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WHAT IS METAPHYSICST—A Scotch blacksmith, being asked the meaning of metaphysics, explained it as fol- lows When the party who listens dinna ken what the party who speaks means, and the party who speaks dinna ken what he means himsel, that is metaphysics." Those who are hereditarily predisposed to Gout need no longer sit in terror of its approach, nor in agony under its influence. Sir Henry Halford's, Bart., M,D Pre- ventive Gout and Rheumatic Pills (so highly approved by Geo. IV.), and tli)oll tllc. I,.eatmoilt of Ile most interesting pipor before the Royal College of Phy- sicians may now be had as likewise his Royal Family Pills and Celebrated Cough Pills of the agents. — Vee advt, A correspondence has pas?ed between Lord Sandon, Sir Robert Inglis, and Mr. King-oote, as the representa- tives of a numerous body of petitioners, and the Arch- bishop of Canterbury, on the subject of a large increase in the effective force of the Clergy, as well as the employ- ment of an auxiliary force in the shape of Lay Scripture Readers, which was strongly recommended by the Arch- bishop in a memorial. In his reply, dated «« July," the Archbishop observes, that no considerable addition can be made to the existing number of clergymen without additional funds for their support;" and that the salary required for Curates at present is not greater than must be paid to Deacons under the proposed scheme. The funds, therefore, which must be raised for the new class of Deacons would suffice for the maintenance of an equal number of additional Curates," which would be better. He thinks the Bishops would not object to such an iu- crease in tlii*ir several dioceses, if necessary. To the Bishops also he leaves the question of appointing Lay Readers. LIST oF NEW PATEXTS. JULY, 18!3,— James Hall Nalder, of Alvescott, Oxfordshire, Gent,, for improve- ment in drills for drilling corn, grain, and manure. Charles Goodwin, of Bow.lane, ship surveyor, for cer- tain improvements in masts and spars. Stephen Hutch- ison, of the London Gas Works, Vauxhall, engineer, for certain improvements in gas-meters, John Hopkins, of Rector-place, VVoolwich., Gent., for certain improve- ments in rails and trams for rail-roads and tram-ways. William Mather, and Colin Mather, of Salford, Lanca- shire, engineers, for certain improvements in boring earth, stone, and subterraneous matter, and in the machinery, tools, or apparatus applicable to the same. William New- ton, of the Office for Patents, ü6, Chancery-lane, Mid- dlesex, civil engineer, for certain improvements in railways, and in the means of propelling carriages. William Chantrell, of Leeds, Gent for certain improve- ments in weaving machinery. Joseph Fulton Meade, of Dublin, Gent., for certain improvements in steam-engines and boilers. Samuel lreathewey, of Water Grove Mine, near Stoney Mi(hHe-ton, Derby, civil engineer, and Joseph Quick, Suniner-street, Southwark, engineer, for an im- proved com bincd expansive steam and atmospheric engine. Joseph Malcoinson, of Portlaw, Ireland, forimprovements in apparatus used for propelling carriages on roads, and vessels on inland waters, when employing atmospheric pressure: sealed 12th of July—6 months for inrolment. Julius Adolph Detmold, of the city of London, mer- chant, for improvements in the means of applying steam as a motive power. Thomas William Gilbert, of Lime. house, sail-maker, for improvements in the construction of sails for ships and other vessels,

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