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To the Editor of the Cardiff…

Family Notices



¡ Performed by the deceased gentleman's Brother- Oh ^le ^ev' Montgomery Traherne/! nancellor of the Cathedral, but we observed | th k's Lordship (the Bishop) took part of I service. The Senior and Junior Vicars Choral J n** al8o in attendance. The Chief Mourners were J.fl rfuce Pryce, Esq., and the Right Honorable the Vice-1 ancellor Knight Bruce, brothefs of the deceased Jj J1 the Pall Bearers were his nephews, Henry Austin J i>ruce> and Lewis Knight Bruce, of Duffryn; the I »-ev- William Bruce, Rector of St. Nicholas; Lewis| jJNght Bruce, of Roehampton; and the Rev. Edward 5 rKVles' Kingsbridge; and his nephsws in the lau',1 of Clifton, and the Rev. Roper T. | th D' Rector of Llantrithyd, and his brother-in-law, Jj e Rev. George Traherne, Vicar of St. Hilary. His'| stations, M. P. Traherne, Esq., of Coitrahen, with»g J* 8ons» Edmund and John Traherne; the Rev.| j^as K^mon('es> Vicar of Llanblethian; and hisf ^6aicat attendants, Dr. Moore, and Mr. H. Prichard,| "argam, were also present. i 4Ylargam, were also present. i DfiATII OF THE DEAN OF LLANDAFF. | [^Veare indebted to a gentleman who was a dis-i ^JJuished personal friend of the late Very Reverend! • BAUCE KNIGHT for the following beautifully-| bitten article, and which expresses in the most ele-d gant terms feelings calculated to reflect lasting honour) uPOn tae highly-gifted and accomplished writer.] I This exemplary dignitary and truly excellent man| Vs more another part of our paper records hisg eath; and it cannot be permitted that such a man'1 •hould go down to the grave without a brief memorial j o. his public usefulness and worth, nor without aj !lno testimony to his private virtues. The gloom| Jvhich pervades our neighbourhood, from the mansion; *° the cottage, assures us that thousands of such will| offered to his memory :—it gives full proof, too, ofij estimation in which he was held by society in all Us ranks;—we can with truth declare, that sorrow ^ore universal it has never been our lot to witness, 011 the occurrence of any calamity which it has been duty to record. This grateful and gratifying demonstration of regret and regard is not less honor-1 to the living than to the dead: and how and! Whence has it sprung and had its origin ? We believe at the Very Rev. WM. BRUCE K NIGHT was not Actually born in ;he Principality, but from Youth tog "lanhood,—from the Cradle to the Grave,—so earnestly! and uncompromisingly did he identify himself with usj if he aid not lisp in infancy our native Language § became our most accomplished Welsh Scholar and! ^vine;—he studied, and felt, and proclaimed the| virtues of our aboriginal character, and wel believe that the natural kindness of his heart, and the tact and indomitable energy with which Mature had also endowed him,—subservient as all his Varied resources and endowments were held by him the highest and noblest purposes which can engage loftiest intellect,—enabled him to do more than any man living to soften the asperities between the c'0s?oly allied, but occasionally jarring natives of his ()wn and his adopted Country. Witness his unpa- taUeled exertions and display of mental acquirements oar magnificent Eisteddfod;—witness, too, the part* e was always called upon to take on occasions of| Rational interest among us. Barely two years have| since a Public Testimonial of Gratitude and! ■Affection was paid him* such as falls to the lot of few| tnen: and, who that then listened to the torrent of fateful eloquence which then fell from him,—who Cari reflect on the circumstances of honour that then attended him, and of Dignity that have since accom- panied him, but must feel that mysterious and inscrutable indeed are the ways of that All-wise and Almighty Providence, who has sealed that eloquent l £ ngue in the silence of Death, and who has given u> ^his renewed proof of the utter vanity of all worldly honours. He is gone! —and in him those of his own sacred Order—the Clergy—as well as those of ours— Laity—have lost a brilliant example, and a faithful Monitor and Friend. On the occasion above alluded he himself told us that his whole Ministerial life been passed among us. We then told him. —and at a period of life, which (as his own| —and at a period of life, which (as his own Generated Diocesan at the time remarked to him and Us) gave earnest of lengthened usefulness on his part,! a°d honour and regard on ours,—how deeply wel ^arded and loved him:—we told him that ouri affection for him sprang from the manner in which! e had discharged his sacred and social duties,! ?? a Christian minister and as a man: —we told! ""n that he was founding an example for thosef might hereafter follow him in the discharge ofg «is high and holy functions. We told him how we| Estimated that example in the elevated position which he at that time held, and not less so in the less prominent, g Perhaps, but not less important office which he then tilled—that of a Parish Minister, faithfully and fear-| lessly admonishing the rich and powerful, kindly and! affectionately counselling and befriending the poor qt)d indigent;—and diffusing, by the influence off example as well as precept, the blessed effects of that! **°ly Religion of which he was an appointed Minister.! £ Hese things we told him living—let us do honor to| memory now that he is dead. We know thatj **ext to the service and honour of his Redeemer, there| ^ere two objects of a public nature most interesting! at*d dear to him. Let us now make these objects our| °wa!—The one was the Widows' and Orphans' Fund,! Called the Clergy Charity,—through the medium ofjj ^hich he and those who have benevolently aided him,| have caused the "blessing of those who were ready twi Parish, to come upon him," while he made also t'ne| ,vidow'si»#jn,t to sing for joy;"—the other was the| t'estoration 0 ur beautiful but sadly dilapidated! Cathedral, withm whose hallowed precincts his re-jj ^ains now repose. We know that he meditated anl appeal to his Country to renovate this venerable Pile ji us restore it to its pristine beauty, and make this Monument! The presentation of the Testimonial from the Clergy and Xiaity of the Diocese.