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£ >team JUfetgfttfott* THE CARDIFF AND BRISTOL Straw m ¡lacktt. PRINCE OF WALES, MATTHEW JONES, Commander; LADY CHARLOTTE, HaNKY JEFFKRY, Commander; ARE ISTENDBD to SAIL during the month of AUG., as follows (from the BUTE SHIP DOCK) Prince of Wales—M outlays, • Lady Charlotte——-Monday* Wednesdays, St Friday*.— Wednesdays, and Fridays, Lady Charlotte Taesdays, ( Prince of Wales—Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Thursdays, and Saturday*, From CARDIFF. From BRISTOL. Aug., 184:;). Aug., 1845. 18, Moaday 4; after ( 18, Monday. 6 morn 19. Tueadky 5 morn > 19, Tuesday. 6J morn *0, Wednesday 6 morn J 20, Wednesday.. 7 morn 21, Thursday mornS 21, Thursday 7J morn 22, Friday, 7 morn j 22, Friday, 8± morn 23, Saturday 7 J morn j 23, Satuiday 8| morn Carriages and horses to be alongside One hour previous toTime of Sailing. REDUCED FARES :—After Cabin, 48.; Fore Cabin, 2s. CHILDREN under Twelve years of .tge, Half-price; Dogs, h. each. A Female Steward attends on Board both Packets. Refreshments may be had on board on moderate terms. Four-wheel Carriage 21s. ditto Phaeton or Gig. 10s. 6d.; Two-wheel, drawn by one horse and driver, 15s.; Horse and Itider, After Cabin, 9, Horse and Ifider, Fore Cabin, 7.. 6d.;Catt)e and Borses 6,. each; Sheep, Pigs, and Calves, Is. each Carriages. Horses, Cattle, and G>ods, will be subject to Lauding and Wharfages at the Bute Docks." Not Accountable for any Goods without Shipping Notes. ►'reinhters are requested to order all Goods intended for the PUINCH OF W4D?S, to be sent to No. 12, Q"y-st.ee., or to Robert Chaplin, Cumberland Basin Locks; an L for the LADY CH AHLOtTE. to Claie-streel Hall, Matsh-street, aod Bull Wharf. Rcdciiff-street, Bristol. -Goods will be hauled from the Warehouses to the Packets > J* THE expense of the Companies. | Merthyr, Newbridge, Aberdare, Cowbridge, Bridgend, Llantrissent, and Caerphilly.—Goods lorwardeil to these Places in Spring Waggons and Lock-up Canal Boats illl- •nediattly oil arrival, unless ordered by any particular eouveyance, in which case they will be deposited in the STEAM Packet Warehouse till called for.—Freight to be paid 0" delivery. Goods, Packages, Parcels, ftc., forwarded to all parts of the Kingdom without delay, when sent to either of their ) Steam Packet Offices in Cardiff or Bristol. ) Further information AS to I' reight, will be readily obtained < BY APPLYING to the Agents—Mr. WOODMAN. Agent at the J Packet Office, on the Wharf, Caidiff; or to Mr. G. C. J GLASSON, Agent, No. 12, Quay-street. Bristol, for the I'HINCE OK W.\LKS Pack-'t; and of Mr. T. JOHN, at the Packet Office, on the Wharf, Cardiff; or to Mr. W, B. OWEN. 29, Av. n Crcscent, Hotwclls, Bristol, for the LADY CH AKLOTTB Packet. « NOTICE.—The Proprietors of the above Steam Packets L'tv« Notice, that they will not be accountable for any Passenger's Luggage, ior will they be answerable for any GOOds, Packages, of Parcels (If lost or damaged by Fire, LEAKAGE, or otherwise) unless Booked at either of tlieir OFFICES at Cardiff or Bristol, if above the value of 40" IlIdell entered at its value, and Carriage in proportion paid for the same, at the time of Booking.—Goods consigned to order, or not taken away before Six o'clock in the eyctting of the day of landing, will he warehoused at the risk .od expense of the consignees. All Goods to be considered a. liens, not only for freight and charges due thereon, but allo for all previously unsatisfied Freight and Charges due by consignees to the Proprietors of the said Packets. Disputed HEIGHTS or measurement, claims or lass or damage, &c.. •AIMOT be allowed, aiiless a written notice of the same he tent to the Office oa the day of delivery. &alris lis amnion. ABEBMAIDE ESTATE, ABOUT THREE MILES FROM ABERYSTWITH. To be SOLD by AUCTION, BY MR. GOODE, At the BELLE VUE HOTEL, ABERYSTWITH, on THURSDAY, the 28TH day of AUGUST, 1845, at 4 o'Clock in the Afternoon, either together or in Lots, A MOST IMPORTANT FREEHOLD PROPERTY called the ABERMAIDE ESTATE, in the Pa- tishes of LLANBADARN, LLAMBAR, and LLANYRCHtAttN, together upwards of 1330 Acres of very excel- ent Land, aud consisting of well arranged, most desirable ntld compact Farms, with a capital Messuage or Shooting ox; also several convenient and substantial Home- Iteads, and a Water Corn Mill, in the rich and beautiful Vale of the Ystwith, about 3 miles from the increasing Town and Port of Aberystwith, in the County of Car- <Hgan, with extensive and thriving Plantations abounding Game, and including the Manor and Manorial LIGHTS of Rhydonen, with its Appurtenances. The is nearly in a Ring Fence, intersected by the River Ystwith and the Cardigan Turnpike Road, and 'orms an opportunity for the investment of Capital rarely to be met with. I Railways are being projected to Aberystwith, which 1Vlll bring this Estate within an easy distance of London, AS well as of Chester, Liverpool, Manchester, and other places in the North and South of England. Printed desciiptive and further Particulars, with a Lithographed Plan of the Estate, may be had of Messrs. latham & Proctor, Solicitors, Lincoln's Inn, London; MR. John Miller, Land Agent, Aberystwith; and Mr. Goode, Auctioneer, Carmarthen. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. THOMAS GLOVER, At the CASTLE INN, in the Town of Swansea, on WED- NESDAY, the Twentieth day of AUGUST 1845, at One o'clock in the Afternoon, (subject to such conditions as shall be then and there produced), THE WEES VACH COLLIERY, Situate in the parishes of Swansea and Llangefelach, in the County of Glamorgan, and within two miles distance of the Port of Swansea. THECoal is highly bituminous, AN)of the best quality. -t. All the large is readily disposwjTofJ for ready money, at the pit's mouth, for household purposes in the town *ND neighbourhood, and the small is in request for Copper Works, Gas Works, and for making Coke. There are two Steam Engines erected on the Premises, both in good order. The Seams now in work are—one six feet AND the other three feet in thickness, producing at present about fifty tons per day, but the workings are capable of being considerably increased. There are, however, several ether veins of similar quality workable by level. The line of the South Wales Railway intersects the Property. Further