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| can *LE OP LI.ANDAFF.—We deeply regret that we • .i 01 report any decided amendment in the health of f • itTorXCe"l*nt and revere,1 personage. It is someconso- i wh' h' ^owever> t" know that the violent pains under cm'M ''e su'fered aie greatly abated. Would that we tho convey some more cheering intelligence to the De-iJS,an^S 0 are a»*io«sly iim^ eagerly desiring it! Tlie ,1.8 brothers, Mr. Bruce Pryce and ice-Chancellor andu au<1 llis relatives, the Rev. J. M. Traherne Popkin Traherne, have been in continual M^ ai'1<C° ui,on '"s s'c'i ^ed. '• lalbot, M.P. for Glamorganshire, and Lady eel te 'a' 'e^ Parrance's Hotel on Thursday (v) 'or their seat in that county.—Morning paper. OURT OF BANKPIUI'TCV, BIUSTOL.—FIUDAV.—Before /■0n3-SS10Uer Mr. Sergeant Stephen.-Re J. Y. Beits, ,!a Si'ocer. Certificate. Air. Leonard attended as I 1oi> l'le anc' ^r* Abbott for the bankrupt. ■ J is Honor said —In this case I have very great pleasure p gianting the bankrupt his certificate. The official assignee has stated to me that the accounts are in a most k satisfactory state, and every thing on the tile confirms that ■ view of the case. The bankrupt has given up a large M suin of money which he had in his possession at the time Y Ti deu the fiat was issued (it being upon his own petition), a ]}° hlame whatever is imputed to him. The cause of his failure was evidently a series of misfortunes, over jvnich he had no control: his conduct throughout has fbcen of the most laudable and honorable description and tt I only wish that in many of the cases which come before m one such instances occurred. CARDIFF MARK.KT, JUI.Y '2(5. —Beef, 7d. mutton, Gd. jt 6-^d. veal, Oil. to (id.; lamb, S^d. to Gd. pork, Gd. to 7d.; butter, Is. cheese, Gd. to 7d. per lb. Fowls, 3s.; ducks, 3s. (Id. to 4s. per couple peas, Is. fid. to 2s. per peck kidney beans, id. per lb. potatoes (new), 3s. 3d. L per cwl. A large supply of vegetabiesof every kind, j poultry very scarce. SOUTH WALES RAILWAY.—On Monday in the House of Lords, Lord Portman brought up the report of the Select Committee on the South Wales Railway Bill, which was ordered to be received. We hope shortly to be iu a position to announce the third reading and passing of ^the bill through their lordships' house. IIIE WEATHER during the past week has been wintry and stormy—resembling the early period of March, much rnore than the latter end of July. We have had daily torrents of rain accompanied by huge gusts of wind, ^Viiich must haye, to some considerable extent, an injurious effect upon the crops. The hay harvest has not been w'-lolly completed owing to the interruption caused by the setting in of the rain. Vi I: perceive by an advertisement, that the members of the Mechanics' Institute contemplate a trip to llfracombe, on Monday next, in the L-tdy Charlotte steam-packet; sind that arrangements have been completed, which, should ejie weather prove favourable, will render the excursion o;"Vof unmixed pleasure and satisfaction. THE ANNUAL MKETING or THE SOCIETY FOR THE [ TSRVI'ORT OF Tut-: WIDOWS AND ORPHANS OF THE | C.Li-GY took place at Cowbridge, on Tuesday the 29th nl■ and was largely attended by the gentry and clergy of the county. J. Bruce Pryce, Csq., officiated as chairman, ;nd sums of various amounts were voted to 10 widows and ] I orphans ofclergymen eonnectedwith theGlamorganshire •pii't of the diocese of LlandaiF. But cheering as was the office of dispensing aid and consolation to the needy and afflicted, a general gloom pervaded the countenances of all present. He whose exertions had so greatly contri- buted to the present efficiency of the charity,—he whose overflowing benevolence, touching eloquence and kindly wit had so long made him the life and soul of the meet- ing, whose public virtues commanded the reverence, as jiis private svorth had won theloveof every member pre- aeiit—the Dean of LlandafT,— was then lying on a bed of sickness, perhaps of death. It. was easy to see ho .v lieaviiy this thought pressed upon every heart, and jiow sad an influence it shed on the usual cheerful character of the nu eting. We were glad to observe a good attendance on the occasion, not only of the principal Clergy, but of the Lay Subscribers: among whom, besides Mr. Bruce Pryce, the c;lairmal1, we observed Sir George Tyler, Mr. Lee, of nas Powi.?, Cel. Tavnton, Capt. Basset, of I.>eaupre, Air. Thotuas, of Pwllywrach, Captain Boteler, of Llandough Castle, &c., &e. MH. POWELL'S DUFFRYN STEAM COAL.—We copy from the Times newspaper, of Monday last, the following, v.. bicli has reference to the sailing of t;ie Or eat ihitnin steamer, and the coals used by that vessel and other great i-team-ships —" Owing to the state of the wind. the coals i.estiued for the consumption of the Great Britain did not arrive; and hut for the courtesy of the British aud North American Royal Mail Steam-ship Co., who supplied the t requisite quantity and other stores, the Great Britain could siot have proceeded to eea on the appointed day." The "le!:JY in sending the coals from this place arose from the (.:oi;dnet of Mr. Powell's boatmen, who hail, as stated in our last, struck for wages without giving that gentleman or his agents any notice of their intention, and for which illegal conduct the ringleaders have been punished. ,1ioG STEALING—CAUTION TO ADVERTISHRS. — Last --riek, the Ad of Parliament, which came