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ilottres. I TAFF TILE RAILWAY. GENERAL HALF-YEARLY MEETING. Notice is hereby Given, THAT the next GENERAL HALF-YEARLY MEETING of the Proprietors of this Company, will be held pursuant t& Act of Parliament, at the WHITE LION HOTEL, BROAD ST., BRISTOL, on WEDNESDAY, the 20th day of AUGUST, 1845. ■ (Signed) J. J. GUEST, Chairman. Notice is also hereby Given, That the BOOKS kept for the REGISTRATION OF TRANSFERS, will be CLOSED from WEDNESDAY, the 13th day of AUGUST instant, until after the holding of the said General Half-Yearly Meeting. By order, A. F. MORCOM, Secretary. Railway Office, Cardiff, August 1st, 1845. ABERDARE RAILWAY. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT a MEETING of the Shareholders in tile Aber- dare Railway will be held at the CASTLE INN, MERTHYR TYDFIL, on the 27th day of AUGUST instant, at 12 o'clock at noon, to receive Tenders for the Supply of Materials as advertized—for to make such call or calls for payment of the capital subscribed for as the Meeting shall decide on—and to transact such other business as may be brought forward at such Meeting. Dated this 6th day of August, 1845. CHAS. H. JAMES, Secretary pro tem. SHREWSBURY AND HEREFORDSHIRE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT the Parliamentary Contract and Subscribers' Agreement will lie for signature daily, between the hours of Eleven and Four o'Clock, at the Offices of the Company, 31, Parliament-street, in the City of Westmin- ster, and also, for the convenience of the Shareholders residing in the Country, at the followihg places, between the same hours, on the days hereinafter mentioned:- CHESTER, at the Royal Hotel, on Thursday, the 7th August BIRMINGHAM, at the Offices of Messrs Spurrier and Chaplin, on Thursday, the 7th August GLOUCESTER, at the BallHotel, on Thursday, the 7th August STOURBRIDGE, at the Vine Inn, on Friday, the 8th August WREXHAM, at the Wynnstay Arms Hotel, on Friday, the 8th August BRISTOL, at the Royal Western Hotel, on Friday, the 8th August LEAMINGTON, at the Crown Hotel, on Saturday, the 9th August OSWESTRY, at the Wynnstay Arms Hotel, on Saturday, the 9th August DERBY, at the Midland Hotel, on Monday, the 11th August NEWPORT, at the King's Head Inn, on Monday, the 11th August SHREWSBURY, at the Talbot Hotel, on Monday, the 11th August W AKRFIELD, at the George Hotel, on Tuesday, the 12th August CARDIFF, at the Cardiff Arms Hotel, on Tuesday, the 12th August HUDDERSFIELD, attheGeorge Hotel, on Wednesday, the 13th August MERTHYlt-TYOVIL, at the Castle Inn, on Wednesday, the 13th August LIVERPOOL, at the Adelphi Hotel, on Wednesday, the 13th, and Thursday, the 14th August HALIFAX, at the White Swan, on Thursday, the 14th August NEATH, at the Offices of John J. Place, Esq., on Thursday, the 14th August LEEDS, at Scarbro's Hotel, on Friday, the 15th August SWANSEA, at the Offices of J. T. Jenkin, Esq., on Friday, the 15th, and Saturday, the 16th August YORK, at the Black Swan, on Saturday, the 16th August MANCHESTER, at the Royal Hotel, on Friday, 15th, and Saturday, the 16th August LLANELLY, at the Offices of E. D. Grove, Esq., on Monday, the 18th August CARMARTHEN, at the Offices of Lewis Morris, Esq., on Tuesday, the 19th August EDINBURGH, at the Black Bull Hotel, on Tuesday, the 19th, and Wednesday, the 20th August LLANDILO, at the Offices of Leyson Lewis, Esq., on Wednesday, the 20th August LLANDOVERY, at the Offices of Charles Bishop, Esq., on Thursday, the 21st August GLASGOW, at'the Black Bull Hotel, on Thursday, the 21st, and Friday, the 22nd August BRECON, at the Offices of Messrs. Vaughan and Bevan, on Friday, the 22nd August HEREFORD, at the Offices of John Cleave, Esq., on Saturday, the 23rd August PERTH, at the George Hotel, on Monday, the 25th August LEOMINSTER, at the Offices of