particulars may be obtained on application to the Proprietor, T. S. Strick, Esq., Swansea, or to the Auctioneer, GLAMORGANSHIRE TO BE SOLD-BY AUCTIOV, By Mr. THOMAS EVANS, At the "WYNDHAM AnMs INN, in the town of BRIDGEND, on SATURDAY, the 16th day of AUGUST, 1845, between the hours of Two and Three o'Clock in the afternoon, subject to such conditions of sale as shall then be produced, ALL that MESSUAGE or DWELLING, now used -JL as a Shop and Public House, in the tenure or occu- pation of Mr. Tomkin, with FIVE COTTAGES or DWELLING-HOUSES adjoining the same, situate at Garnllwyd, in the parish of Llangonoyd, in the said County. The above Premises are held under a lease, for an un- expired term of 52 years, at a small annual rent: and from their contiguity to the Works in the Llynvi Yalley, offer an advantageous investment. Further particulars may be had at the office of Mr. Cuthbertson, Solicitor, Neath. WESTRA FARM, GLAMORGANSHIRE. mmo 3lo sTo. Has the honor of announcing that he is instructed to submit to PUBLIC AUCTION, At the CARDIFF ARMS INN, CARDIFF, on SATURDAY' 30th AUGUST, at Two for Three o'clock, in Five Lots, A VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, Advantageously sit uated in the Parish of Saint Andrews about 5 miles from Cardiff and 10 from Cowbridge, a very rich and fertile part of South Wales, COMPRISING A SUBSTANTIAL BUILT FARM HOUSE, with GARDEN and ORCHARD, suit- ». able Yards, with Barn, Beast House to hold 24 head, Stabling for 4 horses, various useful Outbuildings, and nearly 100 ACRES of DEEP, STAPLE, and PRO- DUCTIVE LAND, capable of producing abundant crops. The Estate is intersected and bounded by good Roads, in a pleasant and picturesque part of Glamorganshire, •commanding delightful views of the surrounding country WITH the Bristol Channel in the distance. The Farm is Let to Mr. Thomas Thomas and Mr. THOMAS Rees, respectable tenants-at-will, at rents amount- ""S to jEi20 per annum. The Estate may be viewed, and Particulars with Litho- graphic Plans had seven days preceding the Sale on the Premutee. at the usual Inns in the Neighbourhood, of Merarsi Rooper, Birch, and Ingram, Solicitors, 68, Lin- ,(:oln's-Inn-idds London, and of Mr. R. K. Davis, AUCTIONEER AND Surveyor, 68, Mark LANE, London, TO JUDGES OF FINE TEAS. BEKRY WBBBER, CARDIFF MEKTHYR OVARVIAN OFFICE AGENT FOR THE SALE OF THE ASAM TEA COMPANY'S RARE AID PECULIARLY FINE TEAS, REQUESTS the favour of an Order from Connoisseurs, and those desirous of obtaining a really flavoured Tea. After once partaking of the highly exhilarating and aromatic Asam Tea, but few can persuade themselves to use any other, especially as it is found not to be injurious to the nerves; and as the Asam Tea has been proved to produce at least six, and in most cases eight good cups of Tea, where the same quantity of Chinese would produce only four cups of injertor flavour — both luxury and economy combine to recommend the Asam Teas. ?H?ninImi4iofTPHnM/ 5 ° I MAZENGA GREEN TEA 6 0 CHER1DOR SOUCHONG 6 0 j THOURA GREEN TEA 7 0 These Teas can only be obtained in one pound, half-pound, and quarter-pound sealed packets, with the Company's Address and Arms on the Envelope. Many are selling imitations of the Company's Teas, but none are genuine unless having their Seal and Address, No. 11, CROOKED LANE, KING WILLIAM STREET, on them. SOLE AUTHORISED AGENTS. w°r ?frDT?iv^> M'ss Arnold, Confectioner, Cross-Street. f,"1 •••••*» Mrs. Ann Williams, Confectioner, High-Street. lor NEWPOR1 Mr. M. Evans, Bookseller, 35, High-Street. Ø'" AGENTS WAITED FOR SOME OF THE LARGE TOWNS IN ENGLAND AND WALES. fiottcf*. I CARDIFF PANTECHNICON. l B. KEARNEY, I IN returning thanks to his numerous Friends and tha Public generally, for the very liberal patronage he has received since his commencing Busintss in CARDIFF, begs to observe that he adopts the familiar adage— "Honesty is the best policy," as his Motto in Trade; 1 and further observes, that the Goods purchased at the PANTECHNICON cannot besurpassed for style, quality, or cheapness, by any Establishment in the Kiugdom. His MILPUFF BEDS, in great variety, cannot be equalled in quality or price; and his Goods generally, i such as CHAIItS, TABLES, DRAWERS, BED- STEADS, IRONMONGERY, &c., will be found well worthy attention. WHEN GOODS OF OTHER DAYS ARE FADED. When goods of other days are faded And all their brightness fted- When feather-beds must be provided By those who wish to wed: Then come, and hasten to B. Kearney, There's danger in delays. And there you'll save one-half the money- His shop is in the Hayes. His feather-beds, sheets, quilts, and blankets. With goods upon the shelves,— His four-post, tent, and other bedsteads, Will recommend themselves: Chairs, tables, drawers, and other goods, Too high we cannot praise- Then come, and hasten to n. Kearney, His shop is in the Hayes. Micat inter omnes HALFORDUM Sid,is, vchlt inter i nes Luna Minorei!" ^HOR. THE ROYAL DOMESTIC MEDICINES. The ROY AI. FAMILY (Aperient P,LI'S of the late Sir HENRY HALFORD, Bart., M.D.» and for 35 years PHYSICIAN to the ROYAL I FAMILY, were. during this period, (I Jully teited by him, AS THE T SAFEST \ND MFLDFCST FAMILY MEDICI NES. in all disorders of fi'V&bd lhe Stomach, Liver, and Bowels, A whether atising from Biliousness, Indigestion, &c.; and for remov- 3 ■Vr ing Nervous and Sick Head-ache; f (XL 1 or relieving habitual Constipation, by producing a healthy and free action of the Liver. It is well known that Geo. IV. received the greatest benefit from his PREVENTIVE OOUTaud RHEUMATIC PILLS, in which diseases they mitigate the severest paroxysms, without producing nausea or any prostrating effects In Asthmas, Influenza, and Coughs of Long Standing, bii • CELEBRATED COUGH PILLS" stand ullrivalled,-pre- venting tickling in the throat, and fits of coughing, which so generally attend these complaints. His CAR MINE 1IVE or SOOTHING SYRUP, being free from any preparation of opium, or other dangerous narcotics, has obtained the approval of the most eiuinenimembers of the medical piofesj-ion,—facts which render it the safest and most valuable remedy in Acidity of the Stomach, Gripes, Hiccup, Restlessness, Teething, and the usual infantiie attacks. The public may rest assured that they are each faithfully prepared from Sir Henry's original prescriptions, and com- pounded of those very expensive ingredients (for which he was remarkable) hy an eminent Chemist of oU years practical experience in ulspensing.