into operation -on Monday, the 21st ult., when it received th > royal asteuf, was print,"il, intituled, "An Act for the further •prevention of Dog Stealing." It is now provided that t'.vo or -more juqiccs, for-a first offence of dog stealing, may either commit for a period not exceeding six months to the common gaol or house of correction, or fine the offender a sum not exceeding £ '~0 above the value of the dog. For a second offence the party may be indicted, and sillier fine or imprisonment, or both, such imprisonment with or without hard hbour, not to exceed eighteen anonths. Offenders may be at once apprehended without ^warrant, and taken before a magistrate. The following provision in the Act requires to be generally known :— "'And be it enacted, that if any person shall publicly ad- Terlise, or ofier a reward for the return or recovery of any dog which shall have been stolen or lo^t, and shall in such advertisement use any words purporting that no questions will be asked, or shall make use of any words in any public advertisement purporting that a reward will I*;e given or paid for any dog which shall have been stolen or lost without seizing or making any inquiry after the ^wson producing such dog, everj sl1eh person shall for- feit the sum of £ 2.5 for every such offeu e to any person who will sue for the same by action of debt, to be reco- vered will full costs of suit." CAUTIOJJ To OVF.RSF.EUS.—With respect to counties, the new Registration Act requires overseers to make out and publish on or before the first day of August, copies of the printed Register of Voters, as sent out to them by the clerk of the peace, and also to mske a list of newciaim- ants, and publish copies thereof, separate and distinct i; i'roin each other. They are also required to make out a 2ifit, according to the form numbered G. in the Act, inclu- liling the names of all persons <Jgaill8t whom notice of objection shall have been given to them, and then to publish-Giit-.h list on or before the first day of September. They are also bound to keep by them, for the perusal and inspection of ail parties applying, copies of the print cd "register sent to them, and also of the list of new claim- ants, and the list of objections. The original printed copy register sent out DY the clerk of the peace, and also the original list of new claimants (if any) with all mar- ginal objections and additions by overseers, together also \with a copy of the list of persons objected to, respectively adgned by them, must be returner] to the clerk of the ;peace on or before the 23th day of August. The over- seers must lieep the original list of persons objected to umtit the rcyhing barrister's court, when all such lists are required to be handed oyer by them to the barristers. (>m-sae.r$are liable to a penalty of £5 for a neglect in .am' <-«■ .tsl-ijer of the above duties. C.V ^DIRECTIONS TO REGISTRARS.—-Within the last ftxr nnys iLe registrars throughout the country have re- ceived certain instructions from the Registrar General at Somerset which, it is believed, will put a stop to the practising of persons unqualified for the medtcalpro- fession. Looks containing forms of certificates of biiths -and deaths, the.blanks to be filled up, have been sent to ■ every legally (j.ualified practitioner; and unless in cases of death, these forms are sent to the registrar of the ,'tlistrict, signed by a qualified surgeon, and stating the ■ cause of death, the certificate for tlie burial of the body will not be granted. The registrars have received orders ">to receive no certificates from chemists and druggists, students, and others not having obtained diplomas. A .eircular has also been sent by the poor law commissioners to the parish surgeons, begging the strictest obedience to the above instructions. CARDIFF SWINGS' BANK.—Saturday, July2Gth.— Amount of deposits received, JE157 15s. 2d. ditto paid, .t:-U lis. 8i\. j 111111111el' of depositors, 32. BLVCILCJRN, DARWEN AND BOLTON RAILWAY.—Mr. F. W. James, the late secretary of the Taff Vale Rail- way Company, has been appointed secretary to the Blackburn, Darwen and Bolton Railway. We are most happy to tender our congratulations to Mr. James upon his appointment, as during the period of his connection with the Taff Vale Railway, his pleasing and gentlemanly deportment, anil business-like habits, ensured for him the very general respect and esteem of all classes. ACCIDENT TO SHIPPING.—-We have been favoured with the following account of an accident which took place in the cut leading to the Bute Docks On Saturday last whilst the Diana, of Whitehaven, Martin, master, was lving ill theBute Dock cut waiting for the steamer to towher in. the Vic'oria schooner, of Waterford, made sail from the basin and ran stem on the Diana—struck her on the quarter—and caused considerable damage both to the Diana and herself. The Sovereign, of Plymouth next followed, and notwithstanding the occurrence just described, marie all sail and struck the Diana in the after part of her main rigging—carried away one shroud main topmast and did other damage. The Sovereign also sus- tained considerable injury by the concussion. If those vessels had but waited for the space of ten minutes, the Diana would have been out of the way and no accident would have occurred. There, was ample time. The barque did not back a sail until the collision had taken place. FAIAL ACCIDENT.