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1 MERl'HYR AND NEIGHBOURHOOD. I 1 Our columns were so much crowded last wrek that it was not in our power to notice the festival of the Victoria Ladies, which took place on Monday the 4th inst., at the .lorlais Castle in this town. The extreme wetness of the day prevented their attending Divine service at the Church, as they had previously contemplated, but were kindly addressed by our respect d curate, the Rev.I Jp'm Morgan, who also sat with them to dinner. Shortiy after the cloth was removed the rev. gentleman left, and the ladies commenced dancing. Their appearance was very neat and prepossessing, being all arrayed in green shawls and pink ribbons. g We regret to state that hundreds of tons of hay in thisl neighbourhood are likely to be of but little use as fodder, the late rains having proved very seriously injurious. S Numerous anniversaries, in connection with benefit so-S cieties, &c were celebrated in this town, Ooedycymmer. and Dowlais, on Saturday and Monday, the details of which, if published, would occupy the whole of our paper. M INQUEST.—An inquest was held at Aberdare on the 7tha inst., before Wm. Davies, Esq., coroner, on view of the§| body of William, the son of Llewellyn Davies, collier, aged 3 months, who was found dead in bed on the pre- vious morning. The verdict returned tyas that he had 6" died by the visitation of God." B | A WOMAN at George Town was severely hurt last week iby a stone which was recklessly thrown by one rag-w ^amuffi.i at another,-—a practice which cannot be too jhighly censured. B f SourH WALES TURNPIKE TRUST.—AS various rumoursffl are afloat in this neighbourhood relative to the time when jthe nsw Turnpike Act will come into operation in the [county of Glamorgan, and also as to the change which it ,will effect in the borough of Merthyr, we deem it right tog (state that the powers of the formei acts of parliament ceased at 12 o'clock on the night ot the 14th instant, and ^that from that time the Pandy Gate was abandoned, jPen-y-darran Gate will be removed to the upper part of|| jjDowlais, and the Plymouth and Nant-y wenith Gatesia [will stand as before. The limits of the town ( Merthyr),gj as defined by the commissioners, will stand as follows:—Ji ,Oa the road leading to Swansea, a line immediatelyf§ within the present Nant-y-Gwenith Gate." On theji Cardiff road, "a line immediately within the present a Plymouth Gate." On the Abergavenny road, at the: Horse and Groom,* Dowlais and on the Brecon road, one mile from Coed y-Cymmer bridge, in the county 0fS Brecon. All the roads within these limits will hereafter^ be repaired by the town or parish of Merthyr,—theyS ceased to be turnpike roads on the 14th inst, We are notif »\vare of any steps having been taken to provide for maintenance and management of the roads in the town,f| but we presume no time5 will be lost iu arranging these'a matt-jrs. We regret to find that our very efficieut sur-r3 yeypr, Mr, Shellard, has declined the surveyorship of the g Northern District of Roads, aud resigned the duties of j| his ollice on the 10th instant. Kl 11 LANTRISSENT PBTTY SESSIONS, held Friday, 8th August, 1845.—Before R. F. Rickards, Esq. and Colonel Smith—Mr. Morgan Thomas, of Ynisgoy in the parish, ot Lantwitvardre, and others, charged one John Davies, ate of Mynyddyslwyn, in the county of Monmouth, labourer, now residing in the parish of Pentyrch, with laving feloniously stolen and carried away, on the 5th inst, from and off the premises of the said Morgan nomas, one calico shift, one canvass and one cotton -ipton, two cotton caps, one muslin pocket handkerchief, one calico pocket and one cloth collar, of the goods and chattels of one Catherine Rees; one flannel petticoat, one cotton apron, one cotton shift, and three cotton handkerchiefs, of the goods and chattels of Catherine John; one muslin collar, the property of Hannah ibvans; and two calico shirts, one flannel shift, two iiiinnel aprons, one pair cf calico pockets, two muslin neckerchiefs, four canvass towels, fire calico pillow slips one calico shift, oue flannel petticoat, one canvass apron, and one pinafore, of the goods and chattels of the said Morgan Thomas. Upon the evidence of Catherine Rees, md Thomas Mager, police-officer, the said John Davies was committed to Cardiff Gaol to await his trial at the next Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the said county. -The Overseers of the Poor for the Parish of Lantwit- vardre applied for an order of removal upon the widow of the late Lewis William and her children, now charge- able to the said parish, and living in a leasehold property left her in the Will of her late husband during her natural life, and then to her childreu. Case dismissed on the ground that Lantwitvardre parish could not substantiate their case by the evidence