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) Steam linbtgation. THE CARDIFF AND BRISTOL Steam &- FRINGE OF WALES, MATTHEW JONES, Commander; LAD Y CHARLOTTE, HENRY JEFFERY, Commander; A RE INTENDED to SAIL during the month of AUG. :'1. as follows (from the BUTE SHIP DOCK) "'ce of Wales—Mondays, > Lady Charlotte Monday* .Tuesdays, & Fridays!— YVednesdays, and Fridays, V Charlotte Tuesday*, < Prince of Wales—Tuesdays, itirsdays, and Saturdays. ( Thursdays, and Saturdays, From CARDIFF. From BRISTOL, ll *\r < Aug., 1845. ]>>'('ay •••• 8| morn ( II, Monday. 10 morn l'V \ille8^ay • • • • morn ) 12, Tuesday. 11 morn i/ J^ednesday llimorn) 13, Wednesday.. I after IT' E> ,Urs<^ay •• 1 after ) 14, Thursday 2 after •». Friday, ]J after 15, Friday, after > Saturday 3 after j 16, Satuiday 4 after Stages and horses to be alongside One hour previous to Time of Sailing. EDUCED FARES :-After Cabin, 4s.; Fore Cabin, 2s. dren under Twelve years of Age, Half-price Dogs, Is. each. A Female Steward attends on Board both Packets. Hefreshments may be had on board on moderate terms. JJ. Four-wheel Carriage 21a. ditto Pbaeton or Gig, 10s. Gd. ^o-wl.eel, drawn by one horse and driver, 15s.; Horse ^Qd Rider, After Cabin, 9s.; Horse and Rider, Fore Cabin, *• 6d.; Cattle and Horses 6s. each; Sheep, Pigs, and alves, Is. each; Carriages, Horses, Cattle, and Good*, will be subject to '"nding and Wharfages at the Bute Docks. Not Accountable for any Hoods without Shipping Notes. Freighters are requested to order all Goods intended for the PRINCE OF WALKS, to be sent to No. 12, Quay-street, or to Robert Chaplin, Cumberland Hasin Locks; and for 'ht LA DY CH ARLOTTE, 10 CI ate-strect rlall, Matsh-street, .ud Hull Wharf, Ilcdcliff-street, Bristol. Goods will be hauled from the Warehouses to the Packets at the expense of the Companies. Merthyr, Newbridge, A her dare, Cowbridge, Bridgend, 'toutrissent, and Caerphilly.—Goods forwarded to these »ces in Spring Waggons and Lock-up Canal Boats ini- ■ately °« arrival, unless ordered by any particular Hveyance, in which case they will be deposited in the ntfai">.?>ac'tel Warehouse till called for.— Freight to be paid delivery. (' Packages. Parcels, &c., forwarded to all parts of Sto Kmgdom without, delay, when sent to either of their t\!alll Packet Offices in Cardiff or Bristol. h Further information as to Freight, will be readily obtained j>a to the Agents—Mr. WOODMAN. Agent at the (jL Office, on the Wharf, Caidilf; or to Mr. G. C. I'Ulvnn' ^°CDt» T2, Quay-street, Kris'ol, for the Pa-u VVALKS Pack'-t; and of Mi. T. JOHN, at the OWPV oV,ffice' on ,he Wharf, CardiiT; or to Mr. W. B. CH I'I),1 ^v ,n Cresccnt, llotwells, Bristol, for the LADY Vor B Packet' give —'l,e Proprietors of the above Steam 1'ackcts Passp'n°l'^e' 'at l'*e.v not ')e accountable for any ^*°od, 8 ^llggage, nor will they be amwerable for any 'aka* aCkaSes- Parcels (if lost or damaged by Fire, 0!fiCe#ge' or otherwise) unless Booked at either of their 'less 31 or Bristol, if above the value of 40s., paid f(, at its value, and Carriage in proportion to or(j r "le sa|ne, at ib(! time of Booking.—Goods consigned «Vft,,inir '.or 1K>t taken away before Six o'clock i 11 the »U<J Cx° °' 'e "day ot landing, will he warehoused at the risk at lie„'>ense *e consignees. All Goods to be considered •|8o f ,'lot only for freight and charges due thereon, but c°0si^n 8 Prev'eus'y unsatisfied Freight and Charges due by 10 ''le Proprietors of the said rackets. Disputed ^uot K?',lnea,reu,nt' c'a,,n8 or 'l,ss or damage, &c., *etjt c a'l"Wed, unless a written notice of the same he ivt?ry. j *u £ lion- ABERMAIDE ESTATE, ABOUT THREE MILES FROM ABERYSTWITH. To be SOLD by AUCTION, M BY MR. GOODE, UE ^OAEL' ABERYSTWITH, on THURSDAY, Aft °* AUGUST, 1845, at 4 o'Clock in the ernoon, either together or in Lots, A p1 IMPORTANT FREEHOLD PROPERTY f'shes ft 'he ABER^AIDE ESTATE, in the Pa- *onta' aneada«N« LLAMBAH, and LI.ANYRCIIIAKN, lent i"10" together upwards of 13(50 Acres of very excel- atiil :d eonsistin'^ of well arranged, most desirable J)0x ^,>fnpaet Farms, with a capital Messuage or Shooting a'so several cotivenient and substantial Home- Vai' S' !