—On the evening of Wednesday last, an inquest was held at the Shoulder-of-Mutton Tavern, before R. Lewis Reece, Esq., Coroner, on view of the body of a young man named Thomas Barrett, an inhabitant of Merlhyr Tydvil, who was accidentally killed on the Railway Wharf, near this town, in the course of Wednesday afternoon. It appeared by the tenor of statements made to the coroner by two remark- ably stupid unintelligent men-fellow workmen of the deceased—that on Thursday the 24th of July a party of men came from the Plymouth Works, Merlhyr, to Cardiff, for the purpose of constructing frames or a machine wherewith to raise from a vessel in the Bute Docks a cast-oil' locomotive engine of the Great Western Railway Company, and to place it upon carriages brought for the purpose of receiving and conveying it to Mr. Hill's works, Merthyr. Mr. Hill's master-carpenter superintended the operations. Oil Tuesday the engine was placed upon the carriages and despatched to the works, drawn by upwards of twenty horses, which were attended to by several drivers. The deceased and the two witnesses were left behind ill order to remove the frame work and sheers, which had been erected for the purpose of conveying the engine from the vessel to the carriages. The deceased, wdio it seems was a plasterer and tiler by trade, and the most active of the three, got on top of the sh>;ers — a height of at least twenty feet— and proceeded to unreeve the blocks." Whilst he was in this elevated position, from some accident not easily explained in a narrative, the whole machine—sheers, blocks, chains &?,.—fell violently to the ground, carrying, of course, the deceased with them. H is fellow workmen ran instantly to his assistance but life was extinct-he was takenupacorpse. The frame of his chest and his ribs were entirely smashed inwards. The jury returned a verdict of "Accidental death." In the course of con- versation that ensued we gathered that the engine was a cast-off locomotive engine of the Great Western Railway, which was not found to be "quick enough" for the in- creasedspeeduponthatline. Mr. Hill purchased it and had it conveved from Bristol to Carditl in a vessel, from whence it was taken to the Plymouth Works. The cost of conveying it from Bristol to Merthyr was estimated at about £ 200. It would have been taken up by the Taff Vale Railway but it was a little too wide to pass through the tunnel. CARDIFF ErlAT RACES tooii p;ace on Thursday [yesterday] evening in the Channel outside of the Bute Docks. J. his sporting affair, from its novelty, proved a source of considerable attraction and amusement. It was got up by subscriptions among gentlemen amateurs and their friends; and, the peculiar circumstances under which it originated being considered, was no ordinary affair. At three o'clock precisely, six yawls started for the first race from a buoy in the nyer. It rained heavily at the time, and blew very fresh. The boats, however, kept well together—rounded a buoj in the Channel-and commenced their return with the wind strongly adverse to their progress. The attention of the spectators was new eagerly bent upon the boats-the efforts of their respective crews, who contrived to sail prettv nearly together, and "near to thewutd." Theircoursewas directed for the buoy from which they started, which they passed on the weather-side, arriving at the Pier Head, the winning mark, in gallant style, in the follow- ing orùer:- BOAT'S NAME. OWNRIL. PRIZE. David Dd. Roberts £ ;> () 0 Margaret W.Phillips 2 0 0 Try Again W. White 1 0 0 Reform J. Jenkins Primrose J. Davies ) Viper J. Richards ) toget!ier. The distance sailed over was six miles, and was per- formed in about an hour, the wind blowing a gale from the westward. The match between the David and the Margaret was a tight one, both possessing sailing quali- ties of no mean order.—At about twenty minutes to four o'clock a sig-nal was given, by nringacannon, for the four-oared gigs to start. Three started, the wind still blowing with much severity. They started from the Dock Head—rounded the Trinity steamer, which was moored in the roads-and returned in the following order to the place of starting, which was also the winning mark — BOAT'S NAME. OWNER. PI:I Surveyor J. Riches £ 1 10 0 Black Cat J. Brown 0 10 0 Emily J. Owen. This was a well contested race, and occupied about three-quarters of an hour.—The next was a race for ships' jolly boats. Thedistancewasthreemiles, The wind blew fresh the whole time, and the sea ran very high, but notwithstanding those difficulties and dangers, the race was most spiritedly CéHltcstpd and admirably per- formed. The following is the order in which the re- spective boats arrived at the winning station :—• BOAT'S NASH- OWN ISA. Sovereign J. Porritt £ 0 0 John Hicks .J. Smith 1 0 0 Emerald J. Hanson 0 10 0 Then came the Speedwell, J. Bunt the Johanna, Thos. Richards; the Hawk, 11. Daivkin and the Fly, J. Andtews. The last three named were well together. In conclusion, we have to regret that the weather proved so unfavourable, and to hope that at some future period the sport will be renewed under more favourable circum- stances. In getting up this affair, we believe Mr. Dorn- ford, jun., exerted himself very considerably and, tliere- foie, as a compliment due to that gentleman, we, on behalf of all who feel interested in nautical sports, tender him our acknowledgments.


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