-facts of the greatest moment to the public at large. To the Proprietor of the "Royal Domestic Medicines." 2. High-street, Swansea, June Z4th, 1845. SIR —I fed much pleasure in communicating to you, the gratifying intelligence, that the "OVAL DOMESTIC MKBICINES are highly valued here. About two weeks ago, an elderly gentleman, named Edwards, came to me for a box of Halford's Celebrated Cough Pills; he was nearly suffocated with As bma, and had a distressing Cough. Yesterday be called for two boxes more, saying, that previous to taking them he had not enjoyed one night s rest foi months, and that his past pains and sufferings appear like a dream. Ibis gentleman has been afflicted for many years, and is now recovered. The ROY AL FAMILY (Aperient) I ills are said, by many, t0 be the best they ever took for Bilious Affections. sick Head- ache, &c. Whilst I am writing, a Capiam Davls called for six boxes to take to sea for his own use," adding that •• they wire, without exception, the btllt Mediciues he bad ever t8ken" Yours, very respectfully, (Signed) S. RICHARDS. Extract of a Letter, dated 26th May, 1845, from lflr. War hurst, Chemist, Fleet-street, Bury, iancashire. c. I consider the KOYdl Fllmily Pit is a very excellent ..ieoi- cine they give general satisfaction here, and are in rreat demand. 1 am nearly out of stock, 'therefore send me, as before, ten dozens, and a case of the Gout and Rheumatic Piils. Amongst the numerous parties who have spoken of the benefits received by the use of the Haiiord Medicines, 1 will allude to a very respectable lady here, who, baving re- ceived a perfect cure of a constant sick head-ache, loss of appetite, and a rising of the stouiach (as she described it) almost to suffocation,' called on 'i uesda^ior another box, desired me to express and report to you hpMest thanks, say- ing, she should be most happy in being referred to. through roe. should any respectable peisou des're it. 1 shall, there- fore, avail myself of so respectable a testimony, and think you would do well to advertise the same." Extract of a Letter, dated 17th March, 184ô,from Mr. R. Brook, 25 §f 26, Buxton-road, Huddersjield. "Mr. W-, of this town, says, 'he has tried a great many Medicines for pains in the bead, but has Dot received benefit from any, before taking HALFOKTJ'&JKOYAL FAMILY (Aperient) I'lLLS.' I could name several-Others—but this is a highly respectable man, well known objecting, however, to his ttaute being published." .< It is e-pecially worthy of remark, that the doses of these Pills in no instance exceed Two,-iudeed, one generally is sufficient: this proves their intriusic superiority over the monstrously absurd doses of I vegetable compound. and other inert trash, which are daily paraded before tbe Public. CAUTION. —OBSERVE, The TITLES AKII EN- GRAVED, (by order of her Majesty's HT sioners of Stamps), LPON THE GOVEKNMEI of these OYAL DOMESTIC MEDICINES: and oneacb Hox and Bottle the lORTItALT OF SIR HENRY, with a tac-simile of the Signature of C. B. HAWKINS. ALL OTHERS ARE SPURIOUS!! Sold Wholesale by the Proprietor, C. B. Hit WKINS, 33, Hastings-street, Burton Crescent, London; and ny w,e,sis. Sutton and Co., How Church-yard; Edwards, la« » Church-yard; Sanger, Oxford-street; by 1'. Barris, Bull Ring, Birmingham Mander, Weaver, &c., Wolvefb»mp n, and retail, by the Agents specially appointed, in every own in the Kingdom. Price Is. lid. aud 2s. AGENTS. Cardiff—Mr. C. M'Cartliy, Chemist, &c., High-street > Merthyr Tydoil— Mr. J. Davies, Druggist; Abergavenny —Mr. T. W, Davies, Stamp-office; Carmarthen ir. Mortimer, Chemist, The Cross Swansea Richards, 2, High-street; Mr. Williams, Cambrian- office Brecon—Mr. P. Bright, High-street; — r" Wit liams, Siluiian-office; Hay-Mr. J. Maddy, Druggist; Pontypool and Abersychan—Messrs. Wood, DrU88 Newport—Mr. Jenkins, Chemist, Commercial-si ei, Ross-Messrs. Farror and Dobles, Booksellers; Here- ford-Mr. Hook, Broad-street Gloucester- Mr. lower Southgate-street; Bath—Messrs. Mayler & SOD, tteraia- office; Mr. King, Market-place; Mr. Baker, Mils°m- street; Mr. Webb, Cheap-street; Bristol and Lty*°.n-~ Messrs. Ferris and Score, Chemists to the Queen, union- street, &e" &c. Hotter*. THE GREAT GERMAN ROMANCE! Just published, price Is. 6d., Part 78 of "The Novel Newspaper," containing a translation (from the ori- ginal German) of THE. JEW. A Romance of the Fifteenth Century. By C. SPINDLER, author of The Invalide," &c. —" The peculiar situation of the Jews at this period, is clearly pourtrayed in this interesting work, which abounds with incidents and characters amply sufficient to set up five common novelists in their trade." Lately published, in the Novel Newspaper, uniform with the above, THE INVALIDE or, Pictures of the French Revo. lution. By the Author of The Jew." Complete, price I.. 4d. THE ROSE OF THISTLE ISLE. By 1tIrs. CARUJN. Complete, Is. 4d. THE SALAMANDER, a Naval Romance. By EUGENB SUE. Complete, 9d. The Novel Newspaper Series Is published in Parts, 8vo., each containing one or more complete works, without the slightest abridgment, and forms A STANDARD LIBRARY EDITION OF THE MOST POPULAR NOVELS, ROMANCES, AND TALES, By the most esteemed authors, giving for One Shilling works originally published at a GUINEA & A HALF! The series now extends to 78 parts, and includes the best productions of the most distinguished British, Ame- rican, and Continental writers. Amongst the former will be found the chefs-d'euvres of Scott, Goldsmith, Defoe, Smollett, Godwin, Mackenzie, Miss Porter, Mrs. Brun- ton, Miss Lee, Mrs. Radcliffe, Mrs. Helme, Mrs. Charlotte Smith, &c.; and amongst the latter, those of Cooper, Carlen, Bird, Dana, Brockden Brown, Clavers, Fay, Fouque, Hoffman, Kennedy, Longfellow, Marmontel, Neale, Paulding, Sedgwick, Simms, Spindler, Sue, Thompson, Tuckerman, Willis, &c. Each work is complete in a neat wrapper, at prices varying from 6d. to Is. 6d. each. Parts 1 to 77, may also be had in 17 vols., handsomely bound in cloth, 5s. per volume. Catalogues forwarded, on receipt of a postage stamp, to any part of the kingdom. Cooper's Novels, Complete in One Volume, handsomely bound in cloth, price 8s. 6d., THE PILOT, LAST OF THE MOHICANS, RED ROVER, THE