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THE CARDIFF AXI) MERTHYR GIAIUHAW FRIDAY. AUGUST 8, 1845. The Lady James Stuart, accompanied by Miss Stuart and Mr. Herbert Stuart, reached Cardiff Castle on Friday evening last; and Lord James Stuart is expected this day [Friday] from Wells, where his lordship has been on a visit to Henry Seymour, Esq., preparatory to the mar- riage of Miss Seymour. We understand that Lord al1cl L".dy James Stuart \lr0ce1'(l to Scotland at the latter end of this month. Tut; DEAN or LLANDAFF.—We are much grieved not to be able to give a more favourable report of this much beloved gentleman, who still continues alarmingly ill. We never remem bpI" a greater 01' more general manifesta- tion of anxiety and concern. Sir Robert Ft ice has succeeded the late Edward B. Clive, Esq., as M.P. for the city of Hereford. The Con- servatives of that city have determined on starting two candidates on the next election, for which they are reserv- ing their strength, and Mr. Seymour Fitzgerald, of the Northern Circuit, has, we hear, been pledged to be one of them. CARDIFF MARKET, 2nd August.—Beef, per lb., 7d. to 7^d. mutton, 60. to 7d.; lamb, G^d. to 7d. veal, 5d. to Gd. pork, 5d. to Cd. Butter, Is. Eggs, per doz., lOd. Ducks, per couple, 3s. 6d. to 4s.; fowls, 2s. 6d. Potatocs 3s. 6d. per cwt. 01' 9s. to 10s. per sack French beans, 3d. to 4d. per lb.—A very ample supply of meat and vegetables. CARDIFF SAVINGS' BANK.—Saturday, August 2nc1.- Amount of deposits received, £13H 12s. od. ditto paid, £1182s. lid.; number of depositors, 38. ON Monday, a boy who had the charge of a horse and cart was knocked down by the horse, which was young, spirited, and unmanageable, and the wheel of the cart passed over him. The injuries sustained were not of a very serious nature. This accident, which might have been attended with fatal consequences, should prove a warning to the owners of carts and horses, and induce them not to entrust their management to mere youths, who are quite incapable of governing them. ACCIDENT.—On Wednesday morning, an accident of rather a serious nature took place in Caroline-street, in this town, under the following circumstances :—A low cart had been left in the street, and several children were attempting to get up at the back part, when at that mo- ment another cart passed, and one of the children either fell or was pushed under the wheel, which went over the upper part of the thighs and one of the arms. The child was much bruised, but no bones were fractured, lie is the son of a man named Jones, a shoemaker residing in that street, and is only five years of age. COUNTY ROADS' BOARD.—-The first meeting for the Eastern District was held at the Bear Inn, Cowbridge, on Tuesday last, and was attended by Robert N. Carne, Esq.; The Rev. Robert Knight; Capt. Boteler; Hugh Entwisle, Esq. Robert O. Jones, Esq.; Capt. Basset; Richard Bassett, Esq.; The Itevs. R. Tyler, H. Blosse, G. Traherne, F. Edwardes, A. Dene, &c., &r.. William Lewis, Esq., of Bridgend, was elected chairman, and Evan David, Esq., of Fairwater, was elected vice-chairman of the Eastern District Board for the ensuing three years. David Thomas, Esq., of Pwllywrach, and Evan David, Esq of Fairwater, were also elected members of the County Roads' Board. A most shocking accident took place on the Taff Vale Railway on Wednesday morning. A boy named Edward John, aged 15, an inhabitant of St. Bride's, was em- ployed in forming the second line, and whilst in the act of unhitdlÎ1Ig a horse from 01le of the bailast waggons, he was, bv some unaccountable accident, thrown down, and the waggon pas fed over his leg, and completely crushed it. He was promptly removed to the Cardiff Infirmary, where, after a consultation by the surgeons, the injured limb was amputated above the knee. The operation was very skilfully performed by Mr. Edward Evans, surgeon. The boy is now proceeding favourably towards convales- cence. The accident took phce a few miles from this town, and was most probably caused by the sufferer's carelessness. THE sale of the Old Workhouse took place, under the orders of the Poor Law Commissioners, at the Town- haIl, Cardiff, on Monday last, when the same was purchased for the sum of £ 1000 by C. C. Williams, Esq., and a de- posit of £100 paid to the auctioneer, Mr. Watkins. We understand that the premises have been purchased foi the corporation, so that with the ground now belonging to them, extending from the Old Workhouse nearly to Mr. Watkins's house, in Saint Mary-street, the site will he a most desirable one for a new county-hall, or any other public building—the premises