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A yonng lady, a few evenings since, said to her cavalier, Please, clasp my cloak." Certainly." said he, clasping his anns around her. "and the contents too." It has been observed that some spiders, with an instinctive sagacity, select, as a security from disturbance, the lids of the poor-boxes in churches! THE MUSIC THAT GOD LovEs,-God is pleased with no music from below so much as in the thanksgiving songs of relieved "widows, of supported orphans, of rejoicing and comforted and thankful persons.—Jeremy Taylor. A YANKEE VERDfcT,-The Wyoming Republican says-A suit was brought in our village last week for the collection of a note payable when Henry Clay was elected President. The Jury found, first. that the defendant should pay the Jury fees; second, that the defendant should pay the plaintiff ten dollars; third, that the defendant should kick the plaintiff out of the Court- room. ECONOMY IN THE POOR. This economy, is in all cases the more to be urged, because the difference in comforts the same families, at the same expense, well or ill-conducfed, is greater often than that of different families at different expenses. There is more difference, comparatively, in the mode of living from economy than from income; the deficiency from mcome may possibly be made up by increase of work or wages but the want of economy is irremediable, and the least income will undoubtedly do more wIth It than the greatest without it. No master can, in the first place, afford wages—next, no overseer can make allowances—lastly, no magistrate can order relief enough -on any calculation but that of their bein" severally- well managed. If the poor do not prudently 8erye themselves, none can effectively assist them; If they are not their own friends, none can effectively befriend them: the, idle in pro- curing, or the wasteful m usmg, the means of subsistence, have neither that supply which is alone due, and can be alone afforded, to the honest, industrious, and prudent. It highly, then. interests all conversant with the poor, who ought to be literally all, and it is hoped are most, to consult and co-operate with them in the practice of economy; it is far more useful to teach them to spend less, or to save a little, than t<1 giye them much ¡nort' -A111U1l, of 4griçwltwr"




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