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I.tfomgu Intrllignirr.


I .tfomgu Intrllignirr. I FRANCE.—There is little to claim attention in the recent Paris journals. The Debats states that the autho rities at Toulon have commenced a regular inquiry into the caus° of the fire in the arsenal. It has been clearly ascertained that the fire was the work of an incendiary, matches having been found in a state of preparation, which probably the alarm prevented from being ignited. No clue has hitherto been obtained to the author of thei crime. SPAIN.—Accounts from Madrid are of the 2nd inst. The Heratdo states that the couspiracy lately discovered in that capital as both civil and military. The conspi- rators had endeavoured to seduce from their allegiance a number of officers and sergeants of the garrison, and heir plan was to re-organise a portion of the National Guard, who were to be the first to raise the standard of revolt. A sergeant of the regiment of Galieia had be- trayed the secret, and the information he gave has induced he authorities to order the arrest of General Crespo, of :he former Political Chief Luis Sagosti, of M. Lasomera, former commander of the Free Corps; M. Munoz, an ex officer of the National Guard of Madrid Gonzales, m officer of the Regt. of the Constitution, and others. The|| Castellano says that the conspirators were to strike the blows on the night of the 3lst ult. The authorities, oeing apprised of their projects, had adopted the necessary! measures to defeat them. Madrid was perfectly tranquil. j| At Malaga, according to the Rco del Comercio, a co;n-fe' plete reign of terror has been established. Itisonhjl necessary for any creature of the Government to denounceH the most respectable inhabitant of the city to expose him|g and his property to danger. The Council of War hasp closed its deliberations by condemning to death two ser-ij geants, and to various degrees of punishment several^ inhabitants of Malaga more or less compromised in theii late conspiracy. i THE EAST.—■The disorders on the frontiers between^ Greece and Turkey continue unabated. Great com-jli plaints are made of the inactivity of the officers in com-|| mand ofthe troops in Thessaly and Acarnania, who, it isg said, have done literally nothing to put down the dis-S urbances. Seraskier Pacha is still carrying on his?| campaign in Upper Albania, and has destroyed a great|| lumber of villages in the neighbourhood of Jackova.S The inhabitant refused all the conditions of offered by him. The Seraskier Pacha has made a de,f £ mand on the Pacha of Siodra of a reinforcement of 300-^i men, to enable him to attack the jnsurgents i:i severalty points at once.—Advices from Constantinople of July 23 p state that on the 12th a dreadful conflagration took place ft which reduced nearly the whole of the flourishing townfl of Ternova, in Bulgaria, to a heap of ruins. || AMERICA By the Fidelia packet-ship, which ar-ffi rived on Monday afternoon_at Liverpool, we have advicesH from New York, the most interesting portion of which is,f| probably, a copy 0f the manifesto of the Mexican Ke-g public, under date of the 14th of June last, declaiinifg war against the United States, on account of the decree! of that body, sanctioned by the Executive, annexing Texas to, and incorporating "it with, the Federal Union. The document thus promulgated by the Mexi"can'Govern-p ment is conceived in a becoming & independent spirit, &fj expressed in dignified and dispassionate terms. In de -i nouncing the conduct which has been pursued by the Con-gjj gress and Government of the United states, throughout vhole course of the dishonest and disgraceful transactions! •ommenced by the late General Jackson, organized andjgj matured by the ex-President Tyler, and :>y his successor Mr. Polk, the head of the Mexican^ Republic says, This mode of appropriating to itself! territories upon which other nations have rights,w introduces a monstrous novelty, endangering the peaceB °f the world, and violating the sovereignty of nations; that the usurpation now consummated to the preju-S dice of Mexico has been in insidious preparation for longtime," during which, on the part of the United^ States, the most'cordial friendship was proclaimed fors Mexico;" the faith and obligations of existing treaties! being, by Mexico, in the interim, strictly &ud legally I observed," a



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