-llK' a ^Vater Corn Mill, in the rich and beautiful Totv °* ''10 Ystwith, about 3 miles from the increasing Ul^n,l Port of Abenstwith, in tlie ('ounty of Car- ■wit!, xvit'> extensive and thriving Plantations abounding ■ghts Ume' "n<^ including the Manor and Manorial list-itS •°'" with i:s Appurtenances. The liive|f vS nI?ar'y i" a Feuce, intersected by the formg vi'h a"d the Cardigan Turnpike Road, and t° jJe Opportunity for the investment of Capital rarely Wj^Va^8 are heing projected to Aberystwith, which as w ■■o l'1's Estate within an easy distance of London, place -a^ of Chester, Liverpool, Manchester, and other ces "i the North and South of England. Litho'nte(1 ^escrip'ive and further Particulars, with a *^sth ^raP'let^ Plan of the Estate, may be had of Messrs. ftlr aT' Proctor, Solicitors, Lincoln's Inn, London ^ood* 1 Land Agent, Aberystwith; and Mr. e> Auctioneer, Carmarthen. GLAMORGANSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the BRIDGWATER ARMS INN, NEWBRIDGE, 011 WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 13 next, By Jill. TElOS. WILLIAMS, At i o'clock in the Afternoon, A ^IOsT desirable PREMISES & SITUATION T^f TRADE, situate at GWERN-Y-GEHWN, near lin«r°TjreSf' ■^Tewl)1'i*ige, consisting of a commodious IJwel- Cell Se aiu' with neat Front Shop, extensive ^.arage and Stores, and large Piece of Ground walled tj)e °.r "u'lding Cottages (much in request), situated in Ch 'tlniec''a'e vicinity of extensive Iron, Tin, Rail, ai,1i and Coal Works, now in full operation. 'Whi a^0ve held under a Lease from Sir 15. Ilall, of j> lc 1 ab°ut 76 years are unexpired, subject to a Ground n of l wopence per yard. >jV^_or ^'ther Particulars apply to Mr. Newman, or Mr. }, s. WilliarnSi Auctioneer, Newbridge, or Mr. Isaac loPgan, Crown Inn, Blaenafon, near Abergavenny. CAERPHILLY W0EM01SE. ""0 BE SOLD SSV iBCTlOS, BY MR. WATKINS, Tndur the directions of the Poor Law Commissioners), AT THE CASTLE INN, CAEltTHILLY, ^I3,UftSDAY, the 14th day of AUGUST, 1843, 0 clock in the afternoon, (subject to such Condi- 10ns °' Sale as shall be then produced), ALL Hiat MESSUAGE or DWELLING-HOUSE, (lately used as a Workhouse for the Poor of the ^ar«\t of Eghvysilan), and GARDEN, held therewith, -nate in Caerphilly, in the county of Glamorgan, and adjouufrg the Castle Wall. <j0^e demises are held under a Lease for the term of j.n^0.ais' from the 1st day of May, 1735, at the yearly rentof £ 1 15s. 0d. Ful-ther particulars may be obtained of Mr. Evan Po#% P'^ill^ of Mr. John Morgan, Overseer of the ^8^wJ'silan; of the Auctioneer; and at the C 6 P-L. Richards, Solicitor, Cardiff. Ca'J'ff, 26th July, 1S45. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. THOMAS GLOVER, Atthie CASTLE INN, in the Town of Swansea, on WKD- ^WENT'ET^ DAY °F AUGUST 1845, atOne «h° n u Afternoon, (subject to such conditions as be then and there produced), THE WEEG VACH COLLIERY, Sitasrte in the parishes of Swansea and Llangefelach, in AL ^°"nty of Glamorgan, and within two miles distance ot the Port of Swansea. THE Coal is highly bituminous, and of the best quality. All the large is readily disposed of, for ready money, at the pit's mouth, for household purposes in the town and neighbourhood, and the small is in request for Copper Workg, Gas Works, and for making Coke. There are wo Steam Engines