SPY, LIONEL LINCOLK, WATER WITCH, THE PIONEERS, THE FRArRIE, IMAGINATION. Printed from the original text, and without the slightest abridgement. London: Bruce and Wyld, 84, Farringdon-Street; Watson, Edinburgh, Macleod, Glasgow; Le Messurier, Dublin; Philip, Liverpool; Heywood, Manchester; and Sold by all Booksellers, COD LIVER OIL. A Natural remedy and certain cure for Gout, Rheu- matism, aud Scrofula, Diseased Joints, Lumbago, Skin Diseases, Spinal and Glandular Affections, Scrofula Ulcers, Swelled Legs, and all External Diseases, aiising from all impure state of the Blood, or from Domestic Accidents, as Spraius, Bruwes, Wounds, Scalds, Burns, Chilblains, Chapped Hands, &c. &c. The following Testimonials, with authenticated cases of extraordinary cure, are from the highest and most respectable authority COD LIVE: OIL in cases of GOUT & RHEUMATISM. The diseases in which the Cod Liver Oiliis attended with the most extraordinary results are the Gout and Rheumatism. It is rather a curious fact, and one that fully establishes the truth of what we have already stated, that some years ago, Cod Liver Oil was introduced into Manchester, by a celebrated German practitioner, then on a visit to Dr. Kay. Physician to the Manchester Infirmary, who was the first medical man who prescribed this remedy for the cure of Gout and Rheumatism, in this country. Mr. Darby, House-Surgeou and Apothecary to the same institution, gave the following account of an ex- traordinary cure :— A woman, who laboured under the most excruciating rheumatism, being advised to rub her joints with the oil, after a few weeks was restored to the use of her limbs and was cured." Encouraged by this extraordinary cure Dr. Kay continued to prescribe it for other patients iu similar cases and with the same success. Dr. Bardsley, also, when treating of chronic rheumatism observes,' In instances, when every other means have faih-d Cod Liver Oil has operated in a manner so decidedly benefi- cial as to excite astonishment." The circumstances under which this specific remedy is found most advantageous, are the following :-lst. In the chronic rheumatism 01 < toerly persons, when the muscles aud tendons have become rigid, and the joints nearly flexible in consequence of the disease having been brought 011 by exces- sive labour, hard fare, darapuess, and cold. 2ud. In women whose constitutions bave been worn out by repeated rheumatic attacks, especially in the decline of life; & patients wno were unable either to preserve the body in an erect position, or sup- port its weight on the lower extremities, have recovered en- tirely by rubblug the oil on the affected parts. DR. BREFIELD'S OPINION, WITH CASES OF CURE. Another celebrated Physician, Ur. Brefield, found the oil of the greatest benefit in cases where the Gout or Rheumatism appear to have seized upon the whole system, and when, as the result of long suffering, 'the body is wasted, tbe process of nutrition very -low, there is want of sleep, loss ot vital powers, languid expression of the countenance, confaetioa of the mus- cles, &c. &c.; and mention" the followiug case of Mrs. Mearmau, 30 years old, who had been confined to her bed or room, and only in the warm summer mouths experienced a slight alleviation of her sufferihgs :-Nearly the whole body was attacked, but principally the inferior extremities, back, and shoulders. Walkiug was entirely prevented by the unsup- portable pains, stiffness and sweliing of the joints. This pa- tient was wasted, of a oleachy whiteness, and had lost ail hope of relief, though originally ot a strong and robust constitution. The use of the Oil daily, was soon followed by a beneficial result, and after some time she was restored to a tolerable state of health. This person, after this, was three years from the time he first saw her, perfectly healthy, well nourished, blooming, and of robust appearance. COD LIVER OIL IN OLD AGE & RIGID MUSCLES. Men and women advanced in years, whose fibres may be supposed to bave acquired a degree of rigidity, find surprising effects from the use of this remedy. Some who have been cripples for many years, and not able to move from their seats, have, after a few weeks use of it, been able to go with the assistance of a stick aud by a long continuance have enjoyed the pleasing satisfaction of being restored to tbe natural use of their limbs, which for a long time before had been a burthen to them. Dr. Percival, of the Manchester Infirmary, says: I have had the fulle,t evidence oi the successful use of Cod Liver Oil, and have contrasted, by experiment, its value with other remedies; these trials always terminate in favour of the Oil and patients who were under other treatment, by confer- ring with their fellow-sufferers, were so sensible of making a slower progress towards recovery, as to require a change of one remedy for the other. The above is only a small portion of an immense number of Testimonials that bave already been received iu support of the extraordinary properties of this truly wonderful NATURAL REMEDY. Prospectuses containing additional evidence of the value of Cod Liver Oil in other diseases, witb general remarks on its natural and commercial history, its Physical and Chemical Properties, Action on the Human Economy, &c.; also particular directions for its proper application, will be sent to any address on the receipt of two postage stamps. CA UTION.