altogether being very ex- tensive. The purchase money will be paid to the trea- surer of the Cardiff Union, and applied under the direction of the Poor Law Commissioners for the benefit of the parishes of Saint John's and Saint. Mary's. These premises were purchased in the year 1753 by the Right Honorable Herbert Lord Viscount Windsor of the Right Honorable Other Lewis, Earl of Plymouth, and were given by Lord Windsor as a workhouse for the use of the poor of the town of Cardiff. THE ANNUAL MEETING of the trustees of Alderman Craddock Wells's charity was held at the Guild-hall, Car- diff, on Monday last, for the purpose of settling the accounts of the preceding year, and of electing a trea- surer and secretary, and for other purposes. Eight of the trustees were present—namely, Messrs. Richard Reece, Walter Coffin, John Moore, C. C. Williams, E. P. Richards, Henry Morgan, Thomas Morgan, and David Evans; and the chair was taken by Mr. C. C. W dllams in the absence of the mayor. The following bills were ordered to be paid :—William Davies, for tuition, £ I 1 (5s.; Mary Richards, for do., ft Ws.; Thomas Price, for clothes, lis. 21,:1. The accounts of Mr. Richards, the treasurer, were examined and settled and a balance of £7. 13s. 9d. appeared due to him. The sum of five guineas was ordered towards the apprenticeship of Cathe- rine Place, to be applied under the direction of Mr. Williams. John Wilcox, son of William Wilcox, shoe- maker—proposed by Mr. Thomas Morgan—and Eliza Griffiths, of Cardiff, daughter of Isaac Griffiths-proposed by Mr. R. Reece—were elected into the charity. The meeting was adjourned to the 22nd of September next. An abstract of the treasurer's accounts appears in a pre- ceding column. CARDIFF TOWN COUNCIL.—The last quarterly meeting for the year was held at the council-room on Monday last — .Mr. C. C. Williams, alderman, presiding in the absence of Mr. W. J. Watson, mayor, who, we regret to state, was absent from indisposition. The six aldermen were present-namely, Henry Morgan, C. C. Williams, R. Reece, Walter Coffin, T. Morgan, and David Evans; and nine councillors-namely, John Moore. R. L. Reece, James Lewis, W. A. Bradley, John Williams, Thomas Watkins, George Bird, William Harris, and M. A. Lisle.—Several bills, having been audited by the finance committee, were ordered for payment.—Captain Owen, the harbour-master, attended the meeting, and delivered his quarterly reporton the state of the river and buoys and it would appear that the Taff is fast filling up from the foundry to the last buoy on the south side of the river. The harbour-master suggested that measures should be adopted for prevention. An order was made that the tolls on the sale of horses and cattle at fairs should be discontinued: the amount, although trifling, operating as a discouragement to farmers in the neigh- bourhood bringing cattle tq the fairs.—A complaint was made to the meeting of the injury done to the pitf-market by the overflowing and running of a drain from the Griffin premises into the market. Directions were given for the abatement of the nuisance. THE SOUTH WALES RAILWAY BILL-We are happy to have to state that this bill received the Royal assent on Monday last, and is, therefore, now part and parcel of the Jaw of the laud. We have reason to believe that the works on the line will, without delay, be commenced in several places and we hope that the line from Swansea to Newport will, at all events, be completed at an early- period—no difficulty presenting itself in the districts through which it will have to pass. Great praise is cer- tainly due to Messrs. Hunt and Company, solicitors, for the manner in which they have conducted the parlia- mentary business. THE WEATHER still continues most uncongenial for the season; cold winds, accompanied with torrents of chilly rain, having prevailed, which have retarded the progress of the crops towards maturity. The corn is almost everywhere quite green; and there is reason to apprehend that much damage has been sustained in vari- ous parts of the country. On Monday and Tuesday the Taff was greatly flooded, and bore down many trees, roots of trees, pieces of timber, &c. On Tuesday the water rose several feet in a very short time. In the Valley cf Aberdare the river completely overflowed its banks, and many acres of hay were greatly damaged. ACCIDENT.—On Monday night, the aged wife of Mr. Lewis, clerk of Saint John's Church, in this town, met with a serious accident. She is about 70 years of ao-e, and was proceeding upstairs, when suddenly she was unable to retain her grasp of the raIl-fell over two or three steps—and sustained a fracture of the leg a little above the ancle. She is proceeding favourablv towards recovery. COWBRIDGE FAIIt on Tuesday was, on the whole, an improvement in matters of this kind. A slight advance in the price of butcher's meat took place. ACCELERATION OF THE MAIL.