Messrs. Milnes and Sale, on Monday, the 25th August LUDLOW, at the Offices of L. L. Clark, Esq., on Tuesday, the 26th August INVERNESS, at the Caledonian Hotel, on Wednesday, the 27th August WORCESTER, at the Offices of W. S. P. Hughes, Esq. on Wednesday, the 27th August HULL, at the Royal Hotel, on Saturday, the 30th Augus, BIGGLESWADE, Beds., at the Crown Inn, on Tuesdayt the 2nd September. L'pon signing these Deedj^each Subscriber will receive, in exchange for the Bantlers' Deposit Receipt (which Bankers' Receipt must in all cases be produced and de- livered up at the time of signing the Deeds), a Ticket, upon production of which Ticket, with his endorsement thereon, at the Offices of the Company, 31, Parliament- Street, he will be entitled to the possession of the Scrip Certificates. BARKER, ROSE, & NORTON, 36, Great George-Street. Westminster, Solicitors to the Company. A NEW DAILY RAILWAY PAPER, (Published eyery Afternoon, at Four o'clock, price 6d. ON MONDAY, the 11th of AUGUST, 1845, will be published (by the Proprietors of the Sunday Times) the First Number of a New Evening Railway and Mining Newspaper, entitled UAIFILWAY DIRECIOU AND Containing a Daily Record of every transaction upon the Stock and Share Market, in Town and Country, up to the hour of publication. A first-rate "CITY ARTICLE" written by a "MEMBER OF THE HOUSE," will be published every afternoon, in which the bona, fide tran- sactions of the day will be given, also the CLOSING PRICES of the LONDON SHARE MARKET up to half-past Three o'clock, thus enabling the Country Spe- culator to be in possession of the Latest Information from all the principal places where Railway and Mining Spe- culations take place. In order that the Subscribers to the Railway Director" may not remain unacquainted with passing events, a careful and well-digested Summary, containing the essence of EVERY OCCURRENCE, both FOREIGN and DOMESTIC, will be given each Day. Solicitors, Secretaries, and Directors of Railway and Mining Companies are respectfully solicited to furnish early Reports of their respective Meetings, which will meet with prompt attention. "The Railway Director and Mining Gazette" will be printed and published by John Kemble Chapman, at No. 53, Farringdon-street, London, to whom Advertisements, Letters, and Communications are requested to be ad- dressed. The First Number will appear on Monday, 11th August, Kingdom ordered of ever? News-Agent in the United floticts. BISHOPS COLLEGE, BRISTOL PATRONS. His Grace the Duke of I The Right Rev. the Lord Beaufort. Bishop of Gloucester | and Bristol. VISITOR. The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Gloucester and Bristd. PIUNCILAL. The Rev. H. Dale, M.A., late Demy of Magdalen College, OxforJ. THE College will RE-OPEN after the Midsummer Vacation, on TUESDAY the 5th August. Terms for Tuition, including every charge except Books and Station?,y,-■ With "\T^°(lon £ 15 Without a Nomination £ 24 Every Proprietor in the Institution possesses the tight of Nominating one Pupil, in respect of each of his Shares. The Rev. H. DALE, M.A., Principal, receives a limited number of Boarders into the College, at JE50 per annum, or if brothers at ;E45 each. Further Particulars may be obtained on application at the College, Park-street, Bristol. ljqq" -i _-A [PROVISIONALLY REGISTERED.] THE VALE OF NEATH RAILWAY: CONNECTING Swansea ff Neath with the Town of IJferthyr, Tydvil. Length, 22 miles. Capital, f 500,000; in 25,000 Shares of JE20 each. Deposit, El 10s. per Share. PROVISIONAL COMMITTEE. The Right Hon. the Earl of Jersey Henry John Grant, Esq., The Gnoll, Neath Nash Vaughan Edwards Vaughan, Esq., Rheola, Neath Morgan Morgan, Esq., Bodwigiad, Merthyr-Tydvil Henry Thomas, Esq., Preswlfa, Neath, Vice-Chairman of the Quarter Sessions for the County of Glamorgan James Wittit