-Each Genuine Bottle of the remedy has the signature of the only MERCANTILE AGENTS, JONES, and Co., 201, Strand: all other 80. are spurious. SolJ wholesale by Messrs. Barclay and Sons; Sutton and Co., and Edwards and Co., London; and retail in bottles at 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., and lis, each, and by all respectable Meuicine Vendors. Hotter** ARTISTICAL PAPER-HANGINGS. w ABEaOOMS, 4d, BROADMEAD, BRISTOL, (OPPOSITE THE ARQADB). PARLOUR, Bed-room, Hall, aadOther Papers, at Bd., P 8d., lod., and Is. per Piece of 12 yards J combining effective patterns with permanent colouring. Paper Hangings at lOd., to It. 6tT. per Piece, equal in general effect to many that are sold at 2s. 6d. to St. per Piece, and as durable. Drawing-room, Parlour, and Dining-room patterns, at 2s. 6d. to 5s. per Piece, little less effective than those commonly sold at 12«. to 18s. per Piece, and of equal quality. Gold Flock, and other best Paper Hangings, of rich and novel designs. Also, just re- ceived, direct from France, some ingenious and exact imitations of damasks, chintzes, lace, Ac., of exquisite finish. ARTISriCAL PAPER HANGINGS. J. F. COTTERELL feels much pleasure in stating that in no instance where his Artistical Paper Hangings have been introduced have they failed to give complete satisfaction—and he has just fitted up a large Wareroom for the purpose of exhibiting the specimens, so arranged, that the precise effect of a Room, in any style, when completed, may be at once obtained. J. F. Cotterell's mode of Artistical Paper Hanging is one of his own invention. He supplies designs appro- priate to buildings of whatever age or character, and which will render old or unshapely walla and ceilings pleasing and attractive, without other atterationa. The Hanging of Common Papers reduced to Eight- pence per Piece. Hangings in silk and damask and ether superiot finish for interiors. J. F. COTTERELL, 46, BROADMEAD, BRISTOL. GLAMORGANSHIRE COUNTY ROADS BIOARD. fiottce 10 berehl aiben, THAT the TOLLS arising at the several Toll Gates, in the County of Glamorgan, hereinafter specified, will be LET by AUCTION, to the best Bidders, at the House of Robert Aindey, known by the name or sign of the CARDIFF ARMS Inn, in Cardiff, in the County of Gla- morgan, on SATURDAY, the 6th day of SEPTEMBER, 1845, between the hours of Twelve of the Clock at Noon and Two of the Clock in the Afternoon of such Day, in the manner directed by the Acts passed in the 3rd and 4th years of the reign of his late Majesty King George IV., for regulating Turnpike Roads, and under the provisions of an Act passed in the 7th and 8th years of the reign of her present Majesty, for consolidating and amending the laws relating to Turnpike Trusts in South Wales. 1. Cross Buchan Gate 2. Cardiff East Gate 3. Cardiff West Gate 4. Cardiff North Gate 5. Cowbridge East Gate 6. Cowbridge South Gate 7. Cowbridge West Gate S. Bridgend East Gate, to be removed to junction of Ewenny and Brocastle Roads 9. Bridgend West Gate, to be removed to the top of the hill beyond Ystrad Brook 10. Abetkentig Gate 11. Brincethin Gate 12. Coychurch Gate, to be removed to between Coy- church and Pencoed 13. Red Hill Gate 14. Taibach, to be removed near Margam 15. Aberavon West Gate, to be removed to the top of the hill West of the Town 16. Neath South Gate, to be removed to near the Quarry 17. Neath West Gate 18. Cwm Gorse Gate, Llandilo 19. Pont Walby Gate, to be removed to near Rheola 20. Cefn Rhigos Gate, to be removed to Hirwain Common #1. Nantygwennith Gate 22. Penydarran Gate, to be removed to Coaamon beyond the boundary of Merthyr, on Abergavenny Road 23. Plymouth Gate 24. Black Brook 25. Gwern y Gwern Gate and Bar 26. Nantgarw 27. Pwllypant, near Caerphilly 28. Bedwas Bridge Gate Z9. Newbridge Gate, near Railroad Station 30. Llantrissent North Gate 31. Llantrissent South Gate 32. Pontclown Chain, on the Road between Cowbridge and Llantrissent 33. Radyr Gate 34. Landaff Gate 35. Cefn Glas 36. Lower Village Gate, Aberdare 37. Upper ditto 38. A Gate to be erected near the Village of Bonvilstone 39. Lauvabon Gate. The Tolls of the several Gates will be let singly, or in such Lot or Lots as the Board shall think fit. Whoever happens to be the best Bidder must, at the same time, pay one month in advance (if required) of the Rent at which such Tolls or any part thereof may be Let, and give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the satisfac- tion of the County Roads Board of the said County, for payment of the rest of the Money Monthly, or in such other proportions and instalments as may be directed. THOMAS DALTON, Clerk to the Board. Cardiff, August 5th, 1845. (B.) BARRACK CANfTFNEKfW. OFFICE OF ORDNANCE, London, 28th July* 1845. o NOTIGB IS RERSBY GIVEN, 35. THAT the Canteens in the under-mentioned Barracks JL are to be let from the 1st of October next to the 30th of September, 1848. No person will be accepted for more than one Canteen, nor any person who is not of unexceptionable character, or who will not undertake, bona fide, to reside in the Canteen and conduct the business thereof in his own person; two Sureties will be required for the regular payment of the Rent, and of all Sums which may become due in respect of the said Canteen, and for the due per- formance of the several Conditions and Stipulations annexed to the Form of Tender which will be furnished on application at this Office (Sundays excepted) between the hours of Ten and Four, and by the Barrack Masters at the several Barracks. The names of two respectable Persons, with their Christian Names, Professions or Occupations, and Places of Abode, who will join the Tenant in executing the Indenture of Lease as his Sureties, must be inserted in the Proposals. The Tenant is to pay the full value of the Stamps on the Indenture of Lease upon executing the same. The Revenue and other Licences to be also paid by the Tenant, and which it is to be understood, that the Master-General and Board of Ordnance will not undertake to procure. Sealed Proposals will be received at this Office on or before Thursday, the 4th of September next, after which day no Tender will be noticed. ENGLAND. Berwick f Portman-Street Brecon Regent's Park Brighton § St* George's, Trafal-1 Birmingham g ga^-Square Burnley Wellington, Saint I Canterbury James's Park ) Canterbury James's Park ) Chatham Maidstone Carlisle Manchester Chiistchurch > Newcastle Chichester Norwich Coventry Northampton Croydon Pendentiis Devonport portsmouth Dorchester, with Ba- Plymouth kery Parkhurst, J. W. Dowlais Sunderland Dover Stockport Exeter Tipner Gosport Trowbridge Hull Tynemouth Hampton Court Winchester Hounslow Weedon Ipswich Windsor Leeds Woolwich Walmer York SCOTLAND. Aberdeen Greenlaw Dundee Hamilton Edinburgh Leith Fort Fort George, with Piershill Bakery Perth Glasgow Faisle ISLANDS. Guernsey I Jersey By order of the Board of Ordnance, It- BYHAM, Secretary. notice*. (A. CARD.] C, SAWYER, Auctioneer, Appraiser, Accountant, Alt. 