erected on the Premises, both in good order. I he Seams now in work are—one six feet and the other three feet in thickness, producing at present about fifty tons per day, but the workings are capable of Detlló considerably increased. There are, however, several other veins of similar quality workable by level. The ling of the South "Wales Railway intersects the Property. Further particulars may be obtained on application to the Propr.etor, T. S, Strick, Esq., Swansea, or to the Auctioneer. ASAM TEA I! WAREHOUSE. HENRY WEBBER, CARDIFF St MKItTII VK 6V4RDIAN OFFICE SOLE AUTHORISED AGENT FOR CARDIFF. THE ASAM TEA COMPANY. A SAM, a British Colony, of growing importance, situate on the very verge of China, ranks among the most interesting of our East Indian Possessions, for the continuous improvement of this Province, in a general sense, under the auspices of the Asam Company." The exertions and capital of the "ASAM TEA COMPANY" are, however, especially devoted to bringing into general repute a SELF-PECULIAR & INDIGENOUS TEA PLANT PRODUCED IN ASAM, HTTAT classed with the most important of our Colonial productions for its SURPASSING yUALIlIES. The A3am Tea possesses, from the fitness and richness of the soil, virtues apart from and superior to any other leaf, even in a wild state, and FOR STRENTH, AS WELL AS FLAVOUR, IS UNAPPROACH- ABLE by any of the Chinese Plants, which properties have been, and still will be, infinitely improved by experienced Anglo-Chinese cultivation. Therefore, besides is indescrihably fine flavour, its very superior strength guarantees an ECONOMY ATTENDANT ON ITS CONSUMPTION, which must necessarily render it a domestic acquisition of incalculable advantage. The" Asam TEA Company" are also Shareholders in the" Asam Company," and therefore have an interest I in, and depend for success entirely on, the peculiar and intrinsic qualities of the Asam Tea, which, for these reasons, they furnish in a pure and genuine state, by means of advertised Agents, riot interested in their adult era- ? Und ,abelled> "ASAM TEA COMPANY, 11, CROOKED-LANE, KING WILLIAM STREET," City of London, where applications and communications will be duly and promptly attended to. Sole autliot-ised Agents, For SWANSEA Mr. Williams, Cambrian. Office. I' orMERlHYR Mrs. Ann Williams, Confectioner, High-Street. For NEWPORT Mr. Morgan Evans, 35, High-Stieet. Good Black, 5s.; superior flavour, 6s. Good Green, 6s. ditto, 7s. ^AGENTS WANTED FOR SOME OF THE PRINCIPAL CITIES & TOWNS OF ENGLAND AWALEs Sottcrg. I CARDIFF PANTECHNICON. I B. KEARNEY, IN returning thanks to his numerous Friends and tha Public generally, tor the very liberal patronage he has received since his commencing Business in CARDIFF, I begs to observe that he adopts the familiar adage— "Honesty is the best policy," as his Motto in Trade; and fuither observes, that the Goods purchased at the PANTECHNICON cannot be surpassed for style, quality, or cheapness, by any Establishment in the Kingdom. His MILPUFF BKDS, in great variety, cannot be equalled in quality or price; and his Goods generally, such as CHAIRS, TABLES, DRAWERS, BEL)- SIEADS, IRONMONGERY, &c., will be found well worthy attention. "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER." They who would wisely spend their cash to KEARNEY'S shop should go, p For I've got knowledge there, and you may get the same also- I had the power to buy, and so I went to Imy a bed, Thereon to lay my wearied bones or rest niv aching head For KEARNEY has good feather beds and milputt" ones also, And mattresses and such like things, at prices very low With chairs whose seats are cane or hair, of most superior make, In which you may repose with ease, and that is no mistake; So go to the PANTECHNICON, a plaoe that's richly stored Wiih all that may be summed up in phrase most simple—" Bed and Board." ———————" Micat inter omncs IlALFOIlDUM Sidns, velut inter Luna Minnres !110"R. THE ROYAL DOMESTIC MEDICINES. fk The ,l0Y Al. F 4M11.Y (Aperient The ,l0Y Al. F 4M11.Y (Aperient PiU'S of «he late Sir HUMtY ".A'OKD, Ita-t., M.I)., and for years I'llYSIC'IAN to the HOYAt. FAMILY, wpre> deling this period, !