthen








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