'heavoit CARDIFF, AVAILS himself of this opportunity publicly to return -fA- his grateful thanks to those who have complimented him with their esteemed patronage and ventures to hope that, by an increasing anxiety to discharge faithfully the varied duties in his public capacities, he will be found worthy of further confidence and support. Cardiff, 5th August, 1845, To Iron Masters Timber Merchants and Others. THE ABERDARE RAILWAY CO., are ready to receive tenders for the supply of the following ma- terials until the 26th day of August instant, that is to say: — 500 Tons of Rails, (70 lb. per yard) Grand Junction Pattern. 200 Tons of Chairs for do. made from second melting of Cold Blast Iron. 60,000 Screw Bolts about Ii lb. each. 10,000 Sleepers to be of Larch Timer 9 feet long, 9 inches wide, and 4^ inches thick at the smallest end, ex- clusive of bark. 15,000 Corn pressed Wooden Keys. The Specifications and patterns of the Rails and Chairs, Screw Bolts &c. &c., can be seen on application at the Aberdare Railway Office, Aberdare. The Company do not bind themselves to accept the lowest tender. The whole of the materials to be delivered on or before the 26th day of October next. J. J. GUEST, f „ C. BAILEY J Provisional Directors. CHEAP AND DURABLE ROQFING. BY JBSLiffr ROYAL HER LETTERS MAJESTY'S PATENT. F. M'NEILL AND CO., (OF LAMB'S BUILDINGS, BUNUILV ROW, LONDON,) MANUFACTURERS AND ONLY PATENTEES OF Improved Patent Asphlated Felt. I^HIS FELT has been exhibited at the Great National Agricultural Shows of England, Scotland, and Ireland, and obtained a PRIZE for being the best and cheapest article FOR ROOFING HOUSES, COT- TAGES, VERANDAHS, OUT-BUILDINGS, SHEDS, AND EVERY OTHER DESCRIPTION OF BUILD- INGS, in lieu of SLATES, TILES, THATCH, ZINC, &c., and for lining Granaries and Storehouses, for covering Garden Sheds and Frames, and Corn and Hay Ricks. It is also a protection to Ceilings under flooring from wet and damp, at the same time deadening sound and is particularly adapted for Exportation to the Colonies, where it is now extensively used and when used under Slates or Tiles, adds greatly to the warmth and durability of the Building. The Felt is perfectly impervious to Rain, Frost, and Snow, and resists the heat of the Sun, and its great supe- riority over every other description of Roofing consists in its CHEAPNESS, LIGHTNESS, ELASTICITY, WARMTH, and DURABILITY; advantages which no other description of Roofing combines. Samples, with full directions as to its uses, and the manner of applying it, with Testimonials from Noble- men and Gentlemen, Members of the Royal Agricultural Society, who have extensively used it, some for seven years and upwards, sent free to any part of the town or Country, and orders by post immediately executed. Cir The Price of the Roofing Felt is only ONE PENNY PER SQUARE FOOT, which is considerably less than half the expense of Tiles and Slates; besides which, there is an immense saving in the Timber necesaary to support the Roof, as the weight of the Felt is only about 25 lbs. to the 100 square feet. Patent Felt Manufactory, Lamb's Buildings, Bunhill Row, London, March, 1844. F. M'Neill and Co. also manufacture a Dry Hair Felt, for covering Steam Pipes, Boilers, &c., by which a saviug of at least 25 per cent. is effected in Fuel. Just Published, a new and important edition of the "SILENT FRIEND" ON HUMAN FRAILTY. Price2s.6J., & sent Free to any part of the United Kingdom on receipt of a Post-office Order for Ss 6d. THE SILENT FRIEND, A MEDICAL WORK, on the concealed cause that destroys physical energy,and the ability of manhood, ere vigour has established her empire; with observations on the banetut effects of YOUTHFUL EXCESSES and INFECTION, with Means of Restoration. The influence of mercury on the skin is pointed out and illustrated by Ten Coloured engravings, followed by observations on MAR- UlAGbt with directions for the removal of disqualifications BY R. AND L. PERRY AND CO. CONSULTING SURGEONS, Published by the AUTHORS, aud may be had at their Resi- dence, 19, Berner s-street, Oxford-street, London; Sold by STRANGE,21, Paternoster-Row HANNAY & Co., 63, Oxford- street; GORDON, 146, Leadenhall-street; POWELL, 10, Westmorland-street, Dublin; LINDSAY, 11, Elm Row, Edin- burgh, D.CAMPBELL, 136, Argyle-street,Glasgow; INGHAM. Market-street, Manchester; NEWTON, Church Street, Liver- pool; GUEST, Bull-street, Birmingham; PERKINS, Haver- ford-west; JENKINS, Merthyr and Dowlais; and by all Booksellers in Town and Country. OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. « We regard the work before us, I. The Silent Friend," as a work embracing most clear and practical views of a series of complaints hitherto little understood, and passed over by the majority of the Medical profession, for what reason we are at a loss to know. We must, however, confess that a perusal of this work has left such a favourable impres- sion on our mind that wenot only recommend, but cordially wish every one who is the victim of past folly, or suffering from indiscretion, to profit by the advice contained in its pages. —Age and Argus. The Authors of The Silent Friend" seem to be tho- roughly conversant with the treatment of a class of com- plaints which are we fear, too prevalent in the present day. The perspicuous style in which this book is written, and the valuable hints it conveys to those who are apprehensive of entering the marriage state, cannot fail to recommend it to a careful perusal.—Era. "This work should be read hy all who value health and wish to enjoy life, for the truisms therein contained defy all doubt."—Farmer*' Journal. THE CORDIAL BALM OF SYRIACUM, is intended to relieve those persons who, by an immo- derate indulgence of their passions, have ruined their consti- tutions, or in their way to the consummation of that deplo- rable state, are affected with any of those previous symptoms that betray in approach, as the various affections of the ner- vous system, obstinate rleets, excesses, irregularity, obstruc- tions of certain evacuations, weaknesses, total iinpoteucv barrenness, &c. This medicine is particularly recommended to be taken before persons enter into the matrimonial state, lest in the eveut of procreation occuriug, the innocent offspring should bear enstamped upon it the physical characters detivable from parental debility. Price lis., or the quantity of 4 at tIs. in one Bottle for sas., by which Ils. is saved-tbe £ 5 cases may be had as usual, which is a saving of Xi 12s. THE CONCENTRATED DETERSIVE ESSENCE, An Anti-Syphilitic Remedy for searching out & purifying the diseased humours of the blood, and certain cure for Scurvy, Scrofula, aud all cutaneous eruptions, conveying its active principles throughout the body, even penetrating the minutest vessels, removing all corruptions, contaminations, and impu- rities from the vital stream,—eradicating the morbid virus; and radically expelling it through the skin.