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&a!eg fcy Auction. GLAMORGANSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. JOHN JONES, At the ANGEL INN, in the Town of MERTHYR, on WEDNESDAY, the 27th of AUGUST, 1845, at Six o'clock in the Evening, subject to such conditions as shall then and there be produced, ALL those TWO substantial and well-built DWEL- LING-HOUSES, with their Appurtenances, one of which is let at JE10 10s. Od. per Annum the other is in the occupation of the owner, Mr. Seaton, which might be let at JE18 Os. Od. per Annum. The said Premises are situate in Albert-street, Mar- ket-Square, Merthyr, and are held under a lease for the term of 99 years, 95 of which are unexpired, at the yearly ground rent of £3 14s. 7d. For further particulars apply (post-paid) to Mr. John Seaton, on the Premises, or to the Auctioneer, Glebeland Cottage. W. MERRICK Begs to announce that he has been honored with instruc- tions to offer for SALE BY AUCTION, On the Premises at LLANSANTFRAED HOUSE, on TUESDAY, the 30th of SEPT., and following days, THE whole of the magnificent and costly HOUSE- J. HOLD FURNITURE and other Effects of E. J. HUTCHINS, Esq., who is leaving the Neighbourhood; full particulars of which will appear in future Advertise- ments, and in Catalogues, to be had on the Premises and of the Auctioneer, Cross-Street, Abergavenny, one week prior to the Sale, at which time the Furniture may be seen and inspected. Llansaintfraed House is situate o| miles from Aber- gavenny, 10| from Monmouth, and 5 from Usk. Abergavenny, Aug. 5th, 1845. NEWTON, BRECONSHIRE, One Mile from Brecon. IMPORTANT AND INTERESTING SALE OF HEREFORDSHIRE CATTLE OF THE OLD WHITE-FACED BREED Selected and kept entire on this Estate for upwards of seventy years, and now in the highest degree of per- fection, in colour, quality, and constitution, combining the esteemed breeds of the Huntington, Stretton, and Thingehill Estates, which is now distinctly to be traced in this herd. THOMAS COOKE HAS the great satisfaction of announcing to the admirers of this class of Herefordshire Cattle, that the proprietor, Mr. D. WILLIAMS, of Newton, aforesaid, (who has given up one of his Farms), has directed him to announce FOR SALE BY AUCTION, On the 24th of SEPTEMBER next, the undermentioned portion of his superior Stock :— THIRTY-FIVE COWS and HEIFERS in Calf. FIVE BULLS, of different ages, and SIXTEEN two- year old STEERS the whole of which are by the same Sire. 120 EWES, of the best breed of close-woolled Sheep, nearly approaching the old Ryeland blood; and 40 EWE LAMBS. Also 40 PONIES, of the celebrated Cnewer race, among which are several matchers, and highly curious from their diversity of colour, and great speed; upwards of 20 are Geldings, three-years old valuable BROOD MARES, &c., &c. The Auctioneer respectfully pledges himself that a purer lot of Herefords than those enumerated, he never had in his long experience to offer to public notice. Particulars, 15 days prior to Sale, may be had at the place of Sale, and of the Auctioneer, St. John's-street, Hereford. & & & SHIPS FOR SALE By Private Contract, ONE-SIXTEENTH in the «MARY& HARRIETT,' now lying in the Bute Docks; ONE-SIX- TEENTH in the 'MARCHIONESS OF BUTE'; ONE-SIXTEENTH in the « GRATITUDE'. These vessels are nearly new and well found in stores, belonging to the Port of Cardiff, in regular employ. Part of the purchase money may remain on security for 6 or 12 months. Also, WANTED TO RENT, A SMALL FARM, on Lease capable of improvement, in any part of South Wales or the South of England. Apply by letter, paid, to Mr. DONOVAN, CARDIFF. ORDIMTIOK. THE LORD BISHOP OF LLANDAFF intends to _L hold a GENERAL ORDINATION in the CATHEDRAL CHURCH OF LLANDAFF, on SUNDAY, the 28th day of SEPTEMBER next. The requisite papers must be sent by the Candidates to his Lordship at Hardwick House, Chepstow, on or before the 10th of September next. By Order of the Lord Bishop, EDW STEPHENS, N. P., D. Regr. Llandaff, 14th August, 1845. SOUTII WALES RAILWAY. THE Royal Assent having been given to the South! Wales Railway Bill, holders of Scrip in that under-g taking are desired to forward the same to this office on or! before Monday, the 8th of September next, with a letter,! requesting to be registered for their respective shnres, form of which letter will be furnished on application tot' me. The receipt of the Scrip will be duly acknowledger and sealed certificates prepared for exchange as soon as possible, of which due notice will be given. g Shares in respect of which no application for shall be made on or before the above date will be registered;! in the names of the original subscribers; after which nol shares can be passed otherwise than by formal transfer < under the Act. 1 By order, i N. ARMSTRONG, Secretary. 449, West Strand, London, Aug. 8, 1845. B Dml,w THOS. BOYS GRAPHIC UJIOJ, 1845. THE LAST APPEAL, from FRANK STONE, beauti- j_ fully engraved by Samuel Bellin, same size as "The Heart's Misgivings." DOCTOR JOHNSON RESCUING OLIVER GOLDSMITH from his LANDLADY, from E. M. Ward's Original Picture, by Samuel B.-Hin. REDGRAVE'S POOR TEACHER," engraved by William Oilier. Subscribers taking the whole of the above three En- gravings at once, are entitled to purchase them on the undermentioned terms, viz. Print Impressions the three for jEl 8 0 or fO 10 6 each Proofs, India Paper ditto 2120oT 1 10 Proofs. India, before Let. ditto 4 4 0 or 111 6 Artist'sProofs,onlndia(only50)ùitto 5 12 0 or 2 2 0 WILKIE'S VILLAGE FESTIVAL, in Line, large size, to range with Wilkie's most important Plates' 5 i LUCAS'S PORTRAIT of PRINCE ALBERT, en- graved by Samuel Cousins, A.R.A., and Samuel Bellin in the first style, to match Chalons' whole-length Portrait of the Queen. The DYIXG CAMEL in the DESERT, a beautiful Line Engraving, after H. Warren, by \V. R. Smith. Subscribers taking the whole of the above three En- gravings at once, are entitled to purchase them on the undermentioned terms, viz.: — Print Impressions the three for £4 4 Oorfl 11 6 each Proofs, India paper. ditto 8 8 0 or 3 3 0 Proofs, Inelia,before Let.. ditto ]I 4 0 or 4 4 0 Artist's Proofs, India (only 50) ditto 16 16 0 or 6 6 0 I The whole of the Engravings, both Prints and Proofs, 1 will be advanced to DOUBLE THE PRESENT PUBLICATION! PRICES, as soon os the Subscribers of the current year are supplied ivith their Copies, such Engravings being usually published at that rate. Subscribers names are' now being taken on the low terms above stated. 1 TM ABOV» SIX PLATES A.B. THE MQRAVmQS POlL 1845. IN fi THOMAS BOYS' GRAPHIC UNION, XI, Golùel) Square, London, a where Prospectuses may be had, and the Engravings seen ;§ or of any of his Agents throughout the United! Kingdom. 3 AGENTS: I ■p WEBBER, Cardiff; J. W. BEBELL, Newport; J.L Hereford; R, c. FRBWJSSKS, Pembroke;! i. HOMAI FAHROB, Mocmouth, I

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