Lyon, Esq., Miserden Park, Cirencester, and Neath Wm. Meyrick, Esq., Gwailod-y-Garth, Merthyr-Tydvil David Evans, Esq., Banker, Merthyr Tydvil Reverend Thomas Gronow, Court Herbert, Neath James Sheppard, jun., Esq., of Ynisarwed Colliery John Whitlock Nicholl Carne, Esq., D.C.L., Dimlands House, Cowbridge Edwaid Lewis Richards, Esq., Merthyr-Tydvil Robert Place Leyson, Esq Neath Michael John Michael, Esq., merchant, Swansea Henry Jones, Esq., Heathfield House, Cardiff Robert Evans, Esq., Merchant, Neath Herbert Edward Evans, Esq., Eagles.bush, Neath Frederick Green, Esq., Forchdwm and Tonmawr Col- lieries, Neath Wm. Weston Young, Esq., Merchant, Neath Wm. Llewellyn Powell, Esq., Merchant, Taibach Wm. Thomas, Esq., Merthyr-Tydvil William Gossage, Esq., Birmingham and Neath William Price, Esq., Glantwrch, Swansea Mr. William Whittington, Neath m r' Frederick Pratt Barlow Esq., 1 Directors of the Great Robert Frederick Gower, Esq., Western Railway Co. The Viscount Villiers, M.P., } Louis Vigurs, Esq., i Direct°rs of the South D. A. SaundersDavies,Esq., M.P.) Wales Rail*vay Co. Archibald F. Paul, Esq., Director of the South Wales Railway Company With power to add to their number. Engineer—J. K. Brunei, Esq. Soliciiors-Messrs. W. O. and W. Hunt, 10, Whitehall, London; H. S. Coke, Esq., Neath. THIS line is the natural result of opening out, by an important main trunk like the South Wales Railway, a country rich in minerals, with a large and rapidly increasing population, both of which have hitherto been but imperfectly supplied with the means of transit. The numerous mines, collieries, iron, copper, tin plate, fire brick, chemical, and other works, already in operation and in course of being opened, in the interior of South Wales, especially in the country through which this line will pass, and which are now being extensively multiplied there, seek a more speedy and ready access to the main line than existing modes supply, and hence the necessity for affording to the important valley between Neath and Merthyr-Tydvil the most perfect means of communication, not only with the South Wales Railway, but with the ports of Neath and Swansea, the natural and legitimate outlets for the produce of the valley whence the supplies of flour and other provisions from Ireland can be cheaply and expeditiously conveyed into the heart of the country. The proposed line will commence at Neath by a junc- tion with the South Wales Railway, will continue up the Valley to near Pont Walby, thence to Merthyr-Tydvil, passing within a short distance of the extensive iron works lying in that district. The advantage of the natural fall of country, being from Merthyr to Neath, calls forth a strong opinion in the fol- lowing extract from the Report of the Board of Trade on Railways in South Wales :—'< By the proposed line (the South Wales), the principal towns and commercial em- poriums, which are situated along the coast at the bottom of the valleys, are placed upon the main line, to which the traffic from the interior will descend a consideration which is very important, when we recollect that a great part of this traffic will consist of heavy minerals." The Vale of Neath intersects the great coal and iron fields of South Wales, and possesses anthracite, as well as bituminous coal, in great abundance. In addition to the Collieries and Iron Works, there are also Tin Works adjoining the proposed line, and valuable Timber, to the extent of 4,000 acres. It is unnecessary to give a detailed estimate of the pro- bable revenue that will arise from the Vale of Neath Railway it is sufficient to say, that in the districts be- tween and through which it will pass, the population numbers above 80,000, depending chiefly on the supplies now transmitted to the interior through Swansea and Neath that the intercourse between the above towns