-Price lis. or four Bottles in one for 33s. by which lis. is saved, also in £ 5 cases, which saves £ 1 12s. x PERRY'S PURIFYING SPECIFIC PILLS, Price 2s. 9d., 4s. tid.. and Us. per box, With explicit directions, rendered perfectly intelligible to every capacity, are well known throughout Europe to ba the most certain and effectual remedy ever discovered fo- Gonorrhoea, both in its mild and aggravated forms by immei diately allaying inflammation and arresting further progress. Gleets, StflCtures, Irrigation of the bladder, pains of the loins and kidneys, gravel, and other disorders of the Urinary pas- sages, in either sex, are permanently cured in a short space of time, without confinement or the last exposure. The above medicines are piepared only by Messrs. R. and L. PEIIITY and Co., Surgeons, 19, Berner's Street, Oxford Street, London. Sold by all Druggists, Medicine Vendors and Book- sellers in Town and Country. Messrs. Perry expect when consulted by letter, the usual lee of One Pound, without which, no notice whatever can be taken of the consmunication. l alients are requested to be as minute as possible in the detail of their cases, as to the duration of the complaint, the symptoms, age, habits of living, and general occupation. Medicines can be forwarded to any part of the world: no difficulty can occur, as they will be securely packed, and care- fully protected from observation. itlessrs. Perry & Co., Surgeons, may be consulted as uSllal, at 19, Herner's Street, Oxford Street, London, punctually from 11 till 2, and from 5 till 6. On Sundays from 10 till 12. Only one personal visit is required from a c untry patient to enable .iessrt rerry and Co. to givesuch a.ivice as will be the means of effecting a permanent and effectual cure, after all other means have proved ineffectual. N.B. Country Druggists, Booksellers, /a; at Medicine Venders, and every other Shopkcepei ,ui o. .supplied with any quantity of the Cordial Bulm ot y, the Concen. trated Detersive Essence, and Perry's ^i-.fyiiig Specific Pills, with the usual allowance to tilt; j i-die, by most of the principal Wholesale Patent Medicine Houses in London. Notice#. PARRS LIFE PILLS. The extraordinary success of this medicine is the wonder of tbe age; it has been tried by hundreds of thousands as an aperient, and has in every instance done good, it has never ih the slightest degree impaired the most delicate constitution. ,1?testified that perseverance in the use ? ? PILLS will completely cure any disease, I'ving witnesses of the benefit received from this in- valuable medicine.—Testimonials are received daily, and if would be impossible in a newspaper, to publish one-half rereived; and the following are selected as people well known in their respective neighbourhoods, and whose testimony is unquestionable. Further Sheets of Testimonials and the Life and I imes of Old Parr'' may be had, gratis, of all Agents. Testimonials in favour of Parr's Life Pills. The following important testimony to the efficacy of PARR'S LIFE PILLS has just been received by the Proprietors. To Messrs. T. ROBIUtTS & Co., London. Athlone, December 7, 1844. SIRS,—You will please to send me 6 doz. more PARR'S LIFE PILLS, I am just out. They are taking well, and, I can assure you, they are doing an immensity of good every on" who has tried them in affections of the Liver and Stomach derive a great deal of benefit. Yout«,&c., WILLIAM GILCHRIST, ——- Apothecary and Surgeon., Communicated by Mr. F. C.LADBURY, Dispensing Ghemist, Wednesbury, Staffordshire. Hill Top, Sep. 4. Considering the public would be benefitted by the publication of the extraordinary effects produced by taking PARR S LIFE PILLS, I beg most respectfully to forward you the particutars of my calle, so that the proprietors may be made aware of it. I was first attacked in 1837, with a Ner- vous Affection and Dyspepsia, or Indigestion, which caused, at times, very great constipation of the bowels, and excruci- ating pain, for which I went under the care of several medical gentlemen, and one physician in Birmingham, without deriv. ing any great beuelits; in 1839—40 I was very much worse, and the attacks came on more frequently, and continued up to March, 1843. »hen accidentally hearing of PARR'S LIFE PlLLs, 1 was induced to try them, and with very great success so much so that it has all left me, and I am able to follow my employment as I used to do prior to my attack, & beg further to state that I feel stronger than ever I did in my life before, and my^looks bespeak it. I always keep a box of the pills by tne, and use them when nature requires an aperient medicine! Wishing the proprietors every success with their valuable pre- scription. 1 am, Sir, yours obediently —— JOHN THOMAS. CURE OF CONSUMPTIVE ASTHMA. I, ALEX ANOER DOUGLAS, do hereby declare the good I have received from taking PARR'S LIFE PILLS. In the year 1840 I was afflicted with a most distressing Asthma, Cough, and shortness of Breath, which reduced me to death's door; notwithstanding my spending near £ 200 in consulting the most eminent medical men in London and Edinburgh my disease continued, uuabated, and I was, as a last resource, advised to try my native air of Dundee, which I did, and at the same time was recommended by a friend to take PARR'S LIFE PILLS. I commenced with them in the spring of 1843 experiencing relief, I persevered, and am now in m3 63rci year, perfectly cured, and in better health than I have been for many years. Having just arrived in London, I hasten to make my wonderful cure known to the Proprietors, and to recom- mend something to the afflicted worthy of a fair trial and no favour. I have recommended them to many of my friends, and they have all found relief. July 16, 184t. ALEXANDER DOUGLAS, Farmer, Witness to the above, ALEXANDER CUTHBERT, Stolswell-road, Dundee. To Mr. J. ROBINSON, Patrington, Agent for PARR'S LIFE PILLS. SIR,-I feel it a duty I owe to yon to express my gratitude for the great benefit I have derived by taking