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AQUATIC EXCURSION. The Public are respectfully informed that the LADY CHARLOTTE STEAM-PACKET, HENRY JEFFERY, COMMANDER, IS ENGAGED TO SAIL TO IKaFRJLC2OMB1 ON MONDAY, AUGUST 4th, 1845, LEAVING the BUTE DOCKS at half-past Five o'clock, A.M., piecisely, arriving at Ilfracombe at half-past Nine, allowing seven hours and a half on shore. The Company will re-embark at live, P.M., at the Pier-head, on their return to Cardiff. The Band of the Institute leill attend. The number of Tickets being limited, an early application is requested. Tickets forthe Excursion Gentlemen,4s.; Ladies, 3s. To be had of W. Nicholl, Esq., President; C. Vachell, Esq., Vice-President; and of the following Gentlemen :— W. T. Edwards, Esq., surgeon Mr. Moxley, St. Mary- street; Mr. Harris, cabinet-miker Mr. T. Price, draper; Mr. Coleman, druggist; Mr. Donovan; Mr. Jefford Mr. T. Thomas, St. Marv-street; Mr. Barry, Jeweller; Mr. Geake, Bute-street; Mr. G. C. Baylis; Mr. J. Pride; Mr. W. Bird, jun., Bank; Mr. Mason Mr. Rhys Lewis, Crockherbtown Mr. Cosway, St. Mary- street; Mr. J. B. Hopkins Mr. J. Williams, ironmonger; and at the Institute. Omnibuses will be in attendance to convey parties to and from the Packet. tr4- The above early hour has been fixed upon in order to obviate the necessity and expense of landing in boats. C. CLINTON, ? „ T. H. LOWDER, f Hon. Secretaries. Cardiff Mechanics' Institute, July 26th, 1845. CHEAP AiVD DURABLE MOOFim BY ROYAL HER 7 LETTERS MAJESTY'S PATENT. F. M'NEILL AND CO., (OF LAMB'S buildings, BtROW, LOSDON,) MANUFACTURERS AND ONLY PATENTEES OF Improved Patent Aspiiktcd Felt, THIS FELT has been exhibited at the Great National Agricultural Shows of England, Scotland, and Ireland, and obtained a PRIZE for being the best and cheapest article FOR ROOFING HOUSES, COT- TAG ES, V ERA N DA H S, O U T- B UILDIN GS, S HE DS AND EVERY OTHER DESCRIPTION OF BUILD- INGS, in lieu of SLATES, TiLE", THATCH, z.r:;c, &C., and for lining Granaries and Storehouses, for covering Garden Sheds and Frames, and Corn and Hay iti It is also a protection to Ceilings under flooring from wet and damp, at the same time deadening sound and is particularly adapted fur Exportation to the Colonies, where it is now extensively used and when used under Slates or Tiles, adds greatly to the warmth and durability of the Building. The Felt is perfectly impervious to Rain, Frost, and Snow, and resists the heat of the Sun, and its great supe- riority over every other description of Roofing consists in Us CHEAPNESS, LIGHTNESS, ELASTICITY, WARMTH, and DURABILITY; advantages which no other description of Rooting combines. Samples, with full directions as to its uses, and the manner of applying it, with Testimonials from Noble- men and Gentlemen, Members of the Royal Agricultural Society, who have extensively used it, some for seven years and upwards, sent fret- to any part of the town or Country, and orders by post immediately executed. jgSgT The Price of the Roofing Felt is only ONE PENNY PER SQUARE FOOT, which is considerably less than half the expense of Tiles and Slates; besides which, there is an immense saving in the Timber necessary to support the Roof, as the weight of the Felt is only about 25 lbs. to the 100 square feet. Patent Felt Manu/actory, Lamb's Buildings, Bunhill Row, London, March, 1844. F. M'Neill and Co. also manufacture a Dry Hair Felt, for covering Steam Pipes, Boilers, &c., by which a saving of at least 25 per cent, is effected in Fuel. ileti res, UP S. iJ/ 121 ID$ A PATTERS MAKER & TWO M0ULBEM. Apply at tlle TrOll Fonnllry, Bridgcnå. TO IIlTI Jj!)EII§. ..t 1D .II ] j. TIIE Committee of the Cardiff British Schools am now prepared to receive TENDERS for the Erection of a SCHOOL IIOl.'SE. Tenders wiil be received, not later than the 20th of this month, by Mr. Jon JAMES, Ironmonger, where the Plans and Specifications lie fur inspection. TIIOS. HOPKINS, ) JOHN BATCHELOR,) Cardiff, Aug. 1st, 1845. 31 Alt Si MARKS, &U@TIIOW APPRAISER, AND HOUSE AGENT, 9, St. Elary-Strcet, Cardiff, RESPECTFULLY returns his sincere thauks to his Friends and the Public fur their liberal support and, in soliciting a continuance of their favours, begs to assure them that his undeviating promptness, in all cases entrusted to liini, will merit their approbation, wlricil will be his constant study to deserve. Clocks, Wulch-s, Plate, Jewellery, Nautical and Mathematical Instruments Cleaned and accurately Re- paired, on the. mosi reasonable terms and dispatch. Cardiff, July 24th, 1845. [A CARD.] MRS. CI-IALLIES RICHER, (LATE MISS ELIZA GREGORY), BEGS respectfully to state that, by the solicitations of her Friends, she has been induced to enter upon arrangements for receiving a limited number of Young Ladies, for instruction in the CONTINENTAL LAN- GUAGES, the PIANO FORTE, GUITAR, and SINGING, together with GENERAL EDUCA- TION, upon the most modern and best adapted systems. Piivate Lessons, in either of the above accomplish- ments, maybe received by those whose leisure or arrange- ments will not permit of their attendance during the hours set apart for the duties of the School. Mrs. RICHES wishes to state that she is desirous of engaging with a Young Lady as an ARTICLED PUPIL, and who may be anxious to be thoroughly prepared for undertaking the duties of Resident Governess. Cardiff, 5, Working-street, 22d July, 1815. -:£'

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