produced to remove her and aer children whilst living in her own property, to the parish of Lantrissent, which they presumed her husband had gained by servitude, previous to his building two cottages, of the value of £5 per annum, and which he occupied several years previous to his decease, and which are still in the occupation of his widow, in the parish of Lantwitvardre. The Overseers of the Poor of the said parish of Lantwitvardre, applied for a summons tgaiust Ishmael Morley, of the said parish, for refusing to pay Poor Rates. Granted. John Lewis, agent to the Llev. George Thomas, clerk, applied for a summons igainst Taliesin Thomas and William Thomas for tres- passing on the Tram Road at Newbridge. Granted. file Overseers of the Poor of the Parish of Lantrissent applied for a summons upon several of the patishioners of the said parish for refusing to pay Poor Rates. Granted. ——Thomas Meredith, of Lantwitvardre, ap. plied for a summons against William Griffith, for an assault. Granted. BRIDGEND PETTY SESSIONS, Saturday, August 9th.— [Before Richard Franklen, Esq., and the Rev. Robert Knight.J Win. Morgan, Wm. Steward, John Dale, John Walters, Owen John, and Thos. David were charged by Valentine Shervey, sergeant of police, with being drunk it the parish of Hangonoyd. They were severally re- primanded and discharged upon payment of 6s. costs. Wm. Griffith and Hopkin Griffith, of the parish of Llan- gonoyd, were charged by Will. Williams, with an assault. The parties respectively applied to the magistrates to have the case adjourned to this day week, which applica- tion was granted. MABSTEG.—On Saturday last, the loyal and honorable Order of Ivorites met at the Angel Inn, from whence they proceeded in procession to Chapel, preceded by the Aber- avon band, which in the course of the day performed several Welsh airs and marches in a very superior man- ner. The lodge-room was most tastefully decorated with every Sower in season that could be procured within some miles. On leaving chapel, the members, to the number of 70, perambulated Bowrington and Maesteg, and then sat down to a most excellent dinner, which reflected great credit on the amiable hostess of the Angel, Mrs. Anthony and so highly were the brethren pleased, that her health was unanimously proposed and drank by all present. Loyalty and good-fellowship were the order jf the day, till the witching hour of night, when church- yards yawn" gave notice for all prudent men to retire to their pleasant homes, their wives, and bairns; and we will conclude this brief notice with the old wish of "Joy be with them." SUDDEN DEATH—-On Monday last an inquest was held before Alexander Cuthbertson, Esq., coroner, at the dwelling-house of Mrs. Joan Hopkins, known by the name of the Hope and Anchor, at Neath Abbey, on the body of Mary Edwards, a young woman aged 23 years. From the evidence adduced, it appeared that the deceased was a servant in the employment of the Misses Leyson, of the Hill,—that about two o'clock in the afternoon ot Sunday last, she was taken suddenly ill—vomitted, and continued in that state for several hours. A medical gentleman was sent for who gave her some medicine, lut which produced no good effects, as she continued to remain in a state of dreadful agony until death, at half- :iast twelve o'clock, put a period to her sufferings. In consequence of a remark that had been made by the de, ceased to a female who attended her, and who was called upon to give evidence at the inquest, the jury suspected that deceased was pregnant, and that she (the deceased) had taken poison consequently, at their request, a post mortem examination was made of the body by R. P. Leyson, Esq. The usual tests were resorted to by that gentleman in the presence of his brother, Evan Leyson, Esq., and Mr. Hibbert, a chemist, residing in the town of Neath, for discovering the presence of arsenic in the stomach; but there were no traces of poison found. Those gentlemen were clearly of opinion, that deceased died from a severe bilious attack. The coroner then very ably summed up the evidence, and the jury returned theii verdict—" Died by the Visitation of God." VALE OF NEATH RAILWAY.