•„ h /«% tesfed by him, "AS THE VT] K V>J SAFEST I> MLLDHST FAMILY 'b- J\ MED,C,NKS." in disorders of the Sioiiiach, Liver, anil Bowels, #^7Vi whether aiisina from Biliousness, Indipeslion, &c. and for rcinov- c' '"S Nervous anil Sick Head-ache; f or relieving habitual Constipation, by prodnring a healthy and free action of the Liver. It is well known that Geo. IV. received iIIP greatest i>en fit from his rUKVKNnVK 1.0 UC and KHKUMUIC PtLLS, in which diseases they mitigate the severest paroxysms, without producing nausi a or any prostrating effects. III Asthmas. Influenza, and C niahs 01 Long Standing, his « C121. KB It.IV. D CoUGH PILLS" stanll unrivalled,—pre- venting tickling in the throat, and fits of coughing, which so generally attend these complaints. His C A It I N A I'IVK or S'K)THING SYRUP, being free from an." jireparat-on of opium, or other dangerous narco ies, has obtained the approval ot the most eminent members of the medical piofe; ion,—facts which render it tlu- saf. s' and most valuable remedy in Acidity of the Sinmach, Gripes, Hiccup, Ifesilessness, Teething, and the usual infantile attacks. The public may rest assured that tliey are each faithfully pi'epaied Iro n Sir Henry's original prescriptions, and c iui pounded of those very expensive iogredienis (fur which he I WólS remarkable) hy an eminent Chemist of 30 years' practical experience in dispensing.—facts of the greatest moment to the public at large. Irl To the Proprietor of tlte Royal Domestic Medicines. 2. High-street, Swansea, June 24'h, 1845. Srn,-1 fed much pleasure in communicating (0 yoiij the gratifying inteHiiicuce, fhattitc H(,VAL l)oMhj>T/c .MkpICIN'KS are i.i;;bly valued licre. About two weeks ago, an elderly gentleman, named Edwards, came to me for a box of llaltord's Celebrated Cough Pills; he was nearly suffocated with As hina, and had a distressing Cougb. Yesterday he called for two boxes ni(<re, saying, that previous to taking them he I. ad not eiij'iyeu one tighi's rest fm m n hs. and that lis j a st pains and s-ff.-r:ngs appear like a rc-m Thi< -eotleman h..s been afflicted fqr many v «is, dnd is n >.v uvmercd. The HOVAL F,lIILY ( iperieti ) 1 'Us are s i flY many, to he ever took tor I'i ''s IT. i imn^ k ache, &c. Wi.ilst I itiii wii nr.r, a-cain )).,< railed for six boxes •' to take to sea mr his own use, -Hiding tint they were, witiiout cxecj/iion, the b st Medicines In* liad ever taken." Yours, very rcspectfuily, (signed) S. RICHARDS. Extract of a Letter, dated 2Gth May, 18-13, from J/r. Warhurst, Chemist. Fleet-street, Bury, aucashire. c. I consider the. Itoy-i Kainil, PMS a very excellent mcdi. eine they give general satisfaction here, and are in vreat demand. I am nearly oat of stock,— toeretor- send mf!i as be tore, ten dozens, and a ca-e of the Gout and Rheumatic i'i.Is. Amongst the numerous paitics ho have spoken of the bd" fliS leccivcd hy the use of 'he \Jcdi< in I will allude to a cry respectable lady Here, who. having re- ceived a perfect cure of a constant sick nead-aelie, loss of appetite, an.1 a rising of the stomach (as he desen cd it) aimost to s"t)'"cation.' caUe.t Oil Tuesday for another box, destred me to express and report to you her best hanks, say- itii;, she should hi mo-it happy in being referred to. through tm-, should any respectable peison des're < < shaH. there- fore. avail