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I:he Church.


I:he Church. CAMBRIDGE, August 8.-ST. JOHN'S COLLEGE.—The Rev. James Hoole Sharpies, M.A. has been appointed to the mastership of the endowed grammar school, Hever- sham, Westmorland. In the Arches Court, last week, Sir Herbert Jenner Fust gave judgment on a proceeding in the case of the Reverend James Shore. Mr. Shore had license to preach in the diocese of Exeter; but having preached in a Dis- senting chapel, not recognized by the Church as conse- crated, he had notice, on the 13th March 1844, that his license would be revoked. He continued to preach, and proceedings were taken against him on which he pleaded, that having on the 16th March 1844 taken orders as minister of a Protestant Dissenting chapel, and the oaths prescribed by the Toleration Act, he was no longer with- in the jurisdiction of the Church. The Judge now pio- nounced that plea to be inadmissible as a person cannot throw off his character as a clergyman after regularly taking holy orders. CLERICAL PREFERMENTS AND APPOINTMENTS.—Rev. Brereton E. Dwarris, M.A., Fellow and rector of Uni- versity College, Durham, and late sub.curate of St. Margaret's in that city, to the vicarage of St. Bywell St. Peter, Northumberland. Rev. George Goodenough Hayter, M.A., Oriel College, Oxford, curate of Heavifree, to the under mastership of the Hereford Cathedral School. Rev. E. Crane, A.B., vicar of Crowle, to the perpetual curacy of Huddington, Worcestershire. Rev. John Sheffield, uf Newchurch in Pendle, Lancashire, to be head master of the Grammar School, Rochdale, and curate of the parish church of the same place. Hon. and Rev. Wm. Whitworth Chetwynd Talbot, B.A., vicar of Ombersly, to the rectory of Grafton Flyford, Worces- tershire. Rev. John Vivian Vivian, M.A., to the rectory of Cardynham, Cornwall, void by the death of the Rev. T. Grylls. The Rev. Alfred Martell, B.A. of St. John's College, Cambridge, has been elected by the trustees of the public charities at Saffron Walden. to fill the situation of master of the Royal Grammar School ill that borough, subject to the usual approval of the master of Queen's College, Cambridge. THE LATE DEAN OF LiNCOLN.—"We have the painful task of announcing the decease of the venerable Dr. Gordon, who has presided over the cathedral for 35 years. This mournful event cannot but have been anticipated in Lincoln for some months past, as well as from his ad- vanced age, as from the fact that the Dean's health had visibly declined, and his memory failed him for some months past. By his death many of our institutions lose a noble patron, as he was always a most generous, hospitable man, and his public charities were considerable. These latter, however, were far ex- ceeded by the good that he effected ill private, and by the hands of others. The late dean was remarkable for his very strong attachment to Lincoln, of which city he was a native, his father, Dr. John Gordon, having been precentor of the cathedral and Archdeacon of Lincoln. This feeling he evinced by declining the Bishoprick of Peterborough when it was offered to him previous to the late Bishop, Dr. Marsh. In early life he greatly distin- guished himself at Cambridge, and was, we believe, a fellow of St. John's College, ill that University, and sub- sequently tutor to the then Marquis of Bath. The earli- est dignity that he enjoyed was the Deanery of Exeter, from which he was preferred to Lincoln 111 1810. The dean was distinguished all his life by a zealous and care- ful preservation of things as they were, as well in matters connected with the ministry as in politics. Some years ago the communion plate having been stolen from the cathedral, the dean presented a very handsome new gold service, valued at neatly GOO guineas. Lincolnshire Chronicle.


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