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MONMOUTHSHIRE. HOUSEBREAKING AT NEWPORT.—On Wednesday last, the 13th instant, the house of Mr. Burfield was entered, during his absence, through the back-kitchen window, and cash, to a heavy amount, stolen. The perpetrators of this robbery, after entering the house, must have pro- ceeded up-stairs—have broken open a cash-box, from which they stole a Bank of England note for £ 100, and about 65 or 70 sovereigns, with which they decamped. It was stated to us that Mr. Burfield left his house at about one o'clock on the day in question, leaving his housekeeper at home. In about two hours after he had gone out a boy called at his residence and told the house- Keeper that Mr. Burfield sent him to tell her that she was to go to a certain place for a parcel." She went; but found no parcel there for her. On her return she found that the house had been broken aud entered, and the robbery, as above described, completely enected. She instantly gave the alarm, and drew many persons to the spot. The next door neighbour said she had seen a bo., at the back-kitchen window, but took no notice of him as Mr. Burfield was in the habit of employing boys to ake care of the horses. And so the matter remains at present. We hope in our next to have it in our powei to state that the impudent offenders have been arrestec and lodged in one of hir Majesty's gaols. Mr. Niogas Scar I has been declared the contractor for cleansing the strte s of Newport for three years. Mr. H. Clappertoii and Mr. John Whitchurch have been appointed collectors of the income-tax in Newport, foi he next two years; and Mr. Robert Syne and Mr. J Garrett, collectors in the parish of Saint Woollos. Reaping commenced in the neighbourhood of Newport )11 Monday last. There is a great quantity of hay stil: jut; but we bear that it is not materially injured by tho late rains. Our market on Wednesday last was, as usual, verj well attended; prime stock sold readily at good prices, beef and lamb, 7d to 7gd. per lb. We continue to receiv, arge importations of cattle from Ireland, and we are tole "hat the Tredegar Wharf Company have engaged to built: a packet ship, near to the Victoria Yard in Newport, foi some enterprising parties, who have arranged to ply f. steamer weekly, between Newport, Waterford, and Cork, alternately. On Wednesday last, the Hibernian Female Benefi; Society held their anniversary. They walked in pro- cession to church at eleven o'clock. The uniform style )f dress and behaviour of our sisters from the Emerah. lbl- were the theme of admiration. They returned ant: iine 1 together at mine host's Sprits, and spent a verj pleasant evening. N EWPoRT.-On Wednesday last, a Commission d, JUlla/leo inquirendo was executed at the Westgate hotel in this town, to examine into the sanity of Miss Elizabeth Polton, of Stow Hill, Newport, spinster. F. Barlow. Esq., one of her Majesty's Commissioners in Lunacy presided; Mr. Fox, of the firm of Prothero, Towgood, and Fox of Newport, appeared on behalf of the peti- ioners; and the following gentlemen answered to theii names as jurors —Mr. James Wintle. foreman; Messrs M. T. Smith; G. Lawrence; W. Evans; E. J. Phillips; M. Evans; C. Zouch; T. Inglis; C. Harden; J. Whit church; T.C.Giddy; D.Danes; T.B.Batchelor; C.King; & H. Shepard. Mr.W. Brewer, &nd Mr. James Hawkins, surgeons, deposed as to the state of mind of Miss Polton, and a female of the name of Hazle stated that she had the care of her since the 29th of January last, on the morning of which day she attempted to destroy herself. Various circumstances were stated as to her daily acts and deeds, and the jury unanimously decided that Miss Pol- ton was of unsound mind, and not capable of taking care of herself or her property since the above 29th of January. The proceedings did not excite any great interest. There were not more than half a dozen persons present, besides those who were officially concerned. Miss Polton is possessed of property to the value of £ 500 a-year. This has for the last three years been under the management of Mr. Samuel Phillips, of Newport, and we can say that it could not be in better hands. Mr. Cooke and his equestrian party have been amusing the inhabitants of Newport for two days this week. He made his entred into the town on Tuesday last, driving 14 horses in hand. The Marquis and Marchioness of Worcester, who have been sojourning at Tray House for the last three weeks, left on Thursday week for Crickhowefl, to which neigh- bourhood his lordship has proceeded for grouse shooting. I he youthful pair arrived at Llangattock Park, Crick- howell, in the evening of the same day, in honour of which event Crickhowell bells were rung merrily. NEWPORT TOWN-HALL, MONDAY. -[Before the Mayor, Thomas Hawkins, Thomas Hughes, and J. S. Allfrey, Esqrs.] — William Rodney was charged with having beenB drunk and disorderly in New-street, Pillgwetilljr, ontm Wednesday last. Convicted in the penalty of 3s. 6d. andjB costs.' Thomas Ford was charged \yith having illegallyHji detained clothes which were the property of Cbarles^B laylor, seaman, It appeared that complainant was in-|9, debted to defendant for board aud lodging: the complaintgj Was consequently discharged. Charles Colledge wasla charged with the dreadful crime of assaulting his lather lg| jThe magistrates, after administering to the wretch a Well-raj deserved reprimand, convicted bim in the penalty of £ 2h ,and costs in default of payment, to be imprisoned atH Usk House of Correction for two months. -John Par-1 ker, Henry Toomer, and John Roberts were cha,r<»ed withM '_k:+; laviug assaulted George Williams, the landlord of the led Lion Inn, Charles-street. Parker was convicted in he penalty of five shillings and costs Toomer and Ro- berts were discharged.—-THURSDAY.