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Poetry. TIME AND LOVE. BY THE AUTHOR OF SeC. Poets tell us, that Time hath wings; And I think 'tis true, I think 'tis true He is one of the fleetest feathered things That ever flew, that ever flew! For have 1 not loved? and have 1 not felt How love's sweet hours to moments melt ? And swift with delight, Is day in its flight, And we chide the dawn that chases the night. Now when hath Time these rapid wings ?—• Now when doth Time thm swiftly fly ? I hear a bird that sweetly sings, And to my soul glad answer brings, When those we love are nigh Oh Time hath crutches as well as wings! And oft no creeping thing except: lie is one of the slowest creeping things That ever crept! that ever crept For have I not loved. yet day by day, Felt moments creep like ages away? And over my head, With feet of lead. Coldly, darkly, heavily tread 1 Now when doth Time thus lose his wings 1— Now when goes Time thus crawling on ? With other voice the sweet bird sings, And to my soul sad answer brings, • 1Vhen those we love are qone Wade') London Review. DREAM, As heavy sleep Hung on my dew-bathed eyelids, visions played About my waking fancy, and I saw The clouds roll back, that clad the eastern skies, Revealing Heaven in it's all-gorgeous pomp- Such pomp as may not be with aught on earth Justly compared,-The glittering steps that led To it's high gate of flaming carbuncle, Were each a radiant gem, that emerald light And ruby beams, and diamond fires shot forth- And lovely crpatures of embodied flame, With star-bright eyes, and rainbow-tinted plumes, Whose heavenly beauty shed around them rings Of-never dying glory, still were seen Ascending and descending those bright steps, The messengers to parth of peace and love. But there appeared above them One, who far Surpassed in majesty those shapes of light, E en as the sun the glow-worm's lamp outshines. It was tho Omnipotent th' Unutterable Whom my faint eyes could not behold, or bear On th' insufferable refulgency to gaze That burned around him 'Neath his feet appeared Th' unfading flowers of Paradise, commixed With sunset splendours that for ever blaze With glory unspeakable Before that Mighty One, I fearful sank In lowly adoration when His voice Came i; a flood of music on mine ears, Saying-" 1 am the God of Abraham." v


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