is such as to bear ont a most favourable estimate of passen- ger traffic; and that 200,000 tons of coal, exclusive of other minerals, are exported annually from the Vale of Neath, finding a ready market in France, Ireland, Somer- setshire, Devonshire, Cornwall, London, and other places. From these mere outlines it is evident that the increased facility of transit which this Railway will afford over the present modes of conveyance, connected as it wi!l be with Swansea and Briton Ferry (the port of Neath) by means of the South Wales Railway, will produce a corresponding increase of production and traffic. Under the latter head, as regards passengers, may be taken into consideration the large numbers that resort to Swansea from the interior for sea bathing, and the strikingly picturesque and richly varied beauties of the Vale of Neath, with its famed waterfalls, will be a source of never-failing attraction to tourists and parties of pleasure. The most favourable opinion is entertained of the Vale of Neath Railway by almost all the landed proprietors along the line, the majority of whom are members of the Provisional Committee, the lessees of collieries, and par- ties engaged in shipping and its importance as a profit- able investment may be judged from the fact that the Neath Canal, which now traverses only half the distance of the proposed line, and affords, evenJo that limited extent, but imperfect accommodation, has for many years paid a large dividend to the proprietary, and the original £ 1 00 shares are now marketable at JE340. Prospectuses may be had, and applications for shares may be addressed, in the form annexed, to the Secretary, at the offices of the Company, 449, West Strand, London, and to the Solicitors in London, or Neath. In the allotment of the shares of the company, a prefe- rence will be given to parties locally interested, and to the proprietors of shares in the South Wales Railway Company. The usual power will be taken by the act, to allow interest at 4 per cent. per annum, on the amount 01 subscriptions paid up and no subscriber will be an- swerable for more than the amount of his deposit of E I 10s. per share, until the act is obtained, and then not beyond the amount of his subscription. London, July 26, 1845. FORM OF APPLICATION. To the Provisional Committee of the Vale of Neath Railway. Gentlemen,-—-I request that you will allot me shares of Twenty Pounds each, in the proposed Vale of Neath Railway Company, on the terms and conditions of the Prospectus, and I undertake to pay the deposit and sign the necessary deeds when required. Dated the day of 1815. Name Profession Place of Abode. Reference ilofi'ceg. TO Grocers, Provision Dealers, 8cc. IN THE HIGH-STREET, 3IERTHYR-TIDVIL. A HOUSE & SHOP, with a large Cellar, and excellent Pump of Water, well situated for the above Business, where Trade has been carried on, next door to the Manchester Warehouse, where every information may be obtained, or of John Anthony, Wash wood, near Bir- mingham. GROUSE. m .£J .5'Jl (f)ill <D3' 33Z3Z3 Notice is hereby given, THAT no Person will be allowed to sport on the HILLS of Sir CHARLES MORGAN1, Bart., which are situate in the several Parishes of Defynnock, Ystrad- felltv, Penderin, Cantreff, Llanspythid, Ystradgunlais, and Llywell, within the Manor of Brecon, in the County of Brecon, during the ensuing Season. All Persons found Trespassing by Sporting, Hunting for Game, for the purpose of breaking Dogs, or other- wise, will be prosecuted as the Law directs. And any Person giving information, so that persons trespassing may be convicted, shall receive a REWARD of TWO GUINEAS, upon the conviction of the offender or offen- ders, on application to PHILIP VAUGHAN, Agent to Sir Charles Morgan, Bart. Brecon, 14th June, 1845.


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