—[Before the Mayor and J. S. Allfrey, Esq ] — WMiam Welsh was onvicted in the penalty of five shillings and costs, for laving been found drunk and disorderly in the public treets on the night of Tuesday last: in default of pay- nent, to be imprisoned for fourteen days Anne Jones vas fully committed to prison, there to await her trial, liarged with having obtained goods under false pre- faces from Mr. Isaac Matthews, of Commercial-street, shoemaker. On Wednesday week, the bells of Llanarth Church ung merry peals on the return of William Jones, Esq., end family, to Clytba House, after an absence of three ears 011 the continent. Richard Blakemore, Esq., M.P., has accepted an in- vitation to preside at the annual dinner of the Chepstow nited Horticultural Society, to be held at the Beaufort rn\s Hotel on Thursday, the 4th of September next, the day of the second exhibition in the Castle. MONMOUTH GAS AND WATER COMPANY.—A half- yearly meeting of the shareholders of this company was leld in the Jury Room on Wednesday week. The chair vas taken by Thomas Gratrex, Esq., who read the report, rom which it appeared that there was a net profit upoa the half-year of £ J8i) 12s. 5d., showing a decrease on the corresponding period of 1844 of £24 Os. 7\d., and upon he 1st of January of £ 15 4s. 2 £ d. The water rental lad increased about JE20 with every prospect of a still further revenue from that quarter. A dividend of 4 per cent. was recommended, which would leave a surplus of £4G 12s. 5d. to be added to the reserved fund, which with "hat already in hand, will make it £ 112 Os. 4|d. The •eport concludes—" It is gratifying to observe that upon lie whole the undertaking seems to be in a prosperous state, and every attention paid to the management thereof." Mr. Thackwell having announced his inten- ion of retiring from the committee, Mr. John Tyler was elected in his room, and after the transaction of some routine business the meeting dissolved. NANTYGLO IRON WORKS.—TESTIMONIAL TO MR. EVERT.—On Tuesday, August 5th, a deputation of some )f the principal inhabitants of this place, headed by Richard Bailey, Esq waited on Mr. Every, at his dwell- ing house, and presented to him, as a token of their i3teem, the following articles:—A handsome silver tea- pot, with an appropriate inscription; a silver cream jug; 'ongs, one dozen spoons, and a purse of fifty sovereigns. ivind and affectionate addresses were delivered by several gentlemen of the deputation, conveying sentiments of steem for the character of Mr. Every;—of regret at his '.pproaching departure; and of hope for his future health tnd happiness. The testimonals being presented, Mr. Every spoke as follows,—"Gentlemen,—The present period to me is eventful. I am about to close my labours it these works, and to remove from the place where I iave spent nearly twenty years of my best vigour. The jeeasion, you are aware, is my impaired health. I admit, with gratitude to the Giver of all good, that I am con- siderably improved since this time twelve months; and it would have afforded me unfeigned satisfaction, if mattera could be so arranged, that I might longer have continued with j ou. I am one of those who view, with seriousness, :my important movement in the life of man, on account if the responsibilities involved,—especially, lest the path- way of God's Providence should be overstepped. To ihis principle, so fully possessing my mind, must be attri- buted, in a great degree, the uniform tenor of my past iife, (for my natural tendencies, perhaps, are changeful,) and actuated by this principle, fain would I have shrunk from the undertakings that now await me, of beginning, as it were, LIFE ANEW. However, my humble trust is, that the Providence of God will still attend me and mine. In my future life, amid whatever scenes may await me, my thoughts, of course, will often recur to Nantyglo. These thoughts, I forebode, will bear a varied complexion. [ anticipate I shall have chiding thoughts for not having more fully promoted the welfare and happiness of my friends and neighbours. Whatever regrets, however, I may have of this kind, there will be the alleviating reflec- tion, that I leave you without having made, to the best of my knowledge, a single enemy; nay, I leave you, shall I say, with the regrets and good wishes of the people at large; for this I thank God "A good name is better than precious ointment." While I advert to the feelings of kindness and svmpathy generally expressed, I feel, gentlemen, that I am specially bound to acknowledge yours, and those of the community who, in conjunction with yourselves, have given proof tangible and valuable proof thereof—as exhibited now before my eyes. I accept, gentlemen, the testimonial you have presented to me of your regard, and that of others of my friends, who have acted with you, with much thankfulness and satisfaction. To you, gentlemen, of this deputation, to all of you, I feel personallv obliged. I cannot, however, forbear mentioning Richard Bailey, Esq., by name, as one for whom I shall ever feel more than ordinary respect and regard. I have had to do with him from his bojhood till now and, from his bovhood to his manhood, he has ever shewn himself to possess, ia I no small degree, the more pleasing and amiable charac- teristics of our common humanity. If kindness of jnature—•mildness of disposition—and a wakeful consider- ateness to render others happy and comfortable—are characteristics of the real gentleman, then is Richard Bailey really such, for invariably has he exhibited these qualities towards me. I, therefore, tender to him my special thanks on the present occasion. Gentlemen, in conclusion, I wish you health, long life, and happiness." Apart from the foregoing testimonial, we understand that the respected proprietors of the Nantyglo Iron Works, Joseph and Crawshay Bailey, Esqrs., have presented Mr.' nature-mildness of disposition—and a wakeful consider- ateness to render others happy and comfortable—are characteristics of the real gentleman, then is Richard Bailey really such, for invariably has he exhibited these qualities towards me. I, therefore, tender to him my special thanks on the present occasion. Gentlemen, in conclusion, I wish you health, long life, and happiness." Apart from the foregoing testimonial, we understand that the respected proprietors of the Nantyglo Iron Works, Joseph and Crawshay Bailey, Esqrs., have presented Mr. Every with a valuable token of their high estimation. [We are indebted to a correspondent for the foregoing paragraph but have to state that it was not received by us until last Friday afternoon—several hours after the Guardian had been published.]

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