—An advertisement ap- pears in the Bristol papers, calling upon persons desiious of entering into a contract for the conveyance of the mails between Bristol and Chepstow, in a close covered cart, to send in sealed tenders to the surveyor of the General Post-office the contract to commence about the 12th of this month. The mails arc to be despatched from Bristol at about two, a.m. We understand that the first London mail will, by the new arrangement, pass through Cardiff westwards at half-past seven, a.m.; and the Bristol mail, via Chepstow, at about one o'clock, p.m. We have no room for any further particulars. ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY OF E:r;LA:-1D.-At a meeting of the council, held 30th July, the following gentlemen were elected members: — Messrs. William Stroud, Swansea; Richard Rees, Gelligron, Swansea; Jos, Edwards, Ross, Herefordshire; Thomas Belliss, Bir- mingham Robert Hampton, Wytheford, Shrewsbury. QUICK PASSAGE.—We have been informed, from a well-authenticated source, and which we have no reason to doubt as to its correctness, that the Mounta 'n Maid, of this port, commanded by our esteemed fellow-townsman, Captain D. Davies, left Limerick on Friday last, the 1st instant, an,1 arrived in Liverpool (the port of destination) in the extraordinary short space of 60 hours! which is considered almost unprecedented. CARDIFF STREET COMMISSIONERS.—At their last monthly meeting, held on the 21st of July last, an order was made for payment to the surveyor for £ 3 1:58" being money expended during the previous month, for clean- ing the streets. The clerk was requested to apply for the money due for the sweepings of the streets. Com- plaints were made of the quantity of gravel placed in W hitmore Lane it was referred to the surveyor of the highways. PL EASUHE TRIF.—On Saturday last, about 350 men who compose the Cyfarthfa Firemen's Club, reached Cardiff by a special train, and proceeded by the Glamor- gall to Barry Island, where the day was spent in various amusements. The party returned in the evening to Merthyr by train. The trip has been fully noticed, by our Merthyr correspondent, in another part of the paper. \Ve have only room to remark, that we were highly pleased with the orderly, and creditable appearance of the men, who conducted themselves throughout the day, iu the most respectable manner. ODD FELLOWSHIP.—ST. NICHOLAS DISTRICT.—The Tywysog M organ wg Lodge had a Tea Party for the be- nefit of the I' idows' and Orphans' Fund, on Wednesday, the 6th inst., which we are happy to state was attended by upwanls of three hundred in(livi,luals-amoug whom we noticed the D.G.M. of the Cardiff District P.P.G.M. Solomon Marks; Mark Marks, late C.S. of the District; and John Moore N.G. of the.Castetl Caerdydd Lodge. The use of the room was kindly granted by the Rev. William Bruce, by whose kindness, the Order has been lately greatly benefitted, and who on this and many other accounts, is deeply beloved in the neighbourhood. There are at present four Widows and twelve Orphans who derive their prineioal support from this charity. Various addresses were delivered in the course of the evening, the respective speakers in eloquent terms advo- cating the cause of charity, and pointing out in particu- lar, the benefits conferred on the Widows and Orphans of deceased members—the institution being the bright- est gem in the Order of Odd Fellowship. THE lamentable accident which occurred at the Duffryn Colliery, Aberdare, on Saturday last—particu- lars respecting which will be found in another column -reminds us of the valuable report, made by Messrs. Lyell ar.d Faraday, to Sir James Graham, on the subject of the explosion in the Haswell collieries, and on the means of preventing similar accidents. Some months ago, several copies of this report were transmitted to coal owners in this part of the country, by the direc- tions of the Marquis of Bute; and if at this period, any coal owner be without a copy of such report, we believe one could be obtained, on application to the secretary of State's offices. Coal proprietors and workers can- not be too strongly impressed with the necessity which exists for taking every precaution that can be adopted, for the prevention of accidents; and we apprehend, most valuable information will be derived from a perusal of the report just referred to.