—A highly respectable and very influential meeting of the provisional committee of the Vale of Neath Railway Company took place on Monday, at the offices of the South Wales Railway, 449, West Strand, London—Lord Jersey, in the chair. A (eputation of the Great Western Directors, and the Chairman and Vice-chairman of the South Wales Board, were in attendance. A series of resolutions for the effec- tually carrying out the proposed line were put and car- ried and after the Working Committee had been appointed, the meeting broke up. Lord Villiers was appointed chairman, and L. Vigurs, Esq., deputy- chairman. The Vale of Neath- Railway may now be considered as fairly launched before the public and we cannot help congratulating the inhabitants of this county, and the town of Neath in particular, at the manner in which the estimates and mode of getting up this line has been conducted, whilst the names of the gentlemen who act as the provisional directors form at once a guarantee to the public that the undertaking will be one both creditable to the promoters and profitable to the shareholders. We may add that the holders of South Wales shares will, ipon application, have some shares in this line allotted o them, but in what proportion is not as yet decided. Xo application for shares will be received after the last day of this month. The shares in this (Vale of Neath) line are already in the market at JE1 premium The de- posit is altered in accordance with the new rules of the House of Lords—namely, from thirty shillings to two pounds, being jEtO per cent. SHIPWRECK AND Loss OF LIFE IN THE BRISTOL CHANNEL.—A correspondent has favoured us with the following: —" On Thursday, the 7th inst., the schooner Bideford, of St. Ives, left the port of Neath loaded with culm. While in the channel during the night, the schooner Eliza Anne, of Falmouth, ran into her and did such extensive damages by the violence of the shock, that the Bideford leaked very much, and could not be kepI. clear. Before morning the water bad so far gained upon* her, that the master and crew, four in number, werel obliged to leave her, and to take to the boat for safety, j In their hurry, they got into the boat, but forgot to pro-l vide themselves with even a single oar, so that they were! at the absolute control of the wind and waves. About ten o'clock, Friday forenoon, they saw a schooner running upS channel but the crewofwhich vessel took no notice of them. I At 12 o'clock Friday night, the unfortunate fellows drewl near shore—to a place about two miles to the westward of Sker Point. The boat got involved amongst the' breakers-was quickly swamped [upset]—and the four persons were precipitated into the surf. The mate, named: Joseph Treverence, succeeded in making the shore afterl a protracted struggle; the three others met a wateryS grave. Their names were Captain Major, Francis Jose/j and William Richards (a boy). Jose and Richards wereE natives of Falmouth. Captain Major has left a widow,. and family at St. Ives to deplore his sad and untimely death. The boat is now on the Sker Farm."—Since the foregoing was put in type another account reached us, by which it appears that the Bidefo/d came in contact with the Heed, off Morte Bay, and not the Eliza Anne, as stated above. Tiie Heed reached Penarth with loss of topmast and foreyard. The mate, whose.lite was pro-a videntially preserved, has been forwarded to his home by The Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mariners' Benevolentjj Society," which society also clothed, boarded, and lodged him during his stay in this county. B SWANSEA SAVINGS' BANK.-August 9.-Deposits re- ceived, £283 I4s. 8d.; Paid, £ 113 15s. 81. Notices to withdraw, £ 139 14s. lOJ. Manager, Mr. Arthur Dalton, SWANSEA WATCH AND WARn COMMITTEE.—On Friday m last, 8th inst., Wrq. Davies, late turnkey of the Swansea Gaol, and Noah Hughes, bargeman, were appointed police-officers instead of two others who had been dis- charged -for neglect of duty. SWANSEA POLICE.—[On Wednesday, 13th inst., before Richard Aubrey and Starling Benson, Esquires.] — Wm. Davies, chair-maker, charged with assaulting Jane, the wife of John Roe, potter, was fined 20s. with costs, 14s. 6d. H or be committed for one month to Swansea Gaol. I SWANSEA PETTY SESSIONS, TUESDAY, AUGUST 12th.- [Before the Ilev. John Collins and Iltid Thomas, Esq.] —H John Beynon and Evan Rees were charged with havingB assaulted Dd. Evan, who. on being sworn, stated, I liveH next door to the Swan in High-street, and am a labourer. On Saturday night last, or rathcrearty on Sunday morning,8 I stood near a crowd of people, when a female came to me, and attempted to search my pockets. I pushed heroff. Pre-S sently John Beynon and Evan Rees, both now present, came to me and assaulted me. Evan Rees struck me a severe blow on the eye. [Here he pointed to his left eye, which bore marks of violence.] I was stunned and fell when down, he laid bold of my jacket and tore off thefi pocket, and rau away with it, in which was 4|d." he produced his poor jacket sadly mutilated, which agreed! with his representations of its state.—Ann Morse corro-H borated his statement very fairly so far as her went.—An unfortunate female of young and very! interesting appearance, being called aud sworn, statedn that on the night in question Dd. Bvan met her and de-H manded a gallon of beer, soon after which he struck herB twice. This story, from what P.C. TIIOH, Jones stated,! twice. This story, from what P.C. Thos. Jones stated,! appeared highly probable and satisfactory. It was, afrer !some consultation, thought sufficient to counteract the cause of complaint on the part of Dd. Evan, so that hisM case was dismissed.