myself of so respectable a testimony, ami think you would do well to advertise the same." Extract of a Letter, dated U7tk March, 1845, from Mr. R. Brook, 2-5 It 2,3, Buxton-road, Huddersfield. Mr. W of this to\\D, says, 'he has tried a great manv .Medicines for pains in the head, but has not received benefit from any, before taking HALFOKII'S KOYAL F AMILY ( Aperient) i'll.Ls,' I could name several others—but tins is a highly respectable man, well known objecting, however, to his name being published." It is e peeially worthy of remark, that the doses of these I'ills in no instance exceed Two,—indeed, one generally is sufficient tbi< proves their intrinsic superiority over the monstrously absurd doses of "vegetable compounds and other inert nash, which are daily paraded betorc t ie u ) tc CAUTION.—OBSERVE, The ARL KN- GRAVKO, (by order of her M-;jesty's H,°^b'r| S,!n'1'1.S. sioners of Stamps), Ui'ON THE GOVEKNM' of these IfoYAL DOMESTIC MEDICINES: and on each Box and Bottle the I'ORTRAIT OF SIR 11 ENRY, with a fac-snnile of the Signature of Q ,1aWK1ns> ALL OTHERS ABE SPURIOUS Sold Wholesale by the Proprietor, C. B. HA» K Hastings-street. Burton Crescent, t.onden; and by 'f' Sutton and Co., How Church-yard Edwards, St. I aul s Church-yard; Sanger, Oxford-street, by F. Han u King, Birmingham Mander, Weaver, fee., WoW^P 1 and retail, by the Agents specially appointed, in eveiy in the Kingdom, Price Is. lid. and 2s. 9d.—Stanipe AGENTS. Cardiff-Mr. C. M'Carthy, Chemist, &c., High-street; Merthyr Tydvil-Mr. J. levies, Druggist; Ab^gavenny —Mr. T. Davies, Stamp-office; Carmarthen Mortimer, Chemist, The Cross Swansea j Richards, 2, High-street; Mr. Williams, Camuriiii- office; Brecon M r. P. Bright, High-street; ^1 liams, Siluiian-office Hay—Mr. J. Muddy. Pontypool and Abersychan—Messrs. Wood, stieet • Newport—Mr. Jenkins, Chemist, Commerce- Ross—Messrs. Farror and Dobles, Bookselleis t ford— Mr. Hook, Broad-street.; Gloucester— Southgate-street;' ^—Messrs. Mayler & Son, He a Id- office Mr. King, Market-place; Mr. Baker, MUtso street; Mr. Webb, Cheap-street; Bristol and Messrs. Ferris and Score, Chemists to the Queen, union- street, &c.,&c, goticro. Monmouth and Glamorgan Bank, traii NEWPORT, JULY 17, 1845. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, fTlHAT the NINTH ANNUAL GENERAL MEET- J~ ING of this Company will be held on MONDAY, the Town of Newport, at One o'Clock in the Afternoon, precisely, to receive from the directors an announcement of the Dividend for the Half.yeart ending 30th of June last, and on other special affairs. Signed, by order the of Board, H. WYBORNE JONES, Chairman. Frampton's Pill of Health. THE manifold advantages to the Heads of Families from the possession of a Medicine of known efficacy, that may be resorted to with confidence, and used with suc- cess in cases of temporary sickncss, occurring in families more or less every day, are so obvious to all, that no question CollI be raised of its importance to every householder in the king- dom. From among numerous testimonials, the following is respectfully submitted :— ° To Mr. Thomas Pront, 229, Strand, London. (( 5. Cooper-street, Manclx ster, March 12,1842. SIR, I have much satisfaction in communicating to you the rfs .)t ofiny experience after repeated trials of FRAMPTON's HILL OF HEALTH, and i feel it but justice to state, that in the course of many Y ears' trial of various Aperient Medicines, I have never found results at once so salutary and efficient in the relief of the system from redundant bile, &c., &c., with so little inconvenience; 1 am, therefore, warranted in declaring that they supply to me a means long wanting of being able to recommend to Families, Schools, and especially Mercantile •Men, whether at the desk or on the road, a most valuable resource in an occasional medicine. And I shall ta':e credit to myself if, in giving this testimony, I am the means f making FRAMPTON'S Pm.s more generally known and a prcciatcd. I am, Sir, respectfully yours, "WILLIAM SMITH." The unprecedented sale of these Pills, arising f orn The earnest recommendations of the many thousands who have derived benefit Irom their use, render any lengthened common* unnecessary; they are not put forth as a cure for ail disease t T | which mankind is liable, but for iiiiiou* and Liver Coins plaints, with liieir many wel'-kn nvn attendants, II I ons and hick Head-ache, Pain and Oppression after Meals. Giddiness, Dizziness, Singing Noise in Head and Ears, Drowsiness, Heartburn, Loss of Appetite, Wind, Spasms, &c. TWO or three doses will convince the amict, d of their salu- tary effects, The stomach ill speedily regain its strength a healthy actioll of the Liver, Bowels, and K'dneys.wi t rapidly take place and instead of iistlessness, heat, pain, and jaun- diced appearance, strength, activity, and renewed health, extending to good old ai;e. will he the resuit of taking this medicine, according to the directions accompanying each box. Sold by T. Prout, 229, Strand. London. Price 1,. LID. end 2s. 9J. per box; also by Mr. Thomas Stephens, druggist, Merthyr Tydvil; Mr. Phillips, Cardiff; Air. Farior, Mon- mouth; Mr. Williams, Brecon; Mr. Williams and Mr. Phil- lips, Newport; and by the Venders of Medicine generally throughout the Kingdom. Ask for rit.).\)Pt-()\-S PILI, OF H 1C.VLT11, anil observe the name and address of "Thomas 1'rout, 22!), Strand, London," on tin; Government Stamp. NEW ENVELOPE. IN consequence of the great variety of counterfeit Knvelopes of ITOVVLAND'S KALYDOIt, and other disreputable means resorted to hy unprincipled individuals far iini>o<II>«R Oil the public their highly-pernicious compounds under the TITLE of" K A LYI/Olf," the Proprietors and sole Preparers of the Original and Genuine Preparation acting under a sense of duty, and regardless of expense in the attain- ment of their object—THE PROTECTION OF THE POBLIC FROM FRAt)" AND IMPOSITION, have employed those cele- brated artists, Messrs. Pcikins, Bacon, and Co., who have succeeded, at great cost, in producing fruiri a stei-I plate a NEW of exquisite beauty. It comprises a highly-finished engraving of the GRECIAN GttACi-S standing on a classic pedestal, on each side of which is a rich profusion of flowers springing from an elegant cornucopia; these tastefully blending with Arabesque-scrolls and wreaths, cnciicle the Uoyal Arms of Great Britain, sur- mounting the words ROW LAND'S KALYDO R," &c., &c., &c., whilst a plinth at the foot displays the Signa- ture of rhn Proprietors in red, thlls- London. Jan Gia% A. )W LAN D & SON ROllVLAN:J'S KALYDOR, An liastern TII.tanica. Dis ON ty of surprising efficacy for I einicring t lie SKIN, SOFT, 'JLIIAK, AND FAI! \1)0.1 for bestowiuii a healthy, roseate hue Oil the COM- I. I.XIO V As creator and conservator of a transparently fair skin LIUWLA Ds' KALYDOR may be satd to exnrt an aim s; magical power. Composed for the most part of Oriental Balsamic Exotics. to the utter exclusion of all mineral admix- ture, it is distinguished for its extremely bland, purifying, and soothing effects upon the skin; and. by act, upon the pores and minute secretary vessels, expels all impurities from the suriace, allays every tendency to inflammation, and thlls effectually dis ipates all ITBDML'.S.S, TAX, PI VLI'Llirs Sl'OIS, "BLOTCHES, Klt. TKLES, SUNBUliN, and other unsightly Cutaneous Visitations. The radiant bloom it im- parls to the CHEEK J the softness and deiieac\ which it induces on the HA\D>, ARMS, and