PARa.'s LIFE PILLS, having suffered many years froas an Asthmatic Com- plaint, Shortness of Breath, &c., and having tried various medicines for the complaint, but all to no purpose I was per- suaded to try PARR'S LIFE PILLS; the first box I took I found great benefit, and by persevering they have perfectly cured me; I only took three Ja, lid. Boxes. f "-<- Y I remain your obedient servant, WILLIAM PEARSOV. Anyone doubting the accuracy of the above state, ment, may through the agent, Mr. Robinson, be directed to me, wno will authenticate its truth. CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC, 0.0 Beware of spurious imitations of the above Medicine, none are genuine ualess the words, PARR'S LIFE PfLLs" are in WHITE LETTERS on a RKD GROUND, engraved in the Government Stamp, pasted round eacli box also the fac-limilll of the signature of the Proprietors, T. ROBERTS & Co., Crane Court, Fleet Street, London," an the directions. Sold in Boxes at Is. lid., 2s. 9d., and family packets lis. each, by all respectable Medicine Venders. TWENTY-FIFTH THOUSAND. In a sealed envelope, price 3s,; and sent free, on receiving a post-office order for 3s. 6d. MANHOOD TWENTY-FIFTH EDITION. THE CAUSES of its PREMATU RE DECLINE, with JL PL.UN, DIRECTIONS for its PERFECT RESTORATION, addressed to those suffering from the destructive Effects of Excessive indulgence, Solitary Habits, or Infection followed by Observations on Marriage, and the Treatment of Syphilis Gonorrhoea, Gleet, &c. Illustrated with Cases, &c., BY J.L. CURTIS & CO., Consulting Surgeons, 7, Frith Street, Soho Square, London. Published by the Authors, and Sold by Strange, 1, Pater- noster Row; Burgess, Medical Bookseller, 28, Coventry- street, Haymarket; Mann, 3), Cornhill, London; Ferris and Score, Chemists to the Queen, (Jnion-street, Bristol Need- ham, Gloucester; Watson, Shrewsbury; Times Office, Hereford and in Bangor, bv Mr. Richard Williams, Chemiat, Market-place; Quest, Birmingham; Sowler, 4, St. Ann's- square, Manchester; Philip South, Castle-street, Liverpool Fanning and Co. Dublin; Robinson, (Messrs.) 11, Green- side-street, Edinburgh; and Sold in a seated envelope by all Booksellers. OPINIONS OF THE PRESS: This work, a TENTH edition of which is now presented to the public ten thousand copies have been exhausted since its first appearance, has been very much improved and enlarged by the addition of a more extended and clear detail of geneial principles as also by the insertion of several new and highly in- teresting cases. The book, as has been already stated, in the result ofvery ample and daily increasing experience is a class of diseases, which for some unaccountable reason, have been either altogether over ioked, or treated almost with in- difference by the ordinary medical practitioner. The numberless instances daily incurring, wherein affections of the lungs, putting on all the outer appearances of consumption which, however, when traced to their source, are found to result from certain baneful habits. fully proves that the principle of the division of labor is nowhere more applicable than iu medical practice. We feel no hesitation in saying, that there is no member of society by whom the book will not be found useful, whether such person hold the relation of a Parent, a Preceptor, or a Clergyman."—&M, Evening paper. The rage for books in all departments of scieuce, literature, and the arts, was, we believe, never so prevalent as at the present time.—The unavoidable consequence of this is, that we meet a very considerable proportion of indifferent. useless, and even bad books.—With the force of this prejudice on our minds, we with no little reluctance were induced to peruse Messrs. Curtis's work, entitled MAN ROO D.The scientific views taken by the authors of the source and origiu of many of the most distressing effects of certain depraved habits. fully establish their claim to the character of experienced and judicious surgeons.-And the result of our careful perusal of the work has been, to impress us with a thorough confidence in the talent and skill of the authors, and to satisfy us that those entrusted with the care of youth are not a little indebted to them for furnishing them with a means of preventing some of the most frightful maladies to which flesh is heir.-Old England. The multitude of books daily coming from the press, some, nay most of them, of a very questionable tendency, made us extremely reluctant io take up another. The clear exposition of the source of many of those diseases which prove so fatal to youth, and which are set down by the every day observer as the result of common causes, such as exposure to cold, sudden vicissitudes of temperature, hereditary taint, &c., is truly convincing and extremely satisfactory. And we do not think we go too far in sayiug, that society is deeply indebted to the authors for producing so useful, so much wanted, so valuable, and so truly moral a book.—Conservative Journal. This is a work that we fear there exists too much need of to cause us to hesitate to recommend it for geueral perusal Every branch of those frightful maladies, whether the result of immoral habits or secret vices, is here succinctly treated, and, divested of all medical technicality, plain and easy directions are given for the best mode to be pursued in all cases, however complicated or apparently hopeless. To the married, as well as the unmarried, this little work alike affords consolation and cure in peculiar cases, and we are doing service to society in recommending it to geueral uotice."— Essex and Herts Mercury. MESSRS. CURTIS AND CO., Are to be consulted daily at their Residence, 7, FRIFH STREET, SOHO SQUARE, LONDON. COUNTItY PATIENTS are requested to be as minute as possible in the detail of their cases; the communication must be accompanied by the usual consultation fee of it, and in all cases the most inviolable secrecy may be relied on. The above voorh sold by Mr. Richard Williams, Chemist, Market Place, Bangor; at the Office of the Welshman, Carmarthen; and sent post-paid, in a SEALED KNVBLOPE, for 3s. 6d., by the following AfJFNT<< • Merlin Office Newport. Cossens Monmouth. Times OflSce Hereford. D. Egville, Chronicle Offic Worcester Evans. Bangor. Journal Office «*«••••* ♦••varaurthen.

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