—^Dd, Benjamin made complaint! against Daniel, that he had not paid him certain! wages; but no satisfactory evidence being brought for-8 ;> Iwarn that such wages were due, the case was dismissed 0l\. BenJamia paying 4s. 6d. costs Ann, th wife of David Jones, and their daughter, made complaint against Ann, the wife of Wm. Jenkins, and Catherine Jenkins, all of Gower, for abuse. From the evidence given m both sides, it appeared to have been a complete Iris) battle concerning cockles and cockle baskets. The who!. were bound over to keep the peace for twelve month- under a penalty of £ 1 0 each Thoj. Thomas came forward to complain that certain parties had taken dowt his mother's house, in which he also resided. Beinc sworn, he said, u My mother lived in Tregage, in thr parish of Llandilo-talybont. I left that house about foui months ago, and went to Llangennech. I lock(d tit door, and took the key with me. I went back to the house last Saturday fortnight; I removed the shutter, am went in through the window place. I had the key of th. door with me, but could not use it, because some one ha put another lock on the door. On the following Tuesday Henry Gregory, Wm. Bowen, and some others here to-day, came about 7 o'clock in the evening, and pulled thr house down. This was on the 29th of July last. The house was held by my mother as tenant under the Dukt of Beaufort, at 12s. a year.Cross t.amincd: I nevet agreed to give up the house to Henry Gregory. I cannct write my name, I never could. [A person from the crowd in court cried out, I know he can write." Tim person was then called forward, and stated he had seen the writing of Thos. Thomas, but that he had never seen aim write.] Cross-examination of Thos. Thomas re- sumed 11 1 never delivered the key of the house, nor am other key, to Mr. Francis Price, either at the Talbo Arms, nor at any other place. I never agreed with Mr Price to give up the house to him as the Duke of Beau- tort s agent, I never told Mr. Price I could not live in the house on account of snakes." This man, though keenly and very severely examined and cross-examined by several for perhaps an hour at least, still adhered to his integrity like the motto of the Isle of Man "Turn me as you will, I am on my legs still." A copy of his statement, when concluded, was given him to be signed, which he did very awkwardly by two T's.— John Price, P.C., being sworn, stated, "Thos. Thomas asked me whether an agreement for E4 8s. would do, it malle on plain paper. I asked him if he had a copy of the agreement. He said N< This was considered oy the bench to refer to that produced by Henry Gregory, and the case was dismissed. Thos. Thomas was ordered to pay 16s. costs. He said he had no money to pay, on I which he was directed to leave. COPPER ORES SOLD AT SWANSEA, AUGUST 13th, 1845. Vliues. 21 Cwts. Purchasers. Price. L. f. d Cobre 105 Vivian and Sons 910 0 Do.100 Do. 9 9 0 Do. 94 Do. 9 9 0 Do. 90 Do. 910 0 Do. 67 Williams, Foster, and Co. 9 11 0 Do. 82 Do. 17 15 6 Do. 27 Do. 17 12 0 Beerhaven 121 English Copper Company ..870 Do. 96 Williams, Foster, and Co. 816 Do. 95 Do. 8 16 Do. 89 Do. 8 4 6 Da. 60 Freeman and Co., and Vivian and Sons 550 Do. 12 Williams, Foster, and Co. 7 19 0 Santiago 12o Do. 13 4 6 H4 Do. 13 15 0 Do. 109 Vivian and Sons 13 14 0 Do. 94 Do. 13 11 0 Knockmahon 97 Williams, Foster, and Co. 11 13 0 Do. 71 Vivian and Sons 614 0 Do. 70 English Copper Company 615 0 Do. 67 Do. 7 18 0 Do. 62 Vivian and Sons 5 5 0 | Do. 57 Do. 3 10 0 Cuba 110 Sims, Willyams, Nevill, Druce, and Co. 10 12 6 Do. 82 Do. 10 15 6 Do. 76 Vivian and Sons 16 5 0 Do. 48 Williams, Foster, and Co. 17 16 0 Do. 41 Do. 19 7 0 Do. 31 Sinn.Willyams.Nevill.Druce, and Co. 18 2 0 Chili 50 Passoe, Grcnfell, and Sons. 43 5 6 Do. 46 Freeman and Co. 43 3 0 Do. 44 English Copper Company 43 2 6 Do. 38 Williams, Foster, and Co. 42 17 6 Do. 52 English Copper Company.. 26 3 6 Do. 50 Do.25 3 0 San Jose in Cobre 80 Pascoe, GrenfeU, and Sons.. 11 11 6 Do. 55 Williams, Foster, and Co. 18 8 0 Do. 38 Do. 15 16 0 Do. 28 Pascoe, Grenfell, and Sons.. 916 Ballymurtagh. 88 Vivian and Sons 3 0 0 Do. 44 Do. 5 5 0 Australia Kapunda 50 Williams, Foster, and Co. 23 11 0 Do. 43 Do. 25 15 6 Do. 33 Do. 30 7 6 Llaudidno 51 Do. and English Copper Co.. 3 8 6 Do. 30 Williams, Foster, and Co. 9 13 6 Crombane 53 Vivian and- Sons 5 8 0 Do. 22 Do. 515 0 Tigrony 15 Williams, Foster, and Co. 5 3 0 Kilduanne 72 Vivian and Sons g 2 0 Do. 3 Pascoe, Grenfell, and Sons.. 3 11 0 Laxey 42 Do. and Vivian and Sons 5 1 03 Aberdovey 24 Vivian and Sons 7 17 0 Do. 1 Do. 17 0 0 Molland 2 English Copper Company 8 2 61 Do. 1 Pascoe, Grenfell, and Sons.. 4 14 6


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