N !CCK its capability ot soothing irritation and lemoving cutane >us defects, sallow- ness. and all unsightly appearances, reuuer it indispensable to every toilet. It is invaluable as a renovating and refreshing Wash, in travelling, DURING the heat and of summer and, in cases of Sun-burn, Stints of Insects, or incidental Inflamma- tion, its virtues have long and extensively been acknowledged. To LADtES, during the peiiod of suckling, it IS of great importance, it affords relief to inflamed nipples, aud cools and renders the infant's mouth truly comfortable. To GENTLEMEN afflicted with a tenderness of the skin in shaving, the application of the Kalydor will be iduud to allay all cuticular irritation, removing every pimple and all roughness, and rendering the skin soft and smooth. Sold in bottles, at 4s. 6d., and at 8s. 6.J. each, duty included CAUTION, KEWARH OF DELETERIOUS COMPOUNDS, under the title of "genuine" KALY DO it, containing mineral astrin. gents utterly RUINOUS to the Complexion, and by their repel- lent action endangering health. The ONLY GENUINE article is enclosed in the Envelope, as detailed above. To protect the 1 ublic from fraud, The Hon. Commissioners of Stamps h ,ve I So directed the Proprietors' Name and a .dress, thus- A. ROWLAND & SON, 20, HATTON GAltDEN, to be engraved on thc Government Stamp which is affixed on each bottle. HOLLAND'S MACASSAR OIL, In its preservative, restorative, and beautifying qualities for the Human Hair, is unequalled over the whole world. Price 3s. 6D.—7s.— Family Bottles (equal to 4 small), 10S. 6d., and double that size, 2Is. ROWLAND'S ODONTO, OR PEARL DENTRIFICE. A Fragrant White Powder, prepared from Oriental Herbs of inestimable virtue for pieserving and beautifying the THE r H and strengthening the GU MS.—Price 2s. 9J. per box, duty included. IMPORTANT INFORMATION. UNPRINCIPLED INDIVIDUALS, for the sake of gain- INA a trifle more profit, vend the most SPURIOUS COM- POUNDS under the SHme names, snme under the Implied sanction of Royalty, they copy the labels, biLs, advertise- ments, and testimonials (substituting fictitious names and addresses for the real) of the original preparations, and use etther the word GEN UIN K," or a EIG N EO name, in the pace of "ROWLAND'S."—It is therefore highly necessary to see that the word "ROWLAND' is on the Wrapperof each Article. All others are FRAUDULENT IMITATIONS. The genuine Preparations are sold by the Proprietors all above, aud by Cheating and Perfumers. ftotttrø. TO BUILDERS. THE Committee of the Cardiff British Schools are now JL prepared to receive TENDERS for the Erection of a SCHOOL HOUSE. Tenders will be received, not later than the 20th of this month, by Mr. JOB JAMES, Ironmonger, where the Plans and Specifications lie for inspection. THOS. HOPKINS, ) G JOHN BATCHELOR, OECS' JOHN BATCHELOR,) Cardiff, Aug. 1st, 1845. To Iron Masters Timber Merchants and Others. THE ABERDARE RAILWAY CO., are ready to receive tenders for the supply of the following ma- terials until the 26th day of August instant, that is to say 500 Tons of Rails, (70 lb. per yard) Grand Junction Pattern. 200 Tons of Chairs for do. made from second melting of Cold Blast Iron. 60,000 Screw Bolts about 14 lb. each. 10,000 Sleepers to be of Larch Timber 9 feet long, 9 inches wide, and 4| inches thick at the smallest end, ex- clusive of bark. 15,000 Compressed Wooden Keys. The Specifications and patterns of the Rails and Chairs, Screw Bolts &c. &c., can be seen on application at the Aberdare Railway Office, Aberdare. The Company do not bind themselves to accept the lowest tender. The whole of the materials to be delivered on or before the 26th day of October next. J. J. GUKST, ? t, ,n.. „ C BAILEY j Provisional Directors.